I am breaking up with Cell Phone Mining

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a great day for reference today is November 22nd 2023 Turkey Day is coming up get ready for it um but regardless like the title of the video says I am breaking up with cell phone Mining and it's not it's not you it's me you know um no but for real uh I've had you know a couple phones mining for the last couple months and and um it's not been impressive but it's one of those things I enjoyed cell phone mining while I was doing it I recently have started reorganizing my entire home office and pulling a bunch of stuff out to go to uh the computer shop and I just have too many irons in the fire but looking at the numbers if you can get the cell phones for the right price it still does make money right now for example which shout out to paperclip I was not mining the most efficient way I was using like like the little box Miner but if you use the Linux Miner that he has on his you know videos he shows you how to do it uh just search up paperclip phone cell phone mining uh and you can figure it out but um yeah if you use those then you end up getting a better hash rate on pretty much any phone now uh these are the TCL A3 and a3x um I was getting about 4 Mega on this one and about 3 and 1 half on this one with the better Miner it bumps it up about full megahash but regardless we'll go off of my numbers right now and at 4 megahash this bad boy Burns about 5 Watts give or take and uh at 10 cents per kilowatt hour that means every day this bad boy Burns about a penny a penny and a half but it actually profits 5 cents it makes about 6 and2 cents and that's as of today with Varys being at what $129 or something like that um so if you add that up I mean in 10 days you're talking about what 50 cents 55 cents 20 days dollar a month that's almost $150 in a month um so you know right there at it or right there below it but um so $150 a month in a year this bad boy this single phone could potentially if everything stayed the same which nothing stays the same by the way um this bad boy would make what 12 15 16 16 17 bucks which this phone did cost me more than that so the ROI is technically well over a year I think I got this one on sale and I think it was like $29.99 after tax you know 30 in change so that means realistically if everything stayed the same which nothing does this would this phone's about a 2-year Roi that's not great but it's not actually bad when you compare it to GPU mining um now the the TCL a3x makes a little bit less than that cuz it only does about 3 and 1 half mahash but if you use the optimized minor it actually does significantly better so neither here nor there um I just I didn't want to let people or leave them hanging cuz on my cell phone mining videos you know I've had quite a few comments that are like when's the next cell phone Min mining video coming what are you doing are you expanding are you buying more cell phones I am not buying more cell phones I haven't bought more cell phones um a majority of my focus has gone into not only my construction company which oddly enough it's well into the winter time and I still am getting a decent amount of jobs which typically it slows down this time of year so um that's been keeping me busy and then getting my computer shop up and running and I've really been enjoying that but that's taken a huge amount of time not only just getting the shop up and running getting inventory in there but I've been buying a ton of used inventory and I've been buying a bunch of stuff from not only other people but like you guys uh tons of people have reached out to me through my email by the way my email is down below in the description um it is the brandoncoin 1201 gmail.com um if you have a bunch of Hardware or something and you want me to give you some some prices on bulk buyouts I can definitely do that but yeah I just have too much going on to try to like babysit the phones now are the phones finicky no they're not too bad um I was using the uh Auto timer so it was kicking the power on off I never got any bit of a battery bloat on any of them so that is good uh some people said that their batteries were bloating within just a couple months so I put a couple months on mine but I was only charging them and and discharging them for uh I think I had it at about 13 hours a day but it was split up within like hour blocks so it charged for an hour hour discharge for an hour charge for an hour and then back and forth don't know if that's a good way to do it but um everybody said leaving them plugged in and running wide open was probably the worst way to do it so and a lot of people are like oh you can root it and set like power battery meter levels but I was just thinking low te and those little onof timers like they use for like lights and stuff is super easy super cheap and low te um but yeah so I don't want people to think that I'm like anti- cell phone Mining and I don't want people to think that I don't suggest them to go towards it or try it out uh right now a lot of crypto mining is is is very much either hobby based or like Words Escape me this evening uh people are mining now because they think it's going to go up in the future spec speculation speculatively they're they're either doing it for hobby or speculation um and that's okay so so if you want to start in the cell phone it's a great hobby um it you know Varys could go up could go down this is not Financial advice I'm a guy in a a wooden box but um yeah so I I uh I guess this is my update video and why I'm breaking up with cell phone mining because it's not cell phone mining it's me not you it's me so um I do have some more stuff on the web store and speak of some of these phones uh some of them have some personal data on them but these phones I bought specifically for cell phone mining I never even logged into the Gmail accounts I literally just booted them up went straight to um Chrome and downloaded the miners off of chrome so I'm going to throw these on the web store for sale I think they were like 30 bucks or something like that brand new I'll probably throw them up for like half price like $15 or $112 something like that um I have some other stuff going up on the web store a couple people were asking about like you know those little Ram holders and stuff like that throwing those up there for a few bucks uh so if you're interested you can grab them and uh people were asking are there going to be any Black Friday deals yep there is going to be a Black Friday code that's going to come out on the Black Friday video whenever I release that I assume Thursday night I'll probably drop it or like early Friday morning uh so it'll be a discount code 15 20% I'm not exactly quite sure um so so look out for that and um snap some stuff up I there is a small restock going on for nvme drives one tbte 2 terabyte and then I think some more of the shorty yeah the shorty 500s so have more of those coming up uh I think it was like 10 2 terab uh 5 1 terabytes and then three of the Shorties the shorty 500s so um those are all going online Within in the next day I think I haven't uh they're going into inventory in about 10 minutes so technically it'll be tomorrow because it's really late today it's weird how that works you're probably you're going to be watching this video tomorrow so yeah anyway um so uh the new there the I can't even talk it's time I need to go to bed but the web store link is bc- pc.com that will forward you to my Shopify store um there is a link also Down Below in the description if you can't figure out BC like Brandon coin Das PC like personal computer so BC PC like Rees PCS but with BC PCS you can't eat them um I guess that's that's that's pretty much everything uh there was something else I wanted to say or wanted to bring up before I close the video um I don't know oh oh everybody that has bought a launch Day t-shirt um uh a friend of mine actually wants to partake in this and I don't know if he's actually he said he wants to be in the video and he wants to contribute half towards the build um and I'd love to hear you guys opinions before I lock this in but uh he wants to do a giveaway and I told him you know I don't want to just lock it up with just the launch day uh like people that bought the shirts but I definitely want to give them an entry um and I looked into legality wise I have to offer a free option for an entry as well so um you know you can get free entries if you had bought a t-shirt but then you can also get free entries if you had bought something else so I want to make sure we're on the up and up with that with doing a giveaway uh but I think we are going to be planning out a system giveaway and it will be announced on launch day or opening day uh we are shooting for the middle of January right now uh let me pull it up hold on um it was January yeah January 15th was a Monday and January 19th was that Friday I think either the 15th or the 19th um so not only were we going to be giving away that system or drawing that system um I want wanted to do some graphics card giveaways or door prizes that kind of thing but I want to hear you guys' idea on a uh a system giveaway um should we even mess with it I know some people like hate giveaways I I've always been bad at it because it's like it's just one of those things like somebody's always upset so um the legality uh ways behind it that I've read into so far for my state especially is I do do have to offer a free option so um I can you know be like everybody that joins the Discord or or subscribes to the whatever or is on the Instagram you know if you put a comment on on here then you're entered to win and then additional entries you know you get free additional entries for if you had bought any merchandise or whatever and um that that is a big thing so I do need to you know make sure all that's on the up and up before we uh break any laws cuz that's kind of bad we don't want to do that um and also if anybody's watching this and they are experienced with that please reach out to me uh but yeah I'd love to hear your thoughts drop them down below this video already went on way too too long so peace I'll see yall on the next one um yeah just kidding it ain't over it ain't over the all the all the new people are gone ogs are still here you know what it's about um so we were super excited um I don't know if you guys saw I got that big radiator it was like a a Corsair radiator with those lean Lee um fans and I definitely want to use that into the build and I want to do a custom water loop maybe nothing crazy uh because I haven't done a t ton of uh I've done no hard lines I've only done softline custom loops and I've only done like a CPU block uh to a pump reservoir and to a radiator I've never done like you know a water block GPU and a CPU and and the whole pump setup so uh I'm kind of stoked about doing that just because I haven't done one and why not you know it'd be it'd be cool to do good content and um be good good for a giveaway that way somebody's happy and excited about it the only issue though is if somebody wins it that's not here or in in North Carolina or local I would have to ship it so uh shipping a custom water loop I guess you would probably ship it empty and then have them fill it up when they get there that would make the most sense to me I believe anyway yeah so all right video is really over now peace later guys

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