$30 Cell Phone for Mining Verus

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all right ladies and gentlemen so I haven't been taking like the phone mining very seriously uh mainly the phones that I got just aren't great for it and I keep looking at the a what zero three s that everybody's buying and it's just like it's like 59 right now or 49 this is kind of expensive um so I've been looking for Alternatives and I ran across a guy on YouTube shout out uh I'm gonna go ahead I'll put his link Down Below in the description for his video please let them know um if you go over there and check it out just let them know where you came from uh show them a little bit of love you know subscribe like do all that kind of stuff and be nice but his name is paperclip and he actually found an alternative it's a little bit cheaper than an a03s and it mines basically just as good uh it's got a removable back cover on the phone whereas like some of these phones that I have like the flip and stuff there's just not really any way to get the the metal back cover off without tearing it up uh but this has got a plastic removable back cover so you can keep it cooler um it's mining in the the low four Mega hash just pretty much straight out of the box and um it's cheap so let me flip it around and show you what we're working with all right so here's paper clips video where he shows the hash rate and stuff of it Mining and I was looking and I was like oh you know you can find them on Amazon 39 but they're actually on sale at Walmart for 29 so you save ten dollars when purchased online it's the TCL A3 um let's see here it's comparing it to the LG Dynasty [Music] various so um there's a way to look it up hold on let me go back on his video he [ __ ] yeah ao3s so it's 4.16 average and then he goes down to the TCL yep there it is so tcl3 4.19 average so almost actually a little bit better uh so I I'm gonna definitely pull the trigger on this hopefully this sales lasts for quite a while um I don't know if it applies to more than just one uh I will know here shortly and I'll Pin It Down Below in the comment section but this may be a good option for people that are looking for a cheaper phone to get into various mining now what's the profitability and what's the payoff never so just this is this is more on the hobby side of things obviously it could make money if you hold on to him and it skyrockets but just for right now for you know giggles and stuff shittles you know it ain't making money what is let's see here Severus mining calculator uh 4.1 Mega hash is three and a half cents a day so let's calculate that out we didn't even take power into account uh but 30 bucks why not we won't even take tax into account divided by 0.035 it only take 857 days so yeah obviously it doesn't make money but we we won't try it we're gonna try it I still do have um this Note 5 which I'm not even getting a full made hash because I can only run two cores because it runs so hot somebody suggested me putting a wire rack up that way I can have like a fan blowing across and have all of them up hanging there especially while I'm in here I use this fan so now this bad boy I had to turn off one two three cores so we're only getting 2.7 Mega hash on the flip but it seems to be keeping it cool as well so bam bam thank you ma'am I'm gonna go ahead and order one of these so that should be in momentarily next few days and we'll do a review on it by the way again big shout out to paperclip for finding this and uh yeah wham bam lady ladies and gentlemen have a good night I'll see you on the next one Adidas

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