IBEX Mercado & Grupo Salinas Partner for Lightning Access to Mexican Citizens

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IBEX Mercado, a bitcoin Lightning payment service provider, has announced a new partnership with Grupo Salinas, one of the largest corporate conglomerates in Mexico.

“Over four million Mexicans can now pay with bitcoin for their cable, internet, and phone service,” IBEX’s CEO Jose Lemus said on stage as he announced the partnership. “With this partnership, we’re opening the doors to every bitcoin and Lightning company and financial tech company that wants to leverage Lightning technology … [we will be] rolling out new technology with Grupo Salinas that will enable mexicans to pay their groceries with bitcoin, electronics and to receive remittances.” Lemus explained his excitement about the announcement, saying that this is the “tip of the iceberg of what will go on in Mexico.”

The collaboration signifies a major step in Mexico’s adoption of bitcoin and Lightning. In addition, the integration of Lightning payments via IBEX with Total Play opens up new possibilities for fast and efficient transactions for Total Play customers.

“The true value of this technology is not about paying for a cup of coffee in a different way,” Lemus said. “In a world where we’re going to have increasing digitization of our products and services, we need better payment technology … we did not have a good enough payments technology — but now we do, with Lightning.”

Integration of bitcoin Lightning in Grupo Salinas’ products and services via IBEX can place Mexico at the forefront of the digital revolution, providing citizens with a secure, modern and efficient payment option.

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