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what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and today's a another little shop video I know we're not in the shop but uh this is some behind the scenes got some computer parts in going to be throwing it up opening it unboxing it and uh trying to put some prices on it here not live but we're going to do it one take just to see what we can get man I need a haircut holy smokes hair's getting long all right so starting off from the top we got love how they're packaged in like little little packets little Ziploc bags so we get this bad boy open up and we got some CPUs right here these are all like pretty much low-end like Celeron style things if I can get them open my razor blade there we go so if you need any little cheap CPUs we're going to have some some more CPUs going up on the website and I have a better way to ship am4 stuff now I know in the past I have I've bent some pins and shipping but but those little boxes we ain't doing that now so we got an Intel Celeron g3900 so these are like for your h10s and stuff like that probably throw that up there for like 10 bucks I think that's all they're about worth anyway righty what else do we got here another Intel seller on this is a g 3930 don't know if the camera's going to pick that up those are a little $10 special right there get this one open we got a core I3 6100 and I believe this is paired up or this is going to be paired up with one of the motherboards that I have on here I don't know let me ask your guys' opinion should I do more like motherboard CPU combo kits or should I break them up um now for the Zeon ones I'm going to keep those together cuz those are kind of specific um there's I don't really see much demand for offering separate like x99 style motherboard but as for like you know all your run-of-the-mill Intel like desktop processor motherboards or desktop motherboards there's an Intel penum o I dropped it uh g4500 so a bunch of little $10 specials and then that 6100 um maybe uh I don't know maybe 15 bucks it's pretty old so I think I was selling 17 or um i37100 for like 15 bucks but uh yeah so that's it for the CPUs got those out of the way let me ahead and put that trash up now we got some Ram oh we got some some nvmes here hold on let me pause this anyway welcome back sorry about that got a phone call had to go check on the old wife um but the next up is Ram so it looks like we here we have a brand new stick of I love the packaging on this team group Elite ddr4 2400 MHz it's a 8 gig stick nothing special but cool packaging nonetheless now we have some 4 gig stick of ddr4 crucial 2133 bone bog standard nothing special here is some uh gskill rip Jaws ddr4 2400 and we have some Corsair Vengeance so 4 gig G stick of 2133 4 gig stick of 2133 and here is a 8 gig no no this one's a 4 gig stick as well of 3,000 this is a matching kit this is half of a kit this is half of a kit and yeah those others are just singles so that's that's probably going to go up for like I don't know what's what's fair on ddr4 like low ends stuff $2 a gig roughly so like a 4 gig stick 8 bucks um 8 gig stick 16 bucks I think that's about the going rate for it now let's shove those in there I like keeping all that like packing material now that I end up shipping a bunch of stuff packing material is like a must anytime you have to go buy packing material it drives me crazy cuz it's literally like money wasted all right now in this box and this is the motherboard that's going to go with that i36100 I believe that's what I was going to pair it with not sure I'd love to get have your guys' opinions should I pair it with this or not that's what it was in it is a Asus uh h110 m-c I know this supports six gen Intel and I believe it supports 7th gen intel only kicker about this one there is no IO panel so yeah yeah no IO panel so that that's definitely going to be a cheapo you know only two Ram slots nothing special about that at all but if somebody needed a cheap little system to get them by it may work out well I'm going to leave that out we're going to take pictures of that for the web store more packing material yay I'm put this packing material inside of that packing material got to get efficient so next up we have some have some power supplies so starting off with the lowest got a thermal take 500 WT 80 ated this is a a white series The Smart series white basically this is like a bronze if not maybe worse than a bronze still an okay power supply I've used a bunch of these I have had a couple fail I've probably bought over 30 of these and I've had maybe two of them fail but I've definitely pushed these way harder than they're supposed to be these little 500 watt units are great for Budget entry level systems um brand new these used to be like $29.99 now I think they're like4 bucks like 354 just because power supplies have gone up anyway being that this one's used um probably throw it up on the website for like I don't know what do you think 15 20 maybe 15 uh so yeah now moving up a little bit to a nicer power supply so we got the EVGA bag and uh he said all the cables were in here oh yeah got a bunch of cables in there so it is a modular or a semi modular setup because I guess technically it's not full modular if it's got a 24 pin coming out of the back of it cuz if it was fully modular wouldn't they all plug in ah anyway this is a EVGA 750 wat gold or a GQ gold power supply 80 rated 80 plus rated gold yeah EVGA that's a nice step up from that thermal take um I have no ideas what no idea what these are going for if I'm just shooting from the hip probably going to list this somewhere in the range of like 40 to 50 bucks used I I I'm not sure power supplies have been fluctuating heavily lately theyve been fluctuating up actually um now moving up even more to a nicer power supply Che out Corsair 1200 ax 1200i I believe this is a these are gold or no these are titanium rated aren't they maybe not sure doesn't say Corsair doesn't even care about putting the old 80 plus sticker on their stuff let me I have to Google this now because it's going to absolutely drive me crazy course ax1200 I our s that is a oh it's a platinum okay so it's not a gold it is a it's a platinum 1200 W 80 plus rated fully modular power supply cuz it's got all the plugs and yes I do have all the plugs for it boom we put them in this bag right here ax200 I'm going to have to open that up make sure I have all the plugs it looks like online wow okay it pulled up eBay these bad boys are going for 100 100 bucks used probably probably come in a little bit less than that maybe 80 85 um always like to be right under right under like your average eBay pricing and now stepping up well I guess maybe not stepping up for some people some people don't like Cooler Master but we have a Cooler Master 1200 W Platinum uh power supply uh this is not new in box it is used it has been opened but it does have the original box and it's got all the cables and everything everything so some people do like stuff with original boxes whenever I have something with original boxes I make sure to take a picture of it either in the original box or it's in front of it with the original box behind it so if you're on my web store and you buy something and it's got the box in the picture typically it will come with a box but if it doesn't have the box in the picture it won't come with a box so yeah that's just how how I break it down right there and oh goodness if I can get these out of here to finish it off we have some h110 Pro btc's or BTC Pros Pro btc's um they do have the io panel and the full kit they are going to come with the Box these are used uh they are in working condition they were decommissioned rigs got out of mining but yeah so these work um should I I'm going to list these separate but I do have the the little seller on those are what we're in there I wonder what these are going for on eBay I really don't know 30 bucks 40 bucks h110 Pro Etc from ASRock looks like here's full kit motherboard CPU Ram $89.99 $999.99 let's go lowest buy it now and not Parts Only only that means they are broken uh Parts only Parts only Parts only Parts only lots of broken ones on here pre-owned 50 bucks h110 that's not a pro BTC that's a h110 i plus here we go $45 with $12 shipping so looks like I can price these around 50 bucks I'll be underneath eBay pricing and um that way I still got a little bit of meat on on the bones of uh average out everything that I've paid and then my values and stuff because I always like to leave a little bit extra there in case I'm running sales that kind of thing by the way uh if you're a new customer to the website you can use code five off 5 and you can get 5% off on your first order so you can definitely check that out uh but yeah so I'm going to get this stuff fired up on the web store if you like seeing these behind the scenes kind of like uh random Parts hauls I'd love for you to comment down below and let me know if you don't you can also comment down below and let me know but this is just one of the style of videos I want to try to incorporate more often because I'm acquiring a boatload of Parts uh and like going through them I don't know I enjoy it I've watched other people do it with like computer parts and stuff uh well or sorry I watched other other YouTube channels do it not with computer parts but with other items when they have like stores and that kind of thing uh and then it I don't know it's just just one of those things I I probably have a shopping problem I have a computer hardware problem that is that's my problem so yeah anyway yeah hope you all have a good night I'll see you on the next one adios

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