FOMO CPU Mining EP2 Results 24hrs

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all right we're still chugging away and uh profits are down a little bit from yesterday but they're still pretty high so we have 5900 X 5900 X 5800 X and a xon E5 2670 V3 which is a I believe it's a 12 core old zeeon um so this is episode 2 of FO into CPU mining um let's just jump right into the numbers this is just a little update video so in the last 24 hours we have done a139 worth of bitcoin that's 3,768 Satoshi on the first 5900 X this one only has a single stick of ram in it um I got another stick and right at the 24-hour Mark I'm going to be placing that in that bad boy here in a moment um this is the one that's running dual Channel and you can see it's definitely performing better 85 in the last 24 hours and 5,6 Satoshi of Bitcoin by the way we are mining um what is it the um dang I can't even remember now anyway we're mining on nice has it's not Monero but it's the same Al or you know algo um Zephyr is is I believe what it is uh but we're getting paid out in Bitcoin and a lot of people are like oh we need to stack those bags of zephyr um I'm afraid Zephyr might go down um so I just rather mine it on Nash and get my Bitcoin there are other Alternatives you can mine it on unminable and get paid out in a multitude of different coins and I'm going to be doing videos on how to get that stuff set up if you're interested um but by the way let's just look at the numbers before you get into this so and then I have my Zeon E5 2670 V3 it's doing 81 Satoshi or 81 cents a day at 21990 satoshis electric burn all these bad boys together burn right at $119 a day and that leaves us with profit of $3.74 so we made you know five bucks um off of four processors not bad we'll see tomorrow should be better now that this bad boy up here is running in dual Channel we should see another at least 40 cents that would have pushed us over $4 which would have nice that means I would have average profit a dollar per rig but you know it's not and not not everything's perfect um for people that haven't watched episode one I went over the initial cost and the setup initial cost if somebody would have bought all this stuff originally just right now eBay used Buy It Now prices would have been about 1,300 bucks so $3 uh let's go ahead and we'll do some some napkin math here 13 14 divided by 3.74 you're looking at about a 351 day to make back your initial cost so uh not saying you should go run out and buy a bunch of CPUs but it is what it is so um I did accidentally buy another motherboard CPU combo so that'll be coming in here soon so I guess that means I actually am foming in even you know for real a little bit not really it I can use it for other things that's my justification anyway guys um yeah so just keeping this video uh quick little update we'll be doing it day by day and hopefully hopefully we have a better day tomorrow especially with that that dual Channel setup um yeah current actual profitability on nice hash is sewing $468 we did actually a little bit better than that cuz there was spikes throughout the night but um I can't complain uh nice has has been has been decent now as for moving Bitcoin is super freaking expensive so we have $27 in here and we're not moving it right now so hopefully we don't get you know what is it 2017 nice hash all over again nice hack um anybody that remembers that I guess now we're considered ogs which I don't even feel like an OG but it is what it is so yeah wham bam thank you ma'am um well that concludes today's video if you want to stay and hear me ramble on a little bit then just uh continue onwards let me flip the camera around there we go so anyway guys um yeah so videoos over all that kind of stuff but I'm still here and uh for the people that are here welcome welcome um I watch what's going off but uh yeah so interesting news that's going on I added a couple more things to the web store we do have have more nvmes coming in I'm getting CPUs and motherboards tomorrow so if you want good deals on CPUs use CPUs and use motherboards that's going to be updated onto the web store tomorrow so look out for that nvmes are coming next week um I did my last restock of everything that I had in stock I sold you guys literally everything I was keeping some of them for some builds but I have some stuff coming up family stuff so um I pushed all the builds out and I just I can't I can't get to it if I'm not there you know what I mean and um got a lot of family stuff and you know family comes first so it is what it is uh but yeah so by the time I have the next restock of nvmes I'll have drives for the builds that I plan on doing um yeah what was the other thing there was another thing oh we have a new t-shirt design we sold out on the initial launch shirt so those are done um big shout out to the guys that bought those really appreciate it uh the new t-shirt not not only design but price is way more reasonable um and I'm actually working with shout out Alex HD awesome designer does a bunch of web work for me back in the past trying to be able to get him back into things and um he helped me out with this shirt so um I'll show you that that here in a second let me I guess flip the camera around again um but yeah oh before we get to that um I'm going to start doing a monthly uh p PC giveaway or contest SL giveaway um so it is for the US only as of right now um there's some legality re like reasons behind that apparently like the EU is really weird and Canada is also super weird about giveaways um and I'm just not even trying to jump through those hoops right now but uh it is no purchase necessary so if you go on to the website I'll show you where it is you can get entries just by signing up with your email liking the Facebook page subscribing on YouTube and then there is a daily literally you just click there you enter in a Capa code and it gives you a uh a free entry every day and you can do that every day so um starting at the beginning and then ending at the end of the month we're going to do a giveaway PC every month this one is pretty basic uh it's not anything crazy it's a 9th gen I5 6 core I believe it's a 9400 or 9500 I don't remember right off the top of my head uh Asus motherboard nothing special uh it's in like a a little RGB case it's got three glowy fans on the front all that kind of stuff that video will be coming out tomorrow um tempered glass side panel RTX 2060 1 TB nvme and that um and then what else did it have I think that was it oh uh 16 gigs of ddr4 so it'd be a great solid little build to get somebody started off with and you can get entries for free and multiple entries as time goes on um and also if you do end up spending money on the website you get bonus entries for that so free entries um but yeah hopefully one of you guys well I guess essentially one of you guys will win you have to win nobody else can win um but we'll be doing that that that drawing live and um if this ends up doing well I can't wait to kind of expand it and do a bigger and better um build every month so yeah anyway let me flip this around all right guys so um this is the uh the new sorry my screen's like messing up on my camera uh this is the new December design so December 2023 these are going to be available for pre-order now uh until the end of December and whenever December's done these are going to be done and that's the new motto that we're going to do with t-shirts um talk to Alex Alex HD and as long as he's cool with like you know pushing out a new design every month we're going to do a whole new design I told him like inspiration for this is I was like you know astronaut on the moon logo in the flag and maybe like some some stuff up in the sky and he absolutely nailed it out of the park I can't wait to get these in um just because it's just one of I don't know it's just I I really like this one so we have them available in small it's a 3XL um the pre-order is is going to be available yeah until the end of the month I think I already said that um yeah that's that's pretty much it so uh oh I updated and I fixed the categories section now so it's got collection so if you want any like the 3D printed stuff like little stands or displays Ram holders people have been snapping up the ram holders and the nvme holders um you can add these cuz they're really lightweight you can add these to almost any order and it won't like if you're already buy buying stuff it won't make the shipping go up um let's see here computers don't really have much in there as of yet uh but oh yeah apparel so boom these are sold out and never to return again um not in this original capacity and yeah I I'm actually kind of looking forward to just seeing what how the designs go um as time goes on I don't know why I'm just weird like that uh but yeah so we got the CPUs updated um got more CPUs coming in only thing available right now is the i7 10700 and then storage drives so wow all those sold out I added like eight drives there today and I did not up I didn't tell anybody about it I didn't think they would already sell so oh well sorry about that guys but um yeah so look out for that oh and then if you do want to get entered into the giveaway I did not I hate I absolutely hate whenever you go to a website and a bunch of crap pops up in your face so the only way to find out about the giveaway is to click down here in the bottom left where it says giveaway you clicked on that and it'll open it up and it'll say you know there's 32 days my entries are zero cuz I'm not entering to win uh my own PC and this is the the specs on the PC there's going to be a video and I'll have pictures and all up I guess here soon um those are the total entries so far I guess that's from people buying stuff here recently but you enter with your email and you get one entry just for signing up then you get one daily entry that you can come back and get an entry every day answer a question for one free entry another entry for Facebook YouTube so on and then you get 100 entries for every dollar spent on the website and you can get three entries per referral on Facebook or Twitter so bam bam thank you ma'am um hope you guys are having a good one and um I look forward to seeing y'all on the other side so man I'm really feeling this one by the way everybody that did uh pre-order the last shirts where are they at here um these bad boys these are supposed to come in tomorrow I believe what's today's date it is Tuesday yeah they're coming in the 29th and I should get those shipped out by Thursday or Friday um so then you should be receiving them next week the first week of November all right guys I'm going to call it yall have a good night I'll see you on the next one look at my dirty printer I got a new build plate coming in cuz this one's disgusting

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