BLEW a psu on the Antminer S9… Bitcoin HEATER Part 2.

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[Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] a [Music] [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome Bros to the second live stream of the day let me tell you I have been troubleshooting this S9 all day okay it's been all day crypto pounder next snark comment against my power supply you are banned Carl M what's up bro Krypto Mel welcome bro welcome fa what's up bro what's up what's up what's up so I've been through I've been through a lot today so this is the second part live stream you guys know the first part in the live stream um my I thought we blew we I thought I blew a breaker but it wasn't a breaker if it was the breaker this actually would have turned off this we we shouldn't have had any power here okay if the breaker went out if the breaker tripped this would have had no power there was actually still power especially with my uh desktop PC which I'm streaming with right now it's on the same 120 volt circuit all right if the breaker tripped it should have tripped and turned off my streaming computer along along with the uh that okay Crypt pounder 4 you didn't tell me I didn't see Jack all right I didn't see Jack all right so the problem was this this died this bitmain uh apw7 died and the reason for it is because we we used okay so we were doing hion Asic firmware okay we were initially already doing the low power with the stock bit main firmware at like 800 watts 900 watts right so that was totally fine on this but since we were running it on 120 volt okay uh one 10 107 volt like is 105 volt on my 120 volt circuit okay um it was drawing more than the recommended power on this power supply so this thing this thing doesn't work anymore this power supply no longer works I didn't see any burn marks or anything um but it just it just doesn't it just doesn't turn on uh it just doesn't turn on anymore so we blew a power supply at the end of the stream I thought it was a breaker it wasn't the breaker it was the power supply so we've now I've got yes I know okay Krypt punter mentioned this already in the live chat this is a, 1400 watt S9 right I I have a 750 watt PSU here but I'm only drawing about 600 585 585 Watts now so what I have was able to do was I went out and bought a freaking 64 gig s micro SD card which I had to format to 32 gab because fat 32 is not supported over 32 GB on a Micro SD card so I had to use this part and I had to basically cut this in half so I'm utilizing 32 gig on a 64 gig micro SD card but fat 32 all right so stop laughing at me cryp pounder I see you laughing at me God damn it I see you I see you laughing at me but anyways I have brains I have brains OS all right brains OS on this micro SD card now okay oh my God just it just never ends it it just it just never ends so and another thing I had to take apart the back of the S9 in order to get to the control board because I had to flip a uh a jumper as well in order to to do the uh in order to do a micro uh SD uh SD card okay let let me show you okay hold on let me bring that up let me bring that up um S9 jumper SD card I just I have it's it I have never played around with a S9 before so just just bear with me I want to get all this information out because in case anyone maybe ever stumbles upon this video video I hope to God nobody stumbles upon it but this jumper I had to move over from here to here so that the micro SD card would be able to read uh would be able to be read the brains OS firmware which I have on now okay so this this is what this is it this is what I have okay so smash the like we only have 17 people 1 17 17 likes 71 people here thank you guys for being here I I was supposed to stream way earlier but I had to do a lot of errands during the day and then I just got home uh and I've been troubl shooting this over the past the past hour and a half yeah all right so there we go there we go it's now mining okay I have decided to do the performance mode a power Target of 650 Watts okay so that's the power Target of 650 Watts not 1,400 but 16 uh 650 Watts okay all right so that's it that's that's all I wanted to do now the whole point the whole point for me is to have this as a heater in a crypto cloaks uh 3D printed 3D printed enclosure okay this this guy right here okay this is supposed to be a heater so I'm going to put that I'm going to put this whole setup into here now uh actually no next thing we need to do now is change the fans and see if these fans will work on this S9 okay that's that is what we're going to do right now and actually before we do that before we do that do we we have uh is there enable immersion mode uh all fans will be disabled now if I do that will the two knock to a fan stop working I don't want to enable this [Music] right should I so if I change the fans out will it still work let's see what you guys say Blue Moon could called me I would have helped S9 out you don't have to do anything with the fan settings it'll run with the knock to okay perfect perfect perfect perfect all right let's turn it off then let's uh let's change it out then let's do it I'm going to I'm going to shut this thing down okay what you guys are hearing right now is the S21 okay it is the S21 annoying if if it's annoying I can turn it off is it annoying you guys let me know if it's annoying I'll turn off the S21 okay I'm going to take off these fans and put on the noctura ones okay um I think they got picky with the fans when they released I added those to my I added those to mine and brains Ben do we get smoke this time lowu mining there's no smoke man no no smoke this time uh we don't turn off A6 ever okay I'm not turning off the S21 then all right we're we're taking apart we're taking off this fan real quick and then we're going to put this uh no then we're going to test it outside I want to make sure it works before I put it in the crypto cloaks Bitcoin heater um sounds like money to me uh I know I'm streaming at a very unorthodox time I'm sorry I'm sorry okay actually big question big issue potentially now if I use these screws they're going to hit they're definitely going to hit they're definitely going to hit something inside now I don't know if I want to do that plus I forgot the grill now do I have any do I have any shorter oh man do I have any shorter of these cables you know what I just realized I wonder if this comes with it let's see if this this is the kit that comes with the crypto cloaks oh yeah maybe no maybe not no maybe there's the crypto cloaks sticker H yeah um three 3D spacer use the shorter one Crypt pounder you mean okay it did come with uh it did come with three a spacer hold on what is [Music] that right [Music] here okay hold on right Panda use some rubber spacers to attach the knock to a fence uh is this uh what we're talking about here like this or like this fan in the front or a fan in the back fan on the outside uh I'm pretty I feel like the I feel like the fan should be on the inside because I think this notches into the this notches into the crypto [Music] cloaks uh on the outside of the case oh my God we're live again yes my North uh Panda I have one I have one it's in the front the Fan's in the front Boris Jesus Panda that adapter is 140 fan to 120 mil opening oh okay well I'm just using this because my screws are too long that's it I'm just trying to make sure that I'm trying to safeguard the inside so it doesn't hit the hash board all right read the manual all right all right I guess uh all right I guess we'll read the manual I guess we'll read the manual like a noob I got the manual right here are you happy now I have the manual right [Music] here okay you're right it's it's on the it the fan goes on the outside you're right you're right you're right all right all right all right all right where's the 120 mil I want to see the 120 mil uh no I don't want to see the 120 mil fan upgrade I want to see yeah not the I want I don't want to see the 140 mil upgrade I want to see the 120 mil upgrade where's the 120 mil upgrade 60 mil 60 mil 60 mil PSU PSU 140 mil 140 mil 140 mil 140 mil I don't have I don't do I have to use 140 mil F God damn it you passed the 120 mil no there they didn't have there's no 120 mil uh in I don't think our favorite setup data collection testing noct to a 140 mil 300 RPM fans you can find the link for okay so we have to buy 140 mil fans I don't have the 140 mil fans you can use the shorter screws for 120 mil though I don't have the shorter which shorter screws you talking about these all right let's see if this works I don't think this is going to work let's hold on okay nope oh that does oh that does fit but this is too short no the screw is too short no that that doesn't work the screws that came with it I'm pretty sure are for this it's for this Boris I don't have 140 mil fans damn it if you don't have 140 you can cut the screw shorter for the 120 and put the spacers behind the fan RPM has some scre you have the specific model nocto fan hold on I will look it up I Boris not my not my problem Nick Riley you are banned all of you you guys aren't helping you guys are not helping at all this is not okay you know what if I screw this in okay if I screw this in it it's going to hit the aluminum it will definitely hit the aluminum if I screw this in okay you know what let's just I just want to see all right let's just it's going to go in that much uh just put two screws in the bottom one to avoid anything on the PC all right yeah I know Boris I actually was already thinking of that okay let me just make sure okay PCB this one uh this one just stack a bunch of washers yeah that's something I I don't have just stack a this is what I'd do I'd cut the 140 to correct length for the 120 mil okay let me just see if I can get this in first hold on I'm going to make this work no matter what if these fans are not you know there's a chance that these fans are not going to be are not going to be are not going to be uh strong enough at 650 Watts okay we didn't hit anything we didn't hit anything all right that's good enough can I plug this in that's all I want I don't I don't care that's all I want I will make this work no matter what okay this does not go this does not go in because there there's a notch there's a notch here ah all [Music] [Music] right there we go there we good enough okay it's in okay now I got to do the back one your rainbow knife can cut hot [Music] mayonnaise okay hold on I got to turn this around then I can do the other fan this is just supposed to be a heater all right I could have just plugged this in as as is all right but since I'm doing it in this enclosure you know it's supposed to make it look nice all right so get off my back all of you Boris [Music] especially [Music] and listen I didn't I don't have regular pcie like the yellow black cable so I had to use the veteran minor [Music] cables ah never [Music] again spared no expense yeah 30 20 30 24 2 $5 veteran minor cables I got 10 of them on here I think that costs more than just joking just joking these are great cables really good solid 16 gauge okay all right this FS off oh what's going on here whoa what's going on [Music] here is this is this bent what is this what happened here won't the PSU still be noisy Francesco Castro we're we're not even going to talk about that I'm not even going to go there I didn't even I didn't even read that okay I didn't even hear that so it's supposed to be like that okay I'm going to trust you if it's supposed to be like that then uh we got no problem here all right so top right bottom light looks like there's a lot of space for the screw uh nope I did it the wrong way I did it the wrong way see nobody caught that I caught it first nobody caught it this way see I know I know nobody was going to tell me and then I was going to screw it in turn it on and the thing would overheat and blow up and smoke is that I EXA I knew it I knew it you guys I knew you guys wanted me to fail I knew it I knew it you see this is it's going to overheat anyway God damn it someone banned borse please I seen it on couldn't type fast enough well that's exactly what happened when if you don't have the high RPM 140 mil KN to off fense yeah I figured I figured I'm going to try this though I'm just going to really undervolt this thing like to I'm just going to put the power limit to like 300 watts it'll be it'll be the it'll be the most like lowest power Asic solo mining thing ever in my living room that's it that's all that's all I want this to be what kind of heater is even 300 watts I mean you're not that that that's that's true but let let me let me live my life and let me try this okay just just just let me live my life can can I live my life or no can I do that okay I'm plugging it in I got to cut off the thing okay good all right yeah this thing looks insane okay I'm going to turn it off on and see if it actually uh mines with just these two fans the two fan upgrade looks pretty cool though with a noct to Fan okay let's see if it works uh turn on 3 2 1 oh oh forgot the network cable yeah it's working oh the fan turned off everyone watch for Sparks God damn it Boris no sparks no sparks here all right okay I see the username root rout okay it's already mining now what's the te oh where' my dark mode go uh oh boy quick actions um where's uh how do you get dark mode on this [Music] thing dark there we go all right all right I hit F5 and it goes back to dark or goes back to light God damn it all right so what do we watch for chip temp all right this is what I'm going to watch 72° C is that bad dark mode more important than the S9 yeah okay we're at 553 Watts at the wall on 120 volt or 106 volt thanks for the Modern Warfare 3 flash crypto pounder 4 got God damn it oh boy they are rising um 74 it's the fans are going fans are going 557 Watts I feel I feel a decent amount of heat coming out the back yes decent amount but once I put it in the heater once I put it in the 3D printed enclosure that might be the that might be an issue potentially order order up two 120 140 mil fantex T30 fans much better okay ah you know what I do have 140 mil noock to a fans at my other basement I just realized that now I have I have 140 mil on the on the in the the other basement okay temperature 78° C what is the operating temperature safe operating temperature for these uh you may on the minor you may have to control the fans RPM externally to up the RPM on the overclock software like MSI afterburn uh where's the fans uh configuration temperature and fan Target temperature 89 no this looks fine performance Target 650 Watts that's what I'm targeting okay temperatures is 80° C now is that getting hot that that is that hot that's getting hot board temp 65 chip temp 80 95c turn no 80 is fine okay according to Boris all right 80 is fine okay but that's hot is it hot uh yeah well okay right now in my basement currently it's 81 Fahrenheit 81 and I do have a S9 S21 right beside it that's bluring by the way that one right there you guys can probably hear it this thing is probably quiet but the HP server PSU is probably not quiet that S21 is screaming okay the S21 is off it's not mining anymore I think it just Rebooted you know what I'm going to turn this thing I'm turning off the S21 something's happening all right s 21's off oh my God so much better all right H okay yeah this is really quiet actually the 750 watts not even loud at all I don't hear it at all I don't hear this this is nice and quiet obviously okay 5 76 Watts so that's good we are doing good we are doing good no issues now let's go to ah let's see here let me see the tip uh temperatures 82 degrees C board temp 6675 chip temp 81 81 81 all right I think that's okay I think we're okay we are Solo mining Bitcoin at almost 5 terahash at 575 watts is that efficient oh uh SNL invades chump change raid SNL raid yo welcome welcome I'm sorry I streamed during the end of SNL but I I had to I had to stream my my stupid S9 build I have to finish this S9 yes it's an S9 I'm just using it as a heater because my rooms upstairs right now are extremely cold it's minus 20 okay where I live it's like 20 Fahrenheit or something right now it's freaking cold it's very cold right now extremely cold um so look at this okay so I think this is good because it's going to be really hot upstair uh it's going to be cold upstairs anyway so I bet these temperatures are good enough I need the most wattage I can get because this thing I need to Output a lot of heat because I'm just dude I'm freezing in my room Hawk geek I don't need to say anything it's okay Hawkin cxd said you're a penis WTF why didn't you say you were going live because you guys don't need to know when I'm going live okay it's not important I blew a power supply at400 watts an apw7 okay for anyone just tuning in this PSU decided to die cuz I ran it at at 120 volt at 120 watts and the PSU blew up so don't do that okay and uh don't do what I did and uh yeah so now I'm going to turn this off because we're going to now I'm going to put this in there I want to see if I can fit that in there and then run it I'm going to turn this off now happy with the temperatures good enough okay um okay take this off so it's all just going to go in like this I don't I I don't need these fan things I don't need the knife it's just going to rest in there I guess right it's it's just going to rest in there it's the first time I'm setting up something like this okay it's not a heat bit but it's a crypto cloaks 3D printed enclosure okay so the S9 goes in here so you know I guess you know actually uh yeah you know what I guess I can put it in like this can I try so how is this going to how is this going to work uh why and a box tondo Bongo Rondo bong ronto uh essentially it's it it's to make it look cool that's it it that's that's that's really it it's just to look cool in your living room okay there's there's nothing else to it uh well maybe there is there is a little bit more to it because all the heat actually comes out of the gra at the top so it's a directional heater how loud is it uh DJ mind's extremely quiet until the PSU starts making fan noises but uh since I'm using noct TOA fans this this part's quiet I'm going to have to change the power supply fan but I don't care it's going to be fine IO facing down upside sort of uh Travelers travels what's up bro uh I yes the io okay so this ethernet port is going to go into this Square port at the bottom that's that's basically the power supply uh HP server PSU is it's it might be a little you know what oh that's going to be an issue oh boy that might be an issue no okay well that that fits but there's no way to stop it oh crap it's supposed to be ah crap it's supposed to be for an apw7 oh no that even that doesn't fit oh no this fits no even okay even this doesn't fit uh yeah even this one doesn't fit in there okay well um ah uh they yeah they didn't make they did not make it for HP server psus so um flip it over so it would smash the power cables when you put it in they should make it dual psus you may have to place the PSU on the outside of the case oh god well only thing I can think of is I don't know oh God this is going to be apw3 maybe I don't have an apw3 we're going to need a bigger hole yes potentially okay f it I'm just going to put it in and uh we'll figure it out when I if when it comes to that point okay um okay so you know what I'm going to do it like this all right this is going to be the funniest this part comes off so it makes it a little bit easier okay S9 it says S9 PSU right here S9 PSU duct tape and zip ties yeah pretty much um flip the case 180 okay well here we go um I'm just going to put it in now like this uh okay this is okay this is you know what the big issue here is I have too much another big issue is I'm using too many red uh veteran minor cables that could be my biggest issue here oh crap oh crap this is going to be H crap oh crap oh no that's not going to work yeah that's okay the cables are too much does it need eight cables yes yes it does unfortunately hey you know what I'm taking this apart I'm taking this the power supply off okay we're going to have to swap we're going to have to swap the cables over the other way if I got to if I got to make this work I got to go like this okay that's okay there okay this is a little bit better okay little bit better but is that enough to be able to move this into place yes yes H oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] okay okay this I didn't know this part came off too okay so there's another part that comes out but I don't want this to come out I want this to stay in you know what what here let's do something might be easier might be easier this way okay so the io the io goes that way okay all right ah I knew it I knew it I hate all of you Bor okay where's Boris where's where's Boris where's Boris where where's Boris totally wrong see I knew it if I put this if I screwed this in on the outside I would then be able to screw this this to this to the bottom of this crypto cloaks I knew it I freaking knew it someone where's Boris get him in chat right now get him in live chat right now I I knew it I freaking knew I didn't even have to read the manual I I didn't even have to read the manual I knew that this would be able to screw in from the outside and then I could screw this this under underneath and I the screws came I'm so mad right now I'm I'm so mad I I don't even know what to say I'm so mad I'm so mad right now all right okay taking us out okay we're going to we're going to okay we're going to unscrew two screws okay okay it's not it's not a big deal it's not a big deal it's it's it's it's not a big deal I'm only going to take out two screws okay only two screws get the electric uh drill I don't have it near me this just one more one more more now I don't need to have the other one on the other side right yeah no it's just to okay okay let me just try this see if this works it is only to lock it into place yeah well that's that's my that's my thought process here okay so okay so you know what I got to okay okay we're got to screw will this screw in if I go like this yeah okay oh it's even shorter too so that's even better um okay yeah and then I need the other screw okay now screwing it in scottt Sheffield you are banned you are now banned from everything looks like an Ikea H I don't know I don't know I'm just doing this because if I can if I can affix aixi affix the S9 to the bottom of that then it wouldn't move it would stand still that would be a lot better that means I can screw in the other ones because oh this is the last time okay this one's in one more I don't think it's supposed to bend like that what it's not bending Oh you mean the the 3D printed yeah cuz I I probably tighten it too much I just want to fixate this S9 into the bottom it's probably not even supposed to screw it in the first place okay let's try now oh like a glove oh yeah oh that feels so good look at this oh yeah look at that oh oh it fits perfect oh man that that feels so nice [Laughter] face oh yes this is good okay this is great all right okay so that's in all right well now the big question is can I screw it in um I don't I don't know uh you know I'm probably doing this the wrong way but let's just try it nope I don't think that's the right screw I don't think this is the right screw uh let me try these other ones these are a little bit longer I don't think so though NOP that that definitely hold on if I get this that just goes straight through yeah that just goes straight through so these screws definitely don't work um H um [Music] okay it's definitely this one but how thick is this part yeah this this in theory should fit through yeah this in theory should fit through okayy is that a red rocket knockoff ccxt needs to sue them red rocket knockoff geek of all trades what's what's the red rocket knockoff off you stopped listening to the chat Pro what did I miss Boris tell me the instructions say to thread thread it into the fan oh my God oh my God are you kidding me what is the screw thread what what is the screw going to thread into it's going to thread into the bottom of this into this it's it's okay it's I'm just not pushing hard enough okay let me show you let me no Boris no no no no no I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to try this okay this is let me just let me show you okay let me just see if I can get this actually in there see see it threads in perfect perfect doesn't come out all right I just had to push in a little bit I just had to push in a little bit harder okay all right let me do the bottom one just just just for good measure let me push this in though see this one's in too that one's in okay next one so far so good I got to push this in oh yeah okay there nice and tight yes oh [ __ ] I dropped the other screw okay one more okay okay the bottom one came [Music] out okay all right okay it's in there you see it's screwed in ah oh yeah there we go success now you don't need screws it's too short oh yeah yeah it's a little bit short it's it's a little bit short but it's it's not moving it's stuck in here now okay that's all I wanted why is my wife thinking I'm watching a Bo ah God damn it moris okay now the biggest issue now is the power supply how am I how is this going to work this is okay I guess I really should not have used the veteran minor cables for this because I'm these cables are way first they're too long for this and then yeah they're just they're just too long for this I shouldn't have had to like manipulate these into the case somehow uh I'm just going to push it in I [Music] guess I don't know man this is going to be hard ah this is really hard velcro against the S9 housing h now the hard part's going to be uh okay how is this going to how is this power supply going to sit that's the that's a big question all right I'm just going to put it in like this okay okay there there yes it fits kind of just like that it's just going to sit there it it it's just going to sit there guys whatever screw it screw it all right I'm putting the piece on um all right oh God oh God this is definitely not going to work is it this way does it matter which way it goes is it this way this thing's going to get hot I already I already know it okay but that's why I probably have to put on the proper fans not the not these not these uh not these nocas I put on okay all right oh some of these PCI cables are coming out okay make sure these are all in okay okay uh seems hot uh make sure you can get the power plug on the bottom oh Max all right let me you know what let me just put this together and then we'll flip it over actually I don't know if I want to flip it over but let me just okay the top is up I think okay the top is this okay there in all of its Glory there done holy crap oh that took too long oh my life I think I lost 10 years of my life okay now that is is going to melt in 20 minut yeah yeah prob probably yeah I I I hope not I mean uh what's his name crypto cloaks did test it at 650 Watts I'm test I have it at 550 Watts uh in brains so okay now okay now if I'm if I tip this over how can I I'm worried okay you know what I'm going to tip it over this way I think no which way is the cables hold on cables is that way so I'm going to flip it over this way because then it can it can rest on the please please don't break please don't break please don't break please don't break oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] how wait okay wait wait I just realized the power button okay okay no it's not over the power button's on the breakout board okay this moved way too far down so let me plug this in okay now the second issue is how am I going to get the network cable stop laughing all of you stop laughing right now all of you are terrible people all of you are horrible all of you are terrible okay all right I I see it I see it right here all right it's not over it's not over I can put it in I think hold on all right it's in okay all right ethernet is in all right just settle down everything's fine maybe maybe not okay all right I'm going to flip it back over carefully with the lid which came off oh God okay all right all right okay okay let me let me uh ah you guys you guys are horrible okay I wish okay can I show you the inside I don't know if I can go up I don't know if we can go go up there enough uh how can I take this camera out I cannot okay I got to bring it okay look okay some of these PC cables are coming out that was that's uh okay I got to push that in a little bit more this one's coming out this one's also coming out a little bit okay I'm a little bit worried about that but okay you know what I think that's it okay all right do I turn it on or very afraid okay here we go here we go this is going to melt something's going to spark I know it here we go three oh God two one pinky first okay the fan sto moving that's not a good sign uh it's on um it says 14 watts on the 120 volt 15 watts okay fans's moving now okay that's a good sign I feel some heat already oh man this is the best this is the most jankiest thing I've ever I've ever done of my life all right we're at 5230 Watts now 530 watts do I feel some heat I do I feel a good amount of heat now let me put this cover on oh yeah oh the glory yes oh the perfect heater yes oh this is so good ah dang Panda give that S9 the Shocker yes oh look at that heat heating goodness yes this is so good oh this is so nice all right so ah I I'm going to go get McDonald I'm getting a Big Mac and 10 20 piece chicken nuggets after this big mach 20 piece chicken nuggets large fries a a large Coke and I'm going to scuff that down right after this this is done we're done oh the heat oh the Heat's coming out so good ah [ __ ] yeah 560 563 Watts at the wall VC take a poll how long that will last I I will do a long-term test on you know what I need to make the video I need to record a video of this as well while this is going here actually no I'm going to put it in my living room and then record the video I got to make sure this is you know in its you know optimal setting not not in my like you know basement with all the all the other stuff by the way I got all the power supplies all the Pico power supplies for my 16 CPU rigs those just came in so do you guys want to see live stream of setting them up or just videos I was thinking of doing one video per CP rig so I can have 16 videos what do what do you think what is the DB of the case um that's a good question uh let me get the decibel out [Music] is this loud is this loud this could be picking up my as6 from the background as well [Music] [Music] it it's getting toasty in here for sure 52 DB is that is that pretty low that's pretty low I saw Panda's reflection you did not okay actually you know what I want to try another thing I have a heat gun 126 Fahrenheit 122 one the white is at 109 fahit oh that's getting that's getting toasty in there bro that's getting toasty 111 what's on the outside 107 what this is 107 oh this is getting hot oh yeah this is getting hot okay down here middle is like 93 the Bottom's like 90 91 that side's cool it gets hotter up here okay now I hear the fan now I hear the HP server PSU fan it's going it's going nuts yeah this is getting hot this is get this is getting hot bro this is getting pretty hot okay all right let's uh oh we're at 689 Watts now at 120 volt okay let's go into the software um okay hold on I need to log in hold on route route I think yeah okay oh [ __ ] we're at 107 to 91 board temp chip temp is 108 all right well I'm going to bring this down to like I don't know 450 Watts uh that's too hot that's too hot that is too hot oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] that's too hot that's way too hot I smell okay now I smell burning plastic yeah I I smell burning plastic are you not worried about passing uh off gas off gassing any bad chemicals uh yo it's SP probably probably we need the higher RPM noct TOA yeah yo it's but I believe so I believe we do as well I yeah okay um 450 okay 400 watt maybe 4 450 is too much maybe 400's too much cook an egg on it Boris godam God damn it Boris I could we can try we can try all right let me uh let's go back dude this 114 114 Fahrenheit 10 108 down here dude it's getting he getting pretty toasty at the top it's it's getting 107 at the top 108 108 at the top 520 Watts now at the wall worst fans to use don't be like Panda all right fine I was wrong we're using the wrong fans I was wrong all right give me a break give me a break can't wait for McDonald's after this oh yeah oh yeah feel that heat feel the heat okay okay what if okay my my house upstairs is very very cold so will that matter I mean I'm it's like negative one upstairs okay oh yeah I mean this thing is still using 530 536 blocks leave the lid off at least geek of all trades uh that's true that's true I'll leave the lid off this is cool though this is a really cool idea um I'm I'm just using the wrong fans yes I'm using the wrong fans I need the industrial PPC fans the black knock to a fans um RPM it will cool the chips upstairs in your room yeah I know yeah that's what I figure uh we're at aund uh oops system dark mode okay we are at we are at 109 108 chip temperatures ah yeah oh yeah all right all right Bros that's it I am going to purchase the industrial fans and uh replace it next next time so anyone watching this after the fact oh it turned off it turned off it's overheating yeah it overheated yeah it look yeah it overheat look it says even says it dangerous dangerous 110 cannot read properties undefined oh error has occurred okay I think this thing might have died oh [ __ ] oh shoot no it's mining now S9 killer pretty much yeah we got to change the fence we we got we got to change the fans yeah it's not good it's not good all right okay well that was a fail uh yeah uh on my part not it's nothing to do with crypto cloaks okay this is all my fault okay just a disclaimer okay anyone watching this after the fact um the reason why uh this thing's overheating is because I'm using the wrong fans and uh secondly I yeah this it's I can feel a good amount L of heat coming out of here though veteran Miner what's up bro veteran minor guess what veteran minor guess what I'm using look at this look look at that look at that veteran minor what am I using the veteran minor cables Boris crypto cloak say to use run 140 mil fans and include the adapters everyone panda is just new to this crypto stuff hey hey Hey Hey listen listen 138 Fahrenheit is fine okay 134 Fahrenheit is just fine okay it's just fine inside the plastic is 120 oh 102 that's not bad that is bad 10 108 yeah it's hot it's hot all right Max please turn that thing off don't kill it all right Max I'm going to listen to Dad I'm turning it off oh I got shocked I got shocked I got shocked W just static electricity Yeah well yeah probably cuz plastic and this probably yeah probably should have used your stink finger to turn it off ah God damn it all right so okay we're going to have to we're going to have to change a couple things I'm going to I you know I don't feel comfortable using um like HP server PSU with this type of like breakout board uh in this I I I want to get I think well they said to use the APW APW power supply so like the actual like bit main ones and he said he's been running at like 650 watts and like of course have the you know better industrial noctua industrial PPC fans I don't these are not noctua industrial these are just the regular like low low fans yeah this thing's hot this thing's hot all right I better okay I better let this thing cool [Music] down oh that's hot this this is hot the shell itself is hot yeah the HP Ser PSU is hot as well everything's hot yeah this whole thing is is extremely hot all right yeah and get the egg yeah the egg will definitely cook on this 100% 100% okay well Bros that's it that's it chump change go to go to sleep I almost said go to hell but that too jump change great stream by the way great stream um all right uh thank you all for watching this stream was nothing at all nothing happened we didn't achieve really anything other than almost melting the whole thing burning the whole ASC I used the wrong fans Boris I was a Boris was right all along I'm sorry Boris and uh uh yeah uh that's it uh chump change you need this in the trailer no no just throw this entire thing out no no no this is cool man I I need a heater you know what I'm going to try this upstairs you know this might this might be okay upstairs it's kind of warm in here right now because of my S21 uh so ambient temperature did we learn to to buy plug-in play no we did no definitely don't buy plug-in Play Heat bit don't do that don't do that it's all right Panda I was able to catch some of your stream J travini what's up J travaglini what's up man hey I miss you man I hope you're doing well where's the videos we need we need the videos we are we are all now Dumber having watched it so anyways time for McDonald's Smoky Dan 100% uh ER Ted don't have the sides on just in case upstairs ER Ted that's that's a good idea actually just just run it I could just run it like this yes I could it would probably be better that way why did you use low profile fan Tyson because these are the only fans I had with me if I had any other fans I would have but that's all I had that's that's really all I had uh you say McDonald's yeah uh J Trev not much man been St uh slacking on videos with the home renovations oh dude home renovating is yeah it's horrible h I know I know how you feel what ASM do you suggest buying with the upcoming Bitcoin having um It's Tricky It's Tricky um I think the obviously the S21 will always will always fare well because it's it's the most efficient actually I wouldn't even buy the S2 I'd go with the whats Miner bro the what Miner is a lot a lot more efficient um of course if you're if you're I don't know that that's 21 hopefully they'll optimize it a little bit better because of the firmware um I think I think it's it's drawing a lot more power than normal so uh mount a 200 mm fan on top to cover the release more heat okay okay that's not a bad idea I could do that I could do I could put a could you could I put a splitter could I put a fan splitter oh that's hot could I put a fan Splitter on on this could I fan split and put a 200 mil fan on top of this part that would be sick if I could put a 200 mil fan on top of this yeah that would be something yeah could that would be something Boris use 140 mil fans from octo Miner uh gigal trades are you still running the X5 no gigal trades I sent that to Mr fully electric and uh he was able to fix it and now he's mining with it coiny use the one fan from the z9 mini next to you on the intake side uh yeah maybe hey I just thought of something what if I put the z9 mini in here instead instead of this thing how many watts does a z9 mini take that that could be a better solution put this thing in there this thing's way smaller ah now you're thinking Panda no I'm not thinking at all I'm tired and hungry it's too late all right it's already way too late it's like midnight for some of you guys uh Gall trades z9 mini is 300 watt but doesn't pump out much heat okay oh that's yeah that's that's then never mind then okay Bros you guys have a great night it's too late it's uh it's too late thank you guys I will see you all tomorrow we are doing the veteran miners KS zero Barrel plug connector testing tomorrow veteran Miner you see this bro we're going to melt some stuff tomorrow let's do it we're going to we're going to overclock some KS zero Pros I'm going to pull 250 300 watts from one of these cables you ready to see some ready to see some smoke we're going to do it tomorrow all right I'm just kidding about the 300 watts I I I I just uh we're going to see if if the ks Z will do well uh it should it should do well these are very thick very thick Barrel plugs and Veteran minor uh PCI cables all right we're going to try it we're going to try it tomorrow okay tomorrow's live stream we're going to see some more smoke all right see you bros you guys have a great day don't trust running 12 Vol to something that's supposed to take 19 Vol I'm worried about that long term uh tains definitely um oh I'm here to find out I'm here to try it see if it's good or bad longterm I guess longterm we can try it I guess yeah for sure all right peace out guys you guys have a great night you guys have a good night peace out peace out enjoy your Big Mac nuggets large fries large Co smoking D thank you bro thank you you guys have a great one you guys see you later which mutz Miner would you go for right now the m6s mother 60s I have a review on that one it's much better in my opinion I have a good one y'all peace out peace out peace out peace out thank [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] d [Music] he [Music] [Music] l [Music] f [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] a [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] goodbye

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