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what's up guys it's your boy radcloud today i'm 
going to show you guys how to mine ethereum on   your mining rigs especially those who are using 
ios so guys this is my mining rig i have a 1070   ti and a gtx 1050 ti both of them are mining flux 
if you guys want to know how to mine flux be sure   to check out a video on the screen right now by 
the way guys my youtube channel does have a join   button so if you guys would like to support 
the youtube channel in more ways than just   subscribing and liking the video i'd seriously 
appreciate it you guys get awesome emotes plus   i'll be doing exclusive giveaways to the members 
of the community and to my twitch subscribers   thank you guys without further ado let's hop 
into iva west and i'll show you guys how to set   up ethereum mining all right guys so if you guys 
are new to hyperwest fantastic because if you guys   sign up with the link in the description below 
you guys will get free ten dollars for signing   up with my code which is red cloud you guys 
will be able to mine on hive os for free   for about three and a half months only if you 
guys use that promo code so be sure to do that   alright guys so we are ready to create our 
wallet and also our flight sheet so we can start   mining ethereum so there's a few ways to mine 
ethereum either you can mine it through hive os   or you can mine it through other secondary pools 
so let's go to wallets and then what we're gonna   do is we're gonna go to add wallet and then for 
the coin ticker obviously we're mining ethereum   then for the wallet address we are going to use an 
address that you guys have i suggest either exodus   or a trust wallet or your hardware wallet whatever 
you guys want to use and then you can name   this whatever you want so we're just gonna write 
ethereum here all right guys so i'm gonna show you   guys how to create your flight sheet now so now 
that we're here we're going to go to coin ticker   and then we're going to pick ethereum then 
we're going to go to a wallet select the   wallet that we just made the pool we can use a few 
different pools there's a bunch of them actually   if you guys want to know how to pick a proper 
pool you guys can check in the description of   the video there's a pool uh category 
thing that you guys can scroll through   it's good to kind of like space out the hash rate 
for the network it's healthy for pools to do that   hivon is one of the biggest pools it is also free 
if you use hype os so if you guys use the promo   code to sign up when you guys sign up for hive 
os you guys will get 10 free dollars so you guys   could mine on any of these for a few months uh 
if you guys you know end up not having the money   you guys can actually mine for free on hive os 
just by using their actual dedicated pool so   we're gonna do that just for the sake of this 
video for you guys that so you can use ssl   or their normal servers it's all depending on what 
you want to do let's go with us east hit apply   select miner this is uh very important 
obviously you guys are going to have to   pick the appropriate one for your rig if you guys 
have amd cards you'll have to pick a miner that   supports amd most of them do team red miner is a 
fantastic one for that um and yeah so let's just   pick one uh let's go to t-rex minor one of the 
most fantastic aimed uh amd yellow uh one of the   most fantastic nvidia miners so setup miner config 
now uh the algorithm that we're using is eth hash   that's how you mine ethereum so you're gonna 
need at least a six gigabyte card i that's what   i would suggest um when you're mining ethereum 
uh for the wallet template you leave this as   is worker name you can leave this as is full url 
it automatically imports the hibon url then pass   you can set this to x or whatever you guys want 
to set that to next you can actually go down to   extra config arguments so i made a video on how to 
mine two different algorithms on one single minor   so if you guys want a video on that go check out 
what's on the screen right now but for this sake   um i actually do have a graphics card that won't 
be able to mine ethereum so i'm going to make it   so that uh graphics card is not mining this so i'm 
gonna have to set that to zero after you guys hit   apply changes be sure to name your flight sheet 
of whatever you guys want to name it to create   flight sheet and then i'll show you guys how 
to launch your flight sheet right now so simple   enough all you do is go back to your actual farms 
and then go down to your worker hit your worker   and go to select flight sheet then we're going to 
look for our ethereum pool so we're going to be   using this on hive on and then yeah we're going to 
launch it press apply here in the right corner of   it and then all of a sudden you're mining ethereum 
just as simple as that guys if this video helped   you guys out be sure to give it a like and also 
subscribe to the youtube channel for more guides   on crypto mining and also crypto news hope you 
guys have a wonderful rush of your day peace out foreign

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