I’m a terrible CPU miner… but I’m about to be a huge ZEPHYR one!

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[Music] hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video it's about CPU Mining and specifically my journey into CPU mining I've actually been kind of getting into it the past 4 months I did do a video about four or five months ago talking about building my first CPU mining rig in 2023 not for profit and in that video I did talk about Zephyr I did talk about Varys coin and that rig that I had there that I built it has been mining Varys coin ever since I actually didn't get it to M uh Zephyr and in hindsight I should have because obviously Zephyr has been going up just parabolic and now is one of the most profitable coins to mine for CPU mining all right for CPUs so I have a rig here that we did a live stream that we built and I had a rough time setting it up I'm going to be honest here I am pretty bad at setting up CPU mining rigs I I just I know it should be the same as building a computer but I had such a such a tough time because it's been about a good what four or five months since I built a a CPU mining rig such as this and between then and now I've just been into you know Asic Mining and you know gpus and just a bunch of other stuff that's been happening so I've just kind of left CPU mining on the Wayside but in hindsight I I shouldn't have because I should have been building more CPU mining rigs to you know spec mine and accumulate more because you know just like Zephyr as we saw recently that has played out right the strategy of Mining and holding for you know price appreciation of whatever coin that you want to mine but anyways this rig here thank you to Mr Biko and also cloud-based me they are the owners of cloud io.

They sent me this ryzen 7700 CPU build here and with the noctua cooler as well all right we did a live stream of building this again we had a hard time cuz I'm just I'm terrible at it and I had some Corsair Ram laying around as the initial build had only a 8 gig stick and so in that live stream we were testing that with that initial Ram stick we were only getting like I think three Kash or 3.5 Kash and once we added the two uh Corsair RAM sticks the hash rate has gone up okay so I have the rig here okay with this ryzen 7 1700 8 core processor is mining Varys at 5 almost 5100 uh hashes per second on mining Zephyr right now using XMR uh rig new XM rig okay and now in terms of profitability all right I hate that I have to talk about this but it's it's pretty good right this thing is making about a dollar a day on a CPU that's like what 5 or 6 years old CPU mining right now is doing well but how long will that last how long will Zephyr stay up at these you know profit numbers as we have all been seeing recently it's you know right now Zephyr price is almost $45 as of recording and just over the past week it has gone from yeah like5 or $6 all all the way to $45 so that's quite massive increase but you know as now now that I'm talking about this right now I'm talking about you know Zephyr mining or CPU Mining and you know as you guys are watching my channel here how many of you guys are going to get into it because the hash rate for Zephyr has been going quite high right the difficulty is going much higher because everyone's seeing now the profitability of you know CPU mining is actually just insane right now and I just showed you guys my 1700 and yeah and you know what I actually I'm actually going to be getting more into CPU mining now now because I had the opportunity to buy more CPUs okay CPU mining rigs from Mr Chum change XD and also retro mic Tech they actually hit me up like both the same day saying hey red panda you want to do a trade or you want to buy my Rigs and so my my CPU mining Rigs and so for Chum change he's going to be sending me I think six or seven like 3900x CPUs and with the motherboards and with like Ram as well I think with 32 gigs of RAM and I'm trading him a two ks0 Pros which uh I just bought online and they're going to be shipping to him pretty soon so let me know if you guys think that's a good trade or a bad trade yeah let me know let me know down below and then from retro Mite Tech I think I purchased about 7 or8 uh 950x CPU motherboard Ram combos as well okay so that was about I think $ 2750 $2,750 I spent for all of his stuff so I think in total I should have about what I think 16 new CPU mining rigs coming and I already have a 950x right here okay which uh is down okay I actually want to troubleshoot that because it's just been going on and off okay CPU rig number two here I don't know why 5950 X and this one is just not cooperating at all it's not mining and it's just freezing and so I'm yeah it's just been going on and off so I'm going to figure that out uh pretty soon here but yeah I have a bunch of new CPU mining rigs coming okay I didn't initially want to but because I had the opportunity to purchase them that you know it's not because I wanted to get in into the profitability like the profits right now for zhr obviously is amazing but I think for me that I can get into more so CPU Mining and also get into more spec in which you know I'll have all of these on hios and you know on the fly I can change the flight sheets and you know spec m you know a bunch of coins or something for fun like I should have done with Zephyr right in hid and sight right hi highight 2020 so one thing I wanted to uh you know get some you know feedback from you guys is where the heck am I going to put like you know 7 I think I total I should have 18 new CPU mining rigs somewhere so obviously my low power rack I will not be able to place you know 18 CPU mining rigs on here so I'm going to need a new place to set up my CPU Rigs and I don't think that's going to be on my GPU mining wall here which you all know that I bought a bunch of GP risers uh server cases okay right there and then all my as6 are here I don't think I have enough room or power actually to set up more you know Hardware over here right so I'm pretty much maxed out in as6 on this side already as you all know I did send off like 11 or 12 Asic miners already I've already been accumulating some more and yeah but I am thinking that I'm going to place another shelf right here I could place another smaller husky shelf right beside and I could fit 17 18 20 CPU mining rigs on a shelf right here I want you guys to let me know what you think about that so I'm going to be forced pretty soon to run my electrical my 240v 30 amps and uh get this done so I can get my gpus up and also CPU rigs uh once I get those in the next what 2 weeks here and then yeah I should really start running that now get the power ready get my gpus up and also then get my new uh CPU mining rigs up as well what do you guys think about that let me know down below if you guys think that's a good idea having a new shelf here or or if I just you know get rid of you know my phone mining all my little tiny types of little crypto mining ERS out of here uh maybe bring it to my other basement and uh make another shelf there or I could you know actually my barn has a red shelf I could bring that red shelf down to my other crypto mining basement and set up the CPU mining rigs there okay two options you guys let me know set up in my other basement where I have my other rigs there uh you know a little bit cheaper power and uh or you know take everything out of here bring it to my other basement and set up the CPU mining rigs here you guys you guys let me know or or should I build another shelf here and set it up with I guess beside my once I have my 10 octo Miner walls here uh sit up there and then have the CPU mining rigs here and a shelf right here husky shelf a smaller smaller one all right I I've seen them on Home Depot there are ones that are uh you know smaller width that could fit you know right here and yeah let me know all right guys two different options all right that's pretty much all I wanted to update you guys on here and and talk about I uh yeah it seems like zeper mining is quite insane and I know a lot of people it seems like they're getting into it but we've seen a massive hash rate Spike already on Zephyr who knows how long that will take until it could be unprofitable like how much Hardware how much CPU mining Hardware could come online uh for mining Zephyr and then there's been some rumors of bitmain having an update to be able to mine Zephyr I highly doubt it but time will tell okay time will tell all right my friends that's it for this video let me know your thoughts if you guys are going to be getting into uh CPU mining or not or you know maybe slowly building or not at all right let me know down below I know it's kind of the fomo feeling right now so maybe it it might not be a good time to get in but I don't know I haven't really seen prices really go up so maybe this news of how CPU mining is so profitable hasn't really you know had a cascading effect amongst everywhere yet who knows who knows all right I'll see you on the next video have a good one peace out

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