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[Music] e [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] sh [Music] [Music] yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] sh [Music] I [Music] good evening ladies gentlemen yes I am streaming at a a little bit later time than normal but is that is that is that bad is that so bad what's up tan hello how dare you even Smokey Dan what's up what is red panda losing his sight on I'm not losing my sight on anything nothing I staying the course bro staying the course you know what that is tell me someone in the chat tell me what what what does what does staying the course mean is that the is that the right is that is that the right saying I may be saying it wrong way better than the morning Mike The Miner ah I love streaming in the morning uh I like streaming at night time I like streaming whenever it doesn't matter past two weeks y Blue Moon mining what's up man Scott Sheffield we must hoddle yes yes majorly major huddle oh yeah oh yes Bu The Dip buy the dip what's that song where's that song DJ plays I love that song smash the like Bros 96 viewers 21 likes smash the like who gave RPM the late night rail oh Curtis Mark oh I like it I like it Panda it's 10 p.m.

Luckily I don't start my new job till Monday new job nice I like streaming in bed random Miner nice shid schneid what's up RPM what's up when are you firing up your Polaris cards well I was going to until a couple of couple of them didn't work so I need to I was going to do a video on it I just haven't I just haven't gotten around to it um Pocket Change what what are you doing what the question question is what are you doing how are you pocket change oh my god Pocket Change we need an update we need an update on you what's what's been happening what's been happening are you trying it out what nice name then my portfolio has dropped over 20% over the last few days well yep I mean generally everything has been dropping over the past uh couple days here I know just Bitcoin was literally what 46 48,000 maybe four 5 days ago now it's 41 out of all out of all things I mean 41,000 yeah 41,000 we were we were yeah we were no 7even days sorry we were Peak 48 almost 49,000 at one point uh good eight days ago 9 days ago and now we're having you know H around 43 42,000 over the past couple days past 5 days I'd say and then now we're we're at the 41 but kind of the reason why I I I wanted to stream just tonight I'm not going to stream tomorrow but I know there's going to be a massive stream tomorrow of Hawk crypto Min Tera hosting is going to be giving away a bunch of stuff tomorrow so stay tuned for that that's going to be that's going to be good but the biggest I got a message today it's like hey red panda Market's going down I'm thinking of selling my gpus I'm thinking about selling everything I'm just like I'm I think it's over I'm just like dude dude no no no no no no no you got to think the opposite first thing I first thing I said is no no now is not the time to get out now the time is now is to is to accumulate and and continue to accumulate until you hit your your goal whatever goal is whatever that is sure we've had this we've had this you know I expected we were going to go down after the ETF news um but how much farther down are we going to go I still think we are in I still think you know we could I'm not a Trader I got friends who do that they're telling me 36 35 37,000 and then we're going to go back up to possibly new all-time highs not Financial advice not Financial advice but we'll see my whole thing right now is just keep on accumulating as much as I can because good times are are going to come it's it's it's probably going to start this year if not then next year sure um financially it's it's it's a it's a hard thing you know you got you got to have some money you got to have some reserves you got to save for a rainy day type of thing Pocket Change did I miss what you said up earlier Pocket Change uh I what am I doing kid is awake basement is Being Framed LW toys and crap everywhere I'm drowning ah D it sounds like my house too pocket change everything toys everywhere Blue Moon mind hey who guess who gets to keep his house nice uh RPM was he blind and did you say yes gu I'll take them schneid I yeah I tried I tried I tried to take uh poet i' buy some more 35k let's go yeah 35 finally Financial advice I've been waiting for Dom G God damn it l mining next year will be better so I can get more equipment while it's cheap I okay so we all know Bitcoin having is in pretty much in 100 days is okay so depending what the price of Bitcoin is going to be by then I I I don't I don't know in in the next 100 days I mean I have I just my gut feeling again is going to be a massive massive shake out okay I I don't know who knows who who who knows I I don't know I don't know we really don't know um theory on that is uh how it doesn't open up in a new tab God damn it uh let's go Bitcoin Network okay all right is there so bright it's so bright is there a dark mode on this website coin Wars does not have coin Wars does not have a dark mode on here anyways oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa did we drop in Bitcoin Network cash rate recently like an F ton 600 xash down to 463 what the hell happened what is this is this real 400 we dropped 140 almost 150 xah hash dude that's like 1/4 of the 1/4 of the network what the hell and then we came back up a bit what wh which mining Farm decide to turn off uh Scott Sheffield I completely agree another dip after having uh Iowa Crypt mining curtailing in Texas with the cold weather ah okay okay okay curtailment H I love it I'll it'll be back next in a week oh my God okay so mine all the Bitcoin you can right now wow I grant did the Bitcoin difficulty adjust did the bit Bitcoin difficulty adjustment happen yet probably not where is the here it is when's When's the next uh difficulty adjustment okay uh next Bitcoin difficulty adjustment is in two days January 20th okay next difficulty adment will be 4.46% down okay nice so that'll be that'll be nice and then watch and then they all then all the curtailment will be done and everyone's going to turn back on and then it's going to be be it's going to be horrible um no it's going down 4% okay yeah dep nice nice um my rewards were up the last day or two makes sense well another thing is well yeah that and or uh Block Chain uh what's the I need a block Explorer what's the latest Bitcoin blocks the fees transaction fees oh dark mode yeah okay transaction fees one Bitcoin 44 minutes ago 1.03 Bitcoin transaction fee wow who got that one unknown solo minor ah it's not like it used to be like three or four Bitcoin fees like a couple weeks back that was amazing that was amazing Patrick Murphy the industrial Mining Company Tera wolf purchased almost 19,000 new as6 increased their total hash rate by 58% thoughts on such an increase ahead of the ahead of the [Music] [Music] having my thought on that is rest in peace for the existing miners who have s9s and you know Bitcoin mining Farms that have like you know 7 8 n 10 cents per kilowatt hour you know and and they're still on like older hardware and they haven't like gotten new efficient miners yet it it's it's going to be oh man the having comes if the Bitcoin price isn't more than where it is now like at least double or more it's going to be a it it might be a blood bath I I I think it's I think it's going to be a blood bath unless some of those guys have the you know the capital to survive for the next year then they'll be fine in a sense yeah I mean yeah who knows who knows how many of those people have the capital the the money to keep going right paying out of pocket or something or um breaking even you know who knows I I it's going to be it's going to be interesting man it's going to be so interest I don't hope for I don't hope for it right when the having comes and you know bitcoin price is still I don't know 50 60 41 35,000 or something it's going to be disaster it's going to be a it's going to we're going to probably see the hash rate go down a lot including all the residential miners who have uh s9s you know at home and residential rate it it might be it it might be a it might be a blood bath yeah I don't know we'll see I hope it's not but we'll see Patrick Murphy they're deploying them in February but I thought that was a very large signal uh that is a very very large signal New England crypto what's up man what's up m something what's up man what's up how's it going um my kid came by um what do you guys think what do you guys think Chris Stewart 5 cents and under should be okay but who knows well yeah I mean how like I know there's yeah there's a lot of people a lot of huge mining entities that have like 2 cents 4 cents you know yeah they'll be fine sure they'll be fine maybe but didn't majority of those like big ones get bankrupt didn't they go bankrupt like a year ago or filed for bankruptcy or something some of them some of the big ones even though they had like 4 cents kilow hour they probably had like tons of expenses employees and crap like that um yeah all residential miners will turn off first that's for sure right right you know what this will be this is going to be an interesting it's going to be interesting cuz it's like kind of similar to what happened to us like GPU Miners and the ethereum merge but we're not this is not the same in a sense this is this is a having but with the ethereum merge it was just like a complete like wipe out complete how do you say it complete profit stop complete money making instantly wiped out for GPU miners but this in this sense it's like it's it's it's more so of a of a it's just a having it's cut in half so but there's a lot at stake here there's a there's a lot of a lot of Hardware mining Bitcoin mining Hardware at stake yeah Iowa uh I think 25% total reduction in Revenue ter 50% for the having and then underclock taken off the network A6 for Less total hash 50% we're having and the wait depen Iowa you're saying you're saying the network hash rate is going to go down to like 300 EXA hash 300 dude is that what you're saying it's sorry if I read that wrong I don't know what you're saying I don't 50% pass rate cut uh Patrick Murray so the big boys measure it this way one number uh number of self- Mind BTC two value uh per self mind BTC three power cost per self mind BC that's it they aren't figuring out dollar per kilo an hour right right right they're right they're at that point where they're looking at the in Bitcoin God uh Iowa at first yes Point uh 25% reduction in hash rate that's where the equilibrium will be found then we'll start going up from there steadily okay okay you're saying 25% okay damn man damn that's a lot man that's a lot that's crazy that is insanity just Insanity um Yan what's up man good to see you good to see you uh Michael Stewart what's up P I just got two new 12 card rigs set up bull run here we come I can feel it summertime Autumn is going to rock uh Michael Stewart yep I mean that's uh yeah I've heard from my from my train I'm not a Trader but it seems all signs point towards next four five six seven eight months is going to be the next rise up for Bitcoin not Financial advice but if that's the case now is not the time to sell now is the time to accumulate still accumulating whether you're GPU mining CPU mining Asic mining whatever I'm just I'm just accumula I'm just accumulating at all I I I don't know not at the selling point for me yet you know yeah not yet not yet Next Level Tech I'm not even looking at Power cost don't care the goal is to accumulate as much as I can before October of 2025 I like that I like that I like that what up everyone did you know someone hit a BTC block on nice hash easy money no way really finally jeez it's been way too long J trevini what's up bro J Char what's up man haven't seen you for a while I need a stack as much as I can yeah yes accumulate accumulate um yes accumulate but with buying not mining uh yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean it depends how you look at it running uh mining as a business you're expensing electric all that stuff depreciating Hardware there's value in that I mean if you're buying the coin you're buying that with after already taxed income so whether if you already have a full-time job you're making money other ways then yeah sure depends how you look at it I'm going to say buying the coin is going to be a little bit more of a risk than having a physical piece of Hardware tangible piece of Hardware that you can resell for later if you wanted to that still has value a physical yeah I I personally I I don't I don't buy I I'm always always mining so you won't hear me say buy the coin on this channel buying the coin mining the coin two different two different investment strategies two totally two totally different investment strategies timing is also everything uh when you when you when you want to buy the coin you know when you when you're going to buy it um sure there's going to be times where buying the coin is going to be way better uh than mining but you know it's when it's when you bought it so there's arguments on each side um of course if you bought and like the very low and Bitcoin was like 16,000 then yeah hindsight hindsight 2020 you bought everything at 16,000 oh yeah you you've done really well now it's already gone up double Michael Stewart my portfolio has already 2.5x in the last 5 months are are great for yields sure we are down today but we can't be so shortsighted Diamond hands uh Michael Stewart I I couldn't have said it any better I could not have said that any better you are 100% correct 100% yes don't lose sight just don't lose sight of your goal if you're if you're you got to figure out a way if you're not able to keep up I know I know right now financially for some maybe majority of people because not a lot of people are crypto mining right now A lot of people are getting laid off from their jobs uh recession uh interest rates are still very high people can't pay for this you know debt is is alltime high I get it I get it I I get it um I think majority of people who are crypto mining are those that have essentially Expendable income or have a a pretty good stable job or you know have the capital saved up already to keep going it's not a it's not an easy it's not an easy thing right and crypto mining is uh as much as I hate to say it in a sense um is a is a zero sum game because it's it's you you're competing against all the other crypto miners that are mining right now um your electrical cost is going to be your biggest Factor right when you when it comes to you know if you're trying to you know financially do this obviously everyone who's in mining right now is doing this for a financial reason you cannot tell me you're doing this for for nothing or like as much as I'd love I know as much as we love to support the coin you know support development sure we can do that yes sure we can say that but in a way it's also kind of hypocritical I mean we're all doing it for making money as well I mean supporting the coin making money sure you can do both but it's I don't know how I don't know how to explain like in a in a nice way that you are supporting the coin but also trying to make money at the same time so it's kind of it's kind of hypocritical in each way uh I don't know know I I've always I've personally I've always struggled uh with that you know like ever since I got into mining in the very beginning you know I I loved uh the idea of crypto right and um all the different projects that come out and have some sort of utility of some sort provide some sort of utility and you know hoping to get adopted at some point but then at the end of the day it's like uh what's happening are they getting adopted are we doing this for the money I mean we're all doing this for the money and then it's like okay well then what's is there a middle ground is there a middle ground to explain you know sure I support this coin but at the same time I'm wanting to make money at the same time so it's kind of like a like a double-edged sword or like no conflict of interest what what what's the what am I am I you know what I'm talking do you guys know what I'm trying to get at or maybe not maybe I'm just going I'm I'm drunk right now I don't know what the hell I'm talking about um let's read this uh let's read some good story Panda Todd theout you are banned you're banned right now Patrick Murphy hobby I can see people saying hey I like the tech and stuff and Mining I so so do I Patrick Murphy I I love I love hoarding I mean you know me I love hoarding gpus I love hoarding all the hardware like you've seen all my you guys have seen my videos I have a crap ton of stuff right I got tons of I got tons of stuff that's not even being used right now I'm not Bast trying to boast but I I have an addiction okay I have I have an addiction to hardware and it's it's a problem it's a huge problem um next L attack I am thinking about becoming a crypto mining YouTuber what are the three tips you have for beginners Like Me XO I love your content you're my idol I watch your all your content to X to Next Level Tech you are baned okay yeah you do not s like that all right no sing okay but the three tips I have for you is to have discipline make content every day and love what you're doing as well if you don't love if you don't love doing YouTube making videos content all that stuff you're going to burn yourself another thing I have I guess actually the biggest thing is I have to say if you're going to start a YouTube channel uh don't do it try not to do it for the money because you're going to you're going to burn yourself out real fast I I think that's one of the biggest things I've learned from anyone that's trying to get into doing YouTube is you got to try to not do it for the money uh you you people will see it if if you're not if you're not passionate or like you you don't enjoy doing YouTube that people will see it and like that's you got to build a community um you got to really enjoy what you're doing and you you you you really got to yeah I mean it's it's all for you got to really you just got to put yourself out there and like it's you're you're doing it for also in a sense for helping people not just entertainment I mean I'm mainly entertainment I do I provide informational value not all the time probably I'm going to say 20% of my videos is informational for some people 80% it's just documenting my crypto mining Journey 80 I'm going to say 80% of it is going to be documenting my journey that's it Yankee you're my idol Yankee God damn it um Lal sounds like capitalism double-edged sword is Right double Ed SW that's why it won't be adopted because manipulation against the dollar right Ron Sylvester I support this coin because it makes me money I can't tell me it doesn't go that way power mins crypto what did you get into English Power mins crypto I'm sorry the BR why the hell are you oning don't ask me that question don't ask me that great or good money it's a lot of effort to research mine and buy into good crypto projects we are supporting the network by Mining and buying no shame in expecting to be rewarded for it greater good mining that that is that is the greatest way to sugarcoat it I mean not sugarcoat it did I say sugar maybe it is a good way to sugarcoat it it's a nice way to put it yeah you know what I'm going to go with what greater good mining said I'm going to go with that forever from here on out anyone asks me why are you into crypto mining I'm just going to say well I you know I like to put a lot of effort into it I like mining I like to you know get in the good crypto prod projects and you know at the same time we're supporting the network by Mining and uh not necessarily buying I don't buy but I'll just say you know I don't have I don't have any shame in expecting to be rewarded for it there you go thank you great a good mining see great a good mining is the best Yeti what's up man what's up welcome to the stream good gundies good evening Crypton gundies what's up man dude neoa poker tournament in two days I got to I got to log into that uh neoa poker tournament right nioa uh poker there we go two days left neoa family get ready to Shuffle Up and Deal in our poker tournament January 20th at 305 p.m.

Eastern don't miss the chance to show your skills and have a blast find all the details here I have to sign up I have to log into that uh YouTube is all jacked up didn't know you were streaming Tech man no worries no worries man welcome to the stream Bros everyone smash the like smash the like nioa let's go yes yes nice interview the other day yes oh crap thank you for saying that I had to sign up Pocket Change yes we got to sign up we have to sign up uh we got to download poker stars and uh uh do all that Texas hold them yes yes yes yes am I the only one that hears Panda high as a mining of the north if I was okay I cannot say that on live on stream but yes did you know nioa had poker tournament maybe I should just get it on J TR yeah dude uh here I'll put the I'll put the tweet in the uh in the in the live chat Tera has a giveaway tomorrow yes yes that's a that's a that's another prominent uh thing happening tomorrow uh R Hawk is uh website launch of tashes believe there's going to be some Caspa as6 given away so you guys better be in on that stream which is going to be right here scheduled tomorrow I will you guys you guys bookmark bookmark that bookmark that whoa I will search for that yeah yeah remember my first Park I ever played with you at my table and I asked if asked if I was chump change Pocket Change God damn it uh hey my girl just moved to NOA scor with me and I love Nova scoria been there a bunch nice um Dre Trav Le has 5K bounty in the poker tourament yes I am a bounty if you get me out in that poker tournament you get 5K uh 5,000 uh is it 5,000 neoa 5,000 neoa yes I will be playing I will be playing in that tournament yes I love Panda so much right now M mining of the north God damn it okay all right AMA you got AMA time you guys ask any ask me any questions I I just I know there's some people that had some uh some questions reservations um I'm going to stream for another 35 minutes you guys have 35 minutes to berate me of whatever you guys want to talk about anything H mind crypto how old do you have to be probably I think for depending on your state go to and then see if it lets you download or log in or register uh if you get all four members of DC you get 24hour free hash from Nemesis home Farm nice nice Tony GP rig I'll start red God damn 20 GP rig whoever who retro mic I know that's you retro mic God damn it somebody baned that account right now retro mic 20 GP rig I man I got to order I haven't ordered the Splitters yet I'm so oh I'm so bad I got to I got to order the Splitters um I got to go to GPR and I have to order um uh I have to order this uh this I need like I need like 20 of these 30 of [Music] them for the 20 GP rig okay um I want to get my uh okay okay D order them for me for us Patrick uh you probably ordered three times yeah probably uh want to get my first a said kaai trades uh go check out redpen I have a website I I I made it I kind of updated it just recently go visit it go look for all my trusted uh Asic resellers and coupon codes on my website if you are interested feel free you don't have to but you get some percentage off I just added uh alter Tech actually I added alter Tech and parallel minor I just joined up with them uh and tangum wallet as well I love my tangum wallet it's so easy so much better than the Ledger wallet it's so much better ah so much better I'm not trying to shill it I I truly do love my tangent wallet it's freaking amazing so easy okay when will RPM coin launch random Miner never never probably and some rich dude back get Kingston B16 CL 17 Sheldon Irving are you talking uh you're talking about CPU mining Ram I don't know RPM you need to get rid of the CPU table and get a shelf in its place slick Nick 87 select Nick 87 now that you said that and I actually did read the CH I did read the comments in that video okay screw all of you by the way all of you somebody somebody said okay anyway okay fine okay so I didn't realize this until later um why don't I just take my why don't I just take my red shelf in the barn why don't I just take this red shelf over and put it behind uh not behind behind um behind the rack right here okay so I remove I will I will remove this table and I'll put that exact same Red Shell same size as this right here is that is that is that a good idea I'm going to have to remove I got to move Max voltages FL uh flag uh slicknick 87 yes okay all right I'll move that shelf right here I will remove this table and I will put in that red shelf that I have in the barn because you're lazy Mike The Miner you are banned but yes I I am lazy okay listen I'm listen I just wanted an easy way to manage my CP Rings okay I just wanted a table you know what it probably would have been easier it I should have just moved that shelf here I didn't think I didn't think about that okay why not use the Shelf in the far garage Bay aren't there A6 out there now uh Patrick Patrick Murphy there's no power uh in that there's no more power in that one in that side Scotch if I throw a triangle out of the car and the car is going 20 km per hour and the wind resistance is a thing how many cupcakes can Petra Scot red panda is not a CP minor Sheldon Irving correct I am not I am 100% not a CPU minor I am mainly GPU and Asic okay I've I've never I have never wholeheartedly gone into CPU mining all right don't forget the fish right Smokey Dan I will bring that I will bring that fish slicknick RPM if you're saying it up do it right the first time you're welcome God damn it slick listen okay I don't have the mental capacity all right I don't have the mental capacity to take apart a shelf and everything that's in this Barn okay listen all right I have I have certain limits okay I you know I I can't just I can't just move a whole shelf okay listen all right some of us some of us are not you know I can only fill my brain with with with with so much you know what I mean I don't know how to explain it God damn it Etc po 22 cents o oh yep Etc po you're never going back to the bar if not yes good idea yes the yes I'm going to bring that over yes yes yes a fish uh there's a guy in chat that kept asking about the RAM for a CP you uh what Ram recommended to buy high RPM I have 2 59 50x just missing the ram what Ram do you recommend to buying okay I am probably the worst person to ask regarding what Ram is needed for CPU mining you want you will want to go check out a person named rabid mining rabid mining 595x Ram uh what he's got a video there one month ago Zephyr 59 50x except for random X he's probably talking about the ram in there go go check out that go check out that um hobbyist minor oh my God hobby why are you here hobus you're the last person I want to see in this chat listen Panda can't actually get an entire project get get done an entire project have you watched his videos obious Miner you know what you're not wrong you're not wrong you're not wrong I cannot I cannot deny I cannot deny that rabid equals Panda I'm no it's no we're no ever profit on a GPU they always they they always be like 800 a day return When I look uh sat Yoshi um you're okay so the thought process there is not looking at the how many days it takes to get their money back the whole idea here and the strategy is you're Mining and holding the coin and you're waiting for uh price appreciation of the coin of course you don't know when that coin that said coin that you're Mining and holding is going to go up but the whole idea strategy is to hold that coin up until the Bull Run essentially because generally when Bitcoin goes up then a lot of other altcoins also go up in price so your Roi your break even or however ter whatever term you guys want to use it different ways to calculate it but I always go with break breaking even I think uh like to get that initial investment back your break even is going to be essentially when that coin goes up and the amount that you're Mining and holding over the next couple months year uh could 10x uh uh what the additional value is so that's the strategy I mean it's all it's been proven many many times in the past history uh before my time even this the mining strategy I just explained there is way before me okay I'm not like the you know the almighty that created this strategy okay it's like people before me like where I learned this strategy was from like bsby tripping and like you know guntis uh guntis Vin uh from M shop.

You know this the Crypt mining strategy of Mining and holding is not new in crypto it's probably ever since like you know when the dude sold his 20 10,000 Bitcoin for two pizzas you know some minor in his head came up in the idea it's like hey you know like couple years later it's like hey you know if I just held all that Bitcoin you know instead of selling it for in for for you know for nothing you know a couple years a couple years earlier I could have been a millionaire so it's like it that same idea that same like thought process is it goes along with any other coin that you are like mining right now and you you ever have that like regret of like like have you ever experienced of regretting like oh man I shouldn't have sold that or shouldn't have sold that or this at that time I'm not talking about crypto it could be with anything like oh I shouldn't have sold that Pokemon card shouldn't have sold that hockey card I shouldn't have sold that car uh I sold that car at the wrong time I sold you know it's like it's the same it's the same idea it's like you're going to have that like regret so it's like you're mining seia coin you're selling it during these lows it's like okay well your thought process there it's like okay is it not ever going to go up again then then yeah then oh oh look at that the ball run came and seia coin went up uh previous Bull Run seia coin also went up so it's like you're waiting for that next you're you're just you're just waiting for that next Bull Run man I don't know how else to explain it there's no there's no other way to explain it with all these coins that you're Mining and holding um whatever coin that you believe is is going to go up that that's that's the whole idea of of crypto mining that that's it that's it's so easy it's it's been it's been like that since the very beginning Patrick Murphy I thought crypto was a getrich getrich fast scheme getrich fast was I misinformed uh maybe maybe yes mining Gods $99 for two sticks uh seia coin my baby power mines yeah I'm I like seia coin too not Financial advice are you talking about KDA uh KDA could be could be another I actually have a video about K coming out next week yeah actually um uh BC what's up man what's up do all the shake and SE coin miners do both coins uh BC I am the only ones that I know of um uh is going to be like the gold shell ones I believe let's see nervos handshake so I know my HS light does it I know my HS light can do nervos and um sorry can do handshake and uh seia coin yes uh but I don't know if the bit main h H S3 does or not I don't know I I don't know I think I just I just saw bit main uh bit M let's go bit M website I think they just said they released the hs3 uh let's see uh that would be nice to get I I like a there it is yeah see $2,500 a unit well that's that sounds cheap I'm not promoting yet Grant I don't 9 terahash for 2079 watts is that I have that in my sheet so that would be the most efficient seoin or handshake Miner uh do I have the seia coin one in here yeah seoin uh wait no I don't wait wait a sec hns minor oh this doesn't do CIA [Music] oh oh wait wait wait no uh Blake 2B sha 3 hns uh BL 2B sha 3 what does this only do handshake does this do seia coin or no [Music] uhoh hash rate nine Terra has uh that's a good question I'm going to have to confirm I don't think the hs3 will mine seia coin no I don't think so I think this is handshake it just says hns hns minor hs3 so this would be this would be the handshake yeah this would be the handshake minor yeah 2500 bucks that's that sounds cheap power mins crypto no seia coin yeah okay yeah I yeah reading this doesn't say anything about I think it was the sc3 not hs3 but sc3 so was that ever announced C coin c coin Dash uh where is it yeah sc3 is not even it doesn't even show up here yeah so uh BC hopefully that answers your question I don't know if that answers your question or not um I have three c boxes going pump it not Financial if you want a a lot of RAM and the PC rip Jaws 3600 works I have 128 gab machine 32 nice um Conor wisan I appreciate you always keeping up with content even with the lower view counts during the slow Market times uh Connor wi man uh thank you sir yes I uh I always continue whether it's bare Market or bull market no no matter what I am dedicated to the crypto mining space no matter what I'm hell high water I will try to do a video every day I cannot miss a video um did you hear about the SE light that's coming uh P mines crypto from gold shell that'll be nice I heard the Caspa one is coming um what do people do with their old Asic that can't mine the coin anymore for example ant Miner dr5 can't mine DCR uh Steve Smith straight in the trash I don't I don't know unless there's a fork another Fork of uh are there any other decred coins that you can mine on uh DED uh dced is the Blake 3 oh Blake 3 is that that Blake 3 is a is a popular is a popular coin no U uh filter by algo Blake three a hey hey hey say get hey try uh try your ant minor dr5 on a lithium I highly doubt it's going to work but worth a shot at minor dr5 oh my God that that would be hilarious if that actually worked on a leum I'm pretty sure it won't work pretty sure it won't yep SE light from gold shell just announced the other day nice uh hobus minor gold shell SE light is 4.4 ter and 950 Watts all right let's put that in or this is for seia coin all right let's put that in Gold shell SC light is 4 four terahash and 950 Watts so what's the efficiency of that all right let's uh let's uh sorry Z okay so what was it called an sc light dude the gold shell hs6 is more efficient than that the SE Box 2 is more efficient than the SE light the sc6 SC is more efficient the SC box to low power mode in low power mode in low power mode granted is more efficient than the SC light so rip it I mean I'm assuming the uh I'm assuming the SC light has low power mode I'm I'm I'm I'm assuming the SC light has low power mode uh obvious minor not my testing numbers gold sh numbers um wait take a look once we get yeah yeah that makes sense I'm going to assume there's a low power mode on this thing cuz my uh HS light I have two of these 2.9 Tash for 700 Watts um there is no low power mode for the HS light [Music] so confirmed though confirmed I am getting the uh Caspa gold shell so whenever the hell that comes out and uh if that's even more more efficient than bent main or ice River I don't think so if it's not more efficient than a KS Zer it it's it's it's going to be crap so we'll see okay um uh let's see here uh but you can add it to a watch uh uh yep that whole that watch thing is uh is ridiculous I I never actually made my video on it I should all right guys any final remarks or questions how long before it is break or becomes a door stop which one uh Power Min scri we know the home Miner cast will be over a terahash yes yes we know it be over a terahash yeah but will it be efficient that's the that's the big question uh let's see here difficulty change on a l let's see the most difficulty change coin right now image coin up a well that's a lot that's a lot of percent but buttcoin Quebec coin oh yeah up 280% script um do you have any bet on the next big bowl run Connor wisan my next big bet you mean when I'm going to I'm I'm saying I'm going to say this just prediction I'm thinking this year yes this year sometime this year definitely if not then next year not Financial advice the new cast ASAC uh Tyler Des Shan hey R totally off topic but I had an idea today watching your CPU video today you should send off those Picos to veteran minor to get larger longer gauge wire soer to them uh Tyler the Shane I actually also thought of that um there okay so apparently on the wire it does say 16 gauge now is it true 16 gauge begs the question I I don't know um I was thinking of cutting one up uh I only have 20 of them I don't really want to cut one up but if I have to for science I can um but we'll see we'll see everyone tells me all the people I trust told me those Pico psus work just fine they've had them for over two years they mining no problem so I don't know what to say um people tell me the Pico psus are fine other people say they're not fine so I mean it's it I think it's [Music] just I think it's just luck of the draw honestly uh depending on which models people buy whatever types of Pico PS cuz there's hundreds of different Pico PSU models out there um the one I got was from a a uh uh a prominent a prominent uh power supply seller on Alibaba so uh I mean if they're going to scam me off the gauge of a 16 gauge wire on a Pico PSU that's claiming that they apparently can do 300 watt capacity then I I I mean all these things are made in China anyway so I don't know how much more I could get scammed but we'll see so far they're working so far they're working so far no smoke yet after a couple days so I don't know I don't know what to say when people said Pico PS Ser are crap I I don't know what to say to that because I have had many trusted people tell me that they're good um so uh I don't know what to say I don't I don't I don't know what to say to that um Travelers travels oh my God how I missed you being travel travels don't worry you didn't miss anything uh another batch of twox they jump over those boards on the posos look like they come from the same Factor yeah probably um I had to step away did you get those Polaris cards up yet no no they're at the other basement okay um Steve Smith do you think buying bit main filecoin on rack Miner is a good investment definitely not not many people talking about it and it seems it must be hosted yeah Steve Smith I bro I don't know man I'm not I don't have a good feeling about it but I I don't know it it could it could be it could be a very expensive nothing um uh schneid and yes the pic PS you would be good man just watch the ones with low wire count no biggie yeah yeah I mean in a way mine in the way in a way mine is safer because it's actually six pin and not I'm not utilizing like the barrel uh Barrel plug cuz I know those Pico PSS the notorious failure ones I think are the bar Barrel plugs uh on those Pico PSS I don't have I don't have the barrel plug on mine it's it's six pin or uh two pin essentially uh but with 6 gauge wire so who knows I don't know I don't I don't know and how hard you push the Pico but I run the same Pico in a different a CPU 6 minute after my CPU might well uh nice uh last time I played poker stars was with Chris Moneymaker wsp Anthony nice man um tonight's giveaway stream was nuts and while even a face reveal I knew you were albino Smokey Dan God damn it what are your thoughts on aipg uh I don't I I have no thoughts honestly just so so many Capal coins friend coin oh my God meow coin Raven coin ai ai power grid I think it's cuz it just has a i in it that it's it's it's potentially going to do well but the price has been tanking so I mean I mean it's still like it's it's accumulating accumulation phase right now honestly um yeah accumulate I'm going to build a 2580 and build a dam how reliable is octom Miner wires wires is it worth to buy veteran miners cables for octom Miner uh Nick C I personally I have I've been lucky I have about 20 or no 30 oom miners now I haven't had any of the octom miner wires burn knock on wood good thing I have a wooden desk um but yes the veteran Miner has uh six pin to 8 Pin PCI cables if you want further thicker higher capacity wattage wires yes uh well there's no AI with that coin yet well that there you go it's just a buzzword that's what made the coin popular I guess who knows I don't know I I I I don't follow I have not followed up with any of these kapal coins much except for neoa I like neoa um ravencoin is still one of my top favorites I mecoin sure yep um Game Pass I mind a little bit talk I in a little bit clor I have a little bit uh Cate Hive coin I don't have I don't I don't have ai power grid I think I have like a couple AI power grid coins not not a lot narai another prant uh compile coin recently so who knows who knows y accting That's it uh where's the dark mirror when you need it g okay guys any final questions otherwise it's late now I know it's late for Eastern people but I I wanted to do a little night stream I didn't see anyone streaming so I thought hey I'll just go live okay all right Kaiser red P seea coin to Pluto neoa is going mainstream it was on cryptos RS oh was it nice nice I I yeah I I like NOOA I like NOOA all right peace out that's for fire side Scott Sheffield you're banned gr t for the stream no worries Anthony no worries all right you guys have a great night thank you for the stream final words for me don't lose hope huddle accumulate see you guys in the Bull Run that's where everything will be happy gol lucky I know I know right now it doesn't seem like that but don't lose sight don't lose your don't lose don't lose sight of your goals all right good night [Music] peace [Music] [Applause] [Music] n [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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