🔴Bitcoin ETF is Overhyped? | This Week in Crypto – Dec 18, 2023

A ledger library has been compromised Solana's phone could paper itself and Influential Tech leaders stand behind a New Venture these stories and more this Week in Crypto hi I'm Nate Martin from 99 Bitcoins.com and here's what's happened This week in crypto leading Hardware Wallet provider Ledger had its connector Library compromised with malicious code The library is used by various Decentralized apps like sushi Swap and Revoke.us her action and Ledger Addressed the issue promptly users are Cautioned to Halt any transaction Immediately if their Ledger device and Screen display differ sana's smartphone Experienced a surge in sales due to the Upcoming airdrop of the Sal based meme Coin Bon Bon's th% price hike raises the Airdrops value for salana phone users to $877 making it a phone that pays for Itself co-founder Raj goal posted on X That the phone saw a 10x surge in sales And he expects the phones to sell out Before the new year Black Rock has Revamped its Bitcoin ETF filing changing How Wall Street Banks would interact With Bitcoin the new model submitted to The SEC facilitates Bank participation Without direct Bitcoin holding Using a cash-based Redemption instead The agency has been hesitant to approve A spot Bitcoin ETF due to risks of

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Market manipulation and while many Issuers would prefer in-kind Redemption They may just have to settle for the Cash Redemption model in order to gain Approval while many investors have Rejoiced at bitcoin's recent upswing JP Morgan says the ETF optimism is Overhyped the bank's analysts say that Bitcoin is already overbought and they Believe the the importance of us Bitcoin ETF approvals one of the biggest drivers Of bitcoin's recent performance is Misplaced the report says ether could Outperform Bitcoin in 2024 due to its Upcoming Upgrades credit rating firm S&P Global Assessed eight leading stable coins risk Giving tether and d low marks on a new One to five scale unlike their usual Ratings this scale focuses on similar Qualities and drawbacks Tether and Dy received constrained four Scores while true USD got a weak five Confidence in stablecoin surged but Faltered after last year's Tera USD Collapse Bitcoin mining pool Ocean's Decision to Blacklist brc2 token Transactions and nft related ordinal Inscriptions has sparked quite the Ethical debate Luke Dasher ocean Operator defended the action referring To anti-spam measures introduced in Bitcoin core 0.90 released in 2014 the Congestion on the Bitcoin Network

Attributed to ordinals at brc2 tokens Has led to strong reactions on both Censorship and economic aspects in 2023 Sobe's debut sale of Bitcoin Blockchain ordinal inscriptions raked in $450,000 surpassing estimates fivefold Highlighting there is a huge interest in Bitcoin nfts the auction featured three Images with an avoc Auto selling for Over $100,000 and a Super Mario inspired Design fetching more than $240,000 sbeast plans to continue these Sales the bellagi fund led by Tech Figure bellagi sason aims to build Network States through startups focused On societies to create alternative Online communities The Venture is backed By influential Tech leaders like coin Bases Brian Armstrong angelist nval Ricot and former coinbase board member Fred Wilson highlighting the strong ties To the cryptocurrency sector within the Group that's what's happened this week In crypto see you next week if you've Enjoyed this video leave us a thumbs up Subscribe to the channel and click the Notification Bell so you don't miss a Review news update or the clearest Information about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies [Music] Anywhere

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