Customer brought in dead pc

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody is having a swell day it is Monday and just had a customer come in and they want to fix their computer so this is the one in question nice little pretty case got some RGB fans on top of it um it's a wolf and sheep's clothing um he got took he got absolutely took on this thing um he's been playing it for about a month all of a sudden won't power on anymore the guy won't respond to them and I was like oh let's plug it in it looks looks a little older but you know we'll see um it's got a i76700 in it and an RTX 2060 16 gigs of ddr4 it's 2133 nothing special but $950 oh my gosh ladies and gentlemen be careful out there cuz people are are sorry about that I figured i' flip the camera around and I had another customer come in he's got a laptop uh the bottom of it cracked anyway um I I got the information and stuff and I'm I'm going to look into it but it's so old that it's probably not worth fixing it's like that it's on that edge it's like a third third gen I5 um and he wants to put a whole new case like a new shell on it if they even sell the shell regardless though um it's got 120 gig SSD 1 tbte hard drive and this is the power supplying question and she is dead than a door nail it was pretty much a dead giveaway when it had the old voltage switch everything modern or not like bottom of the barrel does not have these switches anymore um so yeah I plug it in no power so I tested it out I threw this little Corsair 650 plugged everything in powered right up and he's like oh man he was he was so excited because um he thought maybe like the motherboard or the CPU or something was dead and I'm like no you're good ain't nothing dead except for that power supply so I'm going to get that swapped out for him and um I guess cue the time lapse s all right there she goes firing up well let me give him a call let him know that he's all ready to rock and I'm sure he'll be right back so I got a little LED button up here all right boots up the windows looks like she's happy all right well that did not last long um got a 3090 listed it and a actually a frequent flyer has just picked it up shout out to you by the way and I apologize I saw the order come in I'm getting caught up I'm finally getting caught up but he scored himself a RTX 3090 xc3 it's good looking card all right so wrap that in a little bubble wrap try to protect the [Music] Box go inside a bag don't need people seeing seeing what it is all right ladies and gentlemen there she goes so um I don't always wrap all the GPU boxes with a bubble wrap but this one is a little bit high priced and then also certain EVGA cards their lower-end lines like the xc3 and stuff like that the card is actually just sitting suspended inside of plastic there's no actual foam in there so little bit of you know couple layers of bubble wrap around it around the outside of the box just help protect everything and then um over top of this these like poly bags that I get I just make sure to tape it up really good because these things can rip and have ripped on me in the past but yeah the deals are going quick I am picking up some more 309s here soon so um just stay tuned all right well I think I'm going to finish out today by going by the post office and putting a ton of stuff in there but but I did end up uh putting another shelf right there so we have a shelf that wraps around all the way up top uh for right now I just added some of these to the uh store it's these um like riserless motherboards I had like four or five of them used and then I had a couple new in box I have not added the new in box yet but I will um also put some other motherboards up there in the corner I don't like that they hang over a little bit so I'm going to be adding more shelving and stuff but for the time being I'm just trying to make some space but um yeah so other than that hope you all enjoyed it I know it jumped around a lot kind of a lot of things going on um and this actually just came in right before I I was about to call it quits but um I guy traded in an ASRock b450m and he said he doesn't know why but it's not stable he actually bought another b450 from me and um he called me back and he was like yeah that fixed my problem I'm not having the issue anymore so I know there is something up with this motherboard I only gave him a couple bucks for it cuz he did admit to me that there's something wrong with it I'm going to test it out see if I can't get it running go from there if anything I'll just chalk it up as a loss and maybe make a a wall of broken parts eventually one day when we have more room running out of room all right later guys have a good one

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