8 GPU Mix Mining Rig | Mining Rig Spotlight #8

So in this video I'm going to go over my 8 GPU mix mining rig I'm going to go Over the parts to build the setup and The profits for this mining rig this Will be my mining rig Spotlight number Eight so thanks for tuning in this is The life of a minor So first let's check out the gpus I'm Going to use for this mining rig now This is going to be an 8 GPU mining rig With mixed gpus and these are all the Gpus I'm going to use on this mining rig So first we have an RTX 3080 TI Next to it we have an RTX 3080. And then we have an arctix 3060. And then an RTX 2080 TI Next I have two Titan XP collectors Editions And then finally two GTX 1080s Now for the frame I'll be using the AGP Beta mining frame Foreign The motherboard is the ASRock h110 Pro Bpc Plus mining motherboard with an Intel Pentium processor CPU and 8 Gigabytes of RAM and for the hard drive I'm using a 240 gigabyte SSD Now checking out the power supplies I do Have two power supplies I'm using with This mining rig the first power supply Is the EVGA 1300 watt G2 power supply And the second power supply is the EVGA 1200 watt Pentium power supply And I'm going to use eight pcie risers

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For this build So first I hooked up one GPU to make Sure it posts before building the full Mining rig this just makes Troubleshooting a lot easier if Something's wrong with the mining rig Because I have less parts to check if There is an issue So powering up the mining rig it does Post so I can finish building up this Mining rig Okay so this is all the gpus connected And everything is good to power on So this is the gpu's turn on the mining Rig did post so it is a success Yeah baby that's what I've been waiting For that's what it's all about This is what fun is about baby And checking out the device manager it's Reading all the gpus in Windows Okay so this is my mining farm at my Apartment and here's the money rig that Was just built everything is working Accordingly Thank you Now I am using nice hash to mine on this AGP mix mining rig and as of right now It's making about three dollars and 24 Cents a day before electricity now the Profits is just for today and the Profits Will Change Daily depending on What I'm Mining and the price and Difficulty of the coin Now let's check out the profits for this

8 GPU mix mining rig so checking out Nice hash it looks like I'm making Around 2.84 cents a day before Electricity so this mining rig on nice Hash is mining a heavy hash which is Casper and I'm getting around 5009.28 Mega hashes and this mining rig Is pulling around 1 275 Watts now one Thing I noticed about mining Casper is The hash rate and the power fluctuates a Lot the hash rates can be up or down Around 20 Mega hashes and the power can Increase or decrease by about 50 watts And this power reading is just from the Gpus it's not including power from the Motherboard CPU SSD and so on so the Power draw should be higher compared to What you see on nicehash So now pulling up what you mind let's Check out the profits after electricity Cost so now plugging in the numbers it's On k-heavy hash I'm going to put 59.28 Mega hashes and the power I'm going to Put 1275 Watts now for the electricity Cost I'm going to do a couple scenarios So first let's start with 13 cents per Kilowatt hours for the electricity cost This is a lot of people's average power Cost in the US so at 13 cents you'll be Making around a 2.77 before electricity But you will have a net loss of 1.25 Cents a day after electricity now let's Change electricity cost to 10 cents per Kilowatt hours which is also one of the

Average power costs that people have in The US And it looks like you'll still be making A loft around 29 cents a day after Electricity Now if you have really cheap electricity Like business electricity rates you may Be paying around 5 cents per kilowatt Hours in which you'll be making a profit Around 1.24 cents a day after electricity now It looks like as of right now you'll Need to be paying around 9 cents per Kilowatt hours to be barely profitable Earning one cents a day after Electricity with this 8 GPU mixed mining Rig but just be aware that profits do Change Daily then crypto is very Volatile so Anything Could Happen down The road Okay so thanks for checking out my 8 GPU Mixed mining rig you can check out my Other mining rigs in my mining rig Spotlight series and more videos to come So stay tuned but of course thanks for Watching and always Happy mine

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