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foreign [Music] ergy rates cutting into your crypto mining profits introducing Terra hosting Your solution for first class hassle-free crypto mining at Terra hosting we specialize in hosting Services tailored for gpus A6 and AI machine learning say goodbye to skyrocketing electricity bills and noisy heat producing Hardware [Music] our unique service offering combines low electric rates with a community blockchain oriented Data Center while ensuring your equipment stays safe and secure with Terra hosting you simply set it and forget it contact us today to learn more and get answers to all your questions Terra hosting trust as a service [Music] foreign [Music] hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day I I think I made a mistake but I bought six more Radeon sevens from mining chamber he's another crypto mining YouTuber he gave me a little bit of a deal bought these for about I think it's about 1600 USD for all six and I know a lot of you guys are probably yelling at your screen right now red panda why did you buy more Radeon sevens these cards always code 43 they're unrepairable and you know what I know that and I have an addiction to buying gpus and I know recently I just did the video of my other six Radeon sevens that are mining Dynex right now which is quite amazing okay really efficient for Dynex specifically disclaimer I am not promoting anyone to go out and buy Radeon sevens okay just for Dynex mining all right that is obviously a huge risk and another thing these car words are prone to code 43.

basically brick and they are unrepairable there are many high profile GPU repair people out there that were unable to fix Radeon 7s so if you do decide to buy one of these on the used Market they don't these are not new these are like five-year-old gpus they don't sell them new anymore there's just on the used Market all right these gpus are seriously like glass cannons okay so mining chamber thank you for the Radeon sevens here my friend the shipping was just great just just peachy just peachy now upon inspection right mining chamber wanted me to obviously open it up and you know I was just playing around with the fans I don't know if some of you guys saw my previous video on these some of the fans are completely dead and they're making like a noise right now I don't know if you guys can hear that but a lot of them are not moving that one's not moving that one's not moving that one's not on that now it's moving but it's making a noise this one's not moving the OCTA Miner CPU coolers also kind of damage and that's it yeah okay now mining chamber how many of these fans are dead so this this one seems a little bit stuck this one's good this one's good as well oh oh yes this okay this as rock Radeon 7 which is I think made in Taiwan so I believe this is a Samsung card actually I think they're all made in Taiwan I was reading the sticker on the back but uh yeah this one the fans seem to be definitely definitely broken on this one now if we go to the next one uh yeah that one's kind of that this one's hard okay this one's a little better but this is hard stuck yeah this hard stock I bet you those fans barely move now that one's good that one's good that one's good this one's okay yeah this one's okay yeah made in Taiwan yeah made in Taiwan okay let me check the other two okay mining chamber man these cards man I I feel like I've already code 43 them but he asked me to also try them okay uh this one's good let's check this one this one is okay this one's this one's stuck this one's this one's okay this one's really okay now the last one here as rock Phantom gaming yeah this one's hard stuck probably doesn't work this one's a little better this one is also hard stock okay so a lot of fans that are broken man I'm gonna have to uh yeah I'm gonna have to buy like 12 Radeon 7 fan kits replace all the fans on these Radeon sevens and then by the time I do that on each one I'm probably gonna brick I'm probably gonna code 43 a Radeon 7 when I when I change out the fan take out the cooler do all that stuff change the thermal paste or actually I think it's a thermal pad oh my God you know what I'm I'm not even gonna bother I mean running Dynex on these it's generally pretty cool anyway I got one that's 64 degrees but that's because I didn't put on the lid so I guess once the Octo Miner fans would start rushing the airflow through it'll be uh much better okay I'm running out of time because as of the time of recording this video I think it's been like I've recorded like I don't know six or eight videos today because I'm leaving tonight for a one month long trip I'm gonna explain that in another video but this video was just to let you guys know I guess once I come back I will install these cards and get the mining hopefully they Dynex will still be okay to mine after about a month probably not I bet you everything's going to change and AMD cards will not be great anymore you know kapow coins are not going to be profitable but anyways okay guys that's that's really all I want to do in this video uh let me know your thoughts really nothing else to it other than mining chamber thank you so much for these men I really love the Radeon 7s seriously these are close to my heart as all of you know I've played with the Radeon 7 for quite a while now I think for over the past four years and for anyone that's been on my channel since the beginning I have covered the Radeon 7 like profitability back then I was mining a lot of different coins with one of them and yeah that was that was good times okay I'll see you on the next video have a good one peace out [Music] I was just thinking should I do a 12 by Radeon 7 rig in an octominer x12.

oh my God that would be insane but just watch gonna have like a power surge and then there's gonna be like all of them are just gonna code 43 that would suck let me know what you guys think I don't want a code 43 I think it's best I split up the rigs so that I don't have the potential to Surge power surge or code 43 any of these gpus let me know what you guys think foreign.

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