3 Reasons The Market Is Pulling Back And Could Soon Recover!

The cryptocurrency world has been on yes A very steep pullback over the last Really month now we've watched the price Of bit Bitcoin decline from about 70,000 Down to $59,000 ethereum has dropped from Roughly $4,000 down to about 32 3,300 we Are seeing some losses we've got some Reasons for those losses and I believe That they will turn around and when they Do yes Bitcoin is going to be doing very Nice yes ethereum is going to be doing Very well but little tiny tokens like Playdoh are going to soar in value when You move from the current neutral area Back into a greedy situation the Smallest of the small tokens Thrive the Most we're going to be talking about it In this video and if it sounds like Something you're interested in let's get Started what's up everybody I'm clay bro And as you can see we've got playd Doge On the screen now we're going to jump Back into this in a second here but I do Want to show you guys some of the crypto News that might be causing the market to Fall now of course we did get rejected Off of recent and all-time highs Depending on which coin you're looking At here and there are several factors That have affected prices over the last Month but check this out crypto Investment products see 584 million outflow as Bitcoin descends

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To 60,000 okay it's not necessarily Retail investors panicking which would Make sense considering we're not in a Fearful situation but retail investors Certainly aren't buying so let's go on $584 million in outflow from Institutions in those ETFs Bitcoin Tumbles towards 62,000 as crypto Bulls See $150 million in liquidations those That were on Leverage positions are Getting liquidated so now all of a Sudden you've got derivatives falling at An exponential Pace you've got Institutions kind of stoploss hunting And knocking these leveraged positions Out of out of existence and I've seen People posting on X that they are seeing Huge losses on their leverage positions And finally I want to look at this one For a second Mount goau guys if you're Brand new to the crypto game you don't Know who Mount gox is Mount gox Basically they got hacked a long time Ago and and they're set to return Bitcoin to essentially the original Investors on centralized exchanges it Was nowhere near as easy as it is now to Get your hands on cryptocurrency a Decade ago Mount gox is set to begin Returning 9 billion dollar in July people could be gearing up and Expecting a market dump once these Payments start hitting accounts people See money that they haven't seen in the

Last decade and they're easily willing To sell it as opposed to hold it because Of course they they're done with crypto At this point so a lot of people might Be gearing up for this July Li selloff And of course I do believe that the Overall volume in the cryptocurrency Space can eat A9 billion not everybody's Going to sell either but $9 billion in In eventual liquidations that aren't all Going to be happening at the same point In time so those are some reasons the Overall Market is falling but we may be Nearing a bottom all right Bitcoin is Finding support at the $60,000 level and If it begins to tick back up uh you're Going to see it trickle down the same Way that it does when you go from a bare Market to a bull market it is going to Hit Bitcoin ethereum top altcoins Trickle down into the bigger meme coins And then tiny little tokens like play Doge and guys once the tiny little Tokens like playd Doge are seeing Interest you're going to be seeing this Fear to Greed index ticking back up into Greedy territory and when that happens Tokens like Playdoh soar the most why Because when investors are greedy they Go after the largest gains and the Largest gains are found in the smallest Market caps and something brand new like Play Doge will have that smaller market Cap so let's talk about what it is and

If you are interested in buying simply Click the link in the description below Connect your wallet I like to use wallet Connect you guys can do it however you Want from there I you know if you're Going to buy five ethereum worth you're Going to be walking away with 3.1 Million playd Doge you can also buy on The BNB network uh with usdt either on Uh the ethereum network or B&B here or You can buy with ethereum or BNB if You're going to be staking you're Currently earning 133% annualized Staking rewards that is crazy good Interest and don't even have to worry About the launch day volatility and Trading volatility afterwards so what is Playd Doge play doge is the best play to Earn Doge companion game you're going to Go out there and you're going to have a Tamagachi Style app where you can take Care of your Doge you can feed it Entertain it train it and you can ensure That it gets enough sleep and it's going To earn you play do you're going to earn Cryptocurrency just by taking care and Playing this tamagachi game on top of The tamagachi you''ve got these little Mini games that you can play as well You're going to have classic Sid Scrolling adventures and you're going to Have little retro arcade style mini Games like Space Invaders here and these Apps are going to be released during

Phase four of their road map so on top Of the phase four there with the app Releases you're going to have Community Aird drops and centralized exchange Hopefully tier one centralized exchange List thingss the tokenomics can be Broken down as follows and you guys can Check those out there but I want you to See the most asked question that I ever See and that's when can you claim you're Going to be able to claim when the Pre-sale ends and the pre-sale is going To end after 40 stages they've already Gone through 12 or 13 stages which means That you're still if you get in you're Still going to see about 30 price Increases before Playdoh launches here 30 price increases is going to Pat your Portfolio nicely on launch day and if You're interested they are growing their EXC community and they're growing very Quickly 5,468 followers during this pullback Think about that guys they're able to Amass 5,000 followers since the Beginning of the month here during a Time when the entire cryptocurrency Market has seen red day after red day After red day there's been no green days For Bitcoin and the top coins out there And play do has had a very hard go of it Yet they've still been able to raise $5 Million They've still been able to amass 5,000

Followers and they still keep up their Commitment to remaining extremely Engaged out on their social media Profile uh making a post eight hours ago Three hours ago uh yesterday day before Yesterday again day before they're Sitting two to three posts per day Raising money in in one of the worst Pullbacks that we have seen in a very Long time and the worst week in crypto Since the beginning of 2024 I believe play Doge has crazy good Potential which is why I have bought in I want to know down in the comments Below if you guys are buying in and Until the next time hope to each and Every one of you have an awesome day

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