Missed the Boat on Karlsen GPU Mining

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what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a swell day and I'll admit it you know what I missed the boat on Carlson just like many other things and people love to remind me but uh I figured we'd take a look and profitability has unfortunately come down there's still money to be made um I don't have my gpus turned on yet but I will be bringing some gpus home to fire up in these rigs so I have some 307s just sitting just doing nothing at the computer shop so I'm going bring some of those home put some extra heat in here because like today is not bad it is 67Β° in here and I don't have the heater running uh but a lot of times when it's super cold outside today was a really mild day it gets super cold in here and I need to run a heater so if I can run more gpus and less heater it's a win-win uh don't have to necessarily make tons of money but there is still money to be made so let's go take a look at it all right so I put in a 3070 and I figured we'd start out on what to mind they don't have or yeah they do have Carlson up here but for some reason it says Carlson's only profiting about 47 cents a day I believe that's because on car they're saying a 3070 is doing .9 gigahash at 90 Watts but then if we go over to Hash rate.

It's saying they're doing a th000 megahash or a little over a gigahash at 113 Watts which that puts the profit at 57 cents a day so little bit higher on here I guess you know push that power a little bit to get that extra hash rate but dual mining or reum or re ethereum or R ethereum I don't know however oh rether Franklin you know uh and Carlson looks like it's profiting the most about 60 to70 cents a day 66 cents a day um and let's see here looks like the next closest thing is vars and then game pass those are 50 40 50 43 44 so yeah Carlson is still a top performer profitability wise definitely not what uh it was previously I mean these things were making like a little over you know $150 or more a day so it's unfortunate it didn't hold out but it's unrealistic to think it'll hold out forever now vast AI which I still want to show you guys that I'm still working on that in the background because I have so many things going on that is still showing about 9 cents an hour if you do get rented so just food for thought there um taking a look at like the big bad boys like 490s Pepe pow apparently oh mem hash is the most profitable at the moment edging out Carlson ever so slightly um but on a 4090 you're you're doing a little over $2 a day profit 3 and2 3 you know 330 to 350 a day before so still some money to be made although 490s are still super expensive wonder what they are going for right now RTX 4090 I should know this cuz people call and that's like the first thing they ask for they're like oh man I want a 4090 how much is it going to be look at this 490 1,300 bucks it's got a i999 100K paired with a 4090 it's a weird pairing is that a really good deal what's a 4090 by itself 1,800 this actually doesn't sound like a horrible deal you get a whole computer it's a 9900 k a little bit older still a great processor but the big thing here wait wait wait wait no GPU whoa whoa whoa what they scamming over here video card 4090 out of stock oh okay yeah all right that makes more sense now super misleading when it's in the title of the description who would sell this with no Graphics interesting okay never mind rewind that roll it all back uh but yeah so I have some 307s I was curious what about my old 580s do they do anything right now let's take a look are they even on this sheet 570 there we go we'll put a 570 in are they profitable no they lose money on pretty much everything across the board what about on hash rate.in 570 ooh they are profiting on cury coin and Game Pass ever so slightly basically break even that's interesting always interesting to see but um all right let me flip this around so yeah had to take the shades off eyes are starting to hurt it's late at night anyway um so I'm I'm definitely still going to bring some home we we'll show the setup and stuff I think I am going to mine through unminable just because um some people think you know the Carlson coins the next coming of like ethereum and that's fine um and it might be you know people might mine up like 500,000 of them and become blue billionaires and that that's great uh High likelihood it it probably doesn't do that but you never know I would much rather just mine my Carlson through unminable and get paid out and probably I'll probably pick a Litecoin just because uh it's got low payout threshold and low fees but just to get paid out and something a little bit more I don't even know if Litecoin Litecoin is definitely not a stable coin so calling it stable is is a joke but something more established that might be the right word um yeah so anyway um other than that ladies and gentlemen I hope you all have a good night we do have the pre-order up for the CPU motherboard Ram combos on the website so you can go check those out it's the Zeon 12 core it's a V4 setup so you can put any V4 Zeon chip in it um and you can get it with or without Ram so um if you're interested anyway later

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