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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good after afternoon hello overboard Tech Jeff happy injection rude puts Dave's fintech Channel bacon eggs and hash Chad dick green has what is up what's up Bros good evening might be evening for some of you might be morning for some of you might be afternoon for some of you it's afternoon for me afternoon for me Scott Sheffield Jenna machine good afternoon La that meow coin glitch is hilarious year to date up three no how many how much is this 346 million per.

Uh so how much is 1 million meow coin worth one one two 3 one two three $260 yeah that's definitely up 300% that's a glitch that is a glitch for sure how was everyone's Christmas how was everyone's Christmas did you guys did you guys have a good time yesterday everyone have a good time no uh greetings from Bulgaria Martin what's up bro what's up what's up bro smash the like so we are going to what are we going to do today what are we doing today I got my meter box nice Merry Christmas RPM hereby service YouTu bro hanging out with RPM building a 20 GPU Scott Sheffield no you're not supposed to say that yeah s Chang you are doing a giveaway again RPM I am I am doing another giveaway I just don't know what to give away I I I I'm I I don't know what I don't know what to give away um um okay do 24-hour hash rate giveaway ah I mean I mean okay a what a hash rate giveaway of what though like gpus or like I've never done that actually oh no one of my gpus went down no my fat knock to 3070 went down no why is that why did that go down no no 18 hours ago uh one gigahash 20 2 4 Hour G one gigahash of what like that would be like less than one one gigahash of of pin Pyon that's like that's like 1/4 of a 3070 I need to I need to get like a six like a like a like a GTX 1050 that can do I think one gig hash H at Le what one gigahash one gigahash of Pyon there you go a GTX 1050 I don't even have it I don't even have a GTX 1050 one gigahash of Monero red panda money magic lucky one giga hash of Monero how much is that how much CPU how much CPU hash is that Tyler Des Shane Panda what are you planning on mining on CPU uh well at this point oh no what why is this rigged down for 11 days uh at this point I am on nice hack nice hash on on uh a lot of my CPUs here 3900x 5950 X 595x for now for now once I get all my other CPUs up um paper shape nice hack almost slipped it's rigged each 3900x about 13k on XMR so how many how much how many 3900 X's do you need for one gig hash you have more you have more than you have don't worry Panda overboard Tech how are these rigs doing what happened to this one somebody changed my overclocks on DX a day and a and day and 20 hours ago I didn't do that it was probably overboard tech oh boy VZ minor low hash rate zero Kash restarting one day 14 hours ago what happened here what happened here bz minor Nexa 25 Mega has um all right here all right let me uh here all right I'm going to do a poll I'm GNA do a poll let me put a poll what to give away what to give away today question mark all right I'm gonna type in a couple options um how about 2x 8 by 3070 hash rate 24hour hash rate add option um what about a GPU I think I have a [Music] 5700 uh RX 5700 I can give away it's an MSI I think it's an MSI Mech don't quote me on that I think it's an MSI Mech okay those are the three options start pull all right all right three options three options you guys vote here I want to put the chat on the live on the on the on the screen all right I'm On Top chat oops let's go to live chat okay uh hash rate giveaway is easier no shipping how about all your cast hash rate for 24 hours will be easier than than GPU giveaway jock M jock MC Miner you're not wrong that's actually much easier fourth option bath water B electron he made me cough he made me cough I'm so I'm surprised a lot of people don't I'm surprised a lot of people don't want the uh 16370 hash rate um brewing for that bath water homber gypto what am I getting today and was it stolen no bad electron my job here is done uh all right you guys are pretty head on close pretty close with the mini Doge 2 or the rx5700 crypto KJ being ignored today yep definitely wow this is really close mini Doge 2 RX 5700 man you guys you guys don't want hash rate that's fine that's completely fine Aussie J Mining and crypto do you have any halfus thermop paste tubes aie J no b kaer mini Doge 3 I can't give away the mini Doge 3 I have to do videos on that Krypto go what's good what's good bro what's good man how are you lahib KES right mining restart the poll most people understood the hash rate was two cards that are 8 GB memory uh no it okay people all right yeah I mean it's 2 by 8 2 by like octo I meant octo miners okay so two full octo miners full of 3070 so it's 16 370s uh 24-hour hash rate but I I think the 37 people want the 5700 by the looks of it green hash give the winner a choice you know what that's that's actually a you know what that's not a bad idea that's is do you guys agree with that give the winner a choice green hash give the winner a choice I I like that that's a good idea sure all right I'm down with that I'm down with that one winner one choice okay all right done deal okay let's end the poll we're going to end the poll so whoever wins gets to choose now how do you want to do the giveaway what what's a fun what instead of doing like common picker I mean is that the most equal Fair Way what's another what's another fun way to oh you know what man we should play that game what's that marble game uh that freet to-play marble game everyone goes in whoever gets first wins oh what's that marble game marbles on stream on Steam is that is that marbles oh my god oh oh my God whoever gets dude Marvel dude I I've always wanted to do this always but it's okay it's okay there's a free Bingo site there's no way we could have 200 people here and bingo that that's that's probably not possible that's probably not possible I'll do moreel um do marbles I'll do it uh there's probably there's probably not enough there's no people that can there's not yeah that's the thing not everyone can do marbles right now um let's just all do one One V one on Shipman rock paper scissors turny oh my God uh random random generator yeah you know what I think the common picker thing is the only the best way we can do it yeah Neon some people are not in home to do the common pick common pick is better yeah I vote One on One V one on shipment stick to what you know commment picker yeah yeah that's true yeah I can't say no to that okay okay then okay uh we need to choose a video whose video whose video do you want we need someone's video who we com who we commenting on uh let's see Max voltage Max voltage we've done enough overbo overboard Tech too many he's got too many comments already let's choose let's choose another person let's choose Max voltage [Music] yes let's let's choose Max voltage Max voltage all right all right I think I got the video I got the perfect video all right the best way to update flu got to copy the video comment on this video anything positive about crypto mining this year and if you are in USA Canada EU or the UK you have to be present and type out something when type out something you have to be present in order to win you have to say something in the live chat when I when I call your name okay I'm going to pin this pin the message all right there you guys go comment on Max voltage Max voltage's video hopefully it doesn't have comments B what time limit so Bots can't switch accounts uh Crypt shaped I'll give them what's the delay crypto shaped what's the delay on my stream here crypto shaped can you type something and I'm going to read it and you tell me how many seconds it took you type something out in chat and I'll read it right away and you tell me how many minut how many seconds it takes for you to to hear it on your end test 20 I was able to comment on the video crypto shape 5 Seconds 4 seconds okay so the delay my stream delay right now is is 5 Seconds I heard 2 seconds here in O wow that's fast so my my stream delay is I have no delay basically so let's say I'll give it for the benefit of the doubt I'll give them 45 seconds how about that is 45 seconds good good and we'll do the timer as well well we'll even do the timer uh Google timer stopwatch okay all right 45 seconds all right we'll do 45 seconds so there's no so we got all the disclaimers you have to comment something in the live chat when I call your name out uh when we choose your your name okay um you got to make sure you have USA Canada EU or UK in the comment if you don't have that you are disqualified you got to make sure you have a positive comment all right if you don't have a positive comment you will not win all right positive comment Canada USA EU UK and uh you got to be present in order to win all right three requirements already 137 comments I love it I love it all set all set yes yes all right Bros so what's happening what's what's happening these days what's what's going on I don't even I haven't kept up with crypto mining at all other than other than kadana I've been looking at kadana as being uh kadana is uh dude my IB link bmk 3 is now oh it's not profitable anymore 57 cents okay well it was I'm I'm assuming kadana has been going down in price now [Music] Cadena did you guys see that did you guys see kadana go up a124 oh my God why are we not in dark mod there we go all right did jump up quite a bit crank is on kadana chain right yes overboard attch yes kaspa now going so much down yeah I mean it's had so much it it's had a lot of it's had a lot of hype but I I don't know you guys think it's over I don't know man I don't know I don't know we'll see we'll see what happens we'll see what happens love vids great year for holding coins from and no Canada Jake bone nice man yeah dude what a great what a seriously great year for mining honestly and uh seeing all the different coins that have gone up like hundreds of percent if not thousands of percent it's been uh it's been really it's been really lucrative and a lot of opportunity opportunity for those that kept on crypto Mining and uh they have seen a lot of benefit now so congrats to all you guys who stuck with it what a what a great year honestly what a great great bare Market great be Market we had great be Market um so good job good job Bros good job all of you everybody ears to the Bull Run oh man oh man oh man bu Run's going to be insane ah everyone's just going to be so rich everyone's it's going to be like I guarantee you I'm going to have a live we're going to have live streams and then we're going to have like giveaways and then like it's going to be it's going to be awesome we're going to be instead of giving away small things like a GPU or like a you know gold shell mini Doge 2 we're going to be giving away like KS 1's k2s you know we're going to give away like we're going to be giving away like big big things I hope dude if my farm if my if my whole whole Farm everything gpus A6 my CPUs everything together if it makes like if it makes like 5 grand a day or something insane it's like dude I'm just it's like we're just going to give away we're going to give away big things every day it's going to be awesome Lambos everywhere well I don't like Lambos but I I Technic no no Lambos no lamb give away a Lambo no definitely not definitely not if that if that comes to a time where everyone's just making tons of money it's just it's just going to be insane it's going to be insane a Prius yeah maybe a used one Aston Martin please is that a is that a is that a hit on retro mic I bet it is give away a Honda uh I want I want a Bitcoin block for Christmas so do I who does not want a Bitcoin block for Christmas BC do you like your do you like your Tesla yes I do it's it's like it's like my it's like my uh it's like my Lambo there you go I love it h waiting still waiting for those GTR pictures uh I I don't I don't I don't think I'm going to I don't I'm not going to get GTR no no GTR no uh I I would love a GTR but uh I love Aston Cass and KS 45 second gate I'm still waiting for my AP aptera what is that met electron what's that Nissan new Corvette a dude your CPA says give away the Tesla and new and get a new one no no no no no cof mining my CPA says to hire like three people actually that's what I should have done in 2021 I'm just I'm just giving money away to the government should have I should have hired I should have hired salaried I should have hired salaried people during that time or hire hire my my siblings or something I started with a gold shell HS light in February of this year now I have like 20 as6 thanks for all you do RPM Jesse Lawrence congrats bro 20 as6 bro that's a lot that's awesome sell for loss to tax Harvest yeah pretty much okay uh how many comments we got in here are we ready for the giveaway now you guys want to do it are you guys ready you guys is ready for the giveaway 12:30 yeah all right it's been 30 30 minutes already uh Krypto clutch what Tesla you get I got an X not a new one I didn't get a brand new one I got a used one but I got an X we are ready sir all right everyone's ready all right let's choose the winner let's choose a winner let's go how where's the YouTube uh there it is YouTube YouTube common picker there it is okay we going do this get the video max voltage make sure you guys go subscribe to Max voltage as well custom Computing with a $699 Canadian Merry Christmas to you and your fam Familia so excited for 2024 send me a flag for my mining shed please uh custom Computing uh if you would like to get a flag check out cryp sorry oh my God all right drink some water um if you would like an RPM Banner check out crypy doco if you if you'd like I don't hold any I don't have any banners on hand custom Computing so um okay all right uh let's choose the winner Bros let's do it this is for either hash rate giveaway a gold shell mini Doge 2 or a RX 5700 you get to choose you get to choose all right um f users hey got the comments 198 all right all right are you guys ready are you guys ready smash the like I'm not going to I'm not going to choose the winner until I see over 200 likes I need to see 200 likes come on there's 300 people here takes you one second let's press the like button let's go honestly there should be 300 likes cuz there's 300 people here 300 likes and then I'll choose the winner how about that is that [Music] all right we're over 200 now 210 can we get 300 is that a thing can we see 300 likes [Music] no here we go choosing the winner three two [Music] one crypto and Tech this bare season was awesome I appreciate all the Crypt tubers content from USA is Mr crypto and Tech here is Mr crypto and Tech here is Mr crypto and Tech here uh uh did he respond I'm here yes Krypto and Tech I see you I see you bro oh my God you got you got crypto videos what is this are you a YouTuber as well 10 months ago my crypto mining Farm dude you got octo miners dude nice crypto and Tech what do you choose congrats bro congrats congratulations what what what what do you choose I used I used to do drone FV videos and then started mining nice uh Krypto crypto and Tech what would you like you want the mini Doge 2 you want the rx5700 or two OCTA miners full of 3070 hash rate 5 rx5700 baby all right perfect perfect RX 5700 bro done done done man oh you joined 2018 very nice your channel is older than mine that's awesome congrats BR congrats email me congrats uh email me contact red pandam uh with you logged into your YouTube account okay show me your email address like at the top right and then uh uh send me your um shipping [Music] address send me your shipping address hell yeah all right congrats where do we comment it's over the giveaway is over all right I I find that a lot of people don't don't miss the live streams because they're not they don't they're not seeing the notification you guys got to I think you have to hit the notification Bell like twice or something I don't know just don't cough on the GPU Krypto and deck congrats man congrats email me okay contact red pandam I will ship that out to you all right bro I will ship that out to you I need your phone number as well phone number full address name everything Hobs minor I won you definitely not hobus Miner you're banned uh hobus Miner how are you how are you man all right well that was fun that was a good giveaway that was that was a good giveaway so uh how about we do the rest of the stream just just AMA I guess ask me anything unpin message okay there we go giveaway is over um oh naray has gone up 26% over the past 24 hours that's [Music] nice um all right ask me anything Bros let's go rud puts heavy metal music ah rud puts no no music changed today bro no music changed today I turn the music down actually Peter Pan speed Rock oh my god do you think this is the end for kls leib Kesh um um is Carlson on here let's see Carlson past 24 hours has been going down 12% puran 19% ouch look at this straight down Nar though 31% up dude dude market cap only 65 million that's nuts that is nuts um all right uh crypto clutch when will I start making 2K 2K a day a day again on GPU mining well when Bitcoin goes to I think 80 to 100,000 no I think 60 to 80,000 big and then everything else is going to pump up and a lot of GPU minable coins are going to pump then you'll see GPU mining being like really really really insane yes there's a there's there's a lot more prominent coins now okay I get a lot of people always fact hey you know ethereum used to be like 20 million you know 25 million issuance but when the B run comes about there's going to be plenty of like GP minable coins that are also going to pump in my opinion and so when those go up in market cap it's it's going to be it's going to be massive like it's hash rate is going to spread out so thin amongst a lot of these coins and then you you're going to see profitability in the dollars again we're already seeing profitability in the dollars for some gpus over couple dollars for you know the higher end gpus so this is now this is when Bitcoin is like 30,000 30 uh 42,000 now um wait till wait till you see Bitcoin like 60 80,000 and then all these other prominent more GP amable coins proof of work coins are going to go up in price thus you'll see you know hash rate.

You'll see all these numbers in the dollars bro you're going to see dude you're going to see the RX 580 be a like a Powerhouse GPU like what the RX 580 watch it make like watch it make like like $2 a day like I bet you it's going to be like $5 a day it's going to be such a it's going to be such a God card on like kapow alos that it'll make like $5 a day cuz there's so many kapow coins now just wait till all these kapow coins start going up it it's it's going to be insane it your Rx 580 is going to make like $5 a day it it's going to be insane like I'm keeping all of my gpus I'm not selling anything I I'm like prepping everything to be turned on and then when that time comes I'll just be on instantly to start making that to start making that that money right away mad electron my 7900 XTX is collecting dust dang it hi oh 7900 7,000 Series has no hi us uh thing yet uh uh drivers or whatever not Financial advice eBay rx580 just gone up 500% uh prepping to turn on equals untuned card sitting on the floor floor flooded floor next to the server cases with bad ssds red pen EV Vortech this is what I think think of your comment you you can go to hell there you go harassment there you go reported what do you think about Litecoin um I uh uh while with merge mining like Litecoin it goes with Dogecoin so I think Dogecoin is going to do well do I think Litecoin is going to do well it you know it it didn't it didn't go up that much more in the previous 2017 Bull Run in 2021 it barely went past the previous all-time high I I don't know I I will Litecoin go up from here yes it definitely will it it'll it'll it Litecoin will definitely go up from $72 from where it is now um do I think it's going to go much higher than you know previous alltime highs yeah maybe maybe not I I'm I'm not hopeful for it I'm not hopeful for it but you're you're only going to see like a 300 Max I think 400% gain I I here here's here here's my reasoning here um Google Sheets here where's my Google this is not Financial advice okay hold on where is my Google Sheets go to Google um all right here uh okay so previous bow run previous bow run percentages here okay okay this is this is how much this is how much certain coins have gone up in the previous B run so you can see here Bitcoins zelica Litecoin Dash zcash ethereum Fe you know these are like like what top 100 coins is Litecoin only went up 312 the previous the previous run up Bitcoin was only 235% but the granted that was from the beginning of January uh January 1st 2021 uh to the Peak so uh here's a better representation thank you to mass boost for this by the way so uh let's see Litecoin okay 2014 Bull Run there was a 1,00% increase um 2017 2018 there was a 2,372 increase okay so that was more in 2017 but then 2021 it was only a 312 per increase I I I think it'll do well it'll definitely go up but will it go up more than other coins no is it going to go up more than Caspa I don't think so is it going to go up more than Dogecoin I don't think so is it going to go up more than ethereum maybe ethereum is already top top top two so uh but like you know if you want to go more spec you want to see more you know higher percentage gains then you're going to you're going to look at like more lower cap you're going to look at more lower cap coins like Nexa Caspa neoa mecoin DX radiant alium all all these coins are are are are prone to seeing like thousands of percent gains like 2,000 5,000% like 5x 10x 20x multipliers uh these are this is just a small case this is just I'm talk we're we're talking about proof of work GPU minable uh coins but you know we're just we're just we're just we're just you know we're speculating here but like I think the the overall the overall thing the general consensus to take away here is that top 100 coins are not going to go up in higher percentage gains than let's say smaller market cap coins because they have uh they're much more smaller market cap like in the millions or something so they there's potential for them to go up into the multi-millions hundreds of millions of dollars and that's where you see the Thousand to 2,000 to 3,000% uh uh gains I think in my in my opinion in my opinion so will Litecoin do good yeah it'll do good will it do better than other coins probably not is my guess there's other coins to see better litecoin's great though litecoin's great for a small uh uh cheap transaction fees whatever all that stuff let's be honest who's a lot of people use Litecoin just to swap to sell out so um yeah that's just my opinion though that's just my opinion not Financial advice sleeping altcoins Buy store J uh I don't know much about storj LTC will pump for sure but it doesn't seem to want to break its last two cycle highs so it's all really useful for its transactions um which does have value combined with its excellent exchange while it's overboard Tech you're not wrong Litecoin is accepted everywhere um I think that's it's I think that it's that's its downfall to be honest overboard Tech because it's accepted everywhere it's on so many exchanges that I don't know that it's like opposite thinking like it it doesn't have that room to go up much more because it's already so spread it's already so spread out you know when you're when you're thinking about like DX or you know other you know higher market cap coins that are not on many exchanges those have much more chance a much more higher chance to explode because it's more so like centralized on a few exchanges like one or two and then people are putting like millions of dollars on that one exchange to pump that coin you know who knows who knows oh neox has been going down dang much more higher [Laughter] RP much more higher that's isn't that great that's a great you got to you got to clip that word much more higher RPM 2023 I like that much it means it means the more means higher than other the other coins no new tier one for LTC already beat the final boss that's right that's right EJ that's right much many more higher Lear higher Leist uh hard to express using the word more or much less or much more uh Jason AR when will you start solo mining on the z9 mini I totally I will do that soon man I totally forgot about it ah Christmas 's been busy okay other questions that was a good question that was a fun question that was a fun one that's just my that's just my opinion that's just my thought that's just my thought um usage doesn't require price appreciation too many people only caring about investment profits and not actually using the crypto retro mic as much as I as much as I'd love to agree with you I mean I do agree with you in that regard but let's be honest it's it's crypto is Bitcoin is being used as an investment vehicle now more so probably pretty soon if if the Bitcoin ETF gets approved not saying that's going to be some sort of massive Catalyst and you know all the institutional investors are going to start pumping their money into it I mean they could they they really could because the thing is you know all those big companies want to have maybe some big companies want to have Bitcoin on their balance sheet and the reason why they haven't done it yet is because investing in the in the Bitcoin or having an ETF it's not it's not regulated so for them to being a corporate entity uh you know they want to make sure it's legit they want to make sure they got their their books their their their their eyes and their eyes dotted and their te's crossed you know they're not going to be buying Bitcoin right now because it's there's no there's no regulated uh ETF right there's no ETF yet so if that comes if the ETF actually does get approved that that might open the floodgates for all the corporate investors to start to start pumping money into the ETF into Bitcoin if that does happen it could be it could be explosive it could be massive bro it could be it could be insane it could be it could really be insane uh I'm keeping my expectations like medium I'm not trying to to be like all bullish like oh dude the Bitcoin ETF is going to like explode the Bitcoin price as much as I would love for that to happen I'm keeping my expectations though because in previous history I I've had I don't know just in my mind there's been such there's been so many like you know there's been so many of those you know like oh this is going to come out this is the new Catalyst for Bitcoin this is going to pump the price you know I and then at the end of the day it it didn't do anything it it actually crashed the price so I'm I'm keeping my expectations down this time I I as much as I would love for everything to just go moonshot everything go up everything go happy go lucky I I I I just just from previous just from previous experiences I I just can't I just can't wholeheartedly say that the Bitcoin ETF is going to be some massive massive Catalyst for Bitcoin everything's going to go up to a million I as much I I would love for it to happen but it I just I just in my gut it it's something that I just can't I can't believe it I don't I I I want to know I want to know I'm going to start a poll will the Bitcoin ETF start a massive bull run a a Whatchamacallit a uh super cycle yes no maybe all right that's it there I want to see what you guys think DJ mines always do the opposite of RPM never forget it would be best if the spot ETF stayed three months out Max voltage I I I agree Buy on rumor sell the on news that's the exact exactly that's one huge thing you I got to take some water here Buy on rumors sell on news I mean it I think I think the biggest one is that really the corporate investors are not they don't have Bitcoin on their balance sheet right now a lot of them don't but a lot of them want to have Bitcoin on their balance sheet so the ETF is really going to be it could be really the one uh that will push them to have that right so Lucas Sigler says I think ETFs are already priced are already priced in I you know what I I I Black Rock I mean all the big players Michael sailor um Wall Street they already bought Bitcoin down here they already bought Bitcoin 16,000 they've already been accumulating over the past year and a half already we we've they've already accumulated in my opinion we we we are already the reason what's what's happening now and this is just my this is just not this is a gut feeling the bullish news of the ETF could be a ploy for you know to have the Bitcoin price go up even further to be a you know to have to be a you know a catalyst for the crypto Market to go up much more to pump you know for those that already bought in for all the instit potential institutions that already have Bitcoin on their balance sheet you know and Retail investors and stuff that already bought Bitcoin over the past year and a half you know it could be it could be all a marketing point that to pump their bags and it's it's something where this is something where it's it's been done before and I don't want I just don't want everyone to be screwed over you know if you're if you're if you're thinking that you know everything's going to go up but I I hope it goes up but then again I don't know uh you said Corp doesn't own Bitcoin but RTF already have Bitcoins yes there are some people there there some inst uh Michael sailor well Michael sailor's institutions what's it called uh digital uh what's Michael sailor's company again micro strategy Jesus Christ micro strategy is already is already is has already invested billions they're already up $2 billion I think it's $2 billion on their on their Bitcoin investment which is insane which is insane all right uh will the Bitcoin ETF start a massive bull run a super cycle 45% of you said yes 23% of you said no 32% of you said maybe uh uh let's not forget Black Rock will just run a Ponzi there's no way they can buy enough BTC to satisfy the new slug of retail investors red pen of money yeah you're right there but that's where the that's where potentially the ETF could come in and you know pave the way for retail and institutional investors as a as a as a regulated uh regulated way because there's a lot of companies that don't want to buy into Bitcoin until they they they until there is something that's you know in a regulated fashion like the ETF so hereby service we are climbing at a steady rate it looks already better than the last run IMO we could be right here yeah we could be right here right now we we legit could be right here where we are seeing you know 42k Bitcoin we could be at this point in time you know previous 2021 bro like I don't know we we just don't know we just don't no can we all hope for it yes we can all hope for it to go up I'm not I'm not going to sit here and be like I don't want to I'm not going to sit here and be like you know yes we are 100% going to keep going up I I just don't I just don't know picked up a 2080 for 220 today 2080 is undervalued uh $220 for 2080 I feel like it it's okay that that's okay could be cheaper fully electric red P of mining just 1% of us only block Black Rock investors is is over 2x the market cap of BTC this ETF will have major change to BTC fly electric I I I I I agree I agree with you man I I agree with you the government is here to help [Music] you regular regular retail investors right now are not able to invest I I I'm I'm saying General General General people right now are not going to be buying into Bitcoin they just don't have the money I'm saying I'm saying generally right now cost of living's too high everyone still general population doesn't have money but the institutional the corporate investors I think that's where in my opinion it's going to be then okay they're going to invest they're going to invest in the in the ETF I I'm I'm at I'm at a crossroad right now I'm at a crossroad with that the ETF will bring trillion I into the crypto Market come to think of it we have an ETF in Canada we have a we have a Bitcoin I think we have a Bitcoin ETF in Canada already this is already Bitcoin ETF Canada we already have one um Galaxy Bitcoin ETF Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF and Canada coin shares International uh bit Fidelity Advantage ethereum ETF we have this in Canada already so we're this is where we're talking about only for us this is only for the American investors this is for the corporate America so so here's here here so do you guys think Corporate America massive institutional investors are going to be investing uh into corporate into the ETF in in USA this is more so this is more so into into America us has more more money than Canada Panda okay listen listen listen here you bastard crypto clutch you listen here you're not wrong you're not wrong but is it going to be trillions of dollars does Corporate America have trillions of dollars to invest into the Bitcoin ETF is that are they are they thinking of flowing all that money from gold into the Bitcoin into Bitcoin Bitcoin ETF is there going to be a massive swap I thought you will say you will get banned for saying obvious people who don't buy Bitcoin crypto uh call them timmies not Average Joe's hundreds of millions into BTC IMO do you still swapping your mind peran into RDX uh s Sasha Toco yes yes yes I have us markets are different they have lots of capital Canadian flag rob peter to say Paul it's all fake anyway nah silver will go to $30 probably well here what's that website um uh market cap uh what's the market cap website market cap companies here we go uh no um category all assets by market cap okay gold is $1 13.9 trillion apple is $3 trillion Bitcoin is only 826 billion so what's what man what what what what is the potential uh what dude Tesla's 8815 billion dude that is that is insane that is insane birkshire Hathaway is 77 billion 77 777 billion tsmc dude tsmc is 541 Visa 532 billion so if Bitcoin is already 826 billion if people are comparing Bitcoin to silver to gold then Bitcoin has a lot more room to move up obviously I think dude $3 trillion dude if Bitcoin went to $3 trillion that mean Bitcoin would be 120k $120,000 Bitcoin would be up to Apple Microsoft market cap if Bitcoin went up to $120,000 per Bitcoin that would be over two $3 trillion wow wow wow wow now if Bitcoin went up to Gold that would be a that would be a like a 13 14 15 16 x 17x 16x that means Bitcoin would be that means if Bitcoin were to go to$ 14 trillion market cap that would be a what Bitcoin would be what 200 300 400 500 almost almost 600600 700,000 Bitcoin $700,000 Bitcoin if it was $13 trillion market cap dude dude that would that would be insane Tesla holds $10 the 30k B BTC I forgot oh really BTC will hit like 110 120k BTC probably won't see 125k till 2035 well yeah probably yeah probably not till a long time from now majority of the people that are not in crypto like which is 99% of people have no idea how to even like don't even comprehend dude I'd say like 80% of the world out there doesn't know how to use their computers or don't understand technology so like yeah I think we're still very early you know we're still very early in all this if you think about it like big picture long term long term this is like yeah long term I think we're we're everyone that's here right now it's it's we're so early Balco blls red pen of mining as of June 30th 2023 Americans hold $7.2 trillion in 401ks I think this is where the average Joe will get exposure whether they want it or not dude I dude I AG dude that's great if if if if the 401ks can Al if that can also be within the within with Bitcoin ETF along with the Bitcoin ETF as well in their for one case that would be awesome uh Bitcoin Pisa red P Min did some regression analysis constantly since 6 months ago and we were under sold below 35k conservative estimate is 100k liberal estimates 140k NDP estimate H yes vote oh my God yes I'm not even going to go there dude that's that's too good 44 mean Chen thank you man s your videos with replacing V bios good content nice thanks bro look at what would happen to the price of gold before and after after the spot ETF the price never came back down to pre ETF levels uh guard 1892 that's a good point that's a good point I'm going to start dcing into BTC in 2024 uh Ron BC I I agree I I like that where is Black Rock on that list um well no I don't think black rock is a I don't think black rock is a is a is is Black Rock a no I don't think black Rock's on here it's they're invested in multiple different things I think they're just the like the The Entity that's that's that's controlling uh all the different um how do you say say it uh holding people's money to invest in all to invest in a bunch of other things the black Rock's not going to show up on here cuz they're not they're not a asset per se or whatever it's called Uh McDonald's $212 billion uh Cisco 204 Netflix 214 dude Toyota 242 billion dude Costco 299 billion I love Costco I love Home Depot MasterCard 397 Exon Mobile 408 Walmart 421 dude Walmart dude that's nuts that's nuts asset manager JP Morgan is on there so I wondered oh JP Morgan's on here where oh JP Morgan Chase oh okay 486 Bill oh yeah you're right has a market cap of 496 Morgan Chase most valued Company by market cap oh is Black Rock not a is Black Rock not a public company wait black black rock is private isn't it so they wouldn't show on here I think black rock is public I don't know I have no idea Black Rock doesn't have any money they just have everyone else's money Black Rock isn't publicly traded though oh there you go that's why black rock stock 120 Bill market cap okay 120 oh oh there oh I'm on oh we got to go the next page um we this is top 100 black Rock's not even on here Morgan Stanley 152 oh there you go if black Rock's 120 then black rock is 119 billion okay there you go that's [Music] why lowkey I feel Netflix won't be a part of fang to Alternatives nobody Netflix and chilling more like Prime and jerk time God Ah that's great that's great okay well that was fun that was a good that was uh I haven't looked at this for a long time you know looking at this it just gives it just gives perspective this just G gives you a big picture perspective of like man you know Bitcoin the crypto Market has a lot more room to grow and can you know like you know if Bitcoin can go up to $3 trillion again or more you know that'll be that would be awesome you know so uh yeah it's a lot of money man that's that's a lot of money like think about how much money is in the world right now like Regular Joe like the regular person regular retail investor like we we don't come care we do not we do not equal like like this is this is crazy this is just insane like if every every American how many Americans live in the US right now 500 million 600 million people if everyone put a dollar in it it would not it would be not even 1% of of Bitcoin like a do if everyone put a dollar in right now you know we need a lot of money we need a lot of money to go into this and it it it has to come from it has to come from I don't know all these other companies who knows who knows who knows man we're just here for the ride I'm here for the ride if it goes up great if it goes down well we know what to do accumulate 400 million citizens 100 million illegals oh my God techman 100 million really that's crazy crazy man just nuts just nuts DJ DJ mines what's North K DJ how is your Christmas DJ are you streaming who's streaming after this is there anyone [Music] streaming [Music] um RPM equals illegal EJ mines One V one me right now One V one me right now the company that will blow the crypto World apart doesn't exist yet R Panda mining jock Miner you have a lot of fans from Bulgaria would you send us your flag Sasha Toco um honestly the best way because if you can order from cry.

Here my flag is here bro I think this comes from Hong Kong this comes from China so if you're in Bulgaria this will probably come faster from China I don't have any extra in Canada so uh red pen mining flag bro right here I put I put the link in the live chat order from there if you'd like it's it's cheap it's cheap enough I I don't get any commission I don't get anything out of it it all goes to cry. uh so LTC cheap rates RPM BW legal do you have helium miners I I do yes I don't have the 5G uh miners or whatever cbrs I don't think it's 5G it's it's just called cvrs or it's like 4G or something I I don't know anything I don't know anything about the whole helium thing um putting 100% of my earnings back into new nodes nice oh let me see if I got my uh let's see if I got my Etc pal payout hold on let me log in let's see let's see let's see if I got banned are all my nodes still up yes yes they are all right hey um Chrome hold I can't I can't show my password on screen hold on I got to do this off screen ETMC team on holiday payouts are being delayed by a few days oh my god seriously well well nope I didn't get a payout it's been it's been more than 5 days now it's been like oh it's been actually it's been 60 it's been about 7 days it's about it's been about 7 Days yeah it's been about it's been about 7 days I have not gotten a I supposed to be getting three ETMC payouts yeah I don't have any Etc I don't have any Etc pal here nope will I get my money back will I get my $1,500 of Etc back we shall see we shall see uh I'm going to end the poll um 42 46% of you said yes they did announcement about the holiday no payout or tickets being processed okay they're still working through manually don't forget it's Christmas Jo I I know I know Bitcoin Paisa I see I am getting you to laugh please do me a favor and tell p man to stop saying uh breakout boards I need to replace one shipping and fees to ca make it not worth I know Bitcoin Pisa I have a few broken [Music] myself with the etm ETMC nodes where is the ETC pal coin to purchase the ETMC node you have to use uh a swap what's the swapping what's the swapping thing called crap I don't have it up here uh Fe feebe swap heavy swap heavy Swap this he app.

Heavy Etc pal you got to convert your Etc or whatever uh yeah Etc only Etc to Etc pal connect the metamask need metam mask I hate metam [Music] mask yeah and then you got to do it through here go watch a how-to video I don't I don't have one but there's many other how-to videos on [Music] YouTube yeah a steak are all breakout boards compatible with HP server power supplies well generally yeah I mean there are some that are not are compatible with other like Dell psus which are different so you got to you got to make sure you find the correct compatible one I need to purchase coins before swap the coins at yes you need to you need to swap for ETC pal in order to buy the digital license yes yes yes yes yes yes oh one of my rigs GPU 3 detected dead oh no my 6700 XTS okay guys that's it for the live stream that's it thank you so much thank you for the fun and congrats to uh who won the giveaway again Krypto and Tech hope you emailed me bro I gu get that 5700 to you congrats and uh that's it that's it you guys have a great day happy Holidays happy New [Music] Year thank you guys so much notice how the 5700 XTS are perfectly stable overboard Tech they look great man thank you they they look oh you added the so VD Max option here I like that I like that I like that that's great all right peace out Bros retro mic goodbye goodbye goodbye Bros goodbye everybody thank you you guys have a great day stay safe happy holidays peace out peace out peace out peace out [Music]

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