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what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and today I have uh it's one of those cool videos where I get something in that I haven't seen anybody else do a review on uh so I get to do the review on it um this is just going to be my first take and I don't know if I'm going to end up getting more of these or not but um yeah so what the card or GPU in question today is a RTX 270 LP um somebody actually reach out to me I guess it was a manufacturer or something I don't know this is listed as a refurbished card with a full tu106 so desktop die but apparently it's a low power die um or not a low power die but the the power deliver is low I don't know I'm like it sounds like a mobile chip um and I don't want to mess with any of those desktop cards that have to use those Frankenstein drivers and all that kind of stuff cuz they're using mobile chips on a a desktop card and um they assured me me nope you don't have to do that you can run a regular Nvidia driver and you'll have new issues so anyway uh let me flip the screen around and show you I got this bad boy slotted in and um take a look at it all right so here she is it's got a single eight pin there a 6 plus2 on the top got a cool looking back plate there's no stickers on it or anything there's some stickers on the fan that just say vid and like a little blue emblem can't find any information on them online it only has an HDMI and a display port out so um something's going on there but um yeah you just I plugged it in we were running Hive uh and I was going to see what you know what this thing shows up as and what's the deal what's it mine like and my pleasant surprise let me get it up here hold on there we go so if we go and take let's get a Refresh on this bad boy it is a GeForce RTX 2070 but look at this power limit 0 0 0 so I thought that's kind of odd um and I was like well what in driver is it running it's running 47082 this is an old Hive USB drive so I don't think it's running anywhere near a modern or new driver this is an old driver but um if it works on an old one it's going to work on a new one and yeah it does show up as a regular 2070 no special buffoonery going on now what's really cool is I set it to mine kapow and it's doing 2029 mahash which is a little low for a 2070 but it's doing it at 70 Watts um so typically Nvidia cards are really close to what they uh actually burn in software from the wall so even if we say this bad boy is burning 80 Watts you know a little over 10% more than what it's reporting in software 80 Watts at 20 mahash is super super efficient uh all I've done is Bump the memory up I tried bumping the core up but it doesn't really respond or do anything and I think that's because this card is like they said LP it's power limited or it's low power um so not the highest hash rate in the world but very very efficient it blows a regular desktop 2070 efficiency out of the water cuz those would be getting 22 to 23 maybe some of them go up to 24 megahash but they're doing it at you know 140 to 30 Watts so almost double the wattage for just a few more megahash so um I'm going to let this bad boy run for a little while uh we've been up on kapal now since uh what was it like 2200 to two so about almost what 3 hour No 1 2 3 four almost 5 hours straight and um really no issues other than when I was trying to overclock stuff I tried uh raising the the power limit I just ended up taking taking the power limit off when I was trying to raise it it was Nvidia applying with you know messed up overclocks but that's because for some reason it doesn't want you to put a power limit in even though it says zero power limits so that's curious um but yeah so um that's that's how the cookie crumbles on this one uh so with this the deal with this card is he's offering me if I do a minimum order quantity of 40 units to a case um I can get these for a pretty good price and my resale price on them uh so I'd order them in they'd come to me I'm not Drop Shipping uh from China or anything these are coming from China to me first um I don't know why I just don't like doing the whole Drop Shipping from China because I want to put it in the mail and ship it to you guys just so I know that it's coming and also I want to go ahead and order stuff and have it here so I can ship stuff and it'll be there you know within a few days not you know within weeks if not sometimes months I just can't keep up with the quality control on shipping um but yeah so minimum order quantity is a little higher than I'd want to do he sent me one of these just as a test dummy um because I was like man I can't find any information online I'm curious to see how they game being that they're power limited like that I I don't know if they're actually going to game well or not but for mining they seem decent I'm going to do a deep dive and try out some more algorithms but I'd love to hear you guys opinions down below do I even mess with these my resale price would be right around $190 to $10 just depending on um like Logistics and and how everything works out for the freight shipping and uh all that so I I don't know if it's worth it at that point um I'd love to hear your thoughts uh it does come with a oneyear replacement policy and I like the way they word that I thought that was really funny so if you have any issues a year after I sell the card because apparently I would be listed as a um a partner or supplier with them I don't know they of course they're using like broken English when they're they're emailing but I don't know how well that one year would actually transfer I don't know if they would even have these in a year to be able to replace them uh so this is this is like buying buying a hand grenade you don't know when she's going to blow or it could mine fine and and be totally not happy any issues so yeah love to hear your thoughts down below let me know do I even mess with them um or or not or if you're interested in them let me know but regardless I'm going to jump off here and uh I'll see you guys on the next one added a bunch of stuff to the web store we got Ram CPU motherboards and even more stuff coming so go give that a check out and um yeah added some more uh sections to the Discord so we have a price drop section where stuff's been on there too long I will post about the price drops so you guys know what's going on anyways I'll see yall on the flip side and if anybody else has information on these cards please let me know but yeah so I'm I'm just so curious as to like what's going on here and the fact that like it doesn't come with any branding you know it's like who's buying this what are they buying it for probably Ming but yeah um you know she's like super clean too they list them as refurbished units I guess they can't list them as new because no way they're getting new 2070 dies just ain't happening but yeah she runs ice cold too I have fans on 75% and it's running at 57° C it's probably because it's not burning any power anyway I'm going to jump off here youall have a good night later

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