Buying Box of PC Parts to Resell ep2

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all right what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a great day today is another unboxing or box of random computer parts uh that's going to be going into the uh computer store so um I did one of these in the past and it uh it did pretty good did uh good on the views and stuff some people were confused as to why I was showing like my haul uh that's you know what the what the cool kids are calling it my my halls or whatever but um I'm just like it's kind of like this is the behind the scenes so you get to see and interact and and see what I'm getting in and that kind of stuff cuz some of the stuff never makes it to the actual like storefront um and I don't know I always enjoy like seeing the inner workings so I imagine if I enjoy it other people will uh cuz I watch other like small businesses and and like behind the scenes stuff that they do but regardless let's Dive Right into into it um so uh this one has starting off with some sodm RAM and it actually came with a little holder so that's pretty cool uh let's see what kind we got in here we have some Kingston some ddr4 Kingston I don't know what size it is but it's a kit of two oh they're uh 8 gig sticks so two 8 gig kit or a a 16 gig kit of a Kingston ddr4 um oh and then we have some ddr5 right here those little tiny pens ddr5 uh another two 8 gig sticks and that's a HX HX SK HX memory um so got 32 gigs of RAM right there look at that bad boy a I9 9900 KF bear with me got a phone call sorry about that we are back um next up is a Celeron g3900 nothing crazy there but it is nice to have the original packaging for both of those I always appreciate that um now we have we got a little container here what is oh what is in here this is the oh this is the g3900 so the g3900 was not in the actual box felt a little light and here is a Asus Prime b460 motherboard brand new sealed so that's pretty cool um b460 that is Intel 11th gen and 10th gen so 10th and 11th gen I think I have some 10th gen processors this might end up going into um the January uh giveaway build so look out for that that's a good little good little motherboard right there and then to finish it off a z270 XP SLI and I believe if I do recall correctly yeah there's some Ram in here okay so IO plate it's always nice on a use motherboard because sometimes they are not there um good looking motherboard we have two sticks of G skill Trident Z and it is 16 gig sticks so we got 32 gigs of 3200 mahz and it's CL 1688 um and then there's that I9 9900k F so solid setup I don't know if I'm GNA break this apart or keep it together as a CPU motherboard combo not sure yet looks like he left the the cooler mount on there which not not a problem I'll just we'll leave that be but um yeah so just a small one for today and um I wanted to thank everybody for coming out I'm probably since this video is not going to be long I'm going to smash this video together um with the video that I tried to record yesterday that just there wasn't enough going on and then I had to leave the shop early for family reasons so yeah you're getting a two for one video for today uh well it's actually kind of like like a video like half a video and a video and a half so maybe like 1.5 for one one and a half to one I don't know um regardless oh big shout out to hold on let me let me put this back in the old micro static here but big shout out to I think his name was Mike he he wrote me a message but he actually this man hooked me up with a screwdriver and he said it was one of his favorite screwdrivers or one that he uses quite frequently I apologize for the crinkling no this a tight fit with that Ram in there there we go but him sending that to me I want I wanted to acknowledge that and also it brought up a good point because he was like hey man I can't wait till you start shipping to Canada I really want to buy some of your stuff blah blah blah um I have set up international shipping on Shopify I can get this thing back in the Box uh so you should be able to go and put something in your cart and put your address in uh it I do know that it does not support PO boxes outside of the us so I don't know what that means for a lot of people if that messes you up or if it doesn't mess you up um but yeah we do still we we do support like some form of shipment outside of the US so uh he was like man I can't wait till you can ship to Canada well um Let me let me show you guys this the screwdriver and at first it's like super unassuming it's just like oh okay cool little screwdriver uh but as I've been using it I freaking love it where did it go let's get on the journey there's his note this message oh there it is okay so here's the screwdriver and it it's got a little quick release so you can make it shorter and longer and then he sent me an upgraded magnet for it so it's got a really really strong magnet and it it's great for getting in those tight spots like getting down in there and but yeah shout out to let me see what his name was I don't want to leak his information on here um Mike the minor you're legit dude um and Mike the minor do not buy what you said you wanted on here cuz I'm going to send it to you um just going to send some of that that good love back to you because it's one of those things it's like I never would have bought this screwdriver but I actually really enjoy it it's weird doesn't mean I'm getting old when I enjoy like random pieces of tools and equipment nah nah anyway peace out yall have a good one see you on the next one aios by the way did you like the camera angle for today I put a a wide angle lens on um should keep it should I go back to the regular lens let me know down below what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brandoncoin YouTube channel and today we are back in the computer shop uh just have a bunch of parts that came in for inventory check this out uh well it's stuff that's just been in my garage that I've been putting off putting into inventory but let me flip this around so these are a couple mining rigs that the mother motherboard and power supply sold on so it's time for me to go ahead and break those down uh going to have risers more graphics cards coming into inventory these are some 1080 super clocked here's a 1080 Arrow um those power supplies are getting shipped out today but we do have some more motherboards uh I believe there's some Z 170s and also uh 2 B250 mining experts don't look at that one that one's not going into inventory um lots of original boxes so that way I can get some of the shipped out in original boxes other stuff's going to get packed up and then I've started uh putting an inventory of stuff with original boxes right there but I think I'm going to end up building like some shelving right here I'm going to move that t-shirt so that way I have uh a lot of storage for for original box items or in in box items obviously they're not new but you know to to be said um other than that what else did we have come in we had some other stuff too um oh yeah so right here we have another box and actually two more boxes of of uh tradein or B bought items so to speak so um we'll we'll be going through those and seeing what we got and seeing if there's some good stuff so um always fun doing that anyway stay tuned and uh yeah I got to do the the fun job of labeling CPUs right now so this is what I've been doing for the CPUs yeah not not exactly fun but it's uh very visible so that's the Intel one and then there's the ryzen one you can see some of them aren't labeled if they're not labeled that means they're not in inventory so it's a good easy visual w for me to see what's in inventory and what's not and I'm slacking I'm slacking I need to catch up so all right guys be back in a minute all right so I just had a order come through and I figured I would pick the items live with you guys and uh yeah so somebody did end up getting the 1070 gaming X those from MSI like the previous generations when they were red were some of my favorite cards not for any particular reason other than I just like the look of them um but yeah they got one 1080 super clocked from EVGA which um I have one right here that's an MSI Arrow so yep one 1080 super clocked these are used cards uh but we did have the original boxes and then we got this 1070 right here with the uh if I can get it out of here there we go so I love the look of these cards I don't know why um I hate that they kind of went away from like their black and red theme because I feel like it really worked but I understand having to have a more like black or more neutral color because not all builds are going to be red uh but red is fast and red is gaming um also that order did have a 500 wat uh thermal take power supply so I'll grab that uh box that up and it'll be going out so yeah but uh I just finished putting all the Intel CPUs in inventory so I will update the Discord yeah I'll update the Discord and uh on inventory updates by the way if you're not on Discord uh we have a shop Discord and that's the easiest way to stay up to date on on all the new in story

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