GPU Mining Crypto for Heat

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brandoncoin YouTube channel I hope everybody is having a swell day um today we are adding another GPU to the farm so as you'll see over there we have a 3070 up top mining I believe that's a 3070 might be a 3060 TI but um we're going to be adding this 3070 right here to this bottom rig because I need extra heat in here and need I need to quit using a space heater in here um and I know somebody did mention I don't have great insulation in here uh I have been so this is all made out of plywood and then I started um lining the inside of it with moving blankets once I get all of the moving blankets up I need some more of them um it'll probably hold heat better but in the meantime we can put more stuff to mine in here so yeah I'm going to go plug that in and then we'll jump on the computer and see see what a RTX 3070 is generating today as of December 23rd 2023 so let's get it all right ladies and gentlemen so got her plugged in and running she seems to be pretty happy uh that is the 370 and let's see we're doing 29.2 mahash at 150 W uh core 1400 memory 2000 power limit is on 50 I could probably pull that back a little bit but um seems to be happy right there now let me pull up nice has real quick all righty rig manager sorry I was so let's show just kapow looks like pool side we're seeing about 20 25 mahash oh this is the rig that's had it online for an existing amount of time um about 86 cents 87 cents a day let me go to the one that just just got online should be I believe it's this one yeah so let's show Capal so this one's coming online at 27.84 we'll have a better understanding of of how this one's going to run after we give it some time because it's just just firing up uh but yeah so that potentially adds about another 70 80 cents a day worth of of mining which ain't great but it's better than running a space heater in here cuz that is that's coming up to my alternative uh overall my history and stats looks like I am little over $4 a day right now so what's that like 20 something a week I don't know let's see here 4.71 * 7 $32 a week at the moment if if things hold I imagine this should go up this um adding that 3070 should push me over $5 a day um and it's crazy because that that's a fair amount of Hardware running to get over $5 a day now if we go over to what to mine I was wondering but it's it's a 3070 on kapow should be doing about 82 cents a day after power it's profiting about 39 cents so I'm not far off of that it says I should be mining kapow at 27 megahash at 180 Watts so we're actually doing more megahash at less wattage so there there it is ladies and gentlemen and it looks like the only thing edging that out right now on what to mind is Rio coin we'd be making 98 cents a day but we ain't messing with no Rio coin right now I wonder if we go to um hash rate.

For the 3070 and see looks like AI power grid is a dollar a day Carlson and Orum 84 cents a day okay so there's nothing else other than like vast AI at the moment that's blowing it out of the water oh okay well makes me makes me feel a little bit better about it so anyway I'm going to let that bad boy mine um I did want to remind you guys that the if you go over to uh bc- that's the website the giveaway only has a few more days till the end of this month the giveaway pops up right down here in the bottom I didn't want it to be some big annoying thing that pops up right in your face so you just click on it and it is is free to get entered uh you subscribe with your email you get one free entry for that every day you come back here you can click on this and get a free daily entry answer one question for an entry like us and follow us on Facebook for an entry and subscribe to the YouTube channel if you're already subscribed you just click that and it verifies that you're subscribed and you get a free entry so yeah you can you can absolutely win this computer for free um just by doing that and obviously if you spend money on the website you get bonus entries but you don't have to do that to win we have 7 days and 22 hours left ladies and gentlemen so yeah I have zero entries because uh I can't win my own computer but hopefully one of you guys do this is a great starter system I5 9400 16 gigs of ddr4 and a 1 TB nvme topped off with a 2060 so that could be upgraded to a 9900k you can go to a little bit more RAM because it's got four dim slots and only two of are being populated and then of course a 2060 is a good starter GPU but definitely could step up from that later on anyway I'm going to jump off here I hope you all have a good night adios

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