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hey guys Aram here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I'm going to unbox 16 CPU mining wigs well they're just motherboard CPU and RAM combos which I bought off Mr Chum change XD and also retro mic Tech thank you both of you gentlemen for shipping me the CPU mining rigs here hopefully they work over the next I don't know week or two here I am going to be live streaming on setting up the CPU mining Rigs and I'm probably going to have multiple live streams of setting them up testing them all that kind of stuff so stay tuned for that I also just got in a bunch of thermal right thermal right yeah assassin x120 CPU heat sinks and uh I think I bought 16 in total and so hopefully these should be okay to cool the CPUs which I'm going to be using a bunch of 3D printed motherboard stands I have from Mr Chum change XD and also Mr Biko and also cloud-based me who they just shipped me a bunch of their 3D printed motherboard stands which I have one running right here right now you guys can see this I built this in a live stream this is the ryzen 1700x that's CPU mining right now works great I love it okay let's do a just a quick unboxing of all this stuff and so before I do that thank you for today's video sponsor you know quantum computers you know blockchain but do you know both together DX was the first platform to create a neuromorphic supercomputing blockchainbased algorithm which solves real world problems and the best part anyone can post a job whether a company from the global 2000 a machine learning job or fintech and pharmaceutical and if you don't want to program it yourself get an expert directly at the marketplace run the job and be impressed by the fast result Okay jump change let's open up his box first all right so first thing I see what the hell man what the hell I love it I love it I love it I love it thank you chump change and you also sent me a and what car is this ah it's a Bugatti nice okay Chum change thank you man thank you okay now I'm guessing okay you know what I'm going to just place all this onto a table as well as uh retro mics as well just to save you guys some time Chum change I am not I repeat I am not going to eat this the world's hottest gummy bear are you kidding me this thing's gonna this thing is gonna destroy me man maybe I'll do it in a live stream if you guys want me to let me know in the comments down below okay I unboxed everything here and man this is this is just crazy I'm I'm getting I'm getting kind of anxiety of trying to think of setting this all up it's going to it's going to take me a while but anyways chump change sent me about it was seven or eight different rigs here okay so I have five ryzen 9 3900x CPU motherboard Ram combos okay there's another here here here and here uh different various motherboards Asus Rog motherboards and uh some matx uh boards with 3900x okay great CPU for mining now we have another one here it's a ryzen 95900 x and then the last uh CPU from his batch here is a ryzen 5 2600x all right so you guys know this batch here now retro mik Tech I bought a bunch of his CPUs and this is an i 9 10 850k okay that's a that's a pretty baller uh CPU I'm probably not going to be using this for CPU mining I may build this into a uh like a PC gaming PC or something then we have a ryzen 550 500 okay motherboard Ram CPU combo setup now we have six 5950 X setups here so 6 550x CPU combos 5 3900x those those two CPUs are normally pretty I'd say prominent for CPU mining so they should be pretty good but uh these four in the middle I just have different ones 5900 X that's probably really good so I'm going to have that for mining the ryzen 5 2600 X probably not and also the ryzen 5 5500 and the I9 I'm actually going to be making these and probably into just extra computers not going to really mine with these so I'm probably just going to have the 6 550x and the 5 3900 X's for mining plus the uh ryzen 95900 X okay so I'm going to have 12 CPU mining rigs in total for mining plus uh I have two over there on my low power mining shelf there as well now this is where I'm going to gauge the community here so Chum change did send me all the stock heat sinks okay which I'm not going to use I did say I was going to use these uh thermal right which I bought on Amazon Black Friday for like $20 or less and I bought a whole bunch of them I have enough for the 12 rigs or actually the other rigs here I'll use or I could use the stock prism coolers which are they seem to be pretty pretty new I think chump change did not use these he was using uh aios okay but I'm not using aios for CPU mining I don't think that's uh needed anyway but what I want to ask you guys here okay two different things how am I going to lay out these CPU mining rigs I'm going to have them on like open frames or you know 3D printed motherboard St like these thank you to Mr bokeo and cloudbase me for sending me these look at this this looks so sick look at that cloud io.

He's the mining pool operator for Veris and I believe has lithium go check it out guys and as well as Chum change I have a few of his motherboard stands as well I go check out his store link on the screen here and another thing is how am I going to power most of these CPU mining rigs like am I going to do ATX power supplies or am I going to do like HP server psus with like the breakout boards like the zsx amp addition breakout boards I don't know if I don't think those are reliable or am I going to use those parallel minor power supplies with the Pico uh like the six pin power Pico psus so I think there's a lot of different variations I want to have another video going into that a lot further going into specific parts of how I should power you know these 5950 x's and these 3900x CPUs like how am I going to power these rigs give me some opinions down below but I am going to do a dedicated video in a computer dedicating that have an Excel sheet I'm going to have a bunch of different parts I'm going to go through all that with you guys and get more opinions cuz you know I want to have a cost effective way but also a reliable way to power these CPU mining rigs this is just this is just crazy to look at I'm already stressing over where the heck am I going to place these CPU mining rigs so I did have another video where I explained where I roughly wanted to maybe I was going to set it on my uh low power shelf here I mean I think there are a couple things here I could move around to make it fit but I already have you know another 550x CPU here uh 1700x CPU already mining on the Shelf here so you can see generally you know how much space you know one of these takes with an ATX PSU so I mean I could I could probably fit another 12 on here somehow and few at the top so I think that should be okay but I did want to have I did want to dedicate another shelf by itself and I was going to do that with my GPU mining rig shelf there and have another shelf beside it with all CPU mining rigs I did think of that as well but I think I'm probably going to go with this one here because this 30 amp 240 WT circuit I am not like at capacity at all that I still have a lot of head room so with the CPUs I mean for mining that should I don't know be under I don't know 2,000 Watts I should be able to add that uh to that pdu okay so that uh you know what I can see right now how much power is this pdu taking right now this whole pdu is drawing 1840 Watts so I'm not at the 80% rule which is about 5,700 Watts so I have still a lot of Headroom a lot of power that I could utilize on on this PD even though I have like a bunch of things plugged in KS Z phones and whatnot so yeah you know what I'm I think I'm going to start setting them up here but I'm going to do live streams okay a lot of live streams of setting up each of these CPU mining Rigs and uh I do want to test out a bunch of them and you know what retro mic I look I found this what's this this USB 3.0 is stuck in here must have been really stuck that it you pulled it off and it broke I thought that was funny I don't think it matters it does obviously doesn't matter cuz I'm I'm not going to use it but anyways yeah guys this is uh a lot of stuff here I'm excited to to uh set up my CPU mining Farm okay I have as6 I got gpus now I'm into the heavy uh CPU mining game so a lot to think about give me your guys' opinion how should I like house these per se how should I like maybe I should put them in like open air frames you know thinking maybe thinking future proofing as well cuz I could put gpus on each of these Rigs and you know do flux proofer use a work or something or I don't know vast.

No maybe no not vast. maybe vast. a I don't know you know things can change right so with these at least I could be very uh versatile in a way which I could pivot into any different uh type of mining or platform with these uh ryzen CPUs so very versatile in a way okay so yeah all right guys that's it for this video let me know your thoughts chump change thank you again man for doing this trade with me I know it was a lot better for me and uh a lot of people said I screwed you and you know what I did I did I totally screwed you so thank you for the gummy bear and also the rubber chicken and also the I think a remote control car my son will love it man thank you as well as retro mic retro mic Tech man thank you for letting me purchase I bought all his setups here for about 2700 bucks all right so that was pretty good with including shipping so yeah retro Mike thank you for giving me a deal man along with the CPUs RAM and motherboard combos really so all I got to do put the power supplies uh the CPU coolers and a way I'm going to mount all the motherboards probably this way but you guys let me know down below let me know down below what you think and uh how should I power them I'm going to have another video about that all right I'll see you on the next video have a good one peace out oh god oh too hot too hot too hot [ __ ] a screwed that

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