What is NVIDIA RTX A6000 Ethereum Cryptocurrency Hash Rate

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Okay, so we've got this awesome NVIDIA   RTX A6000 GPU let's do some serious deep 
learning on this, and have a look…. Oh wait, you guys want to see CyberPunk 
2077. Okay, well I did a whole video on   that. The short answer is the frame rate with 
this high-end GPU and 4K output is above 70.   Okay so we've answered that we've done CyberPunk 
2077, now we can do some deep learning, right? Ethereum?? What's Ethereum?? Okay, it's mining… I mean like Minecraft RTX? 
Now, I know what Ethereum is, so let's go ahead.   You you've asked me about this a lot of times 
in the comments, let's do Ethereum mining   on an NVIDIA RTX A6000, and stick around to 
the end because at the end we're going to also   talk about pizza delivery with a Lamborghini, so 
kind of the same concept.

So let's get started. Okay, so here we are I am mining Ethereum using 
the RTX A6000 so let's just have a quick look   now. I let this run for a bit, so I've mined about 
0.0265 Ethereum, at least on my first run of this   when I was trying this out last 
week. I also mined 0.05 Ethereum,   i think that's worth around a hundred dollars. 
It's all, it's pretty much in free fall the last   few days so we'll see where that goes. If you put 
that into dollars it's made about 43 dollars in,   i don't know I've had this running maybe a couple 
of days testing this out while I was not using   this card for anything else.

The overall current 
hash rate that I'm getting and this seems to be   the key number that everybody is interested in is 
81.4 MH/s and I've noticed even on the new NVIDIA   CMP cards that are specifically built for 
this that is the number that they're that   they're quoting. So there it is that is 
that's that's the number and you can see   what this chart has been doing over over some time 
now. Let's talk about this briefly in terms of how   I'm running this. I'm not going to do a how to 
mined Ethereum video there's a million of those   totally recommend, Son of a Tech channel, 
if you want to look at that, I followed his   guide was quite useful. I modified it a 
little bit so we are we are running lolminer,   which is you can get that on GitHub and I looked 
on i looked on their GitHub repository it's   binaries. So okay, we're going to run binaries 
that we download from GitHub, what could possibly   go wrong? There for cryptocurrency and when you 
install this too your virus checker immediately   flips out so I ran this in a Docker image, because 
i don't trust anybody on this kind of stuff.

I   don't trust binaries so it's running in a docker 
image that I created specifically for it I'm not   going to release that docker image, I am not a 
crypto miner and I don't want to maintain it,   and I'm sure somebody has a better Docker image 
out there that knows more about this than me.   So it is basically connecting to this this 
mining pool that I have a part of here   that is my my wallet's hash, I'm pretty sure it's 
safe if you see that I think it's like a public   key, nevertheless I'm gonna block that out I don't 
see myself doing a lot of Ethereum mining, but 43   bucks I'll at least I'll at least transfer that to 
my to somewhere useful. And I mean this this might   so the the A6000 as far as using it as a crypto 
i mean this is a pretty decent hash rate in terms   of a single GPU going at it from what I've read on 

pexels photo 3379942

So yeah, it's a pretty decent pretty decent   crypto miner, really but then let's look at 
the estimate it's estimating that USD monthly   I'll make about 300 on this minus my my 
power cost which I took a look at and it's   it's not that bad it's maybe 
like 10, 15, 20 by my estimate   looking at uh what my local power rate rate. 
Is not something I plan on running long   long term-ish so I mean I might calculate 
that more I'd ultimately compare my power   bills probably if I was really going to do 
serious with this so at 291 dollars a month to   to basically buy my to pay this this GPU 
back we're looking at well over a year,   uh so that's that's not going to happen and 
that's part of the math i think that you do   on these GPU cards in terms of how expensive is 
the GPU versus does it have enough to to get you   to what you're going to need to be profitable 
as as a crypto miner and that's why I made the   comparison earlier it's like you could buy 
a Lamborghini and use it to deliver pizza.   They don't care what car you came to the 
house in to deliver the pizza now maybe   you could be an Uber driver and because I've been 
picked up by some some pretty expensive cars in in   Uber and I think that makes some degree of sense 
because they can get a premium level, I forget   what it's called, in Uber you probably wouldn't 
want to have a Lamborghini as an Uber car because   I don't think you're going to ever make that back. 
But, if you're somebody who, I don't know has a   nice Lexus or Mercedes or something like that 
and you want to earn some extra money on Uber,   then yeah perhaps perhaps it makes it makes 
sense and that's what I could see on this   is if you're a deep learning person and 
like me and you've got this this GPU, that   sometimes maybe a week or so during during 
the work week when I don't have a lot of time   to work on projects.

I could potentially have this 
thing mining and see see what it's going to do so   it's it holds to the comparison because would 
you want all those extra miles on your expensive   sports car maybe do I want to potentially 
wear this this card out ether mining and   and generally I don't think there's 
too much of a risk there the card is   built to run hardcore on GANs and other things 
that I would train it on for potentially a week   at a time.

So I'm not too worried there. So 
who knows, I mean that could be a potential for   for you if you're looking at buying an expensive 
card like what a like what the hash rate on a 30,   90 would look like would be interesting. 
Okay thank you for watching this video   if you are a crypto miner probably subscribing 
to my channel won't do much for you but   if you're interested in deep learning artificial 
intelligence and other things like that please   subscribe to my YouTube channel and think about 
giving my channel a like, thank you very much..

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