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all right guys before we get started the bcpc launch shirts just came in so those are going to be going out this week um shout out to everybody that did a pre-order on those and a couple people did cancel their orders I understand it took a little while we were had an issue with our first t-shirt supplier but I think we have that all ironed out now so the ones that did cancel the orders I believe they were a couple larges and a couple extra larges I'll put those back on the website for availability but this run of t-shirts is never going to be printed again um so if you want your chance this is the last chance to grab one um yeah but uh let's jump right into it also check out I've been saving cardboard boxes to recycle to reuse for shipping and packing materials so yeah um big thank you to the guys that were recommending that because um I had not been doing that and that's definitely my wife orders a lot of stuff so it's going to save a little bit of money and help out the old environment what is up ladies and gentlemen I need a haircut but regardless from that we are back at the computer shop today and we have a couple items that got brought in bought bought some stuff took some stuff in on trade um we have a another alien wear unfortunately this has some stickers that have been on it for a ridiculous amount of time so I'm going to try to pull those stickers off and get some Gojo and clean it off because I tried pulling one of them off and it's leaving a ton of adhesive on there but um it is what it is it comes with the territory then also have a l Novo Legion gaming laptop that got traded in I think this is already sold but I have to um I'm going to pull some of the drives out cuz it's got oddly enough uh it's got a SSD or like an nvme in there and then somebody it says it's a hard drive um so I'm going to flip it over I'm going to pull the hard drive out and maybe slap in some more storage a buddy of mine was looking for a gaming laptop so we're going to hook him up on that uh but it's got a uh i7 10750 I've had one of these these are awesome little six scores they do they do a really good job um also had another laptop that got traded in um I didn't give him much credit on this because it's older this is like a Vista era laptop I don't really know what it's going to be good for um it's missing the battery and it's missing the charger so that's lovely it's a Sony voo doesn't say what kind of CPU it's got it uh oh it's a core I3 so that one might be just yanking the ram out of it yanking the storage out and throwing her on the old recycle bin I might might throw it on eBay for parts or something for like 10 bucks who knows um also on the agenda oh my gosh hold on so I think I talked about this on previous videos these things right here right here I I bought a bunch of these little WiFi sticks these things blow um have you know bought a bunch of them and um what happens is you plug them in and they work for about 30 minutes like here I'm pulling this one out of the computer right now yeah they work for about 30 minutes and then all of a sudden they stop working and they're super hot it's like they burn out or something so yeah I talked about in that video oh yeah I think these things are going to work out good blah blah blah no they they suck they suck do not buy these why Wi-Fi adapters don't know why but they burn out and yeah so now I have I've already gone through three of them on just my little test computer that was just sitting here doing nothing um at one time I had a YouTube video uh looping with like a little fireplace background just trying to be like aesthetic you know like having a a fireplace on the monitor but just being funny um and yeah it's burning out those those uh those little USB Wi-Fi dongles I did test it on another computer I had right here and those those Wi-Fi dongles are are dead um when you plug them in now they show up as USB devices unrecognizable blah blah blah blah blah blah and uh I'm like nice wasted money so I don't think I can cut that many corners and go down to a cheaper one I think I'm going to have to stay with like the the more expensive ones just because I don't want to give somebody one of those and then they end up having like tons of problems and that's just going to get a call back on a you know a couple dollar item whereas I could have spent a few more dollars and been fine yeah regardless let's let's get to work oh yeah no hold on I did buy another computer let's go this one um oh he said he's coming in Monday oh he already came in let me flip the camera around so I'll set it over here so we can kind of get a good look at it if if you guys can tell she's older uh it looks like third or fourth gen Intel just judging by the board it's got a it is actually an Acer board so that's kind of cool um notable mentions looks like it's got a bunch of ram in here four sticks they're probably like four gig sticks or something all right for some reason those are super hard to push so I'm not going to wear those out it's got a really old graphics card it is a a HD 5670 or 6570 2 gig DDR3 so one of those little Cheapo graphics cards well older graphics cards has no external power so that's kind of nice I could use it as like a test card if it works um best part of the whole computer EVGA 850 W bronze um yeah gave him trade in on this when we plugged it in it wouldn't boot up so I don't know exactly what's wrong with it what's right with it only thing he wanted out of it was his solid state drive so we pulled that out and swapped it into the computer he traded for um but yeah so we'll need to tear this bad boy apart it came with no side panel it's in like a yeah it's a Gateway OEM case I don't know if it's actually an i7 or not he said he thought it was an i5 so yeah old Frankenstein computer but we'll get to that after we mess with the other stuff all right so pulled this open uh didn't have a drive so no hard drive no solid state that's unfortunate uh it did have two sticks a 4 gig uh DDR3 so it is a mismatch set that's 1333 and this is oh this is 1333 just different brands Kingston and G oh G skill okay so that's kind of cool um we'll put that in our little sodm Ram holder here here let's see um this one is PC2 that one's PC3 so ddr2 right here I need to print me a separate one for DDR ddr2 just so we keep it in stock so got a little bit of DDR3 kicking right there um what's this one some more DDR3 just brand new in the box uh by the way guys we do have those on the web store so if you're interested these are actually orders that are about to go out we're printing everything in Black now so if you want the ram holders or the um so dim holders but regardless oh goodness um we'll put this back together and I think I'm going to throw this on on eBay for like auction for like five bucks as Parts cuz I just don't even want to mess with fixing it I don't think it's worth it in my opinion some people would not agree but we'll get it moved on out of here doesn't even want to clip back together very well okay uh need to get me one of them nice fancy screwdrivers so and no battery lovely if I had a battery I would maybe invest in getting like a a charger for it it's super dirty look at that no s that means this is probably like a maybe like a seventh genish eighth gen I'm not sure could be a little bit older I guess just thinking off the top of my head all right so that one's done and down and out let's flip this one over and see what's in inside of it all right so I got this laptop apart um this is that 10750 uh pulled that off and put it back on it does have 2 8 gig dims of uh ddr4 it's got a weird spot right here that looks like it's supposed to be for like a SATA drive but there's no SATA drive there um pulled out let's see here pulled out this 512 gig Union memory and we are replacing it with a 1 TB 970 Evo plus so going from all 500 jigs to 1 TB way he's got a little extra storage in there going to blow some duster through this bad boy she's she's got some Caked Up on her but I'm going to do that outside um and then we'll wrap this up and and that one will be ready to go he's supposed to be coming here in a couple hours so I feel like we're making really good progress today let's keep it going all right so cleaned up that dirty screen a little bit have a fresh install of Windows firing on that bad boy now and on to the next one went ahead and pulled apart that old PC it had a i7 3770 in it 12 gigs of RAM so pretty decent but anyway I'm going to call it y'all have a good one I'll see you on the next one

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