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foreign [Music] [Music] here hope you're doing well having a really great day as of recording this video I have to go on a flight in about two hours two or three hours from now as of recording because I am going on a trip for almost a month so I will be gone and I guess by the time you guys watch this video it may be a week or so in where I'm already in the vacation it's not really a vacation it's it's kind of a kind of like a family trip where we were supposed to go during the pandemic unfortunately due to a family member passing away so we're unable to go so now I guess we have the ability to go now things are kind of more so open now for the better part of this year maybe last year as well but yeah I just wanted to give you guys an update here of uh you may not see a video on this channel for maybe a good couple weeks because I will be gone for essentially a month and so in this video I just I don't know I just wanted to talk about maybe some of the projects that I wanted to film that I didn't get to obviously and just talk about just I guess just everything regarding the channel and also where I've been making videos for over the past I don't know past year I mean a lot of you guys know I moved into this new house and new essentially mining location where I got 400 amp service and it's been it's been quite a journey to say the least I have done essentially a lot of work here but um anyways going through okay uh while I guess uh you may have seen a lot of videos in the previous week here maybe my phones from hot crypto mining probably my ks0 I got from and if we go over here my beautiful Radeon sevens from mining chamber also made a little update video regarding my six Radeon sevens that are mining Dynex right now it's doing pretty good doing pretty good and man I got a I was really hoping I could get my vast dot AI rig up before I left but nope it's going to sit here because I didn't have time to set up the I guess Ubuntu and set up the go through all the commands and uh yeah I just ah my my mind right now guys I have to I have to tell you something like it's hard for me to keep a schedule as most of you hopefully know I am a one-man show I record all the videos myself I edit the videos myself I answer emails sponsors what have you social media from Instagram Twitter Youtube of course and oh man my Discord which I'm honestly all of my social media I to be honest I'm rarely on because it's it's just a lot to manage and let alone managing I guess editing my videos alone is it takes a lot of time doing that all myself but I'm not complaining at all this is something that I would not change for anything else in the world I would not change for any other jobs that I've had in the past because what I'm doing now I sincerely really enjoy doing all of this kind of stuff crypto Mining and also creating content and also creating just I guess entertainment as well in a sense and just a lot of things that involve the crypto mining Community as a whole I I'm seriously super passionate about all of this stuff but so I'm I'm kind of trailing off here the thing I want to talk about regarding I guess for me to schedule I guess videos or I don't know meetings with people contacts with networking with people I don't keep a schedule at all because things change on the fly in the crypto mining Community I mean as you all know things change so fast so I think for myself I have ADD or ADHD or something when I start a project I always think of the next thing and then I I just I I want to go into that you know what I mean like how my brain works it's just like when I want to do something I go for it you know like I do it and I always leave projects behind as you all know like my 20 a GPU mining rig I know a lot of you guys have been asking about this and let me tell you I don't know what it is about this you know 20 GPU mining frame I've had very hard experiences with this mining frame it's been a nightmare to say the least you guys know I probably made like three or four different 19 16 21 24 GPU mining rigs or something and this one is supposed to be a 20 GPU mining rig just because of the motherboard right this is a 20 USB mining motherboard which I don't even know if you know I can have 20 CMP 50 HX cards like that's that's the thing I'm just like it's kind of like causing that you know anxiety for me and so I've been having this not like a mental block but more so the limited mental capacity in my mind to finish and attempt this rig okay it I don't know how to explain it to you guys but it's something where trying to finish a project and ultimately thinking that there's probably going to be issues that's that's yeah that's that's what I'm that's what's happening with me on this rig and I mean there's a lot of other projects that I have that I'm supposed to do and I never finished I mean you guys know my my 24 6600 XT rig here and I'm supposed to have another 6600 XT Tower mining cave Tower and it's just actually this rig here this Tower mining cave Tower is actually just sitting it's not even on right now okay because ever since I put in my low power mining shelf as most of you know which has you know ks0s Evergreens like polos uh Chia yeah I mentioned that already uh ks1 CPU mining um phones Jazz Miner like low power stuff solo Bitcoin mining stuff cell phones mentioned that already yeah like I yeah I just I put everything on the Shelf because I was just getting I guess kind of I guess sick or annoyed that I had all these little types of miners sitting and I didn't have a place for them in my new mining location essentially so coming back now to my gpus and hobbyist minor I mean every time I look at your flag it just feels like you're you're looking at me you know you're giving me that look like red panda like what is wrong with you like I'm gonna take your flag down this is this is this is not good I'm just kidding obviously oh I think I broke it nope it's good I wouldn't do that I'll be a spider all right that's good that's good Max voltage okay where was I yeah see guys I my head just Trails off all the time like I swear ADHD that's that's my problem I'm a crypto mining YouTuber in a sense and my mind just goes everywhere with tons of Unfinished projects and man I just I want to have all my gpus on but okay so here's another issue this is where my mind just goes all over the place I didn't get time yet or the mental capacity to run 4 30 m 240 volt circuits okay I got all the parts ready I'm actually I need more 10 gauge wiring okay I need to run it from my circuit panels two by 200 amp circuit panels need to run up there go up there and I need to come down pretty much where veteran minor flag is so I'm gonna have four 30 amp circuits here and I want to have my GPU mining shelf right here okay right here I've been wanting to have that for so long actually the past couple months I've been saying it but I just haven't had the brain power the energy like just to run the 10 gauge cabling just to right there it's actually pretty short I have the 240 volt 30 amp circuits ready to go in it's just yeah guys I just have I I don't know to be honest I think it's just because I have a lot of things going on not only with yes with the house here you guys know it's been fully renovated and it's not really quite done I also had some issues with the sewer sewer line I think it was like more so like two weeks ago and I had to pay a lot of money to fix that and I don't know you know it just causes headaches and at the same time I've self-imposed a you know at least a video or a live stream a day right all you guys know know that I have done videos and live streams or videos almost every day right pretty much every day over the past four years more so maybe this past couple months I've had to you know go to live streams because I haven't had a lot of time these days to make videos every single day and it's let me tell you it's it's not it hasn't been easy right it hasn't been easy and plus now that I I just told you guys I'm going on a on a one month trip me and my you know wife and kid we've been planning it and you know it's also a lot of work too as well as my my kid too right he's super young and I gotta be sure everything is okay with him before I go so I actually like gotta go in like another two hours here as of uh recording but I yeah I just I don't know I wanted to record this video for you guys just letting you guys know what's going on what's happening with me if you guys don't see a video on this channel for I don't know another two or three weeks it's because I'm I'm on a trip just wanted to let you guys know that I'm just keeping you guys updated and yeah just I I'm I'm coming back okay I'm not like leaving or anything actually you know I told you guys I don't schedule like I don't use a calendar right my brain doesn't work like that I told you I'm actually I use like a Google doc and I write in my video ideas on a Google doc so that I don't forget right obviously I have the 20 GPU mining rig but I have so many ideas my low power rack here with a lot of wired and even wireless devices I am actually thinking of uh I have a Linksys router here with open wrt it's an open source essentially router and it can have a VPN installed as well like VPN servers so all the traffic from like let's say all these devices will go through here and then through a VPN like I want to do a video on that I've been wanting to do that for just to have less congestion for those that have a lot of small different miners okay maybe I'm an exception I don't think many of you guys I don't know maybe a lot of you guys have a lot of small devices even phones right every single phone has an IP address so that's going to have a lot of you know it's essentially overhead to your router and you guys know I have a ubiquity system set up which it will handle it will handle all that no problem I want to have a VPN uh separate on having it less overhead on my ubiquity and then having it onto this Linksys router so that all the traffic will be in a single pipe going to a VPN server outside of my ISP because when an ISP sees I don't know a lot of different devices connected going outside going pinging a lot of servers I could think of it as like a DDOS or something and I'm not ddosing obviously I just have a lot of devices that have IP addresses that are communicating outside to essentially mining pools so why not have it tunnel through a separate router right on its own switch so everything goes through here and then goes out right through my ubiquity setup and then out through the internet through the VPN right it's just one single tunnel and not just through my Wan IP all of my little devices are pinging out through my when IP it's all going to to go through a VPN which would be on this you know Linksys router anyways that was one of the video ideas I wanted to do and actually another video idea that I wanted to do was uh PF sense now this is uh this is my own like PS sense router I bought off Alibaba but I was gonna do it in a way where you have your own desktop PC like any old computer and then with two network cards for your mining rigs okay essentially your own router your own homegrown router where you can do VPN you can do vlaning you can just have it totally segregated from your home network right let's just say your mining rigs with Hive Os or maybe a bunch of mining os's or even crypto wallets you want to keep them totally separate on its own VLAN you can do that with PF sense you can do that yourself at home open source you don't have to spend too much money right that's one that's another like kind of like networking video that I've been wanting to do for a long time but I haven't uh I haven't managed to get around to do that yet obvious obviously I don't have to say it again and another like networking video are my servers so I hate that I have to go for like a month and I have to leave this sitting basically doing nothing three HP servers that already have esxi uh VMware and um I haven't set up my basically my san okay my storage array for my data store for my virtual machines okay so I yeah I've never got around to clustering my servers even though I got esxi on them and then I have trunass scale on here but I have not configured it to have a iSCSI data store to my virtual machines yeah oh man just so much to do I really need to sit down and just buckle down and get that done when I come back of course it's just it's just a cluster guys everything I have here it's just unfinished and like I want to get like two more server racks here eventually and like I need like a big UPS system I I don't know I have a lot of Dreams a lot of things I want to do but I'm just I'm just not ready yet I I'm just as you all know I'm just scatterbrained everything I have to do is all over the floor and don't have enough time or no it's like I have enough time but I think it's just because when I think of something or when something else comes up it takes away from another thing that I have to do I don't know if that makes sense or not but as the content creator I guess that kind of goes hand in hand as to why I don't have essentially a schedule and if I had a schedule and if something came up I'd have to push everything forward anyway and I have to waste time you know putting it inputting it into the calendar and all that crap no no no no when something comes up I like to make a video on it right away as you all know when something new comes out and you know I don't know for some reason I think that's that's better maybe for how it works instead of me you know having a calendar but to each his own I know that everyone has a different way of handling things I guess it's been like four years now since I've been doing YouTube and I I think I'm okay maybe not maybe I'm not okay I think it's because at the same time when I was this over this past year and a half when I was you know renovating this house came getting it all set up while trying to make videos every day that was probably one of the biggest hurdles I've ever done in my life that was probably the most busiest thing I've ever done at the same time you know I have a kid too taking care of the kid family doing all that at the same time it's it's a lot it's quite a lot anyways guys I'm just rambling of nothing here I will see you all in a month I guess or less than that uh maybe two or three weeks by the time you guys watch this video it's not a good buy but it's just a good buy for now and uh we'll continue on the content when I come back hopefully you guys don't miss me I know most of you won't but take care everyone I hope you're all safe and well and I hope I'm safe and well by the time I come back I appreciate the whole crypto mining Community I appreciate all of you without you guys I wouldn't be here and hopefully it's mutual between you guys and me if I wasn't here creating content entertainment then you would be I don't know watching something else I don't know okay I'll see you all in the next one have a good one peace out [Music] man

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