bitcoin money lesson #2

[Music] Hey guys I'm afeared Fernanda bitcoins And welcome to another video in our how To make money with bitcoin mini course In today's video I want to show you a Different angle for making money with Bitcoin but before I begin I just want To thank David Smith from Bitcoin Bulls For exposing me to this method I call The Adhan flipping with bitcoin method And if you want to read the full article Just look for a link below this video Now the basic idea for this method is Very very simple you buy an item on Amazon at a discounted price and sell it For a premium on eBay or any other Website you can find now if you've been Dealing with selling online you probably Already know that a lot of people are Already doing this so what does bit good Have to do with all this Well there is a specific site called Person io Which allows people to buy Amazon items At a discount if they pay with Bitcoin Just to explain how this works you Basically put it order to buy something On Amazon someone else buys this item For you with Amazon kritis they have Lying around and you then paint it with Bitcoin now you may be asking yourself Why would people want to waste their Amazon credit forgetting bitcoins well There could be many reasons for that but

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You'll be amazed at how many people have Amazon critics lying around that they Have no use for For example Mechanical Turk workers Outside of the US and India are quietly Transfer or earnings to an Gift card basically they are stuck with A lot of Amazon credits they can't spend And converting it to Bitcoin is the Perfect solution for them so by using First at i/o you can get any Amazon item 4 5 10 or even a 20% discount once you Get a discounted item you can resell That a premium on eBay your own website Or anyone else for that matter using First are i/o you can also specify that The item will be delivered directly to The seller and say save on shipping cost So once you find out in the cells and Creates a profit just loose it rinse Repeat the whole process now another Question people may ask is why would Anyone look for an item on eBay if they Can find a for cheaper price on Amazon Again there are many reasons but here Are some things to consider first Amazon Doesn't accept paypal and many people For 30 out of protection PayPal gives Them in order to –eline ii many people aren't aware that Amazon isn't only about buying books That you can find virtually anything in Them and last up at least people are Actually lazy and they just don't do

Their due diligence when it comes to Online price comparison so before I wrap Up here are a few things to keep in mind When using this method this method is Only relevant if you have an initial Amount of bitcoins to invest in it since You're going to have to pay the bitcoins For the items when we're loading the First dollar a wallet use coin based Transfers to avoid confirmation time Delays if you use a different wallet you Can end up waiting up to one hour in Some cases for your payment to be Confirmed and finally it's better to go For cheaper items with this method since There order on press io tends to get Fulfilled easier inexpensive items also Don't be too greedy and try to request a Reasonable distance and even wrap trim Because 10% will probably be fine so That's it for today I hope you enjoyed Your lesson of how to make money with Bitcoin and I'll see in your next one Bye for now [Music]

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