Does the RX 580 still hold value for GPU Mining?

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[Music] hey guys rpam here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I wanted to talk about the RX 580 8 GB card this is a GPU that has stood the test of time it is quite the Workhorse of a GPU and they just generally don't die all right this card s or 8 years old now and it is still I would say prominent in the GPU mining world and I'm going to have to say that regarding a video that I just did yesterday regarding building an RX 58 rig for mining a lithium I understand yes I got a few comments in that video regarding you know red panda rx580s you know they're not efficient anymore I know that I know I know for a fact that they're not efficient anymore for mining but I'm going to have to to say and I'm going to stand up for the people that are not rich that also have free electric or are people that are just getting into crypto Mining and are wanting to get their feet wet and you know the RX 580 is probably one of the best value cards to do that if you check all those boxes which I just talked about so I just wanted to go through that in this video and just kind of give recognition regarding this GPU and how strong it is or it has been for Mining and of course now if you're comparing it to like newer gpus I do want to talk about that I'm I'm going to talk about a bunch of stuff okay regarding this GPU the prices of it and of course you know the trend regarding the price history of the rx580 okay so let's start with this right now before in the previous Bull Run Okay the RX 580 and granted this was during the ethereum times okay so eash was the most prominent in terms of profitability so the rx580s were really profitable in a sense because because ethereum was really high in price at that time during the Bull Run same along with Bitcoin but 2021 was when these gpus rx580 specifically was selling on eBay for around $500 you know $450 and that was pretty much a good chunk of the year in 20121 in which that GPU was still worth a good good amount more than MSRP of when these gpus came out in what 2016 you know 2017 and so just talking about in previous history here regarding the rx580 I would say I remember in 2018 20 uh 2019 bare Market the rx580s you know sometimes they were selling below 30 $40 and in terms of profitability breaking even during those times I have many videos I should have brought an example up here but I have a video showing like an RX 580 breaking even around those times in you know the bare Market previous bare Market of around 10 cent per kilowatt hour so here we are today to compare okay I'm just I'm not talking about new gpus here if you're rich then you're probably going to go for you know more so of these you know more efficient gpus for mining but I'm more so talking about here the rx580 you know of course it is not a profitable GPU so as we go down this list here right this is stemming towards this is probably all based on you know revenue and the profit okay and in a sense efficiency as well okay so as we go down here at this list the rx580 is not going to be a prominent GPU in a sense for mining really of course though if you're new like I said in the beginning if you're new or free power or you don't have a lot of money this is this is mainly a video for you okay anyone that's all rich and you know you all have 40 series cards 490s and you're balling out of control don't just don't bother watching this video this is not for you okay but looking at the RX 580 here okay at around I think it's 8 cent per kilowatt hour this is basically breaking EV so previous bare market7 2018 to 2020 it's it's a it's two cents worse as it was before as of now okay where Bitcoin is what 40,000 and of course we have a lot of prominent GPU minable coins especially Capal and you know Al lithium has come out of the woodwork over the past month in price appreciation so that's been generally profitable in a sense but of course a lot more efficient gpus are have taken the rain and are mining you know a lithium so it's becoming a lot more competitive the rx580 is not really competitive against the newer gpus in terms of efficiency of course but this is where it comes back to if you're new to mining or if you are just starting out and you don't have a lot of money the RX 580 is then if you can get it for a cheap price this is going to be one of the first gpus that you're going to be mining with okay and I know for a fact a lot of people do still have these gpus and hios does say here okay on hi as total about 19% still have the rx5 8 it is still the most prominent AMD GPU for mining on hios which I know there's a lot of people on hios and actually from a few people I've talked to there's a lot of people who are mining with rx580s in Windows okay because hios it's not free unless you're mining to their pool for the first four rigs or something but for majority of crypto miners that are just starting out they're going to be using Windows okay and windows will be free in a sense so you're not going to be using hios and paying for this okay and so looking now talking about with how rx580s are still prominent on hios okay tells me that there's still a lot of people out there that have rx580s let me know in the comments down below if you guys have rx580s for mining okay so going back here all right in terms of like you know talking about profitability all right so the rx580 is not going to be profitable but again if you had free Power this is where you're going to be able to get your feet wet and Mining and yielding some of these coins okay so this is where the power comes in for those that have free power or just you know just getting into mining with a couple gpus like rx580s okay there's still value in that in a sense in which you are able to then mine a lot of different prominent proof of work GP minable coins that have come out over the past year like CLA for instance let's see a lithium of course Ergo uh I would say not as efficient on AMD CPUs but it's there in a sense but Game Pass you know DX even uh a lot of different coins here and look you know looking at the yields that you can achieve on a single rx580 this is where the value is Right assuming if you can get this at you know $45 rx580s now I know eBay right now it's about 5060 plus shipping so it adds up but if you buy brand new I I don't recommend do not buy brand new on Amazon okay if you're seeing RX 580s on Amazon for $100 don't do it go to your Facebook Marketplace go to your Craigslist for new people that are getting in and don't have a lot of money and just want to get their feet wet recommend just buying used okay don't buy new and that's going to be your best way to really have the most value uh in terms of uh GPU M but you can see here the RX 580 is not a slouch of a GPU granted it's not the most efficient but comes back to if you were just starting out if you had free Power I'd say the rx580 is going to be a very good GPU for you to get started in and a lot of support right has a lot of support overclocking even bios modding I'm going to say bios moding I haven't really seen if there's much of a difference between bios modding for kapow you know it was really prominent for eash coins right because they get the most efficiency and uh memory timings and there's like four different memories for the rx580 and as we're talking about it my rx580 rig just died and stopped mining um I'm having an issue with one of the gpus here I I just I don't know why all these overclocks here that I've been trying on this first one just crashes the whole rig anyways you can see here I got HX I got Micron uh Samsung and then there's Alpa I did forget that in that video that I did yesterday but yes there's a lot of different memory timings bios mods you can do and uh I do have a Discord Channel a chat for about that is a crypto peasant he does bios mods for rx580s he's really well known in the modding Community bios moding Community crypto mining Community here and so I haven't personally tested that yet regarding you know if that makes a difference for kapow I know kapow is a little bit uh you know utilizes the full extent of the GPU core and memory so whether or not that has value I'm going to get into that in the future here but as you know I'm talking about here about you know the 58 anal for people that are still watching right now for people that have you know 30 series cards 20 series cards 40 series cards you're probably scoffing like red panda again why why are you talking about this so I already explained the like the value here right for those that are just getting into mining or free power or don't have a lot of money okay granted there are a few other gpus that you could probably Buy in that range you know $50 $60 maybe you know like uh GTX 10 okay this is another older prominent GPU for mining as well but in my opinion I think the rx580 is going to have a bit more you know bit more power in terms of because we've had a lot more uh kapow coins recently become more prominent right so the 1060 let me see here the 1060 I don't quite remember what it does on capow but it's going to be let's see here all right they don't even show a Capal coin for a GTX 1060 I okay I don't quite remember I think it's about five or eight megahash at like 100 Watts or something don't quote me on that let me know down below but the 1060 is still kind of an expensive GPU still but where it comes the true power is the RX 580 in which kapal coins you know right they' a lot more been a lot more prominent these days of course it's going to be quite hot it is going to utilize a bit more power but you can undervolt it in which you know you're getting 14 megahash at 140 Watts on kapow you know 600 XT gets like 17 18 16 megahash so a 78-year-old GPU to have this much megahash power especially if you're on free Power has a lot of value still okay only if you had a couple of these you know you're drawing of course you're going to draw a but more power but like I said free Power and you're just starting out this is going to be quite the value GPU if you are getting into mining okay so granted there there is a lot of fine tuning regarding these rx580s okay like you saw in my video recently I mean till this day I'm still having like a couple days now I'm still having some issues with this first GPU so you're going to run into that but with that comes learning experience and that in itself is has a lot of value and so when you are going to start scaling getting more so into GPU mining when you start getting more money when you're start going to you know going to buy newer Edge GP uh newer Edge uh generation of gpus for mining you're going to bring that experience over to the newer versions of the cards and you know the rx580 for a lot of people including myself has definitely helped me to where I am today I I wouldn't have known I've learned everything regarding bios moding memory timings undervolting overclocking everything the first GPU to really go hard into that is going to be the RX uh 500 series uh 47 47 480 I'm not specifically talking about the 580 but the 400 series 500 series okay those gpus have been really prominent for Mining and are still prominent today of course again they're not as efficient as of course the newer versions of the gpus but if you had free Power you're just learning you're going to find a lot of value there okay guys that's all I wanted to uh talk about here let me know your thoughts let me know if you guys still have rx580s okay and uh if you think that even so more so that in the bull run if we do get a bull run here coming soon or in the next year or so is the RX 580 going to be a profitable GPU that begs the question I mean we're looking at history here previous past two bull runs if an RX 58 start making a dollar two or $2 do a day on a certain coin let's say you know a kapal coin that has gone up in price appreciation or maybe multiple you may very well see the rx580 be a profitable card and not only that but for those that are just mining at home free Power just starting out and you're accumulating the coins okay that you're going to that's where the value is as well okay I just want to put that out there okay so let me know what you all think I can't wait to read the comments I'll see you all in the next video have a good one peace out

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