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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brandoncoin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a great day and today we're talking about a great budget build case um and you know if you're a reseller uh if you're a flipper if you're a Reaser all those kind of situations might fit this case and might do pretty well for you it's done pretty well for me this is my fourth one that I've got in um it it it works well whenever I have customers come in and they're on a super tight budget uh they don't really care about Cosmetics as much but it's still a decent looking case so I'll open it up here in a second uh and show you guys but before we get into that I wanted to go over the pricing on it and see if it makes sense for you so this case uh I got it for $39.99 it was on sale $10 off on New Egg it is regularly priced right now for $449.99 on Walmart and Newegg uh and you're like wait a second 50 bucks that's that's not really a great deal on a Case well the kicker here is it includes a power supply and it includes a power supply that has PCI Express power to run a graphics card see back in the day cases used to ship with power supplies all the time it was super common but as shipping has changed cuz it's a totally different animal from you know rewind 10 11 12 years ago that's when I first got into building computers back in like ' 06 07 I was in high school and I was building computers and back then you didn't have Amazon Prime you didn't even have a lot of free shipping um New Egg was kind of like kill in the game um and also back then in my area we had a Comp USA a tire you know it was was a Tiger Direct so you would just try to buy it locally or try to condense your stuff down to save on shipping costs on new egg or wherever you're buying from so it was a lot more common for manufacturers to ship their cases with power supplies but as power supply demands went up and people wanted more variety and shipping costs went down it just isn't really a thing anymore so you don't see a lot of cases that come with them or you got to be careful um a lot of people will sell case power supply combos but those power supplies do not H have sorry uh PCI Express power cables so you can't run an external graphics card off of those natively and some people are like oh well you can use a you know a SATA it's a six pin adapter and um you're kind of asking for trouble on that end now um are these power supplies good they're decent I would consider them good for a you know a anywhere from like a$ two to $300 build um I I wouldn't put the you know I wouldn't go slap a 3090 in this but budget builds aren't going to have 390s in them or 490s this this is somewhere in the range of like your entry level you know 1060 um RX 570 something like that just to give you guys heads up so let's get this bad boy open always cut away from you and I'll show you what we're working with so this is is a it's called a helix case um and it's made by it's made from there's a manufacturer here I'm not sure off the top of my head but it is is called Helix that is that's the name of the case I'll put links down below for you guys so it does fit ATX and um M8 I believe I believe ATX and matx let me just double check let me get this thing out of here before I go speaking on something that I'm giving you wrong information on I know it fits M matx because on my budget builds I've been using matx motherboards we'll see if it if it's ATX as well actually like the look of this case I thought about for the office um if I was going to build myself like an office desktop computer building one inside of one of these cases and just pulling the power supply out and using the power supply in a different budget build cuz I would want a little bit more horsepower than this power supply would would handle but um here it is so yeah Helix it it's um you know nothing fancy nothing special it does have one of the magnetic you know vents on top um so obviously this isn't like an advertisement but I guess it kind of is but I'm not sponsored uh just trying to help out those guys that are doing flipping or if you're thinking about getting into flipping buying used Hardware all that kind of stuff um these are not going to be for sale by me I can't get a good enough deal to be able to pass that on to you guys so I'll just include links for wherever I can find them which is Walmart and New Egg right now um sorry about that I'll turn my my stuff down uh but yeah they're not affiliate links or nothing like that so I don't I don't get anything from you other than enjoying your company and your time and AD re revenue for being on YouTube of course um so we got USB 3.0 we got USB 2.0 you got microphone and headphone in a reset button and a power button simple um now as you saw up top it's got that filter that's because this this case has enough room that you can put a 120 uh AIO in it which is really nice because a lot of people you know they start out with a budget build and that's what I tell them I'm like hey guys you can always start out with an air cooler start out with with a stock cooler you can come back you can add a AIO you can go step up to a bigger you know processor all those kind of things and if you have a customer base or you have people you're dealing with that's one of the things that you can you know sell them or upsell them on um so let's see here it fits yeah okay so it fits matx nmx it does not fit full ATX but um yeah so Rose will 400 watt and it has the yeah double 6 plus two pin for the um for the graphics cards that's the key here cuz a lot of these cheap cases don't come with any way to power your graphics card or a lot of the cheap case power supply combos we'll undo undo this right here so 6 plus two pin right there or 8 Pin PCI Express power and then another one right there so uh that is that's the key right there ladies and gentlemen obviously got your 24 pin Molex SATA everything else is pretty much standard got your USB 3.0 header uh power reset switches audio I mean I'm really not telling you guys anything that you don't already know other than just trying to hook you up and give you guys some of the knowledge and some of the stuff that I'm using out there to then make a little bit of money and I know I'm going to have those people that oh man don't don't sell your secrets or don't tell everybody what you're doing and the thing is is I'm not this is not what I'm doing for every single build this is just what I'm doing for some of them and I know it's not going to last these are going to dry up um I think this case is actually made by Rose will it's a Roseville power supply definitely a on the cheaper side power supply and I'll show you how I can I can tell on the back of this so see that little red switch it's on 115 a lot of Mo most every Power Supply nowadays is auto switching from you know 230 240 to 115 to 120 so us to European Standard or North America to European Standard um being that this has a switch on it she's a little older being that it's only a 400 watt just be careful plugging a big graphics card into it but um yeah so what do you guys think got a little filter down there too I like it she's nice she's real nice um so I'm going to do a build out in this this and show you guys how it looks not in this video uh but we're going to be putting a Zeon in here with a RX 580 I believe is what he wanted um he's coming in Tuesday to put his deposit down so getting kind of Pumped on that uh we've done a couple other builds unfortunately you know I always ask people hey do you mind if I record it a lot of people actually don't want their stuff online imagine that um but every now and then like this guy he's like man I don't care heck yeah record it and I'm like yeah definitely so um I'm just trying to uh be cognizant of that and then you know be respectful of people's privacy so yeah well anyway um I guess this video is pretty much over so we'll wrap this bad boy up until we get that deposit and um yeah most of the time I don't buy this stuff until after I get a deposit but these things were $10 off and for 39 bucks I mean you're basically buying a power supply and getting a free case so anybody that's bought a case or a power supply in like the last few months you guys know what I'm talking [Music] about power oddly enough like like small or entry level power supplies I feel like they've gone up in price all right now that I got that out of the way um so for example let's see here I'm going to just I'm going pull up on Amazon and just show you guys the thermal takes so the um PSU the thermal take like 5 and 700 W power supplies used to be Dirt Cheap right now for example I'm just going to rotate this around um right here oh it's backwards for you guys my bad uh $53 for a 70 watt or 700 W power supply kind of getting a little little spindy but anyway guys I'm going to jump off here I hope youall have a good one I'll see you on the next one adios

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