Got my first scam order at my pc shop

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel today is another Shop video we are in my computer shop BC's PCS uh if you didn't know about it but regardless I have gotten my first scammer or wave of scammers I imagine it's either a group or it's one person that's doing it over and over again um I am using Shopify so I do have some tools and some ways to see those kind of things uh but they put an order in and um I have my shop top phone number attached to the transaction history for whenever a credit card gets charged and I didn't know it was a scammer at first cuz it came in over night last night in the middle of the night you know I didn't fulfill the order I didn't ship anything out you know it's Saturday night uh nothing's getting shipped out Sunday so uh but then I get up this morning and I get a call and they were like hey um what are you and why' you charge my C and I'm just like um you're I'm a computer shop I'm technically not even open today but but I figured I'd I'd answer my phone um and what was your order and they like we didn't have an order I'm like ooh okay well let me check what was the amount and the amount that they told me matched up perfectly to the amount that got charged in the middle of the night at like 4 a.m.

And I'm like okay well it looks like your card information was compromised and used by somebody else I go in and Shopify gives a awesome breakdown of like a fraud analysis report this one was flagged as highrisk um you know please contact it's it's like what is it it recommends contacting customer for further verification blah blah blah blah but high risk of Fraud and then you go into a fraud breakdown and it'll show you how many times that they tried to check out how many different cards they used it doesn't show you like the card numbers or anything but it tells you how many cards they tried to use and on this one they had tried to use like seven cards uh they had been at at the checkout for so over many times like it was just a lot of information the big thing is the IP address location didn't match up to the shipping location which didn't match up to the billing location and neither did the names for the shipping or the billing match up so it was just like nothing matched up um I haven't run into too many high-risk uh situations yet I I did have two other people that uh were flagged as high-risk but it was because they were using a proxy and they had their IP showing up somewhere in Africa but they were ordering stuff to like the Midwest in the US so those flagged I contacted them they were able to provide verification it was no big deal they laughed about it I laughed about it it was a good time um that's been you know months ago or about a month ago uh no issues there on this one it was just really good on the person that got their credit card stolen that they saw it and they called right away cuz I was just like bam I'm going to go ahead cancel that order I'm not shipping anything and um yeah just go ahead and cancel your card and they're like yeah well we already did um and so everything should be hunky Dy on that end uh but then not even an hour later the same IP address which I wouldn't imagine is a very smart thing ordered in another thing to the same shipping address with a different credit card and a different billing number so I'm like ooh this this could be a problem obviously I know this is this is a scam cuz it showed me again that they tried to use like five different cards all this different stuff just didn't match up um and they also ordered an item that honestly doesn't sell very well um so I was just kind of baffled on that but I was just like why would they have ordered that out of everything regardless um canceled that order and I went into uh my settings and now I have set to hold high-risk orders before they charge for payment um so that way if it comes in then I can reach out and verify if it's an actual highrisk order or not so if you do go try to buy something from my store um and it doesn't give you an order confirmation or charge your card it just gives you a um I think it what it was a shopping transaction number or something like that and sends you some kind of weird email but it doesn't actually charge you that's the situation and for people that are watching this that want to just buy stuff legitimately um using an a proxy or some kind of Ip jumping hiding any kind of software like that will probably trigger you so um unfortunately uh I would ask that if you are buying stuff from the website don't use one of those obviously if you want to use one then use one um I'll probably just have to reach out to you and then after you charge your first time I'll see that you're a recurring customer and then it's it's a non-issue at that point cuz once you a recurring customer I I I know we you know make that connection um but just giving you guys a little bit of heads up but uh I just I thought I would share that story because I I figured it was inevitable before you know scammers and spammers and all that kind of stuff made it uh to that point but since I have enacted that uh new set of rules or you know governing guidelines uh I've already caught three more orders and luckily it didn't go through the payments it didn't go through the processing I just saw that it they have put up a transaction ID it doesn't even pull the items out of inventory so it just basically puts it into a limbo State a hold State um and then I just cancel it and it's not really it doesn't cost me anything other than that little bit of time um and honestly they're just wasting their time rolling through and trying to keep on scamming uh I have since blocked that IP address um that I got confirmation that you know there was an issue there um I know you got to be careful you know security through obscurity so I can't uh say everything but I figured I would give enough information out that if anybody else is selling stuff online or going to start selling stuff um this is definitely one of the things that you'll run into um I am nearing my I'm getting close to my 200th order um and we started officially in January but we did sell some stuff in December so um orders are rolling rolling in uh it is it's going to happen uh it's it's the unfortunate truth of the internet there's scumbags everywhere but anyway I wanted to thank you guys and thank all the uh the loyal legit customers that are out there you guys are awesome I really do appreciate y all and um yeah it's been a good ride it's been a good ride I can't wait can't wait to see where this ends up um I I definitely feel like I've already already outgrown this little space but I'm going to try to stay in in this little spot for as long as I can before I jump into a bigger location cuz the last thing I want to do is get my overhead too high and then have a bad couple of months that ends up wiping me out because uh some of those retail spaces get very expensive very fast but that's not why we're here so anyway thank you all for coming out I'll see youall on the next one peace adios all that kind of stuff and uh Drop it Down Below have you guys been a victim of like credit card or uh identity theft any anything like that um I'm not too proud to admit that I have had my card stolen before and did not know how like 100% didn't know how it happened and that's always like that scary part it's just like did it get fished from like a credit card scanner or you know did it go online or blah blah blah blah I just canceled the card got a new card and haven't had any any issues since so cross my fingers um I have gone to using outside of the internet if I'm if I'm dealing with people face to face I try to use cash as much as possible so that's uh yeah pull I try to pull a lot of cash out use a lot of cash um it works really good for buying stuff it also works really good when you sell stuff if people bring in cash so that's always nice um yeah you we'll just keep it at that but anyways ladies and gentlemen I'll catch youall on the next one peace stay safe oh we're at nine minutes and six seconds why don't we go to 10 minutes just to like appease the the YouTube algorithms you know what I'm saying um yeah yeah so cyber security keep your information secure don't get scammed was kind of was kind of cool talking to that person cuz they were just like I didn't buy any computer comp Parts I didn't buy any computer parts from you and I'm like but if you need any uh later on let me know and they're just like I will and um they really appreciated being able to just contact somebody cuz I know I was really frustrated when I got you know hacked or you know my card got stolen um this has been a while ago but they randomly went on to eBay and bought like iPods and iPhones and eye touches and not even like new ones like older generation ones and just got to shipped to like a bunch of different places luckily I caught it all and got it all returned and got all my money back but it was just like a really really weird scenario kind of like in in this one you know they didn't go buy my highest value items they didn't even buy desirable items they just bought random junk like and I say that those are my items I have for sale but you know I have like offthe wall stuff like sticks of DDR3 you know like why are you buying 2 gig sticks of DDR3 in addition to other stuff that wouldn't even match up with that I don't know regardless anyway um we made past that 10-minute point you ain't got to go home you just got to get off this video unless you want to watch it again all right it's really over now bye

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