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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel it's another day back in the shop we are pumping out some orders not going to bore you with that uh but as I was going through for some reason I must have misplaced the CPU um had a bunch of them the 10100 FS which are awesome little four core 8 thread i3s but uh I guess I ran out or potentially I don't know what happened maybe I'll walk in got it I'm not sure but um I ran out of them don't have enough and I sold one of them so I wrote somebody a note and I let them know that they're getting a free upgrade to a 10105 F which is basically the same thing it's a four core e thread 10th gen I3 um same base clock but it's got a higher boost clock instead of 4.3 GHz on the 10100 it goes to 4.4 GHz I believe that's what it is but um it was just one of those things Intel does they like they like tweak a tweak a c clock add a you know couple megahertz here couple mehz there and then give it like a a modified uh product number at the end it's basically the same thing um but since it's a locked chip uh since it has different core clocks they can charge different if they were all unlocked it's you could just kind of get your own performance out of them it's like oh I could take my 10100 and overclock it past a 10 105 you know but regardless just trying to keep the customer happy keep keep orders flowing um got some more to go through and then I have somebody coming in that they want to trade in a computer um oh also got some motherboards in so we're going to be testing out these bad boys it's x99 board comes with a xon and it comes with Ram uh potentially going to be doing a bulk buy on these um have a couple more going to try to find the best one or the one that I like like price to per performance um out of those and um might be offering those on my store now the big issue that I've noticed with a lot of people they don't want to buy from you know Alibaba AliExpress or even on eBay if it's shipping from China because like shipping times are super long and then you're not exactly guaranteed like you are State side of not having issues obviously if you're buying on eBay you running into Less Problems But if you any of you have ever bought on AliExpress um there can be issues there can be issues uh so maybe me doing a bulk buy getting those for a good deal bringing them in here offering them for sale that way I can offer you know a lot faster shipping times and also a hopefully a lot more reliability uh because it wouldn't be exchanging hand so many times I can offer that value to you guys maybe maybe not maybe you guys aren interested I don't know but we'll check it out here in a second all right shout out to the mining King if that'll Focus um he scored the 5900 X we only got one of those in hopefully um we'll get some more decent CPUs in and stuff a lot of ryen 3s just went through and looked all the pins look good on that one he also got a 3700x uh all the pins look good on that so going to get those shipped out but um yeah much appreciate it uh got to package up a couple more of these I sevens but um I think I got quite a bit of CPUs left over so what I'm going to start doing and I think I talked to you guys about this in the past uh I'm going to put them all on my website for about a week or two and then what doesn't sell I'm going to funnel over to eBay so um since these didn't sell on the last sale we'll put them over on eBay get those Bad Boys Gone cuz we have another shipment coming in next week all right so back to business here um this is the x99 board that I think I'm going to be getting more of in it's funny cuz I just had a customer come in he wanted to buy one of the desktops that I had listed on Facebook but it literally just sold before he got here earlier um and he he was like you know what other options do I have and I'm like I could do a build based around uh these cuz I have this one and I have more of these coming in he's like okay so what's all that entail I'm like these are you know 12 core 24 thread um he's a big uh what was it DOTA player I'm not super familiar but like real-time strategy and I'm like this should be solid CPU you're not going to have any issues out of that uh I did notice it comes with an adapter for the 2011 U mounting bracket so you can put on I believe that's to put on like a am4 style uh CPU Cooler so that's pretty cool um I don't have uh anything that fits the 2011 at the moment but I am just going to stick this bad boy I'm going to peel that off put a little thermop paste stick stick this bad boy on there just so I can Boot It Up get into BIOS uh and make sure everything works on this setup but um he already put a deposit down and we are going to be building him out a budget a budget build system based around this um he's doing 1 TB nvme um RX 588 gig the 16 gigs of ddr4 and then um you know the CPU that it comes with the 2650 V4 yeah so um kind of excited to go build this out just cuz I haven't really done one of these with these like Chinese style motherboards so we'll see how that all uh comes about but let's get it fired up let me go grab a power supply all right so that is good I did have the RAM installed in the black slots it actually needs to be inst installed in the yellow slots it would not post in the black slots and then I went on and looked online and for some reason these boards are very picky if you have two populated it needs to be the outside slots not the inside slots oh well anyway um it does have nvme configuration I was worried that that was just a SATA uh m.

2 slot but it looks like it is nvme Gen 3 compatible so super stoked about that um the RAM does populate we got our 16 gigs in there as for the uh processor hardware monitor so he's running a nice balmy 39° on that little just air cooler sitting there not going to be able to boot that up and actually do anything with it until I get a real cooler on there um but there's some other options in here probably not going to mess with with trying to change the configuration around uh on anything wonder what the ram is running at it's all auto yeah probably just going to leave that all auto um this definitely has more options than I thought it was I thought this was going to be like a super basic bios but um it's running an American megatrends but yeah so there she is going to get um a CPU Cooler for this I I have some am4 stuff back at the house going to see if the it look I swear it looks like a am4 cooler would just clip right back or right on the side of both of those turn this off um and that would be cool because then I could just stick am4 coolers on there and save a good bit of money cuz 2011 coolers are they demand a little bit more of a premium just because they're just not as plentiful uh there's not as many 2011 CPU socket out there in like a desktop setting most of them are are more of like a server setting but um so stoked about that if you guys are interested in CPU motherboard combos um let me know but down below I'd love to hear your comments um um I think at the bulk buy I'd probably be reselling these somewhere around 70 to 80 bucks uh for like a 12 core 16 gigs and the motherboard um all ready to go so if that works for you great if not let me know down below as well um but yeah so other than that we're just we're just chilling uh probably going to call it a day we have one more guy coming in um I don't know if I haven't bought that computer yet so I'm not going to video it yet but I he dropped his computer off and I gave him a price for it and I think he's coming in to uh pick up the cash so we'll see but other than that I'll see you on the next one peace adios all that kind of stuff

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