I Sold a Broken CPU

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all right what is up ladies and gentlemen I hope everybody's having a great day welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel um and before we get started I wanted to ask how is the video and audio quality today I changed a couple of the audio settings and I also bumped up I'm still at 1080p but now instead of 30 FPS we're recording at 60 FPS so um I'm wondering if that makes any difference now regardless let's jump right into the video and yes I unknowingly did sell somebody a broken CPU it's an is 78700 honestly good CPU especially for the generation but um as with buying a lot of bulk and then breaking it down into individual items every now and then you have some bad stuff um now to start off with right off the Bas or right off the bat um I'm going to get my boy a uh return shipping label or my girl it could be a boy or a girl man or woman uh but I'm paying for a return shipping label and they're getting a full refund and they also bought this during a discount uh promo period right on uh Christmas or Christmas Eve I don't remember exactly what day it was uh so they got a 20% off code I'm going to match whatever they saved on that CPU which I think it was like I think it was a good amount it was like 18 or 17 bucks or something like that but I'm going to match that and give them a discount code for that amount so they could use that in the future on the store if they want to buy anything else uh because for me uh I'd much rather keep my customers happy and provide a good experience um then like try to save every last nickel and dime and all that kind of stuff um regardless though uh I wanted to address something that has come up in the past because I have had a couple of returns uh I was looking back on my records and I've sold a little over 200 CPUs total most of them were going through my eBay store in the beginning but now I've started funneling them through the uh the web store and um for example today I just got an another batch let me show you guys right here so I just got in another batch and these are uh I5 8500s these are I5 uh 8500 TS which are low power these are 13900 kfs so I 9's right there and then we have some ryzen like a 2700 a 1700 2600 and a400 so um other than like these two these are not super desirable so I'll probably put some of these on eBay just to fire sell them off really quick I'll probably put the ryzen on the web store and then I think I already have one of the 13900 KF sold so I might put the other one on the web store and just see what ends up going for but what I was trying to show you guys is I get CPUs from all different generations and uh you know socket sit socket types and that kind of thing um it's unrealistic for me let me flip that back around uh to actually test each and every single CPU if I was only getting you know one two three four even five CPUs a week no big deal um that was the last half of the the batch from last week I didn't get the full batch just cuz I didn't have enough cash out of pocket um some of these CPUs are getting a little pricey especially the newer ones so I told them hey just hold off on those I'll grab those next week cuz they're not as desirable so I grabbed them this week and you know it is what it is U that's that's not really what I was trying to get at I was I was just trying to be or like explain to you guys um I'm still going to keep selling this kind of stuff and bringing it in but I want you guys to know that I do stand behind anything that I sell so if I sell it and it's broken especially in that you know the first 30-day period it's basically no questions asked hit me up let me know we'll get it returned back and um then you'll get a full refund outside of 30 days I still want you guys to reach out to me if you have a problem with a part uh a component anything that you buy after 30 days just just let me know um obviously if you buy a system from me custom builds are warranteed for a full year uh but most people that are buy custom builds I I don't I haven't marketed my custom builds online yet I just been doing them basically in store walk-in so I'm not really speaking to my custom build community at the moment uh but yeah I just I kind of wanted to clear the air on that cuz some people are you know nervous about buying from a like random web store especially if you found my videos and you're maybe not a longtime viewer you might be like I don't know this guy might not be trustworthy but um I guess nothing I say will do that other than just earning your business so any way that I can earn your business I really do appreciate it uh I have reinstated the five off code so it's just almost SM my phone it's going nuts it's five off no capitals no spaces the or the number five and then letters o FF uh to get 5% off anything in the web store right now um I just wanted to kind of make this video to address that because some people were like you know what about if I buy this or what about if I buy that how is the returns work all that kind of stuff um and that's how it works for anything based in US Dollars now I just talked about it the other day about crypto I still haven't decided exactly how I'm going to do Returns on crypto um and from the overwhelming majority to you guys uh you guys want me to accept crypto I'm going to accept crypto but I'm going to have to I'm going to have to use a service that's going to Auto convert it into US dollars which means I'm not going to have the actual coin in hand so that means if you want to do a return I'm not going to be able to give you your exact amount of coins back especially with price fluctuation and all that kind of stuff some people recommended me oh well why don't you give them the USD value that they paid with when they paid with it and all that kind of stuff and then the actual overwhelming majority of you guys said if you pay in crypto wipe your hands clean no returns all that kind of stuff that's you know one of the I guess caveats of paying in crypto I don't really like that so I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of if you're pay in crypto just reach back out to me and I can make it right uh whether I got to like send you something on PayPal or send you something through you know cash app vinmo zel all one of those Services uh we can make it right um if something goes wrong so I I just don't want to leave people hanging like that but I it's not going to be realistic there's that word again it's not going to be realistic for me to keep each and every different kind of crypto everybody pays with because these services offer all these different coins uh and you have the option to autocon convert them or not I'm going to autocon convert them uh because I don't want every single different coin under the sun because it's just too much too much variance and um I don't I just don't think it'd be good for running a business but I did want you guys to know that that that is going to be my return policy uh going forward I'm going to update my terms of service and everything and my return policy for 2024 we are also adding uh ship shipping to uh overseas I have to add them in individually because each individual place it's a little bit different a little bit more expensive or less expensive all that kind of stuff for different weights so look out for that uh but the first ones I am I am adding the UK and Canada first because I've had quite a few people reach out to me from those areas so Canada is an easy one for me because it's still you know we're still land land locked to them we ain't broke off of them oh us you know what I'm saying um when we start diving into like Europe and and all those places out yonder that's when it gets a little bit more tricky and and quite a bit more expensive but um yeah my my son's going nuts on the uh my phone monitor that's what's going off right there so I'm going to go check on them and see how they're doing uh but thank you guys for coming out I really appreciate it and um hopefully I can get my my buddy hooked up and get him another CPU and that way he's not left hanging so anyway guys it was nice to have y'all I'll see you on the next one adios

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