FOMO CPU Mining EP7 Xeon 12 core Power Usage

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all right what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to episode seven of foming into CPU mining so um as of right now we have December 2nd and um we're up we're up across the board pretty much on everything um these are the ryzen 9 5900 X's that's the 5800 X I still don't have that running in dual channel it's only single channel so I think I can definitely get that up and then the Zeon down here at the bottom at 4 C but um we're up on dollars and we're up on satoshi's so yep currently right now as of December 2nd it is uh Bitcoin is at 39,380 cooling it and my temperatures so if we look right here my temperatures across the board the maximums and I've been mining for a while now let me check my up time real quick um so my up time is 1 day 22 hours and you can see it's mining on you know 12 out of the 24 12 of the cores but it's not mining on the uh the threads or all the threads 12 of the threads anyway regardless so that is the CPU in question temperatures she's running Ice Cold um and then oh people were also saying like oh you got to be burning a ton of power so I'm going to turn my kilowatt meter on and show you guys but across the board she's running ice cold now let me S show you this magical CPU Cooler cuz everybody's like oh my God cooling those chips is impossible it's not that bad cuz they're not burning that much power relatively compared to some of these newer chips that definitely clock up higher um as for I I was going to also bring up and show you guys the CPU clocks let me see here um 325 hidden values H why do we have hidden values I guess um we'll just have to settle for showing you the CPU clocks in here 2.6 GHz all core I thought it was a little bit more than that let's see here configure sensors clocks there we go okay so here is across all the cores yeah it looks like we are running a 2.6 GHz all core so nothing crazy base clock on these is 2.3 GHz so we are boosting up slightly um but not not crazy so I don't know what the the the maximum all core boost on these is I guess it is the at 2604 cuz they're they're hitting that and sticking to it um but yeah let me get this bad boy open and I'll show you the CPU Cooler oh and for reference um I do a little over 5,000 hashes on average um it Max 5,267 but it it sits about 5,000 I am using the computer I have Hardware info open and that pulls my hash down a little bit we're at 4,900 right there we'll let it sit for a second and Bop back up over 5,000 of course it's going to take forever now for uh it to show a hash rate come on oh my look at all the shares accepted accepted accepted show me my house raid please one of these days this is this is redonkulous there we go so yeah when I'm not messing with it it it sits a little over 5,000 sometimes about 5100 hashes uh I am running I believe I'm running in Quad Channel but um when I open it up yeah yeah I'm running quad Channel 8 GB sticks but let's get her open all right so I have a Cooler Master 120 aiio mounted to the back of the case um just pushing air straight through the cooler straight out um and it's just mounted like on the motherboard simple as that uh this motherboard is a Asus Rampage V extreme or I guess that's F Rampage five extreme awesome motherboard don't judge how dirty it is in here but yeah that boy bad boy keeps her cool so let's get it fired back up and let's see how many watts she's using um all right so I just fired it back up made sure Intel presets have been set so we're running all the be's knees we'll let her get fired up all the cores are oh yeah we're hitting that all core turbo right [Music] now currently 51 cents a day and it's showing us on here at 4.7 k aash so we can definitely that definitely will rise up to five but let's see what our power usage is is doing so let me see here uh we are currently at 180 Watts now this system is also suffering from it has having two hard drives two ssds it's got an nvme we're running four sticks of Ram uh we also have a 2060 in there burning power um I think that's the main unfortunates uh I know those hard drives are eating up a little bit of wattage um that 2060 is eating up some unnecessary wattage so that full 180 Watts um can't be attributed to just this CPU but you know what we'll we'll take that into account anyways um I don't I don't think that's that's bad I think the CPU is probably doing somewhere in the range of about maybe 140ish to 130 uh I guess you know what would be a good test is like to test those cuz those are uh like headless there's no gpus on there so I could get really good wattage readouts but anyway I was just uh referring to the Zeon for today's video because everybody was like oh this system's got to be burning like some crazy amount of wattage um we're not even burning 200 Watts ladies and Gentlemen let's see here let me see if it's a it clean down here right now we're at 182 Watts so not not bad at all letting her letting her settle in she's at 4.8 kill a hash and I need to clean under my desk but um yeah so definitely don't be afraid of these older Zeon people think they're like fire breathing demons more often than not I think whenever people fire up the xeons in like a Server Chassis they burn a ton of power because they have really small coolers with those force-fed fans and those fans end up burning a ton of power but um yeah I'm not saying to go out and like buy these up in droves but uh don't be afraid of them either so yeah cuz I think the TDP on this one's like 130 Watts so 130 watts to 180 it is believable to to to think that like 40 to 50 watts is getting eat up by the GPU couple hard drives couple solid States guess solid states don't really take much but yeah so I'm I'm pumped about that haven't done any tweaking on these um apparently you can I don't know the xeons are just not not very happy with with a lot of a lot of tweaking but anyway I'm going to end tonight's video y'all have a good one and I will see you on the next one adios

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