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so this video is going to be or well this is actually a live stream but this video is going to be uploaded after the live stream so what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Brandon coin YouTube channel we have a lot of stuff to go through I'm adding a lot of stuff into inventory it's going to be like a little behind the scenes just like hangout session so if you like that kind of stuff I'm going to try to keep up with the chat that way I can answer some of your guys' questions let me open that on my other screen right here uh so I can actually see the chat um Brandon coin live let's go what's up guys what happened uh nothing happened I'm just um I'm trying to do a little do a little live streaming haven't haven't done much of that in a while Brandon coin I'm pulling up the chat real quick on the on my other computer right here um I need to bring my better camera here let me buy some nvmes before King buys them all um I have haven't got the nvme shipment in yet they were supposed to come last week now it's supposed to come this week hopefully I still end up getting them but yeah we'll definitely have nvmes let's see here uh open the live stream let me turn the volume off so I can actually see this yeah how's everybody doing skip that all right let me let me put a little bit of light light on right here is that better what's up Brandon good to see you doing okay about to hit 1K on my stream bro let me actually move this over a little bit there we go what's up Brandon good to see you doing okay man about to hit 1K on my stream bro keep up the work thanks uh toxic Andrew never been a part of a Brandon coin live stream I used to I used to live stream a lot but um I yeah it's been it's been a while while there we go okay that's better ERT Ted yeah definitely uh Nathaniel where the miners at well I'm at the computer shop we don't have any miners up here they're back at the house trying to keep my garage warm Hab habab habo uh yeah what's up guys all right so um to give you guys a a pretty quick run through what we're doing today uh I'm going to be adding some stuff into inventory I know a lot of people were super excited and wanted to know when I was adding gpus in the inventory so we have a bunch of gpus over here not to mention I have another box down there we're going to try to I'm going to try to get some stuff done but I'm also going to try to watch the um the chat but if I do miss your your comment I'm I apologize in advance uh so right here we have a um it looks like a HP or no this is Asus blower 2060 super um probably and look at this we're High speeded got a label maker we're putting prices on stuff ladies and gentlemen this is is a whole new age coming into effect right now so um let's uh I'm going to look on some pricing for we'll go with like eBay Buy It Now lowest pricing so CU I don't want to like overpriced stuff but then I don't want to underpriced stuff either trying to trying to hit right there in that that golden zone so eBay by the way how is the audio can you guys hear me I am still getting over a little bit of a yeah Wheeling crypto your 570 is sitting over here to the side and I have I don't want to dox it I have your address and stuff right here I've just I've been getting over this a little cold so I haven't been able to to get a bunch of stuff over I would show you over there I have a bunch of stuff that I all needs to ship out today audio is perfect awesome loud and clear I have a great voice well thank you this this actually isn't my normal voice this is uh this is my I'm getting over a cold voice but anyway so back to RTX uh 2060 super what do you guys think I should price that for let's see here Buy It Now lowest price on eBay at the [Music] moment and we're not looking at the parts only because this is a good working one so we'll say what's up STI Parts only here pre owned 195 for a MSI this one is $195 and $5 shipping for a Founders Edition yeah we'll we'll just probably put it at 195 if you still want as we talked about I'm willing to do the cleaning on yes uh that's actually what I'm going through is I'm going through gpus and I have some of them marked as not working uh Wheeling crypto and those are going to be end up going to you as well um beats my homie yeah uh yo what's up okay so I'm thinking 2060 super we'll put it at 195 so I don't know exactly how to use my label maker yet but um we'll go RT oh hold on we need capitals here shift R RTX 20 60 super um s u p e r Super and then we'll drop down below that and we'll go uh where's the do we not have symbols on here I'm so green with this what's up dude oh my chat disconnected can you guys can you can you guys still hear me are we still live the the The Travelers what's up bro yeah know it's it's hard to get anything done with live streaming oh no my internet dropped out on my computer well in the world well looks like I'm streaming off my my work phone so that's still still doing doing well we live okay well let's just keep it live uh 260 super I'm trying to figure out how to do um dollars I guess I'll just so we'll put it at two or uh sorry one um 95 and we let's do a test print on that see how that comes out give it to me please there we go live stream's working now I can see I can see myself okay so oh we're high speed ladies and gentlemen 2060 super 195 um I need to figure out how to do um dollar signs because I don't like that I can't put a dollar sign on there there's a user and manual smash the live stream we'll we'll figure that out here in a second the next graphics card we have coming up is a 3070 ladies and gentlemen so if you like that kind of stuff and these are going to go on in inventory on the website Chuck danger a BC live stream yeah I'm going to try to do like maybe a stream a week especially when I'm in the computer shop cuz I have a lot of time where I can uh you picked up eight of the server cases from nerd gears awesome all right so symbols oh there is a symbol breakdown here the dollar sign is um not on there oh there it is eight one two three 4 let's see here uh symbol basic pictograph okay I got it I'm I'm I'm it's not exactly the fast way to do it but it'll work there we go boom now one 95 or print that um what's up ladies and Gentlemen let's see here I have three AMD cards not using them now what do you think I can get for them what kind of AMD cards do you have and uh I've been going off of uh for pretty much pricing everything Buy It Now lowest uh price on eBay seems to be a good good one so how's that look ladies and gentlemen RTX 2060 super 195 camera won't it's it's reverse so yeah but I'm labeling everything cuz not labeling stuff it's a pet peeve it is what's up Chuck just breezing through the work day with some YouTube got to start bringing a laptop to work heard that if I can get this label off of here there we go so well bam look at that that's our first labeled item so we'll put this into the display case right here all right so she's got a price we are good to go on that so we need to clear everything and next up we have oh one of these guys you guys know about these this is A2000 RTX A2000 uh it's a PNY and this one is a I believe this is a 6 gigabyte yeah I think this is a 6 gigabyte version didn't they have a 12 gig version of these too let's see here I was going to try to prop it up let's see how much of these bad boys are going for uh Tech techy Rod said he got 3 5800 x3d rigs Mining and unminable to pay out Cass heard that how are those things doing A2000 RTX the A2000 did have a 12 gab version was the 12 gig version the initial one no the 6 gig was the initial one yeah um it looks like Buy It Now lowest is 320 bucks then it goes the 370 380 wow these things are kind of expensive um I'll probably I'll put mine at like like 325 uh time traveler said Brandon coin also think about price tag stand SL clear plastic you can just write SL print on paper so you don't get GPU SL Parts sticky oh yeah yeah I bought the um so I got a label maker and I bought the uh I can't remember what it's called but uh the guy in the store I was like I don't want ones that are super sticky when I peel them off and these are meant for plastic so there's uh no residue or zero residue um I I was thinking about that cuz I hate when stuff has like nastiness all over it all right so we'll go ahead and we'll do this so this is a r um R RTX RTX Spa um did be space on the other one yeah we did um a 2000 A2000 and then up underneath that we're going to go symbol and we'll put her at 325 oh wheel and crypto says all day 350 we're going to give people a little bit of a discount we're going to put her at 325 Sadie uh Chris Hanley oh yall talking to each other do you have any 409s I don't I don't have any 40 series right now I do have three 460s coming in but they've already been a lotted to custom builds so that is unfortunate right now actually Best Buy is one of the cheapest on 40 60s and uh if you have a Best Buy card you can get a 5% back flipper zero no it's a it's a uh it's just a label maker is that what you're talking about all right let's go back to get back to it symbol basic oh okay it stays right where I was at so that's kind of nice um we're going to put this at 325 and print there we go good to see you oh yeah yeah good to see you too man I'm I'm glad to have you GL glad to have some moderators in the house Mr uh techman Ty what's up JB man 2025 glad to have you how many we have in here we got 74 people at almost noon on a Monday I'd say that's that's a success techy Rod glad you're able to catch a stream yeah I'm going to try to do a stream like once a week especially when I'm in the computer store cuz I have so much time where like I'm just chilling here doing stuff and it'd be perfect for uh for doing a live stream kind of like we're doing right this second I need smaller fingers so I can peel these off RTX A2000 350 bones there we go go ha labeled up we're good to go so all right next up we have some oh that's we'll we'll do Ram later I was going to say I got some Dominator Platinum like some really nice Ram but we'll stay with graphics cards we'll stay on course all right ladies and gentlemen we have a how much for the A2000 we're putting it at 325 uh and the web store won't update until after I stop the live stream so I'm just entering it in um we right now we have a classic this is a gigabyte actually very clean got this on a tradein from a gamer look inside that thing um so I don't believe this was actually mined on or at least not mined on nearly as much as most of my stuff this is a 1066 gig so got a lot of love for these things made a lot of money off of uh these gpus right here but they don't resell for very much right now GTX 1060 uh I don't why maybe in the truck outside and that bag I did not yeah right outside the door it's oh okay I got you love you of course love you bye bye all right the wife says hi ladies and gentlemen red panda I was about to stream but this is way better what's up guys um so I'm just uh just to get if everybody an update as they're jumping in I am doing um some inventory adding parts to part and gpus and stuff to inventory and I figured it'd be a good idea to live stream and talk to you guys while I'm doing it so uh next up we have a gigabyte 1066 gig Buy It Now lowest ship or lowest price on eBay for a working one there's a lot of not working ones Parts only Parts only Parts only oh wow there's so many pre-owned it looks like the cheapest one right now is $78 for a working 1060 66 gig so um we'll round it off and we'll make it an even $75 Pascal or bust oh by the way glad to have you red panda in the live stream I think it's it's been a while it definitely has all right so we got a uh GT [Music] TX GTX space 1060 space 6 gigabyte GB there we go we'll drop it down and we'll put it at [Music] um symbol basic what I say $75 yeah 75 print Tada you missed the live streams that's what I was telling everybody in here um I think we are going to be doing a live stream like maybe once a week especially when I'm in the computer shop because I have so much time like this where I'm just doing like monotonous tasks or like going through stuff and I could live stream it doesn't hurt my productivity that much cuz I'm not very productive as it is um and I can talk to you guys and have a good time so check it out oh yeah 10 1066 gig probably can't read it um how is the uh red panda once a week once a day please I hear you big dog we're uh we're we're trying to ramp it up slowly you know all [Music] righty all right so there she is 1066 gig going into the display case all right next up we have have a 3070 we we'll see what those bad boys are going for here in a second um yeah label maker well red panda I don't know if you you caught it um but on one of my videos I went by a another little local PC place and it drove me crazy because they didn't have prices on anything so I had to ask what's the price on that what's the price on that what's the price on that and I don't want to be that shop when people come in I want them to if they can see see it they should be able to see the price and then they don't have to like feel that it's like a weird interaction when you have to keep asking somebody likey what's the price on that was price on that you know what I mean so yeah so just if I have prices on everything people can make their own decisions and and all that kind of stuff Wheeling I want the 1660 that was a 1060 my bad not a 1660 yes buyer confidence 100% uh automatic beat says he wants a 1050 TI I don't know if I have 1050 TI but um Andrew said are you listing these on eBay or your Shopify the all the gpus are going on on my Shopify they're not going on eBay um I'm just trying not to get eat up with fees right now I sold a bunch of stuff on eBay and then it reminded me why I don't use eBay nearly as much I don't need these to sell fast so they can sit on the Shopify for a little bit longer that's not that's not a big deal um so we have the RTX X RTX space Oh uh space and then we have 3070 we'll drop it down symbol basic dollar sign what are 370s going for like what's a fair price cool I'm sure they'll be gone by the time I check Andrew I'm not list none of this stuff's going live uh until this evening that way I have time to actually uh enter it all in and make sure it's all correct because I messed up the other day and I put a CPU in at $0 and it sold like 30 of them and then I had to message people like hey man it was my bad I didn't like I wasn't selling them for $0 so yeah um don't want any of those blunders again because having to call or having to message A bunch of people and cancel a bunch of orders not not fun uh techman Ty oh thank you for the 20 bones 20 big ones buy you and the fam some hamburgers Merry Christmas oh much appreciated brother um we'll definitely throw some hamburgers down oh red panda mining he's sending some 20 of those Canadian maple syrup dollars my way much appreciated Merry Christmas 100% Merry Christmas to you guys as well 37s are going for about 360 to 400 used thank you for that Wheeling um I just punched it in [Music] and I think that's a pretty good price all the girth red panda mining is a copycat yeah techman Ty he did it first on this one Canadian dollar strong right now yeah strong with the old maple syrup money oh John English he's like yeah 20 Canadian isn't that like $3 no it's it's better than that the exchange rate was bad for a while but it's definitely comeing back around um all right so yeah it looks like 307s here's pre-owned for $299 open box that's a Zotac this is a EVGA so we're definitely going to price it just slightly above a Zotac let's find what the cheapest uh EVGA is I'm still I love I love my EVGA cards there we go uh um cheapest EVGA right now on eBay Buy It Now is$ 329 so we'll go with h we'll go with 320 I figure that that's right ban who's banned so we'll go with number three oh goodness 325 enter print boom live action uh Andrew said you panda and Vos are the ones that got me into mining thanks for everything well I am sorry and um I'm I'm glad that mining's turned out good for you cuz there's a lot of people that are like man you got me into mining F you and uh so it just depends on where you came in at what time Point um mining's hopefully been good for you it sounds like it has cuz uh yeah and thank you for the 1999 you had to come in just R up underneath everybody I I appreciate it Andrew really Sadie yes I miss EVGA so much as well Scott Brandon coin don't sell the 370s going to regret in the bull run when you buy them back for 500 um you know what Scott that's the cycle okay we sell when it's low and we buy when it's high you know um I didn't say I was a smart minor okay just I was a minor um but realistically I have I have a few of them uh I'm gon to keep some 30 60 TI to go in the house but I don't think I'm going to scale up like I did in the past I just location wise familywise commitment wise I just got so much stuff going on I'm going to keep the computer shop going if I can give you guys some good deals so be it and uh if I can do a little bit of mining on the side I'll enjoy it so the red panda sell low buy high this is the way yeah that it it is it is 100% um DJ said better than buying 307s for 2,000 Canadian like I did in the last pull run so she's labeled up we'll put that one in there buy high sell high is the new way all right buy high sell high right that's that that's one of them all righty so next up is a this is a gigabyte 3060 TI blow cool blowr cooler bam bam thank you ma'am techman Ty you still holding ether one I have either one but I don't even know how to get to into it at the moment do I have any 2080 TI AK I think I just sold the last 2080 TI last week uh I do have some 2080s and some 2070 supers though if you're interested in those we'll get to those hopefully I don't know we're already 27 minutes end of the live stream and we've made it like two gpus in by the way uh if you're just now joining cuz I see we're up a little bit more uh we are just adding stuff into inventory on the computer shop all this stuff will be going on to the Shopify store this evening um so there's no need to like sit on Shopify and refresh right now I know who you are okay so all RT RTX RTX space 3060 TI and is this a lhr does that even matter anymore I think this is a lhr do you have any gpus with faulty hyx memory um I don't I don't think so see so DJ free stream with every like hey man do you recommend mining with a 360 lhr with an i711 700f um I don't recommend going out and buying that stuff to start mining with but if you already have it absolutely especially if it's cold where you're at um I do have to remember it's not cold everywhere in the world uh because the world doesn't revolve around the us but if it's cold where you're at heck yeah let those things burn watching you sell your mining equipment is a bit depressing uh well some of it's not mining equipment like uh two of those cards over there weren't but some of it is man dude I've had i' I've got boxes like there's a pile over here the the cabinet's full I have boxes of GPU I didn't even have everything running when I was mining um so I need to get some of the stuff into inventory and then I'm going to bring some of it home to mine with got to got to get some of those those GPU profits um where we at symbol basic dollar sign so what do we say on a 3060 TI like 200 bucks 250 Time Travelers it's a business now along with mining yeah and um I'm really lucky cuz my local area there's not very there's not much for computers or parts around here so I haven't even officially opened uh I just put a couple Facebook ads out and I've already gotten inundated with um 3 mil you're not hold your horses you're not mining at all I am mining I'm mining on a couple CPUs and then I brought home a couple 30 60 TI and I'm going to set up a six card rig of those um I'm just not minding what my old capacity was printing coin if I miss your comment by the way I apologize Brandon mostly mining CPUs right now yeah yeah that's right DJ what mining Min motherboard would you buy right now I don't know if I would buy a mining motherboard but there at the end I did prefer the um the like octo Miner knockoff motherboards they were really cheap I don't think they're cheap anymore um but like the riserless motherboards yeah you're very right Mr Travelers I keep wanting to say Time Travelers but it's Travelers Travelers but yeah no I've having a shop and just starting it and and stuff I've gotten inundated with people wanting to buy build repair upgrade trade in the um the options are are ridiculous let's see here so 360 TI looks like they're going for about 230 to 250 on eBay we'll put this one on uh two for 250 number 250 print hi Brandon thank you to be live what's up marro TV I'm glad to have you at 3 mil Bann I don't know what he did but hey if you get banned you get banned is is red panda mining is he a mod oh I think you were joking there red panda You Can't Ban anybody you have no power here Lord of the Rings reference ladies and gentlemen Panda bans everyone yeah [Music] okay boom We priced up another GPU in the books oh goodness all right so NE next up um Rambler says any risk selling on eBay yes there is definitely risk selling on eBay that's why I try to sell a majority of stuff through the Shopify store um and also significantly less fees um let's see here from his Ivory Tower uh just saw all three movies last week yeah thank you I haven't watched a Trilogy in a while I need to all right so next up we have a Asus tough still has the plastic on it but it has been mined on absolutely to the limiter um 1660 super still good to go if somebody wanted to game it's actually kind of clean in there look at that maybe I didn't mind on this one yeah it's actually really clean up in there what's up with that will you regret selling those gpus if we have a second coming of Bull Run I doubt I'll be able to sell everything before we have a second coming of Bull Run and um hopefully I'm going to hear back about becoming a distributor uh of a certain brand of gpus so I might still be able to get gpus anyway hopefully for you guys that'd be nothing or that'd be that'd be something it would not be nothing um so let's see here 1660 supers what are they going for Buy It Now lowest on eBay 1660 [Music] supers Chris said the 1660 super was his favorite mining card yeah know they were they did me really really well Parts only Parts only pre-owned $120 that's more than I thought actually 122 12230 I think I'm going to put my 1660 supers at 125 I feel like that's a good number can't wait for the bull run and pay 15K for a 5070 I know right it's going to be ridonkulous if a customer walk in they become a BC PC famous well right now on like I'm not listed on Google or anything like that so the only way they would know is if they found me on Facebook and found my Facebook page or if they found me on YouTube so very unlikely I I don't have very many walk-ins and I tell people most of the time call before you come in uh because I'm I don't have any set hours right now so um it it's there's there's been very few walk-ins all right so we have a this is a GTX GTX space number 1660 I still think to this day Nvidia butchered the naming scheme for the 1660s these should have not been 1660s I'm just I'm just saying it these should have been like GTX 2060s not RTX 206 60s um I'll leave it at that 1660 [Music] super s u p e r Drop it Down symbol basic dollar sign H we're getting fast ladies and gentlemen there we go enter print a look at that where's Hot crypto when you need him he's working man Chuck said I got an email that my launch day [ __ ] sh I just said just said that s s word I don't think I think that's fine on eBay you can you can say [ __ ] now right your launch day shirt shipped a lot of s's there uh yeah they did just ship out sorry this took a while I had a little bit of issue with the first um supplier I was using for t-shirts not using them again on the next the next batch for the December run uh but yeah really big shout out to all you guys that got launch shirt I I do appreciate it I know they were expensive but it helped a little bit with like some startup costs and stuff and we ain't going to do that again none of none of the other ones will be that expensive uh Nathaniel let's oh I missed that oh what's that hold on Nash wants to Benchmark but doesn't apply extra parameters first benchmarking equals 100% power help um are you what are you talking about on your CPU or I assume GPU in my opinion if if you're going to be doing any kind of like serious Mining and you're not just doing a little bit on the side uh it is beneficial to slam a hive USB drive into whatever computer you're going to be mining on so that way you can fine-tune it and it's just going to mine better and you can mine two nice has from hive that's doable it's been done for a long time um so you can have all your parameters set and everything honky Dory and by the way thank you for the $20 holy smokes we got a lot of lot of quids coming in here the travel The Travelers travels are you putting vram size on the tag should I I haven't been but I can GTX 1660 super are there supers that have different vram sizes I thought they were all six gig or should I just include it on all of them you know as well uh DJ keep it family friendly I try to I have little kids so I I try not to um say the bad stuff you know keep it 100 keep it 100% familyfriendly PG even though YouTube automatically classifies me as light profanity when I upload a video um I'm missing comments here sorry if I miss a comment what is arguably the best in Nvidia driver for mining profitability for octopus or kapal 166 through 3060 I have no idea I I've been way far out of finding optimal drivers game if anybody knows that old school player comom was asking yeah red panda mining light profanity are you are you automatically like set as light profanity as well because I'm like where did that come from cuz I I actually try 99% of the time to not have any profanity you know yes okay so it's not just me props on the Zotac slam last video you know Zotac is what it is and we'll just leave it at that um we find this slightly profane I got you John Nathan if you need to stay in Windows you can use MSI After Burner temporarily yes you can do that as well good good tip there how many square foot is your wareh is your Warehouse house does it get cold during the winter um so my garage area of the house build uh was about 900 ft and it does get cold in there so that's why we're mining oh because that's one of the only tweaks that I can't really get a straight answer on Old School playc com can you ask it again cuz I missed it all right next up going into inventory is a h we got a Asus tough big Honker double plugger all the all the goodness 3070 he be cussing since 2017 I hear you oh and and we will include the vram size on this which this is an 8 gig I think all 370s are 8 gigs we are at by the way this live stream's at 41 minutes I'm going to go for an hour so after that I will going to be cut cutting the live stream off but I promise ladies and gentlemen we will have more live streams in the future so just keep an eye on that don't know when they're happening but they'll be happening 307d space 8 gigabyte oh s H I want the 3070 how much we're going to we're going to go with eBay Buy It Now lowest pricing we are we going to hear more about AI mining I need to get through the holidays before I can do that because that's not something that you're just going to throw up you got to you got to dedicate a little bit of effort into it live streams for the win oh man for me best price I give you best price oh you you sound like some of the locals out here all right what symbol basic what were we at on 307s ladies and gentlemen 22 ramler which 3,000 GP is most desirable I think I think 307s and 3070 TI are very desirable right now even 3060 TI red P says said 275 to 300 yo red the only problem is you live in Dagon Antarctica or whatever to ship to you is like you're going to need to buy more than one thing so expensive how close is your store to Cherokee techman Ty from here to Cherokee is about I think like three and a half 4 hours Chris Fox said five it might be five 3090 is for AI shout out to me for being awesome cats of crypto yeah what's up chug danger Brandon coin $100 shipping yeah it is expensive make sure your 3060 TI doesn't have the hyx memory before buying sell to me in Sweden just throw it over the border from Denmark I'll come get it uh it's not like I get to go over water all right so what I set the other 3070 out in there um all right so that was the EVGA I put it at 320 we'll put this one at 320 as well 320 print I'm 3 hours of Cherokee you must be 3 hours the other direction um so are you 3 hours like away from are you towards Raleigh or away from Raleigh because I'm like 30 minutes from Raleigh do you still play games what games and What GPU for that game so my personal system at home has a 2060 super in it and I have been playing Modern Warfare 3 a little bit um I need to I'm I'm only I think I'm only level like 30 but I mainly just been playing the Zombies mode on it oh and I've been playing lethal company that's actually actually really really funny yeah techman Ty so you'd be like a solid road trip to get out here come on I don't have fingernails to peel these labels there we go bam there we go RTX 3070 boom price 2060 super actually a great card yes it is a great card very underrated card I also game on 1080p judge me I know everybody's like oh my God I need to upgrade your monitors I have bad eyes as it is I can't see anything all right what we got right here we got a Dusty boy it's not too Dusty we'll we'll do that inside if they're bad I got to go outside all right got to try the new cyberpunk 2077 I haven't played any of it let alone the new content I got to finish my gaming PC today too yeah you need to get back into gaming um by the way bring back the Vipers uh I have them in the truck actually I I still wear them cuz my my eyes are like super sensitive to the Sun what is your gaming C PC CPU it is a Zeon 2670 V3 and um I'm using an Asus Rampage x99 motherboard so I have the main clock multiplier bumped up so that in turn bumps up my core clock on like CPU and then it also bumps up my memory clock on the memory so I'm running uh what was it Corsair Vengeance um but it's it's pretty strung out but it doesn't it it probably does like minuscule better than just stock settings but it does really good for me I need to get the old X power blower yeah I know I do dang I don't think I ever caught a BC live before how's it going everyone yeah dude I haven't been live streaming in like years regularly anyway next up on the list we have a oh wow I thought this was a 1660 super ladies and gentlemen I'll give you guys the next 30 seconds to guess what this GPU is I'll even show you the back plate I'll show you the power input and I'll show you the it's got three display ports and one HDMI out what do you think this is uh nobody's right it's not a 5700 it's not a 370 it's not a 5600 it's not a 1660 anything TI or super it's not a 1060 not a 3060 not a 2060 um nope not a 20 not a 580 not a nope not a 26 not a 3060 it's not a 30 series at all it's not a 20 series at all it's not a 10 series at all it is an AMD card that's a hint it's not a 6600 it's not a 6700 not a XT not a 5700 XT not a 570 not a 970 nope it oh hold on techman T I got it it is a it's a 5500 XT techman t yep you got it man you got y'all it took a minute it definitely surprised me it did I I was super surprised about that yeah 5500 XT with a 8 Pin power on the back like what are they doing there by the way I'll prove it I don't know if you guys can see it it's upside down and reversed anyway you're just going to have to believe me yeah a 5500 XT paper weight eight pin for a 5500 XT I know it's crazy winner winner chicken dinner techman Ty you won all of it today 5500 XT what are these going for on eBay are people even selling these what's the specs of the giveaway PC again I'll show you guys the giveaway PC here in a second before we end the live stream we have another 10 minutes before we get off here um it's an i59400 it's a six core uh RTX 2060 16 gigs of ddr4 I think it's like the 2600 MHz I don't think it's anything crazy um and then the uh 1 TB nvme so that is the giveaway PC by the way guys we have like another 12 days or 11 days uh till the drawing for the giveaway PC for December and then we get to do a whole new one for January so it looks like Buy It Now lowest price on 5500 XTS there's actually 100 bucks really wow these are these are going for 100 105 I did not think that are these 8 gigs are these 8 gig cards yeah these are 8 gigabyte cards wow I did not realize that okay 115 I'll put this one at 105 very surprising learn something new every day yeah techman Ty you won it you're a winner what did you wi I don't know all right so shift RX number 5500 XT space number 8 gigabyte drop down symbol enter enter I'm I am just a speed machine when it comes to this one what I say 105 I feel like that's a good that's a good one print D jepetto jellyfish what's up guys yeah what's up man glad to have you any any jellyfish peoples up in the House John dog says how do we get into the giveaways so if you go over to bc- um in the bottom left there's a little red thing it says giveaways I didn't want it popping up in front of people's pces I hate when like you know websites are like overly too crazy you just click on that and then you get free entries by putting your email in liking the Facebook following the Facebook subscribing on YouTube you also get a daily free entry every single day and then you get bonus entries if you buy anything on the website so it is no purchase necessary you can win and it it can cost you nothing um but people that do buy stuff do get extra entries not even going to act like they don't all right so RX 5500 XT 8 gig 105 bam there it is all righty next up taada we have this one's a little Dusty nice hack never gets old Andrew funny situation about that remember I had the nice hack t-shirts and like hoodies and stuff um I got a flag on my uh account and at the time I think it was spring Teespring or whatever um but nice hash copy uh put in a copyright claim to Teespring about my nice hack t-shirts um so they they removed those and unfortunately I lost the original design um but yeah yeah oh nice hack was uh that was a whole whole shebang it was it was funny um I mean it wasn't funny I lost some money but you know what it is what it is so all right next up before we get off here cuz we're running out of time we have 7 minutes left uh we have a radon Sapphire pulse and this is a RX 6600 non-xt nice hash did not pay me back my 0.17 Bitcoin yeah I think at the time I had lost it was a few hundred doar worth of bitcoin but Bitcoin was also very like it was high back then but it was low compared to now so RX 6600 what are those going for right now what do you guys think Moki mooki says Sapphire pulse love these I have three yeah they're really good cards I've never had any issues out of them looks like they're going for 155 157 160 we'll put them up for 155 or mooki says 175 okay maybe we'll go 170 we or 165 we'll split the difference so RX uh 6 let's see here 6600 space it's a 8 gigabyte card 8 GB drop that down symbol fast uh what I say 165 165 print techman they kept 20% of a lot of people that M their own coins back too yeah if you weren't mining into like their wallet and getting paid out like it was even worse of a nightmare I remember BTC was probably in that 2K range um I don't remember exactly what it was but I know it's doing a whole lot lot more now The Travelers travels I get paid Wednesday I'm broke now is that in relation to the RX 6600 The Traveler travels payday advance yeah so wham bam there she is Brandon coin you have a CPU Ram motherboard combo Zeon 2650 V4 12 core 115 on the website how many will you get uh I ordered in 20 of them and well I ordered in 10 without RAM and 10 with Ram uh [Music] I I think seven of them seven of the ones without Ram are already sold um and they apparently they do work they work with desktop memory confirmed I don't have any server Ram but apparently they work with ECC and udm ddr4 as well so if you have server Ram which can be had for very cheap um they're also on there uh but I have another deal working for another supplier after this you'll buy a couple I was going to say red panda after this one um I have another deal working with the same supplier it's a different motherboard it's based off The Machinist but he's going to give me a better deal on them so then I can give you guys a better deal um but that one one's not going to come with 3200 MHz Ram it's coming with 26 2600 MHz Ram um same CPU and stuff but uh my resale price will be I'll be able to drop it down like 30 bucks per per kit uh because he's dropping me down here 2666 yeah it's still good it'll it'll still do do fine um but if you want multiple of those you can let me know and then I can that's shipping to Dagon art Antica or Antarctica whatever it is it's still expensive but we'll figure it out all right so we're we're coming up on an hour um I'm going to let you guys know I'm going to be doing live streams I'm I'm going to commit to once a week shipping $400 for sure yeah so um I'm going to commit to once a week don't know when it's going to be but it's going to happen between Monday and Sunday one of those days so uh yeah I really appreciate you guys for coming out don't sell the panda he will grab all the coins for himself uh did they make a low power 2650 I have no idea but anyway I wanted to show you guys this is the giveaway PC so everybody that comes into the shop it it's actually awesome promotion I had a little thing up up top right here um but it it's just said giveaway on it and but it fell down um so it's like awesome promotion when people come into the shop they see this one it's like lit up it's all pretty looking it's nothing special we got you know a green PCB it is an Asus motherboard but it's not fancy we got green PCB Ram in there there's not even any heat spreaders on it uh it is an Asus 2060 so pretty decent little 2060 nvme a great starter system somebody could get this rock the i59400 for a while and then upgrade to a 97 9700k 9900 k um add a little bit more RAM it's got four dim slots so it's only got two populated great great starter so if you if you're not entered into the giveaway at least in the free capacity um go enter because it's free um right now this one is only available for the continental US and I know you guys are just like oh my God I live in Zimbabwe why don't you include me well unfortunately shipping is expensive um and I'm I'm getting there okay we're going to do this we're we're going to get there I'm going to be able to to ship to everywhere one of these days okay one of these days also look at this I was stacking up graphics cards oh don't okay I don't have any any labels out in the open I'm trying not to unnecessarily dox people that buy stuff from me yeah I specifically turned all the labels away these are shipments going out so if you bought anything over the weekend that's your stuff going out his store hasn't officially open no we're not open yet this is just this is all pre-sale stuff so yeah anyway all right I will see you guys we're at 59 minutes 57 seconds it's time to end it thank you guys adios later are you sure you want to end streaming yes I do want to end streaming and big shout out to everybody that that donated uh I can't see it on here but we're going to get a a streaming computer set up in here so we'll do a better job next time I really appreciate you guys

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