My CPU Mining Farm Begins Now.

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[Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day all right I need to get my CPU mining rigs up but first in order to do that I need to set up my area where I want to do that so I'm going to be utilizing the same 240 volt 30 amp circuit as my low power shelf here because I'm not using the full capacity of this pdu right now I'm using about think 2600 WTS 2500 watts so I still got about another good 25 2700 watts to utilize and I think that's going to go along perfect with my 16 to 20 different CPU mining rigs which I want to have here not on the Shelf though I'm just going to I'm just going to place a table right here right behind the Shelf where this 3090 rig is and just have it right here and I'm just going to set all the CP Rigs and Power supp lies on the desk and then all the networking is going to go into from this Cisco switch because I was thinking of setting up a CPU mining rig area in another place in my house here but I think just utilizing the same power and the network switch will save me some some headache essentially I don't need another switch I don't need to run another circuit so I'm just it's best I'm just going to have it here I have the space anyway and uh yeah should be okay here now when the summertime comes now that will probably be a different story it might be uh it might get pretty hot in here but I do have a plan of having another exhaust fan out that window or maybe that window we'll see we'll see down the road when the summer time comes it's winter right now so it's it's generally it's generally cool it's about 78 fenit ambient in this general area right now okay I'm going to go get a table place it here and then I'm going to start placing some of my current CPU mining rigs on that table and uh also probably get them on stands if I have enough just get it all situated so we'll see how that goes I also have one set up here utilizing the new PSU the Pico psus I just got in don't know if they're going to be good or not long term we're going to find that out after I set up the rest of these rigs then I can tell you guys if they're good or not so let me go get a table in the barn let's head on over there my fish anyone remember my fish balls it is freezing up here oh man I missed the barn okay I just came for a table and so I got a couple up here most likely going to use that white one over there under all that crap okay I'm going to take that one not going to show you guys taking all this stuff out I'll see you back at the other [Music] basement okay I need to bring this CPU rig with me cuz I'm going to convert this parallel Miner zsx m board power supply setup to a the those Pico psus so just going to turn this off and no longer going to use this setup okay going to bring this along with me see you guys at the other basement okay got the table in bit of room to spare not too bad you guys are probably laughing right now red panda what are you doing and yeah I don't know I don't know what I'm doing but I got the table here okay already placed two rigs two CPU rigs on here granted I didn't put the Pico power supply yet on this this is a 3700x AMD got a 3900x here okay and I'm going to get two more rigs that are down there and also put Pico psus on those cuz I got a SF 450 wat ATX PSU on one uh this is a ryzen 1700 x and then I have a 550x on another parallel minor zsx m board so I'm going to try the Pico psus on these two on one power supply on this Dell 1400 watt PSU okay and then utilizing an X11 breakout board with four of the Picos so we'll see how that goes let me get those all up here all connected let's try it okay 5950 X I need to place on one of these Chum change motherboard stands or one of the cloud IO motherboard stands thank you again Cloud io.

For the motherboard stands really awesome I'm going to add the Pico PSU to this one first okay so just 8 goes into here and I recently found out there are some people that use Pico psus as well as the uh there's a pcie to CPU 8 Pin cable now I have never heard of that and apparently I have been showed that a while back I just don't remember so that might be something I may need to try out in the future okay so there's this one's going to go here okay Pico for this and then this goes into the motherboard like this see I'm going to I think I'm going to run out of space okay so that's all in okay all right that one's in 3700 X is in Pico PSU six pin for power okay all right let's see how that goes okay now 1700x let's do do the same thing okay this is I'm going to be pretty limited here because the Pico power supplies are the cables are not that long so I don't know if this I don't know if this table method is going to work out for me or not I'm going to try to space everything in a way which uh you know I can H it's not going to look glamorous at all but let me put on this one okay so depending on how I mount these motherboards to these 3D printed stands the I/O where whichever direction it goes the 8 Pin CPU power in the ATX I am limited here by the length of the cable which is quite short um I mean I think it's good that it's short because any longer you know causes resistance you know longer it is I'm not an expert in this but I'm assuming so and this a 16 gauge wire so lot of power going through these right all right so anyways it's not looking great so far but that's okay Rectify that later okay now I'm going to mount this 5950 X to Chum change 3D printed stand let's see here okay it's on the Clyde IO motherboard stand okay so a bit of an issue well we already explained it the cabling for my Pico PSU here 300 wat Pico PSU is really not long at all again might be okay uh but Aesthetics wise this doesn't look as cool but let's go ahead and power this on one400 wat Dell PSU parallel minor X11 breakout board with four Pico psus 300 watts apparently uh each Pico PSU capacity and as well as 16 gauge wiring according to each of the wires so right now the bank that I'm using on this side is using about 293 Watts okay so we're going to take the Delta from that as we turn this on and then we'll see how much power a 5950 X this is a 3900x and then we got 3700x and then we got another uh 3900 sorry 1 1700x and then 3900x I just got various CPUs here only the CPU money wigs I have on currently going to get some other on in another video but let's go ahead and turn this on let's see hopefully nothing melts here we go 3 2 one 5950 X turned on 3900 X turned on 3700x X turned on I don't think the 1,700 x turned on no it did not turn on they would be lights on the ram okay I believe this one doesn't have AC power on but all the other ones do let me get a screwdriver and let's see if I can wake this thing up just by jumping the uh the power which is right here no that's that's not working I'm hitting the two jumpers you know what I remember something that this thing would not work on the parallel Miner zsx amp edition board this ryzen 1700 x and it worked on a regular ATX power supply I remember we did a live stream I have a feeling that this is not supported in some fashion some I don't know voltage issue you know what I'm going to let's just see how much power these three are taking right now I think they're mining 749 Watts okay so we were at at 293 so that's a good we've added like a good what 550 Watts around there 560 Watts around there for these three rigs 3900 5950 X yeah that's pretty good let's check hios okay and yeah the three rigs are up except the 1700x would not turn on I am going to take that out and I'm just going to make sure that works on an ATX PSU but the other rigs the 3700x that seems to be mining the 5950 X at 16 almost 17 Kash and then my 3900x at 12.96 I think we can do better maybe we have to add more RAM or do four dual Channel or four Channel whatever and uh test that out but so yeah these three are working with the Pico psus but not this 1700x okay so let me just uh let me shut all these down and then I want to uh take take out the 1700 and just make sure it works and that I didn't Breck the whole machine or the I don't know I don't yeah I just want to make sure that this 1700x still works on an ATX PSU okay so that turned off 37 3900 X turned off okay I'm going to turn this power supply okay that's off okay I'm going to take this and try it with an ATX PSU okay I got the 450 wat SF 450 the Corsair PSU ATX and or it's actually sfx but same idea okay I'm going to try this hopefully I didn't break the uh 1700 by shorting it with the Pico PSU I don't think so okay um so now I'm going to okay so we got lights on on the motherboard that's a good sign now yeah I don't have the AC power loss on so I'm going to jump the uh jumper here and it turns on yeah it turns on so why is that what motherboard is this this a Asus b450 all right chipset b450 chipset with a ryzen 1700 why doesn't a zsx power supply work or one of these work it's very strange it's very strange that only the at X will work so maybe maybe that's something and uh well the Pico seems to work on the 3900x and 5950 X anyways uh let me add the network here I totally forgot about that and let's see if it shows up in hios is it mining as well okay yeah 85 80 86 almost 87 Watts probably mining Ze right now let's check the web guey okay let me refresh here contrl F5 okay yes y it showed up 16 seconds ago okay and uh let's just see here yeah five Kash okay I'm going to refresh that yeah there we go yeah it mines so weird why doesn't this work with Picos if anyone has any idea why let me know let me know but we got three to work three onone power supply utilizing these uh Pico 300 wat 16 gauge power supplies so whether or not this is going to last a long time or not time will tell I am going to test this out much more I plan on doing videos and live streams of you know all the other mining rig motherboard setups that I have right so I got all 5950 XS here there's six of them okay and then I have a ryzen 5 5500 I don't think I'm going to see you mind with that that I got a I9 108 50k here uh ryzen 2600x there ryzen9 5900 X oo that's a nice one and then we got uh 3900 X's I got four of them uh four of them here I believe yeah so yeah I hope that this will work on the other motherboard setups here but uh yeah I also have to install the coolers on all these so that's going to be fun I mean if anyone's got to the end of this video let me know if you guys want to see live streams I mean you guys have seen my live streams already of building CP rigs or I may do this offline just get them all up and uh go to town start you know CPU mining getting into spec mining coins or doing it for profit or I'm not quite sure I think I said I was going to do it for profit so we'll see how that goes anyways I am on my way there to getting my CPU mining Farm up this is a good first step I'm already just daunting the fact that I don't think I will be able to get fit or fit 15 on here I'll probably have to go and make a platform on the top row of the shelf and uh put some of these CPU rig Builds on there yeah that that will probably have to be done but let me just see here we are at yeah 756 Watts okay 756 757 Watts so yeah we were using 294 before so yeah we're using another 500 550 Watts for these three rigs okay so I think if I add one more that should be about the 50% load on a HP or Dell Platinum power supply that should be the efficient way to run that okay guys I think that's it this video is long enough let me know what you guys think I'm going to slowly start expanding more of my CPU mining rigs I know it looks like a spaghetti mess right now this is my low power Shelf with a bunch of bunch of stuff on it bunch of stuff but let me know what you guys think if this is okay to have uh a table here have for CPU mining easy for me to access I live here so if I have any issues I can just come down and you know reset something or troubleshoot it maybe I have to add another table in case I have more if yeah in case those rigs don't fit I don't know all right my friends that's it I'm coming after your CPU mining profits I'll see you all in the next video have a good one peace out man I'm so confused why why this would not work on here

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