🔴Crypto Spring is Here? | This Week in Crypto – Dec 4, 2023

Altcoin season has officially started Crypto stocks like micro strategy and Coinbase are also booming and One Bank Expects a massive bitcoin price increase Much sooner than they originally thought These stories and more this week in Crypto hi I'm Nate Martin from 99 Bitcoins.com and here's what's happened This week in crypto Bitcoin touched $339,000 this week its highest price Since April of 2022 but explosive gains From any altcoins outperforming BTC Prompted calls of an altcoin season avac The native token of the avalan Blockchain surged 97% as JP Morgan is testing asset Tokenization on its Network Beyond aaac Helium blur and Rune were among the best Performing altcoins doubling in value in Just one month social platform RIT has Reached a major Milestone by completing The decentralization of its Moon token By relinquishing control of the Distribution contract the supply of moon Coins is capped and it ensures that no Further modifications can be made to That contract establishing Moon as a Fully decentralized entity the price of Reddits coin reacted positively to the News trading 150% higher than just a Month ago micro strategy the largest Corporate holder of Bitcoin bought Around 16,000 Bitcoins in November worth About $600 million thereby increasing

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Its Holdings by 10% the software firm Now holds 175,000 Bitcoins bought at an average Price of about $30,000 per coin and the November purchase marks an acceleration In the firm's Bitcoin buying Activities coin bases shares surge 62% This month showcasing wall Street's Renewed trust in the top us crypto Exchange amid binance's legal issues Investors anticipate increased activity For coinbase contributing to the Stock's Three-fold rise in 2023 Analysts say that coinbase is in its Best position since going public having Survived the industry ShakeOut over the Past couple of years FTX received Approval in bankruptcy court to sell at $744 million in investments in grayscale Trusts to raise money and repay Creditors who are owed billions of Dollars since FTX filed for bankruptcy Last year amid fraud allegations the Company's advisers have been untangling A complex web of debt owed to various Creditors so far billion in assets have Been recovered Cristiano Ronaldo faces A$1 billion class action lawsuit over The promotion of his nft collection on Binance the collection featured animated Statues depicting key moments in the Star footballers life with some nfts Selling for up to $10,000 plaintiffs in the case now claim

Ronaldo's endorsement led to costly and Risky Investments accusing him of making Deceptive statements in connection to Binance Promotions AI related cryptocurrencies Surged by two billion dollars in less Than two weeks with top tokens Experiencing significant gains notably Bit tensor's tow token soared 86% in the Last couple of weeks notable for its Blockchainbased machine Learning Network The F token of fetch.ai which Specializes in AI powered Data Solutions Climbed 46% while covalent which offers Unified blockchain data access saw its Cqt token gain 42% Standard Chartered bank has revised its $100,000 Bitcoin forecast to occur Before the having citing increased Optimism due to the anticipated Introduction of us spot Bitcoin ETFs Jeff Kendrick the bank's head of crypto Research referred to a crypto spring and Highlighted bitcoin's dominance and Minor hoarding as driving factors for Its surging value that's what's happened This week in crypto see you next week if You've enjoyed this video leave us a Thumbs up subscribe to the channel and Click the notification Bell so you don't Miss a review news update or the Clearest information about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies [Music]


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