How to Mine Bitcoin any PC 2024

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what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brandoncoin YouTube channel and if you would like to start CPU or GPU crypto mining in 2024 I'm going to be doing a whole host of videos today we're going to be taking a look at nice hash this is how to get up and start using their software there's going to be more stuff you can learn later on but this is just the basics so the first thing is you'll need to go over to nice I know it's not supported in all countries so make sure uh it is legal to use and your area Let's uh go over there once you go to you do have to log in so make an account login and this is what your dashboard looks like right here from your dashboard you're going to want to go to mining then you're going to want to click on download minor or add Asic from here you have a couple options nice hash quick Miner nice Miner ni Os or connect and Asic today since we're just going to be mining on a a regular average computer we're going to click on Nash minor then download ni minor and you're going to copy this address now my downloads going through some people depending on what kind of antivirus you're running it may throw a fit because uh a lot of antiviruses flag mining software as malware or you know viruses mainly because in the past a lot of viruses had mining software to mine on your computer but to pay out to somebody else that's a whole another topic uh but yeah so we're going to watch our download here downloading I'm going to probably just reinstall mine over top of it just to show you guys what it looks like once it done is done downloading then we're going to click on it it's going to launch the installer I accept terms next um um we're going to do a clean installation install and click run nice hash Miner from this point you will need this this uh address right here so we copied that earlier make sure it's copied and then nice hash Miner will pop up here it is right here it actually Blends in with the background so we'll click next um we found this mining address in the registry do you want to use it that is not correct add new mining address and enter ni mining address manually we're going to put it in there paste save so from that point it now the software now knows where to pay out or to put your hash power to your account if you don't put that that address in it doesn't know where you're mining to or who you're mining to all that kind of stuff we're we're going to let this load up give it a second shouldn't take too long so depending on your system you can mine on the CPU and you can also mine on the GPU um I do recommend downloading and accepting by accepting you download those additional miners you can mine additional coins uh because not always the same coin is going to be the best all right so it's loading back up downloading the additional miners or loading them depending on what kind of overclocking software you want to use um for the CPU or your GPU uh I'll be doing separate videos on that as well but you can just Google for example the algorithm and overclocks for your GPU so like rx580 kapow overclocks and a lot of times you'll like the mining chamber has awesome data on that uh now this is your normal screen so whenever you launch nice hash Miner it'll look like this you can go over to devices and by default your CPU is turned off you can either turn that on or turn it off I recommend leaving it off while you're benchmarking your 2060 or your GPU I have a 2060 in here benchmarking is essentially running your GPU or your CPU on all the different algorithms some of them are turned off by default but you run them to find out goodness uh you run them to find out which algorithm is going to be the best for your scenario once you know which one's the best for your scenar or once the software knows which one's the best for your scenario it'll automatically switch back and forth to keep the best one at the top so you just click Start Benchmark and I'm going to let that run for a second and we'll be right back all right so checking back in uh and it benchmarked some of these and it errored out on some depending on if you have any overclocks or running it stock some of them won't actually go all the way through so you could and what what does work sometimes is select all then select none of them then you can select the one you have an issue with um and re Benchmark it but for right now that is ETC hash we don't even need to worry about that because it's not even that profitable so um let's go back and select the ones that did Benchmark and it looks like it did not Benchmark kapow which that's a a really good one for uh for this card but oh well it is what it is um now going back over to dashboard everything that you have enabled it'll automatically switch back and forth from for whatever is the most profitable then you just click Start mining this black window will pop up that is completely normal um I have to be uh pretty quick because in case my system starts lagging uh but then yeah it starts Mining and it'll give you a profitability readout for your Hardware that you have enabled so I'm only running on my graphics card right now and it's lagging a little bit which is normal because I'm trying to record and stream while also mining um which is asking for a lot I just wanted to get it to show current profitability so current profitability right now 21 cents a day um that's with no optimization no overclocking nothing like that um now over on devices I could disable the CPU or the CPU is still disabled um you can enable the CPU and the GPU or you can do just the CPU depending on if you're your system doesn't have a GPU that's worth mining on and same situation you just go back to benchmarks and you look at the CPU and pretty much 99% of the time you can leave excavator off and turn XM rig on it's pretty much always better from my experience for the CPU Miner but um yeah anyway other than that ladies and gentlemen you'll start Mining and you're once you go back to the web browser you can go to the uh rig manager and it'll show up your rig right here what it's mining your wallet balance then you can click on the drop down on your wallet and click withdraw once you get enough Bitcoin in there and and go from there so this does mine all different kinds of algorithms but it does pay out in Bitcoin um and unfortunately for people in the US we can't have it pay out in anything else but if you're in other countries they allow different coins um unless you're in the UK they don't allow NI at all so anyway ladies and gentlemen if you have any questions please comment down below let me know and other than that I'll see yall on the flip side

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