🔴 Crypto Market Overreacts?! | This Week in Crypto – Oct 23, 2023

ETF hype sends markets on a roller Coaster binance is making changes in Europe and did an FTX prosecutor really Reference Dumb and Dumber these stories And more this week in Crypto hi I'm Nate Martin from 99 Bitcoins.com and here's what's happened This week in crypto bitcoin's price Tested the $30,000 Mark twice this week With growing anticipation of a long- Awaited Bitcoin spot ETF ethereum and The broader all coin Market also trended Higher even though a published report That a spot ETF had been approved was Later retracted several large Market Participants this week expressed their Confidence in an eventual us spot Bitcoin ETF approval nearly $100 million Were liquidated in an hour after Erroneous reports of an approved spot Bitcoin ETF sent the currency's price Soaring just before a hasty correction Posted on X coin telegraph's account Posted that the SEC had approved a Bitcoin ETF but that report turned out To be premature an internal Investigation revealed that the report Was published before meeting coin Telegraph social media protocol and only On the basis of an unconfirmed telegram Message Market players reiterated their Expectations about a spot Bitcoin ETF Coinbase's Chief legal officer Paul Greywall said it's likely now that the

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SEC will approve an ETF soon greywall Highlighted the fact the regulator could Not block grayscale in court from Converting its gbtc Bitcoin fund into an ETF Investment Bank JP Morgan confirmed In a report to investors that they Expect an ETF approval before January 10th which is the final deadline for the Arc 21 shares applications and black Rock ETF Insider Anthony scaramucci went Even further saying the ETF approval Will drive bitcoin's price up to $330,000 us prosecutors have accused Three high-profile cryptocurrency firms Of defrauding investors of more than a Billion dollars prosecutors say that US Exchange Gemini lied to customers about The risks of an investment account that Paid High interest rates on crypto Genesis a crypto lender and its parent Company digital currency Group which Were also involved in the program are Now facing charges as well binance's Visa debit card services will close down In the European economic area in December as binance's card issuer Contest Financial Services will stop Issuing the card the crypto exchange Also announced that it's introducing new Fiat Partners to provide Euro Services After binance's European provider Paysafe ceased its support in September The US has stepped up its Crackdown on Illicit crypto activity with a focus on

Crypto mixing Services the treasury Department is planning to force more Transparency on trades that pass through Crypto mixers to combat money laundering And National Security risks by curbing The use of digital tokens for financing Sanctioned groups like h Ferrari now accepts cryptocurrency for Its luxury cars in the US and intends to Extend that plan into Europe Ferrari Said the decision came in response to Demand from the market and requests from Dealers as many of its clients have Invested in crypto customers can use Bitcoin usdc and ether to make Ferrari Car Purchases social media excitement Surrounding Sam bankman Freed's trial is Unleashing a hyper online horde of Crypto obsessives and self-proclaimed Degenerates reporters have to compete For seats in the courtroom every day With crypto influencers and online Personalities in one quirky moment Prosecutors liken the defense's argument To a scene from the movie Dumb and Dumber where one character claims that IUS well that's just as good as money Sir that's what's happened this week in Crypto see you next week if you've Enjoyed this video leave us a thumbs up Subscribe to the channel and click the Notification Bell so you don't miss a Review news update or the clearest

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