Kraken PRO Review in 2 Minutes (2023 Updated)

Based in the US And serving over 10 million clients in more than 190 countries, Kraken is one of the oldest exchanges still operating today. But with fierce competition to attract more experienced traders, How does Kraken’s trading platform measure up? I’m Nate Martin, And we’re talking about Kraken Pro in our 2…minute…review. Founded in 2011, Kraken is one of the most well-established crypto exchanges In the industry. Kraken already has a solid reputation as a crypto broker, But they also offer an advanced trading platform: Kraken Pro. With Kraken Pro, Experienced users can trade from A selection of more than 210 different cryptocurrencies quickly and easily, With the help of advanced trading tools; Including TradingView charts and indicators, As well as order books and Kraken’s very own analytics. In addition to spot trading, Users can also trade on margin with up to 5-times leverage. And users outside the US can even stake their crypto And get a return on their otherwise idle assets. Kraken Pro trading fees work on a maker/taker model, Starting at 0.26% of the total trade size. Your rates will decrease depending on your monthly trading volume, And larger traders can even enjoy free trades Once they’ve traded enough monthly volume. Finally, for those who like to trade on-the-go, Kraken Pro’s mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices. Kraken is widely regarded as having better customer support Than its closest competitor, Coinbase, by offering various methods of support – Including live chat and telephone support for the US and Canada, the UK, and EU. Now, it’s important to remember that Kraken Pro is a custodial platform, Which means they hold onto your coins for you until you withdraw them.

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You don’t hold the keys, So it’s best not to use Kraken Pro to store your coins long-term. To conclude, Kraken Pro is a one-stop shop for advanced trading, Providing a range of services, assets and tools for experienced users. Combined with Kraken’s strong history and reputation, It’s an all-round solid trading platform. Make it 4.2 Stars from us here at 99Bitcoins, As we consider it a feature-rich platform for experienced traders From a well-established industry leader. Have you used any of Kraken’s services? Let us know what you think in the comments below. That’s today’s 2 minute crypto review; For our in-depth review, visit the link in the description And I’ll see you…
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