CPU Mining Nicehash vs Unmineable

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brandoncoin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a great day um so I've been getting a lot of people telling me they've had problems with nice hash so I was like well there are other options especially for you guys over in I believe the UK they banned nice has or nice has banned the UK I don't know exactly what it was but regardless um yeah I think nice has banned the UK or or ended service in the UK um so they can't even use it there but regardless I was like you know what I'm getting a like Lower Side Lower pool side results on nice has let's try something else in the past I've used unminable it's very friendly whether you mine to it through Hive or windows so I was like it's it's pretty nice cuz right now hold on one second let's flip this around there we go so I have identical ryzen 9 5900 x uh setups they're on b550 ma Prime Asus boards they're everything about them is the same other than the power supply is different this one's got a 500 WT thermal take that one's got a 500 WT EVGA um memories both running at 3200 MHz timings identical it's the same memory on both setups and they're both mining off of a USB drive through Ethernet um this one does have a graphics card mining on it but that's not going to affect the actual CPU performance um so we have a really good base a really good standard to compare one setup mining on nice has one setup mining on unminable so we'll flip that back around and let me pull up the screen and we'll go over nice hash first so on nice hash I was um pool side and these are the actual mining history stats these are the actual like you know payouts and stuff this isn't the estimated because right here current actual profitability the estimations are definitely swing all over the place so I have averaged out to 11.27 Kash which is low because this rig produces uh right at let's see here where we at this rig produces 12 27 Kash so we're losing we're losing a whole Kash mining to Nash now that's averaged out to 1,89 Satoshi or 77 cents and in a 24-hour period averaged out so we'll just you know take those numbers into account but we're losing hash pool side losing you know 1,000 Kash that's it's pretty significant so what's interesting is I went over here to unminable I set my worker to mine on there this is the other ryzen 95900 X and we're getting 14 Kash and if we actually zoom out here here's you can see where I turned it on it was at 12 and then it came up to 13 and it's just kind of been rising and it leveled off around uh around 14 had some dips down to 11 but a lot more highs going through there but if we go to our stats this is this is where it gets interesting ladies and gentlemen so our total balance right now um this is what we're I'm interested in past 24-hour rewards that's 0.979 Litecoin we are mining Litecoin cuz it's a fast payout time we don't have to sit there and wait for a long period of time uh but if we convert that 009 Litecoin that's 72 cents us so just cuz we're getting a higher hash rate and higher Peaks over there on unminable because if you look the the average the lowest that unminable goes is still higher than the average that nice hash says we are where you're getting so like obviously unminable average should be even higher but Nash is paying out better uh obviously I'm mining Bitcoin well I'm you're mining random X on both of them but I'm getting paid out in Bitcoin here and I'm getting paid out in um Litecoin there if we compare BTC price over the last 24 hours it's up 1.7% % whereas Litecoin is up 1.3% so we have a a 4% difference uh but 72 cents to 74 cents is significantly more than uh 4% difference so that does that mean I stay on sorry I flip it around for you guys does that mean I stay on nice has and mine to nice has or should I flip over to unminable and um obviously we're splitting pennies here literally uh but I have noticed I I feel like my system is more stable um connection wise mining to unminable that may just be all perceived I think I'm going to flip over my stuff to unminable mainly right now just so I can get my payouts faster on Litecoin the minimum payout on unminable is somewhere on here payments is it 0.

Or 0.1 so 0 01 so every 74 cents I can actually get a payout to my wallet and it doesn't have to sit in unminable wallet or on the pool or nice hases wallet and then I have to request a withdrawal and pay those crazy Bitcoin fees cuz Bitcoin transfer fees are absolutely brutal right now so I am mining directly to my coinbase wallet which is not suggested they never tell you know everybody back in the day it's like don't mind to your exchange wallet I don't know I've been doing it for a long time and I've I've mined to exchange wallets in the past and really had no issues obviously we don't have some big multi-million dollar setup uh if we you know lose a couple hours or lose a day in between you know we have an an issue which I've honestly never had any issues wallet wise um it's irrelevant so I am going to flip all my stuff over to unminable I'll do an update video on that once everything's up and running maybe here in a day or two uh just so I can get my money faster and I will be losing those little you know couple pennies here or there but that's still going to be significantly less than the Bitcoin transaction fee um and I'm actually interested in that I'll probably do a video on that showing you guys what it costs to uh to send Bitcoin out of nice has um CU I have not sent Bitcoin out of nice has in quite a while I don't know if they charge I I imagine they have their own fee on top of it but I'm not sure back in the day they used to have free withdrawals to coinbase they ended that a long time ago though so um yeah but anyway ladies and gentlemen I'd love to hear your thoughts are any of you using unminable are any of you using nice has thinking about switching by the way this is not sponsored by either I'm literally just showing you guys what I'm doing and that's that's always what I try to do use whatever you want to do whatever you want to I'm just a guy in a box um so you know how that goes uh but also regardless to address some other questions some people were like why don't you just mine the coin directly then deposit it and exchange it for another coin um well in my opinion I don't want to do that because it's more work it's not much more work but it does create an additional taxable transaction or an additional taxable event uh for swapping it instead of just getting paid out and directly one currency or sorry one coin all that kind of stuff um and if I can make my life simpler with less taxable events I'd prefer that um I don't don't think it's necessarily worth it at my scale like I'm said I'm we're splitting pennies here but uh not to say that you shouldn't mine the coin directly and maximize your profits you do whatever you want to ladies and gentlemen do whatever you want to um oh also coming over changing gears here uh coming on to the web store we have some new CPU coolers um I ordered a bunch of them in bulk so now we have an option for CPU coolers and they support am4 am3 plus am3 am5 uh LGA 1151 1156 1155 775 and most importantly 1700 so these will work on all the current stuff all the older stuff I'm going to test it out on 2011 it doesn't say it on the box but I have a feeling this bracket will end up working for 2011 um and they they got a little RGB on them here let me flip this around for you guys there we go so yeah these are the setups in question I have it sitting on this ryzen 8 5800 X I wanted to make sure it would actually do some kind of decent job cooling it's got a little RGB fan on it it's got some heat pipes a little Tower style cooler um can't can't really complain so um yeah I was just you know looking for a good budget option to order a bunch of them in and then have them available for people that are trying to throw systems together or package them in bundle deals on some of my my systems on the web store so uh if you're interested I think I'm going to be somewhere around like the $18 to $19 range on those uh and obviously if you combine it with other stuff you can save on shipping whenever you buy from my web store so anyway um I'm going to jump off here thank you guys for watching I'll see you on the next one adios and by the way happy New Year welcome to to 2024 uh I will be doing an update video on the web store cuz we are adding uh crypto payments are are I I promise you guys you know 2024 we had talked about it crypto payments are coming uh this month and then also um international shipping is coming this month we're going to be adding it on slowly little by little making sure that everything's working and everything's driving and we ain't got no issues so anyway see yall on the next one later adios bye

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