Gaming laptop Came in No Boot

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brandoncoin YouTube channel I hope everybody's doing well um a customer dropped by and dropped off his laptop he said he was having problems it wouldn't load um so I don't know it much more than that so let's plug it in and see what it's doing all right so I booted it up and it's going to set up confirmation e fi PX e0 for ipv Vo for boot failed we'll hit okay goes to checking media then it boot fails again so I'm going to jump into the BIOS and see what kind of Drive is installed or see if it even sees a drive period all right and that seems to be our issue uh hard dis not detected so let's open up the back of this thing and see what's going on all right ladies and gentlemen WIP this it is now the next day and I pulled out the other Drive I don't know where it's uh I think I left it on my desk but it had a 1 tbte uh Drive in there and for some reason I pulled it out and swapped it over to this side it would not populate it would not show up um I told him the only thing I had right now that was close to it was a 512 gig SSD he was like I just need to get it back up and running so we're going to put that 512 in there I got to move the the mounting stud over to here so luckily it's the the correct size but um we'll get this back boy fired up put a fresh copy of Windows on it and see how we're doing all right so that one's done and it's ready to go out I'm going to try to start using this top shelf for like stuff that's finished guess I'll need to move that radiator somewhere um but yeah on to the next thing we have to pack some orders and we got some 3D printed stuff that needs to go out some of these Ram holders and guys I didn't even realize it but if you're using let me show you if you're using some of not like the big Ram obviously but if you're doing like the little Ram hold on let me show you this if you're doing like just standard size RAM and let me put it in there correctly put another one like right there um you can take another one of these and almost make it like a uh like a little travel case which I don't know why you would be transporting a lot of ram but I just thought that was kind of cool don't know if that's an intended use case scenario but I am working with a guy on a new 3D print and it's going to have stackable Ram containers the only thing that's tough is like all these aftermarket little coolers and stuff they're all different sizes so I'm going to try to find like the biggest one which these Corsair Vengeance are pretty big um and then just base the stacking height off the biggest one but that increases the amount of print time and of course increases plastic and increases Price ever so slightly but yeah fun stuff so going to get those orders out and um be right back all right guys I'm going to get the rest of the t-shir uh t-shirt t-shir uh t-shirt orders out today um and I just wanted to mention I've been daily driving in the laptop or in my office this is the laptop it's got 4 gigs of RAM amd8 8 6410 Apu which is a four core 4 thread AMD CPU from like yester year and this thing is abysmal super slow it doesn't like to run for a very long time see it's been up for 18 hours and it's chugging chugging along only 2.5 out of 3.4 Gigs available cuz it puts some of it on the the graphics for the Apu so that is going to be the next thing when I get some free time we are going to be building a wallmounted office PC because I need something that I can use that's not going to be holding me up and it'll free up some desk space right here so I'm thinking I'm going to end up putting that monitor right there I want to still do a dual monitor setup so maybe like monitor there monitor there maybe on like a swivel I'm not exactly sure and then wall mounted PC right there just bare motherboard maybe power supply below it and then you know just GPU we'll figure out the bracket setup but uh I think that that's coming next so just had that thought wanted to express it if you have any recommendations please let me know all right now sorry to jump around on you guys um another order going out graphics card um but I need to start getting some of my other graphics cards into inventory so I went ahead and bought myself a there it is we got a label maker because one thing that drove me crazy nothing special little little brother little brother um drove me crazy is I went to the other you know place other computer shop as you can call it or whatever and they had no prices on anything and I'm like and I just realized then you got to ask oh what is this what is that what is this so I'm going to price out everything and once I price it I'll put an item number on it and then add it into inventory on the Shopify store so um that way everything gets uniform cuz right now I'm looking down there and I see 1 2 3 4 ryzen chips and I go over here to my inventory and I'm showing I only have three ryzen chips in inventory I have a 1300x a 1500x and a 5650 GE so leads me to wonder what in the heck is over here that did not make it into inventory there's a 3200 GE a 1300x 5650g G and the 1500x so that 3200 G never made it into inventory but then it says sold out I'm so confused bear with me one second all right so I'm searching through my orders and I never sold the 3200 G but it's still here because I never sold it but I obviously entered it into inventory and then never entered that I had one on hand so yeah hopefully I'm going to go through start adding all this stuff in there so you'll see over the next few days uh I won't be able to get it all today because I'm about to leave I'm I'm going to maybe try to get like something uh but I'll add new categories so I'll have categories for graphics cards and we'll do a category for you know motherboards and so on but um yeah I noticed how many Intel chips do we have right now see got a couple Intel chips too 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 nine got nine Intel chips and if we go over here to the website categories uh Intel what do we have one two three four four I know we have multiple we have three of the 8100s those are right here yeah so three of those this is a 8500 that's not an inventory so we'll set that over here to the side um 7400 that is that is an inventory uh 70 apologize about that 7100 I3 that is not an inventory need to add that in 8400t that is an inventory so we'll put that in here 8,400 non that is an inventory as well 7100 I3 nope that's not an inventory either so yeah yeah so uh I'm I'm sure I'm going to run across a lot of things like that uh as for like pricing is you think it'd be okay if I just literally stick like little labels on the IHS I don't see why not most people clean them off anyway um yeah I don't know we'll see but uh wham bam thank you man I need to get like a flat display for CPUs that way people can you know see what it is I can put like you know I3 8100 then the price and a part number like on cuz the this the labels I bought like uh do two lines of text so I could do a label and a label and that should figure it all out anyway sorry you probably you guys probably don't want to see all this stuff

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