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[Music] a [Music] oh [Music] a [Music] n [Music] he [Music] he [Music] he [Music] good morning everybody well might be afternoon for some of you welcome to the live stream welcome Bros happy holidays New Year's whatever to all of you if you're watching this video after the fact it's not it's not 2024 yet but we're bringing back rig piics yes we're bringing it back thank you to geek of all trades for uh for oh for reminding me to to do rig picks okay we're going to we're going to bring it back and so before I begin if you guys would like to post your rig picks I have a new chat Channel called rig-i on my Discord on my Discord Channel and it's a new style of posting rather than just one single chat um they're now in individual posts instead which is I think is really cool and people can comment on them on individually and uh can see the the rig picks this way so overb Tech post the p16 sweat uh so yeah please come join Discord and uh post your rig picks now I'm going to address I'm going to address the elephant in the room I'm going to address the elephant in a room I think some people are going to comment on it red Pand red panda you promised us you promised me you didn't go through my rig picks in back in 2021 2022 even 2023 and you know what it's true I have failed I have failed all of you I I I H I was not able I was not able to go through all the rig picks in the rig piics archived okay this is my previous rigpix channel which there are hundreds of thousands of rigp picks in here which you all know we tried to do every other week every week but I was unable I was unable to go through all of them and it it it was a lot you know what why am I why am I putting this on myself this is not my fault this this is not my fault it's you guys you guys were the ones who posted too many rig picks to come in here and tell me I was not able to go through and finish all the R Rig picks this is not my fault I'm just kidding I'm just kidding so what's happening here what's Happening Here is I no longer going to go through this rigp pick's Channel okay there there's just there's just too many and I I I I was unable to uh go through and finish holy crap look at this who painted this techman oh my God look at that oh no is this is this an octom Miner but painted red that's that's pretty sick that's pretty sick okay so we're going to be starting off with a br 180 309s dude dude this guy holy smoke okay so what we're going to be doing is going through the new rig picks chat Channel okay which is under red panda video material on my Discord all right so if you would like to post someone just po someone just posted their rigpi right now new someone just posted one right now that's that's awesome that's awesome all right so hopefully everyone's not mad Stephen everyone on Steven you are banned Smokey Dan you are also banned you are also B smash the like Bros Smash the like 121 people here 28 likes thank you guys for being here happy happy New Year to all of you all right so please don't unsub please please please don't 123 29 likes come on smash the like let's go let's let's go and then I'll begin Let's Go Party Time rud puts Raptor mining what's up man Raptor mining what's up man overboard tag CL it's not a boy then retro mic retro mic what did retro mic retro mic say almost got Fate number five what's that your Discord notifications make me angry pan what what's wrong with that look most of my notifications come from I think I see 1K over 1K notifications on on veteran miners chump change has 795 notifications uh uh so many Ed R chats in that Discord well it's not my fault okay it's not my fault all right all right so we're going to begin rig picks here so this posted 30 days ago we're we're going to try to keep up with this okay we're going to try to keep up with this posted 30 days ago let's switch to the big pck screen I have I haven't done this for a while please please bear with me I'm on I'm on live I'm not on top I'm On Top chat okay all right you guys will have to help me cuz it's been a while so all right so this one's posted by I can't even see the names why are the names like shortened wh why is this guy's name short anyway anyway this gentleman posted 10 CMP 50 hxs ready to mine all right this is a 12 GPU mining frame this is the typical 10 uh 10 of these he said 10 of these CMP 50hx look at this this is nice I'm worried that this is going to get pretty hot because they're so they're so close together that's the one thing I didn't like about these frames is that you know I ever I never made them into 12 GPU card rigs I only made made them into six card rigs spread out um Fox law you're in streamer mode Panda oh no wonder no wonder um rud puts M for 24 months thanks bro it's already been two years of fun in Banning people it's a lot of fun keep it up bro ruds thanks bro dude it's been it's been a great past two years for sure for sure man for sure um yeah streamer mode makes all the names first letter no wonder I don't want that how do I disable that usernames have been truncated oh there we go okay disable there we go PL there we go there we go I can see it now I disabled it I want to see everyone's username all right PL La thank you for the rig pick okay let's go with the next one Matt K 4×8 mining tent 240 volt 125 amp sub panel upgrade oh yeah oh yeah techman member for 44 months huge stream D way dude techman dude 4 dude 44 months wow it's wow man you know I guess this kind of goes back this helps reflect upon the past wow man you've been around for a long time you've been around for a long time Heckman too long too long I think it's time to move on just just kidding just kidding it would have been longer if I didn't change my account yeah that's true it would have been like 50 something all right Matt K with the 40 is this a 42u rack this looks like a nice rack he's got ubiquity he's got a nice grow tent here look at that that's pretty this is the double door grow tent as well dude nuts man I missed my grow tent way back in the condo days look at that look at that that's pretty cool look at that that's pretty cool Stephen with the 12 months happy New Year Panda thanks for everything you do let's not forget you Swindle chump ah Stephen how dare you bring that up right before New Year's how dare you how dare you all right going along with Steven thank you bro thank you man happy New Year to you as well Matt K look at this grow okay so this is inside of his grow tent he got 12 GP mining frame he's got knock to fans on the side that's pretty cool I'm assuming that's for the power supply he's got a blue mining Shelf with some more 12 GP running frame and 6 GP mining frame mining rig what has he got up here he's got some smaller uh these are these I poos I poos up here yeah some smaller as6 pretty cool he's got a little like LED light at the top that's pretty cool all right so this is his sub panel very nice very nice 125 amp he said look at that oh look at oh look at that wait okay so beside his sub panel he has very short runs for his 240 volt power ah that is awesome awesome look at that that's nice that's really nice oh yeah so there you go so there's his here's his runs going like this awesome very good very nice very nice is this his uh intake or exhaust this is exhaust I'm assuming goes into there very nice he's got an in AC is this a this is a Vivo Sun ah I know this I know this uh inline inline fan this looks like a Vivo Sun uh inline fan looks very very cool sick awesome all right Matt K thank you for the rig pick next pick Austin his rx570 580 mining rig oh yeah you know what I think we got to blow this up you know we got we got to look at this further look at this look at this Brian Hollywood what's up bro Happy New Year to you all right typical Amazon Basics mining shelf here four 120 mil fans he's got 575 uh 470s here yeah he's got HP server PSU Breakout board what motherboard is this what motherboard is this azrock azrock h110 or maybe the new q270 no I think that's the h110 that looks like a h110 azrock BTC motherboard very nice very nice very nice very nice thank you Austin thank you Austin all right next rigp pick is from Uncle no relation let's see this EVGA two 370 Founders and 3704 the wins oh yeah oh yeah that looks nice wait what mining frame is this this is this is this is a not a typical mining frame this is a custom custom mining frame with eight 120 mil fans 307s Galore oh yeah here to 2024 the mining cabinet bro here's the 2024 bro 2023 was generally okay let's hope 2024 will be much better much better all right very nice rig very nice rigp pick Uncle no rotation all right next rigp pick from backwards Miner small farm should be done soon lots of work still did sorry did he just say small Farm small farm should be done soon this this is not a small farm this is a sick shot though this is this is a nice shot look at this look at that he he's got a lot of ASX he's got he's got a lot of as6 going on here that's pretty that's pretty nice that's a pretty nice shot and then he's got he's got some he's got some octom miners he's got some server cases he's got his power cabling and stuff going through the top got like in insulation foam board I'm assuming that's to like block the sound and also Deton the sound I guess very nice very nice he's got air intake over here he's got a couple monitors up here very nice I see a tablet down there awesome awesome all right so here's the all right so here's his shelf with the light on I can see it all is one of the typical heavy metal heavy duty like husky shelves travel is travels only one year but just getting started travels travels remember for one year bro oh thank you man it's been a great year it's been a great year for sure ad here to many more many many more all right uh this is a nice setup man lots of rigs going I see a lot of rigs here all right here's your wait is this the same I backwards minor did you post the same thing wait wait am I looking at the same thing wait who's oh no okay all right no no no that was Matt K with the 125 amp sub panel okay this is a different sub panel very nice okay okay different sub panel all right so more 240 volt 30 amp very nice very nice all right he's got more as6 at the top wait what as6 are these wait what A6 are these oh yeah look at that look at that it's 240 volt 30 amp power there he's got a typical Alibaba uh pdus at the top here very nice oh these are L3 L3 pluses yes yes it's a pirate having a hard time staying awake time for coffee what's up bro welcome for the live stream smash the like we only have 180 we have 180 people here 59 likes smash the like Bros we got hobbyist Miner here happy New Year Mr hobbyist Miner welcome to the live stream automatic beats power mines crypto what's up Raptor mining happy New Year bro Happy New Year to you all right going along very nice my build very nice backwards Miner very nice bro all right on to Fiddler uh he says here scientific study confirms RGB increases hash rate I will have to agree with that yes RGB does definitely increas his hash rate look at that this is so nice man so so clean he's got a typical typical Amazon basic Shelf with he's got the three Amazon special mining frame a $20 $15 Amazon special mining frame five RGB fans on each one and he's got gpus six gpus on on each on each rig uh what motherboard is he using what motherboard is this yeah another ASRock h110 Pro yep ASRock h10 Pro very nice is that a USB minor or a Wi-Fi dongle this looks like a Wi-Fi dongle cuz he doesn't have ethernet plugged in there's no ethernet so he's using Wi-Fi dongle for mining which is good which is fine as long as he's not like solo mining oh see look this one has no ethernet looks like is that is that another Wi-Fi dongle another Wi-Fi dongle right there very nice very nice is this one Wi-Fi a this one's wi definitely Wi-Fi it's got an antenna on it on the motherboard nice nice USB for booting hios uh I I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure that's a Wi-Fi dongle pretty sure cuz there's no ethernet plugged in very nice good job J I like it very clean thank you Fiddler all right next rig pick uh 30 days ago XMR per per perint currently mining Caspa on 6700 XT Monero on 5950 X Chia on 1 TB HD Bitcoin on five compact F Dogecoin lightcoin miners two moon Landers all right this guy is this guy is doing it all under under one one computer is doing mining everything Caspa uh which one's this slash poool what's slash pool CG minor uh oh solo mine Bitcoin okay Bitcoin no no that's not solo mining I think that's I think this is uh pool mining what's the middle one here process new set point plots okay that's Chia XMR is the bottom left and then bottom right is what accepted slur plus moonlander okay another Bitcoin uh minor there nice okay that's awesome oh wait one more pick okay that's that's the machine itself that's doing everything wait you have the wait what's inside you put them in oh dude wait is this okay I don't know what's inside is that the CH is that the is that the ch minor you got the 6700 XT in here you got like a 120 mil fan in here I don't know I don't know what else you got in here but that's pretty sick pretty sick man thank you for the pick USB Miners and 120 mil fan on top ah okay Scott a okay nice nice okay going along Gonzo Miner next rig pick uh let's see here he's got uh first block of my Dell server KDX node of Caspa nothing compared to red panda setup for sh L don't need to compare okay so nice you got the you're mining on is this through the KDX wallet is this through the core wallet and then you're you're mining this is the bridge and then you're mining to the bridge here to this computer with a 6600 XT oh dude look at that so this is looks like your garage very nice very nice you got shelves OCTA miners my open is this a uh uh is this a mining cave open air frame that's a mining K frame very nice Costco uh looks like a Costco shell very nice very nice you got the octom miners you got server cases different various server cases here you got a look like you got a is that a Dell server at the bottom right hold I'm curious is that is that a Dell server what server is this is that a Dell that looks like a Dell that's a Dell for sure this this Dell caddy right here very nice very nice very nice awesome what's oh you got intake oh you got intake or exhaust in your in your garage door that's pretty cool that's pretty cool I just realized you have small mini miners up here as well that's pretty cool nice nice nice very nice all right awesome thank you for the rigp pick Gonzo thank you for the r all right next one is from Mr overo Tech himself he is in the live chat right now look at this his beautiful 8 by Radion 7s in a what server case is this is this a Amazon special eBay special what what Amazon special what what what server case is this over war tech H yes back when sev's rocked for 15 minutes what 15 minutes this is yeah this is really clean man it's really nice look at this you don't I'm assuming you don't have the the ca the did you not have the case on top closed or you just had it open like this overboard Tech Leon Leon Lee oh Leon Lee made GPU mining sermer cases really I didn't I didn't know that I didn't know that I know Alibaba had like a there was a there was a huge special on the gray matter uh server cases they were like 40 bucks um like no granted no motherboard no power supply but the whole case itself I think it came with the fans too was like $40 gray gray matter um oh great now you're going to show them off error code death now you know the rules Smokey Dan the code 43 radon 7s oh my God please do not I repeat do not bring that back do not bring that back oh that's great overboard Tech what are what are these mining now overboard Tech what are Radeon sevens mining now what's what's what's the uh what are you mining uh what are you mining on these Ergo fail fail all right that that's good no that's good eros's decent Auto lyos V2 very nice very nice that's cool good stuff good stuff all right going along next rigp pick thank you over Tech than next one is spider new to posting hope this works any more to show later oh yeah okay all right we got we got a massive we got a massive mining shelf going on here oh okay look at that look at this okay so typical heavy metal shelf he's got a few Amazon special mining frames uh he's got some Delta 2400 watt power supplies at the top at the bottom too HP C he's got some more rigs at the bottom very nice very nice I'm assuming I don't know what gpus these are got a couple EVGA 30 EVGA cards I think some 580s at the bottom I'm not quite sure ah he's got the fireball he's got the uh uh what do you call this ball ah crap what's it called uh Fireball [Music] extinguisher uh this thing elif fire uh this thing uh let's see you throw the ball in and it that didn't even oh did that do it yeah it did fire extinguisher ball his ladyes got hers above the kitchen oh look at that that oh ruins her kitchen oh look at that oh what someone put one in their car are you kidding me oh that's just an example oh that's so funny all right uh pretty cool um hobus minor is that a dry cooler for the immersion in the window oh yeah yeah I think so I think so I think so is that right here yeah right there right there yeah yeah that looks like a that looks like a but what's it for where is it going I don't uh I don't see I don't see where it could be going I don't know where that goes uh let's see oh he's got a video he's got a video oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah 2400 watt PSU 12200 Watts oh wait this this is a baller this is a baller motherboard I'm pretty sure this is a server this is a server cuz it's got the eight it's got the eight RAM sticks filled in what is oh man but he wait he's using that for 12 gpus wait what is this wait what what is this what are these I've never seen this before this is not a riser this is not a riser cable this is something else what is this I've never seen that before these are going for the these are going for the PCI is this full x16 it is this full x16 slot like is this providing sorry is this providing fall x16 lane or X8 Lane what I've never seen that that adapter looks so sick what I didn't know you could split can you I didn't know you could actually do that you can split the PCI X8 dual time like dual into a splitter like that uh it's Russian stuff are really 8X or 4X for each dude that is dude if that's the case this is a proof of useful work monster or uh uh vast on AI whatever any compute type of uh type of uh look at that if these provide 8X or 16x I problem I'm thinking 8X if this provide 8X pcie lanane through these adapters through each slot on a server board like this that's legit oh oh no no no yeah here we go here we go oh this guy let's see oh someone not James you responded okay uh oh here we go such a sick rig you got there thanks for showing this is one reason why I don't want to show closer uh this is you have apologies okay X1 adapter no so this is okay so these are he says here yes they are Gen 4 uh x a okay I got to blow this up he says here spider says yes they are Gen 4 8 uh X8 X8 slim SAS red drivers from oh Cain no way I haven't heard of these guys for a long time I have not heard of these guys for all is this the one dude th dude that is so smart can work in x16 or or X8 X8 uh revision Reed drivers boost the Gen 4 32 21 signal enable longer traces link cables unstable Crossing P Gen 4 dud that's that's pretty smart that's that's that's that is sick you guys remember when I played you guys remember like two years ago when I played around with these uh I think I played around with this no I played around with you remember when I you remember when I did the video on this the bifurcation card remember when I tested this oh my God here hold on 16 right did I did I uh 16 GPU mining mother board did I chest did I test that out yes yes yes I did this one right here I tested that on this remember when remember when I tried all the freaking little remember when I did this oh my God this was the best yeah the 26 GP rig no dude this was like 20 when I had all the Splitters on one pcie x16 slot like this and it was mining I it actually it actually worked I was actually able to split off x16 and then actually get 16 gpus to mine ethereum look at that 16 0 to 15 that's 16 dude uh dude that was that was that was the most insane thing I think I've ever done in my life the most insane there was such a spaghetti mess all over the damn table I am never never doing that ever again oh my god did I try to do another did I try doing two oh no it didn't boot it didn't boot with another one that did not work that did not work oh my God I tried to boot with another one look how terrible this looks look how terrible it is I have H bver psus like four four of them five of them all over the place with long ass pcie cables ah dude that was the best thing I think I've ever done my life this is just just insane but only I think we only got 16 we only got 16 to mine yeah I didn't even try I didn't even try this one this is a different v forcation card I still have these but what would I use them for I'm not I didn't use them all I did all I used them for was to split the P anyway all right that's enough of that okay well that's really cool to know thank you to spider for this pretty sick video pretty sick uh splitter for p said Elane that's really cool I didn't know that existed I did not know that existed that's pretty cool all right next rig pick next rig pick shester you're my hero no man you're my hero 224 people watching 82 likes takes you 1 second to hit that like Bros Hit It come on let's see over 100 let's see over 100 power mines with am5 you should try this again oh God I you you know what I I was that was on a thread Ripper board with 64 PCI Lane So in theory it should have worked in theory it should have worked all right what do we have here what do we have here what is this What GPU is this your rigs don't even look like that do you even mind bro John English Tech you are banned shoved into an octo temps are finally under control sgr one this is a 170 HX this is not a 170 HX there's no way this has this this is a 170 HX dude this looks like low profile uh it doesn't come with a fan without fan goes throttle uh I'm afraid the CMP HX die size is too massive compared to 3090 4090 wow how wow I didn't this is dude 170 HX this is such low profile is it is this am I am I this is a low profile card right yeah this is low bro this is low profile there's no way there's no way 178 Che is not low profile really it's a fullsize GPU okay I'm no I'm pretty sure this is low profile my eyes are not deceiving me no this is no no no this is low profile this is definitely low profile okay where's a GPU I need a GPU it would be full size would be up to here the this PCI Notch would be up to here this is low profile this is not full size no you guys are no you guys are blind no no no no no you guys are you guys know nothing you guys are blind this is this is low profile this is definitely low Prof where where is it wait I have a GPU right here hold on I'm holding I got a 3070 right here hold on okay all right no no you guys are right you guys are right that's that's full size that's full size that's that's that's that's full size yeah that's I'm wrong I'm wrong I'm wrong [Music] I'm wrong I I just I put a 30 if you can see it I put a 3070 to my screen I have a a 3070 TI I put it to my screen and it's the same it's the same uh FAL size you're right I'm sorry I take it all back I take it all back you guys are right I'm wrong all right all right next one is Smokey Dan oh my God Smokey Dan is in the chat right now Smokey Dan what the hell do you have here what the hell do you have here all right server case all right you got some old ass risers orange puke risers or are these red these might be red um all right you got a you got a pretty nice tough motherboard in there all right you got a massive splitter for the risers there that's pretty cool okay you got a 18xc Sonic PSU got a fan in the back there a brighter shot very nice there's the top of it very nice there's the front of it with a top lid closed very nice okay another back shot all right here's the inside shot with accessory box monitor very nice Smokey Dan Raven Ridge what is an Asus Raven Ridge Athlon 3,000g Patriot 120 gab SSD uh m.2 b450 tough motherboard I see I see okay so Smokey Dan very nice what we what do do you have this mining now this was uh May 3rd 2023 a long time ago long time ago I don't like the back shots Raven Ridge is Zen Apu code name oh I see RPM Riser red okay Smoky Dan thank you for the rigp pick going next one 14 card rig for the win uh PL L holy crap this is this is extremely dense two GPU mining rig frames so you have 24 gpus here what gpus are these what G who what gpus are these power okay these are power color what Red Devils no not red devels uh I don't know I forgot what's the power color just the regular Red Dragons red dragon uh you guys are saying 6600 XTS oh no 6600 XT hell hounds okay these are hell hounds all right I'm way off I'm way off and then one are these bottom [Music] cards uh okay XFX 57 this looks like a 5700 XT or maybe 6600 XT very nice okay you got a Asus mining expert board Asus mining expert that's that's a nice board all right going down uh more AMD cards I'm assuming these must be all these must be be all 6600 XTS you got another acus money expert board at the bottom here look at that that's that's pretty sick yeah overb teex says they're all 6600s okay yeah it looks like it look they there's the sapphire uh night uh pulse yeah these 6600 or XT very nice very nice this is a sick build pretty nice very similar to wait no you know what come to think of it my mining cave Tower uh my mining Tower is a lot T lot taller than this mining cave Tower my tower rigs are um let's see my tower rig is a little bit is not as dense it's not it's not as dense as uh as this because there's 12 per mining expert board I only have six GPU motherboard times four on each one that's sick that's pretty that's pretty sick all right very nice CLX locks very nice very nice all right next rig pick uh who is this from L LA Tero LC oh nice bouquet nice bouquet shot here all right you got a ATX computer two GPU use uh oh you got a video here oh octom miners shelves open air frames everywhere very nice very nice I like it gaming Smokey Dan more rig picks to come plus that Cas silver now took the blue off has 260 12 gab in that case as of now will be 6370 Fe soon nice man very nice um Loro Loro tarot Tech very nice pick man very nice man very nice picks I love it looks good nice rigs too thank you for the pick thank you for the pick okay uh Eric sheringer thank you for subscribing to the channel bro welcome to the red panda red panda minor uh you joined the channel okay that's what it is thank you bro Eric thank you man all right um next one is from Azul mining 180x gpus 180 gpus mining radiant with efficiency mode doing approx 127 gigahash 22,000 radiant a day wow look at that all open air too bro M look at that that that's clean that is what I yeah that is very clean oh look at that he's got he even had his own logo at the middle there aul he's got like a projector he's got a projector at the top here he's got his Azul logo here dude this this is nice this is very nice wow lots a lot of mining rig stuff here holy crap that's his only pck oh no he's got more pcks here look at that he's got his look at that he's got a beautiful logo aul mining with a little uh what car is this is this like the Volkswagen Beetle look at that he's got two are these intakes or exhausts I think these are exhausts very nice very nice okay here's his his power setup holy whoa what what is this oh my God okay what I've never seen this there's like meter there's power metering in the breaker itself is this a breaker and a meter together in [Music] one dude this is so nice this is somewhere in Europe This is not North North Americans are not we are not Hightech enough to have something like this this is this is somewhere in Europe right Europe or Asia Europe This is EUR this is somewhere in Europe right looks like the meter yeah breaker above 25 volt weird EU fuse panels look nice oh this is a EU yeah I knew yeah this is EU for sure that's ah dude this is so nice this is so nice two yeah 25 volt 214 216 volt Russia this this Russian geek of all trades Den rail power meter we have them here in manufacturing too okay geek of all trades I i' I this is the first time I've seen this this is really nice so sick this is so sick gigal trades what's up man Giga trades this live stream is dedicated to you by the way you give all trades this live stream is dedicated to you because you told me you told someone to do rig picks so here I am we're doing rig picks uh Smokey Den UK does does make great power and safe too best plugs in the world hands down I mean I've seen a lot of cool things come out of EU I've seen some really cool like power setups for sure pretty sick that's pretty sick that's pretty sick that's pretty nice um aul mining bro very nice setup man um if you ever see this live uh thank you for this this is pretty sick I like the projector I like the projector at the top bro that's that's what are these what are these things on the left on the right what are these boxes um yeah you got a lot of gpus here man a lot of open all open airframes no server cases at all no server cases at all very nice you all trades I'll upload some picks this week you promise to actually do another rig picks next weekend yeah I will gig ball trades I promise next weekend I will very nice very nice very nice all right uh for people just tuning in yes we're doing rig picks on my new RI pic chat Channel Patrick Murphy all right new we have a new rigpix channel go come on my Discord rigpix red panda video material we even have re wrecked Pi channel so get your wreck pick in as well you got anything burnt tell us your story in that channel to give and help new miners coming in on what not to do all right that that'll be for another day um all right a mining thank you for the rigp pick all right next one we have Mr neon Jer 11 uh 3D printed two-piece slide in case what's this for what's this for is this for phone mining or this must be for phone mining uh phone mining crypto KJ oh okay uh Max voltage good morning good sir good morning to you Happy New Year to you good sir here's the 2024 I hope was did did did was 2023 a good year for you guys let me put in the chat was 2023 a good year for you yes no uh not sure all right start start poll all right put a poll in the chat see what you guys think uh this is a phone mining three uh 3D printed C okay eight slots currently fits Galaxy s20s ah okay very nice okay he's got more picks of it finished very oh I see I see okay so he's got he's got 120 mil fans on each side that's pretty sick that's the the power fan look at that that's pretty sick here's the inside the charger is inside inside the case very nice very nice that's sweet he's got his phones in there that's awesome oh he's only got like 1 2 3 four five six seven seven phones eight phones seven eight phones in here not bad not bad okay thank you for the rick pick all right going along um Mr vh101 my one a four petahash Chia Farm holy crap oh my God four petahash wow that this this is a lot of ped as a lot of server cases here dude Sean surge protector device dude he's got a video can't see anything got ubiquity ubiquity switches that's how the hard drive shortage [Laughter] started there's the back of his server case very nice all the servers are back there that's awesome there four pah has bro oh so many hard drive look at all the hard drive bays and the dude look at that oh that's so cool P40 Vol 30 amp I'm assuming on one rack dude that is nice poor petahash I can't even okay he's got the specs of the whole setup here dream machine pro Enterprise 24 Port Poe melanox 40 gig qsp qsfp plus switch uh dell jbods net app jbods 4,000 watt APC UPS he's got a APC UPS for all of it farming harvesting true Nas server specs uh two Zeon e5s 29 69 2690 V3 12 cores 5 12 GB of RAM m.2 nvme 1 TB SSD RTX a 4000s two of them 40 gig qsfb one ter 112 gigabyte per second SAS interface dude four petahash that's that's that's pretty insane man that's pretty insane thank you for the pick thank you for the pick four P has I can't even count that high I can't even count that high either uh pit tener when are you going to get those CPU rigs online um I'm waiting I well somebody order well hundreds of people ordered those Pico PSU and they're all sold out so I can't power my freaking I can't power my CPU rigs now because you bastards all of you guys bought them it's all sold out I can't buy any I I can't turn on my power my my CPU rates because they're all sold out so thanks for that thank you guys for that all right going along marot Tech I am 17 years old started mining cryptocurrency 2 years ago I have a mining Farm of 54 gpus dude uh B's crypto mining I got you the B no bro don't worry uh I I did contact someone on Alibaba um or 20 of them uh the 300 wat Pico psus so hopefully that comes in it's probably going to come in the next like 3 weeks so it's going to be a while it's going to be a while until I uh get that all up and running so I have to wait for the power supplies I did order a bunch of uh 750 watt and 1200 watt PSU are from parallel minor with the breakout boards so those are coming as well um all right wow this guy's got on this guy's got a lot of gpus here holy crap up in the is this in the basement or like in the crawl space this is definitely somewhere he's got he's got a decent amount mining he's got a decent amount mining here that's awesome Mario Tech thank you for the video bro thank you for the video all right next one uh lukewarm IQ soon to be on wck picks oh boy oh boy oh boy we got oh boy we I see something I already see a I already see a power bar mining here I already see power bar Mining and it's kind of bent that's that's not good that's not good I see a I see a lot of red flags here I see a lot of red flags mining here be careful don't use power bars for mining I'm going to end this poll wow 59% of you said you had a good year 23% of you said no 18% of of you said not sure uh luk War my Q you already called it out bro thank you for the pick all right next one is neon jar 11 another 3D printed uh this is for ks0 pro very nice yes oh dude this guy put on his his own little fan so he took out the bar dude this is this is a 100 IQ dude dude 200 IQ play uh when did this guy post this J December 11th 2023 all right so there's enough opening here so he took off the plate off the ks zero and then he put this 3D printed thing on with the fan dude that is so smart 100 sorry not 100 IQ 200 IQ play all right screw you Gordon Murray God damn it 100 IQ is the majority of red panda followers W careful par fall the red panda Army will come after you Jordon Murray that this is legit this is a good idea really good idea very nice uh 3D printed dual fan plate mod I made for KS Z Pro very nice yeah where's the file we need the file neon jar where's the file we need this file this is pretty sick pretty sick pretty sick okay good job thank you good on going going on next R pick is Mike Shakur Mike Shakur what do we have going on here what is this what am I seeing here what what am I seeing here what is this I don't know what this is is this like a L3 Plus or um uh S9 I don't know what Asic this is water heater rigged up what it is I want a 3D printed I want a 3D print.

K z Pro plate I uh it's on thing verse apparently um submerged well it's not on that's for sure but I mean I don't know what this is I don't see a hole oh there's a hole in the back yeah this is an Asic of some sort L9 S9 L3 plus yeah this could be used for some type of I don't know I'm not quite sure submer submerged immersion no I don't think so maybe uh Mike Shakur thank you for the pick bro all right next one is V void startup little rig a look little 2066 GB MSI 1650 twin frozer ah dude this is a this is a starter rig right here Amazon special mining frame 1300 watt gold EVGA power supply typical mining mother uh I don't know what motherboard that is but two gpus look at that that's a starter rig right there starter rig very nice very nice thank you vvoid all right going along renji 62 GPU mining apartment oh boy all right we got some pretty wow we got some very nice rigs here all right he's mining in the bathroom all right mining in the bathroom very nice here's he's got that's his breaker panel in the wall I like it all right he's mining more in the bathroom going out the window I like it I like it he's got a 3D printer very nice all right more 3D printing very nice very nice reminds me of chump change and oh he's doing the singular GPU stand 3D printed GPU stand for GPU for mining look at that nice man awesome GFCI rigs in the shower Smart in case of fires he must shower at the gym uh o clean clean this is clean this is a table mining rig very very nice very nice very nice all right um good stuff that's all right all right three more and then we're done guys wow we're almost done we're almost done this rig picks we're almost done this rig picks channel uh some people just posted some um L LA Tero LC all right you got some more here um let's see look at this oh yeah nice bouquet shot dude you got AC oh man this guy hopefully has cheap power hopefully he has cheap de power but he's got a room here full of open air rigs some server cases that's pretty clean pretty clean very nice very nice for Laro Taro thank you for the picks all right next one is niik 46 GPU rigs oh yeah Nico very nice all right 6600 XTS radon sevens there's your high you're Mining narai piin kls gpn satto and CLA you're mining all the different stuff nice man very nice all right next and last rig pick of the day we did all the rig picks in this channel look at this WOW actually finished all the rig picks in this new chat Channel last one from Ahmed posted 58 minutes ago in the beginning of this last live stream a blurry shot oh we got a blurry shot here ahed I'm a little bit disappointed I'm a little bit disappointed in the shot Ahmed it's blurry but you have an Amazon you got some wire shelf here cable tied to your wire shelf that's legit that's awesome awesome very nice and you have one more pick [Music] here and it's side sideways okay make sure you make sure you put it the other way cuz I can't rotate myself Discord doesn't rotate but nice rig you got Amazon special mining frame 1 2 3 4 eight gpus uh very nice I don't know what power supplies these are I don't know where the motherboards these are but very nice man good rig good open air mining rig very nice look at this all right oh holy crap some people posted more oh oh my God oh my God wait there's wait what wait I missed a whole bunch wait over Tech you posted more Ahmed you posted wait Henry J New York you posted more wait how come I miss this I refreshed the I refreshed the channel and it posted more are you kidding me oh my God Henry J New York bro holy crap all right I'll I'll go through your guyses hold on real quick Henry J New York what's this bro look at this six server cases you got two open air frames very nice man what's this day Walt oh you got a day Walt fan in the back very nice very nice all right TD posted 54 minutes ago knock to a rig oh my God this is a baller rig holy crap oh my god oh this is so nice dude these These are noctua 307s right dude Henry J New York it's a mess it's not a mess Henry J New York that was dude this noct to a rig is awesome I love it I love it I love it so expensive this rig is probably the most expensive rig in the universe uh TD thanks for the pick all right uh Amed we did ameds already uh opal overboard Tech with the open air frames posted 49 minutes ago oh overw Tech I see some cars I see some cars I like this is this in between your in in between your in between your cars I like it in your garage oh my God so much mining dude that's awesome very nice you got and you got the fireb you got three Fireballs look three fireballs all over the place 1 2 3 all around in case there's a fire uh yeah an e E30 wagon and my 124 Spider dude that's awesome dude I love it you got the fireball extinguishers and Mining rigs in the garage I love it looks great looks freaking great man look at how look at this rig 3070 oh dude this is a 12x 370 rig little more Tech this is all 307s is this coming from oh two you got two power supplies okay nice very clean very very clean 14 307s all correction 14 not your typical 12 but 14 dude very nice okay Lucas just posted my first M overboard attack thanks for the pick man Lucas your open air rig your first mining rig legit legit first mining rig 3060 TI 1660 super and a 1660 TI it's mining a lithium with 2.3 gigahash and 156 Watts baller man very nice very good starter rig right here very good first starter rig I love it I love it very nice uh Lucas thanks for the pick okay Travelers travels oh my God you guys all right after this I'm done after this posted 5 minutes ago okay you guys are is still posting picks uh travel is travels look at your setup bro you got a grow tent you got some monitors server cases open air rigs you got mini does you got your P look dude all your pdu cables are different colors I love it that's great Smokey Dan Happy New Year to you as well bro get that 20 GP Rigg done I will I will okay I will ah dude some nice setups here Travelers travels you got your KS Zer on a 12 GPU white frame I love it I love it I love it I love this this is good I love this this is really cool nice setup bro travels travels nice setup power mines crypto power mines holy crap power mines crypto what is going on here you you have stacked the 12 12 GPU frames together wow this is look at look at the screws going into here power mines this is dude this is what I call yeah this is a this is called sacking up all your gpus this is a this is actually an ingenious way this is actually a really really cool way I like it this is really nice very nice man power m good job good job oh yeah ASRock h110 Pro motherboards very nice very nice there's your pdus awesome bro awesome good stuff we got some mini Doge miners as well and a KS zero Pro as well very nice good job power mines I see in the chat too good stuff looks good all right two more picks turning back on 6600 XT oh yeah hanging 6600 X you got the chump change are these the chump change uh wire clip hangers that's pretty sick bro that's pretty sick good job Teemo 737 my first mining rig yeah all right look at that on a shoe rck with some KS hero pros and some gpus very nice very nice uh those are HS boxes power mines nice ah dude some wx2 so many good ideas out there man dude 100% all of you guys it's really cool to see all the rig picks it it you know looking at all this it just you know it inspires somebody out there I'm sure like all the things we showed today like I'm pretty sure someone's just like you know what I want to do it just like that and you know what seriously some people have some really cool setups and this is what this is what crypto mining is all about Bros this is what this is this is what crypto mining is all about I love seeing all these setups this knock to a rig though oh my God this is this this is so much money right here this is like $10,000 worth of gpus sitting right here H but Happy New Year to all of you thank you for the live stream bros we're going to head on over uh to Mr rabid mining uh thank you guys for the live stream I appreciate you all appreciate everybody um happy New Year to all of you please come join Discord come join Discord for the fun if you want to post your rigp picks we're all here post your rig picks here post your wck picks as well okay all right overboard Tech already put some W picks here oh God we got some moror major oh my God we got some moror major fire going on here um but Happy New Year to all of you um make sure you guys write down some goals I'm going to have a goal video tomorrow outlining what I want to do for 2024 so stay tuned for that and uh hopefully you guys achieve what you want in the next year and uh 2023 was definitely a harder year but here's the 2024 that's make it good and uh let's build for the bow run let's build for the bll run all right Bros you guys have a good one smash the like on the way out peace out peace out peace out peace out see you guys t y t y Ty peace out peace out peace [Music] out [Music]

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