Crypto Mining Retrospect January 2024

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[Music] hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day I haven't done one of these like talking head videos for a long time I mean you can't see my face but talking in through my computer here on my main mic where you guys don't hear any loud fans or loud Asic noises I thought I'd just do a bit of a overview kind of like a retrospect regarding crypto mining for the month of January in a sense kind of just giving you guys my perspective and how I see things over the course of this month and how everything's kind of going in a sense as well as I do want to talk about a new GPU as well as talking about some hash rates talk about some comparisons to like maybe a 3090 or you know go through the prices as well of these gpus and see you know is it worth even buying these right now or maybe not and as well as I want to talk about octop space and the E9 Pro can apparently mine octop space now uh there was just an issue with the de size not being over 2 gabes and now it is apparently and so now E9 Pros can mine that I personally don't have one on hand right now to Showcase to you guys but confirmed E9 Pro can now mine octop space is it profitable talk about that in a sec talk about also some new SE coin miners coming out from gold shell so whether or not these are going to be more efficient than some other variants out there well we're going to talk about that throughout this video later on all right so before we do all that thank you guys for today's video sponsor are high energy rates cutting into your crypto mining profits introducing Tera hosting Your solution for first class hassle 3 crypto mining at Tera hosting we specialize in hosting Services tailored for gpus A6 and AI machine learning say goodbye to Skyrock pocketing electricity bills and noisy heat producing Hardware our unique service offering combines low electric rates with a community blockchain oriented data center while ensuring your equipment stays safe and secure with Tera hosting you simply set it and forget it contact us today to learn more and get answers to all your questions Tera hosting trust as a service [Music] all right guys so this month of January for crypto mining I'd say there was a lot of highs and a lot of lows but I'm going to say the biggest news the biggest Catalyst a lot of people like to use that word regarding the Bitcoin ETF which has definitely in a way affected the market uh I would say negatively depending I'm not a Trader or anything but just looking how the Market was during you know these times let's say like two weeks ago or a week and a half ago when the Bitcoin ETF was essentially approved and you know during that time was when oh yeah Bitcoin was heading about 48,000 I think at the point and then the next day when the Bitcoin ETFs were actually approved like the next day there was there was like some fake news or uh hacker that went onto the uh SEC X account and you know posted oh the Bitcoin ETFs are approved and then you know everyone start tweeting about it and then like a couple minutes later it's like oh it was compromised their account was compromised and yeah that was the news the drama of that day and then the next day wasn't didn't seem like as big as a big of a hype but then ultimately the ETFs were approved so funny that that that happened and you know during that time right Bitcoin I think at the peak went up to about what 48 40 almost 49,000 yeah almost 49,000 and so I think that was was quite a yeah such crazy news you know since that happened and you know actually we go back here more so yeah 4 this is around January 11th right so Bitcoin was almost 49,000 sorry almost hit almost hit 49,000 probably de on some exchanges and then of course the next day it tumbled down to 43,000 okay this is January 12th and crypto mining you know was still going on GPU miners CPU miners whatever everyone was still happy gol lucky I'd say but now the feeling of crypto mining has definitely been down right obviously because profits have been going down across the board um not only with GPU mining but in a sense I mean CPU mining has held its own you guys have seen a lot of videos of me doing some CPU mining rig builds now these days cuz I bought a whole bunch and I'm getting ready to turn them all on essentially but I got to I got to do a lot of building there's been a lot of troubleshooting regarding bios overclocking and undervolting voltage all that kind of stuff it's been quite quite a challenge all right I'm not a huge CPU Miner but now I'm getting into it and then of course Asic mining is a whole other monster I could this deserves its own video I mean honestly I could make its own video regarding Asic mining regarding CPU regarding GPU sure I could talk about all three or try to do that in all in one video but honestly that's I don't I mean I think majority of you guys who watch my channel you guys already keep up with all this type of stuff I mean looking at profitability WISE for those that care about it I mean most of you guys are probably going to Hash rate.

Or maybe punching in your own numbers or you know generally seeing what your overclocks are on these websites which by the way I'm going to have to say asro don't I know does a pretty good job for doing General over overclocks uh but you know you always want to try to fine-tune your your your Rigs and CPUs your as uh your gpus not ASN sorry uh your gpus or CPUs to get you know the most efficiency that you can in a sense or you know depending on your electrical cost if you had free Power you're just going balls to the wall it doesn't matter you know how much power your rigs are taking granted you know depending on your environment and heat and all that kind of stuff but anyways I digress I I've I've seen over now the course of this the past couple weeks here GPU mining um the just the overall feeling regarding GPU mining has been obviously kind of in a lull now okay but I have to say the first half of 2024 for GP mining are just mining in general was really hype you know when we were at 45,000 for most of it 43 went down in the middle of that and then you know Bitcoin ETF news came out and ultimately we were we're we're now down a bit here so whether or not this is an indication that we are now going to be going down further I don't know I I really don't know okay I I'm not like predicting that we're going to go up we're going to go down or anything but I'm just giving you guys my just overall perspective how I see it you know YouTube comments emails just general feelings of what's you know that's been happening over the course of the month and the Bitcoin ETF news was definitely something where crypto miners were keeping an eye on right and I'd have to say I would I was getting a lot more you know inquiry inquiries regarding crypto mining during the beginning of January because everything was so hyped you know Bitcoin was going up in price a lot of news regarding the Bitcoin ETF right and then now after that went down i' have to say the later half of this month January it's been like nothing right not as much hype not as much people dming me or emailing me regarding you know crypto Mining and really it's a psychological thing I have to say of course depending on people's electrical cost and when they're looking at oh is this making me money or not you know either people are going to get into it or people are not going to get into it but you can see that now that we've been going down the interest into crypto mining has been going down as well I mean views on my YouTube channel is a really good indicator in my opinion another thing mainly is that a lot of proof of work like GP minable coins or I know even CPU minable coins have generally been going down let's say like over the past 7 days I know there was a lot of hype regarding a lithium because a lithium went up to like what $250 right $2.50 and it was like one of the most profitable coins for GP mining for quite a while I'd say not quite a while like a week or two probably didn't last that long but it was at one point you know the most profitable coin for a while and then it's been switching back and forth to like aipg right the AI uh power grid coin and like uh you know it it's it's been definitely over the course of the January it's been interesting with GPU Mining and looking at uh you know profitability Wise regarding all these coins you know now it's it's fluctuating a lot because the volatility of these coins have all been either going down right like AI power grid been going down narai lithium down 35% over the past 7 Days Carlson prominent you know low power coin to mine uh pan where's pin Pan's probably been also going down a yeah actually no it's been breaking even over the past 7 days but pan also okay past 24 hours 9 99.8% down but generally I mean over the course since Bitcoin has been going on its downward Trend here over the past two weeks we've been now seeing a downward Trend in proof of work GPU minable coins also going down in price thus that is bringing down a little bit of of interest um you know we got an ace of coins as well kadana iron fish no iron fish is uh still I think that's fpg yeah iron fish is fpga minable now has been for a while I don't know when they're going to change to their new algorithm I I haven't really kept up with that okay so now octop space all right is now E9 Pro capable but has it gone up that much in terms of the hash rate a little bit okay so a little bit of Asic talk here so I mean just a bit not that much three to four terahash over the course of the day here January 20th to January 21st yeah it's gone up like 1.2 terahash okay which which is a pretty big jump all right the total hash rate has gone up like 1/4 okay so but is it profitable or not to mind on an E9 Pro for octop space no it's going to be it's still ethereum classic okay so another thing that has really gone up and been more prominent I'd say over the course of the past couple weeks is ethereum classic because ethereum classic had a bit of a bump up as well okay in its price I'm just looking at over the course of the month here right ethereum classic had a massive jump from January 10th $20 all the way up to 32 31 $30 okay so it's that's a that's a pretty huge that's that's a pretty much a what 66% jump there 60% jump and so profitability for all the eash A6 all that kind of stuff we're doing really good right we're doing really good now it's kind of been it's been going down it's like $24 now so downward Trend same with Bitcoin same with altcoin same with GPU minable Asic minable coins generally have been going down like even Bitcoin mining right and the Bitcoin having is in 99 days roughly so this is another big Catalyst that's coming up that could be detrimental to the market or if you think about it the other way here this is where I'm going to hone in on as us GP miners Asic miners CPU miners any type of mining out there the mentality and strategy here is just to think of the opposite so everything is all doom and gloom right now everything's feeling down everyone's feeling negative crap you know bitcoin's 41 hitting down 40,000 or something what's the thought process now what's the thought process regarding your strategy for crypto Mining and that's going to be to continue on to mine and accumulate even if you're not a miner then probably your idea of buying into crypto is going to be just dollar cost averaging in but with mining in a in a sense it's going to be mining and like you're going to be electrical cost averaging thank you hash Force for that amazing term into the coins that you want to accumulate and you're waiting for Price appreciation uh essentially right whether that's going to be ethereum classic or you know a bunch of these GP minable coins such as like e uh lithium which actually it is GP minable for now until there's going to be a you know a lithium Asic or currently the there's a I believe it's a K10 fpga that can mine a lithium right now and uh you know once you know that trans you guys know the transition of like CPU GPU fpga and then Asic a lot of core dependent coins such as a lithium you know purin or Carlson Casa right Asic already um a lot of the low power coins are going to be Asic prone to having as6 okay not Asic resistant so you know radiant could be another you know it's another prominent coin that could be uh you know having ASX on it eventually um you know there's you know radiant bitstreams already for fpga so the natural progression of that is going to be into as6 next who knows right who knows that that's going to come out next but I'm just for warning here okay as us GPU miners I mean the idea here is to accumulate these coins because once they're not going to be you know GPU minable in a sense then you're yeah who knows if you know a lot of these ASA companies such as bitmain or gold shell or any other you know Asic company out there that have vested interest into these altcoin as6 could very well manipulate the price in some way in order to sell their asex now that's just you know me talking out of my head here I don't have proof regarding that type of thing but you know these companies that that sell these asex like bitm have billions upon billions of dollars to do that so anyways let's go on I want to now okay so just ending off there that's my little bit of retrospect regarding the month of January I'm sure there's a bunch of other stuff that has happened that I haven't brought up but uh you know just giving you guys my general feelings about that okay let's now talk about the new GPU I don't know for anyone that's into this right now and I don't know if anyone's going to be buying these I'm going to give you my thoughts here okay the Nvidia RTX 4070 TI super according to videoc they said that this GPU is 8% faster on average than the RTX 470 TI in 3D Mark tests so for crypto mining I don't know if this is if this is going to translate 8% higher performance than the uh 4070 super okay that begs the question um it says here in summary the 4070 TI super is 15% slower compared to the RTX 480 okay but I just wanted to do a comparison here M something had a tweet here okay thanks to him this tweet here shows that according to Hash the RTX 470 super is less efficient than the non super in majority of the algo so far but has higher hash rates on core alos as expected okay so looking at the you know 4070 super okay mining on pns about 7810 at 166 Watts which I can generally get on my 309s right now okay pretty much the same efficiency as a 4070 super okay and then the non 470 uh super just 4070 um 699 almost 7,000 uh hash there at uh 13 2 Watts okay so I mean pretty much the same efficiency there but 3090 is around the same there I'd have to say but has more vram as of of course 24 gig so why I brought this up just looking at some of the hash rates here of course kapow um Al aipg on the 4070 super is like only 35 megahash you know which like I I'm always comparing it to like the 3070 which is like in comparison you could probably buy 2 and2 307s for 14 470 super but you know there's going to be arguments there here and there regarding efficiency which is a little bit better on you know the 4070 super yes but you get half the hash rate you could buy 2370s and get like double the hash rate which is about 30 Mega hash know sweet spot for 370 RTX 370 is about 30 megahash at like 135 Watts 150 watts or something I think around there but the the super does takes about it's 199 Watts for 35 mahash which is honestly terrible efficiency okay so I think we all know and understand that 40 series cards have across the board are generally not as efficient for kapal mining or eash coins uh eash like hypra okay 66 megahash at 136 that's like you know 370 does what 62 at 130 as well 115 so yeah the efficiency for eash coins capow not as great on 40 series cards but core dependent coins yes core dependent alos on 40 series cards are amazing um of course the argument there is going to be you know Al lithium could have an Asic soon pin definitely could have an Asic made for it I don't think so but could happen Nexa sure Carlson of course cord Aman coin um let's see Iron fish already was already fpga strong but they're coming out with a eash variant um so I don't think there's going to be an Asic for that radiant another coin that could be prominent uh with with an Asic down the road who knows uh DX I don't think there's going to be an Asic for that anyways moving along to the specs here I know nobody really has a 4070 TI super yet for mining uh so to compare that when I was comparing to like like a 3090 is hard to say now okay but looking at like a 4070 super it had 192 uh bit bus that's why it wasn't as great for mining you know kapow or eash coins um but 47 TI super has 256 bit bus so this is where it could be you know bit more competitive against the 3070 um I mean against effic for efficiency wise so I mean 16 gig uh gddr 6X which is pretty cool um but the core tmus RS and all that kinds of stuff is yeah definitely a little bit more yeah 80 to 96 RS on the 47 TI super yeah so across the board has more specs right 4 GB more RAM and uh a bit more bit bus as well so I'm expecting that this GPU granted okay when we look at the price okay which is about $849 probably $900 to $1,000 depending on the version this GPU is going to be probably on par if not a little bit more efficient than a 3090 okay when it comes to like core dependent coins of course I'm going to assume the quar bending coins are going to be a little bit stronger on you know against the 3090 but here's where the 39 comes into play here in its strength okay the 3090 can do like what 65 megahash for kapow of course it's going to be like 300 watts or something but that is going to be a bit less than double but almost more than double than like you know 4070 super which says 35 Mega has so I'm assum I'm assuming with the 256 but uh bit bus that the 4070 TI super could get 40 on like aipg capow coins okay pragal coins 40 uh Mega has and then the power consumption I'm going to say it's the same maybe $199 maybe 170 I don't know we'll see we'll see we'll see what happens there but you know the value here when I was trying to compare with a 3090 if the price comparison to a 4070 TI super is like you know $8.49 for a gigabyte one okay granted a gigabyte one um 3090 uh used is like 700 800 bucks um but has 24 gigs of vram and also has a lot more cores Cuda cores has a lot more tmus has a lot more RS right for comparing cores tmus RS against the 30 470 TI versus the 3090 you know here's where I think the value comes in with this GPU is the vram also the uh you know the ability to put this on vast on AI or something you know I mean this is the 470 TI going to be a lot better in compute for versus the 3090 I don't know but I I'm assuming here more vram is going to bode well when it comes to you know GPU rental services that are going to utilize the full extent of the GPU full power and plus this has 384-bit bus width so a lot more uh Headroom there for not only mining but some some type of compute as well so a lot of things to consider when if you're thinking about buying these gpus now I don't know I I'd like to weigh in all the I would like to do a different video different video regarding this as some people as some other YouTubers are going to get the GPU to compare you know the hash rates how efficient it is then we can make our educated guess you know what's a good buy right now what's not a good buy weigh in your costs weigh in your power weigh in your infrastructure weigh in your your whatever you know type of strategy mining strategy or not mining strategy that you're going to do I'd like to know what you guys think but anyways okay let's move on enough GPU talk as much as I'd love to talk about gpus more this is giving me like you know addiction feeling like I need to go out and buy like 309s or something or 40 series gpus I already expressed that I'm going to be skipping the 40 series gpus entirely and I am going to be saving up my money for the 50 Series gpus where I think that in my opinion is going to be the next generational leap just my opinion uh regarding just the hash rates that these 40 series gpus can can get yes granted it is very efficient on core alos I I I'm going to give him that you cannot deny that but when it comes to just general overall effici even including kapow and eash right these coins are also have been very prominent kapow coins for mining GPU for GPU mining has been prominent so uh not fully but if you're talking about profitability it's not all the time but there's been times where Capal coins have been at the top of the charts and could bode well in the future if you know granted price appreciation happens on a lot of these uh GP minable coins okay moving along my friends did we talk about octop space and E9 yes we did already so I don't know if this affects anyone mostly but the E9 in my opinion has been such a great buy for anyone that bought it sub $2,000 you probably made your money back especially with the ethereum classic uh pump okay so a little bit of Asic talk there I'm going to do a separate video on the E9 Pro I'm going to get my uh all my transactions for mining ethereum classic and just uh giving you guys an update I've I think I'm almost broke even on my $2,000 E9 Pro pretty much I think that's at the peak when ethereum classic was like3 $32 or something that'll be for another video anyways moving along lastly let's just talk about seia coin um I brought this in the last of the video I don't know if anyone still here wants to listen to this let me know if you guys are into the seia coin or not but there's two new models okay gold shell SC light and the gold shell ac5 Pro now this is something where I don't think these are going to be that popular I personally have myself two HS lights but so if we look at SC light and the sc5 Pro there's two different terahash models apparently 8.8 and 11 but I put the wattage numbers here and just doing the math here like efficiency wise it's not even better than the SC Box 2 in low power mode it's 179 W per hash so right the lower we go the better there's a bit main sc3 now I don't know anyone that has this uh so I can't say this is real or not um I haven't kept up with it but just the other gold shell models that they have like the sc6 SC is is more efficient um the SC Box 2 is is more efficient than the SC light and then the HS sc5 Pro so whether or not I don't know if like gold shell has been like pre-mining on these or not at the SC light as well it just it's just interesting to see that these are coming out now just because seia coin has been going up in price I mean that's that's it that's it I mean but the idea like the strategy I just explained regarding like mining in general the idea here is to mine during when it's low and accumulate and then as it keeps going up in price I mean then you can the fruits of your labor like for me for instance I've been mining it for the past 2 years and I think I've garnered almost a lot like 300 400,000 CIA coin which is like five or six grand I'm not trying to boast but I'm I'm going to do an update video for you guys regarding that those two HS lights have earned me this amount or something so I'm waiting for the price I don't know if it's going to go up anymore or down more but we'll see what happens here okay um hasn't hit all previous alltime High yet but there's the potential that it it could do that during the ball run so so we'll see how that goes but yeah it's just interesting that gold shell is bringing out these two miners essentially because of I guess profitability and you know seia coin has been going up as well so who knows who knows so just wanted to take note of that for anyone that's seia coin mining I don't know many people that are doing seia coin mining but let me know if you guys are I personally have two HS lights and they're just heating my house right now which has been pretty good I think that's it this video has been way too long I don't know if I got everything that I wanted to talk about about I mean these types of videos that I just openly talk with you guys here I don't have a script I don't have anything written down I'm just talking out of my head just how I feel and uh you know I do miss doing these types of videos more so I've been doing a lot of Vlogs recently which I love doing don't get me wrong but I do miss these types of videos where I can just talk with you guys and uh I think this is yeah I just I haven't done this for a while it feels but yeah just wanted to give you guys this uh just kind of overall feeling over the past yeah this whole this whole month but don't fret keep on mining okay you know good times are ahead every even though we see red you just got to think the opposite okay that the time now is just to accumulate hold and wait till better times right you got to have patience uh when it comes to crypto mining granted I know everyone's electrical cost is going to be different mining is as it is is a very competitive thing so I know that there's a lot of people out there that can't cryp Dom mind financially it's it's hardened a lot of people I mean including myself okay I'm I'm not alone in that you know it is quite a track to you know have all the hardware online and then when that power bill comes you got to pay for it and either if you don't have enough money then you you got to sell your crypto in a sense right H that's that's the reality sometimes um you know that's life really in general I mean depending on people's jobs salary how much they're making if they have multiple jobs multiple streams of income you know if you're doing this as a hobby that's great if you're not if you're doing it as a business then you know you do have to be a bit more proactive in in a sense of you know keeping up with all the coins you know keeping up with Bitcoin talk or keeping up with the YouTubers who talk about this coin or talk about that coin and you know chances are if that coin goes up then you did well or you didn't do well cuz you didn't get into it you know anyways just rambling I'll see you on the next video thank you for watching guys let me know your thoughts I'll see you on the next one have a good one peace out

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