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all right ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel this is just a talking head video it's pretty much like an update and we actually have forward progression uh on the computer shop so I don't know exactly what the name is going to be I'm leaning towards just BC computers you know just short for Brandon coin computers um but if you remember I'd been talking about this for a while I did have a location it fell through that location actually still doesn't even have power run to it he said I can get it whenever it's approved but he's stuck in like a never ending Loop of like permitting issues and just some contractors cut Corners anyway regardless um I was waiting and waiting and waiting for that and I finally decided you know what I need to look elsewhere cuz it's coming into winter time my construction business naturally slows down every winter time so um in the past I normally would like work out of my house and use that to do some stuff like computer stuff and sales and repairs and that kind of stuff but but um I don't really want to mix business and um you know home life uh now that especially now that I got kids so I was like I need to find me a not a very big location but something that's cheap low overhead and fairly easy to get to so I have two prospects I'm going on the 17th of October which is next Tuesday uh to look at one of them I'm going to be showing you guys behind the scenes I want to record it um and basically show you everything from Star to finish setting it all up that kind of thing the other Prospect um is a little bit closer but it's a little bit smaller uh so the square footage on the first one they told me it was two it's basically like there's a door and then there's two rooms and I think the rooms were let me see if I can't pull the uh message up here so one room is 14 by 16 that's 224 ft not a whole lot there and then there's a back room that's 16 by8 so 16 by 18 288 plus 244 a total of 532 ft not a lot of square footage um but I was quoted at 500 bucks a month for that one it's in a really good area it's in a populated area right off of Main Highway um so not only would I be getting I I'd be getting a little bit of traffic all that kind of stuff um and it's fairly modern it's not like I'm moving into a place that needs updates it actually needs nothing um it has a shared entrance way with a couple other businesses um and in that shared entrance way is a waiting Lobby uh and it's also got a bathroom and like a little prep kitchen or not a prep kitchen but a little kitchen with like coffee and stuff so um if somebody got there earlier than me or that kind of thing they have somewhere to sit until I open it up um I didn't know if that would be like exactly perfect but the prices is decent um the location doesn't need much I literally only have to put like my shelving and dress out the inside it's not like I have to go in there and retrofit it cuz a lot of the places around here are super old and you got to like go and do flooring or paint and all that kind of stuff just to get it looking halfway decent so um that's pretty good the other location is actually closer to me but it's a little bit smaller um the room I think the room was right around 400 ft and it's just one s single room with a door to the outside and that's it there's no bathrooms there's no this there's no nothing um uh also the first place that has like the two rooms like a front room and a back room that $500 a month includes the power uh the electric um and the internet so all that's included it's all shared so that's kind of nice it saves a little bit every month whereas the other one that's just the one single room I haven't been quoted on the the price yet so it's a smaller one single box room door to the outside it doesn't share any kind of bathrooms or that kind of stuff um and also I have to bring my own internet so there is an extra cost there the only benefit to the smaller one is it's closer to me it's about half the distance so about 10 minutes well not even 10 minutes away about seven 6 or 7 minutes away versus about 15 to 20 depending on traffic for the other one cuz that it's off a busy road that can be busy at times so I'm super stoked about that I'm basically trying to lock in and get started on a lease before November so uh it's the 12th right now that means I have about you know 16 17 days give or take um to get it rolling and get it popping both of these places are available right now so I mean they're both willing to like sign a lease I don't know what all they require I I imagine it's probably like you know first and last month print security deposit all that kind of hoopla pretty normal standard stuff um but yeah they were both of them asked me like what are you going to be opening because I guess they don't want certain things in there and I'm like I'm going to open a computer shop um there's going to be you know some foot traffic coming in and out uh I'm not going to be there every day but um I will have it open my hours will vary you know eventually I'd love to be there every day but um you know it if it ain't paying the bills every day then I can't be there every day but luckily there like that's no problem um the only drawback to both of these locations is I don't get a traditional like storefront so it's not like I can slap a big sign out front uh but I do get you know an address for people to come to so uh it's a give and take so that way if I do you know do a little bit advertising I can be be like you know come to BC computers and this is our address and then when they get there it's fairly self-explanatory um I think your name goes on like a like a little the placard thing that kind of tells what room you're in for the first one for the second one I'm not sure CU I I'm not as familiar with that location at least the first one I've been to um that area it's kind of like set up in a strip mall and it's like on one section of the strip mall where it's you go in and there's a a like an interior an interior of a strip mall so anyway I'm super hyped and I'm super pumped about it uh I feel like uh I've watched other channels and like behind the scenes of people setting up I I'm a big sneaker head guy I love sneakers I just can't afford a lot of them but I've watched like Cam's kicks and watching the behind the scenes of him like getting his stores set up cuz he's done multiple Stores um I'm probably not going to be doing all that but I'd love to show you guys the nitty-gritty and I don't know why but I like the nitty-gritty sometimes but yeah so look out for the videos coming up here soon we're going to be touring some places together me and you you and me but anyway I'm going to sign off here y'all have a good night I appreciate appreciate it um yeah see you on the next one adios as for names do you think I should just keep it simple like just BC computers or should I like come up with some blah blah blah name I feel like just keeping it under the same umbrella BC computers keep it nice and simple um just it just ties it all in and very well together and by the way if this is the first time you're hearing this um so what I'm going to be doing is I just opening a small computer shop where you know I can have a place to sell my budget builds like I've you know showed you guys in the past you know I'm like doing a budget build right there uh and traditionally I would sell them through Facebook Marketplace I'd have people come to my house um and in retrospect looking back on that I've had a like not this house not the new one we built nobody's ever been here outside of people I know um haven't put this address online don't want it online but in my older houses like the house before this and the one before that I had tons of people just coming over like oh yeah come on over come and look at a computer and I went back and looked and you know at my house in Spring Hope I had sold somewhere in the range of like 60 desktops and um I mean that's at least 60 different people coming over here some of them knew the YouTube channel some of them didn't um so the address gets leaked fairly easily um yeah yeah and anonymity having that anonymity of my house being separated from business I just feel like that that'll be good you know that that's a good situation obviously there's always a way to figure out where somebody lives uh if you get all creepy like that but um just not literally working out of my house I feel like that's that's a good option also I feel like there's some level of professionalism I mean I say professionalism it's me and I'm a guy in a box but there's some level of professionalism that comes across whenever somebody like walks into your shop or your store um but yeah what I I'd like to do is have a place to sell my my budget builds have a couple of them already pre-assembled for people when they come in um offer to upgrade buy sell trade computers basically anything from laptops to desktops if you want to work on it fix it all that kind of stuff swap out ssds basic stuff um but there's a ton of people out there that don't want to mess with it but they need help with it um repairs General stuff uh offer that uh I've in the past like year I haven't really done as much but before that I would always get the people that like hey man I want to I want to change up my laptop battery but I don't want to open it up and I'm like dude it's super simple literally popping a bunch of screws off popping your panel off the bottom of it but people just don't want to mess with it so I'll no doubt I'll be changing out some laptop batteries doing all that kind of stuff I'd love to show you guys all that along the way uh I just feel like it's almost like a new Leaf obviously I'm not getting out of mining not getting out of crypto still got the phones going and that kind of thing um still got the old CPU churning away over there but um computer hardware has always been like one of my passions and this is just another way I get to uh to do something that I I love as corny as that as that sounds you know and do do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life but anyway uh worst case scenario it doesn't make enough money to pay the rent and um yeah we're washed up and we got to move out so um luckily or sorry hopefully that's not going to be the case cross your fingers for me and maybe this is the beginning of a bright new future so yeah I'm pumped about it especially the Buy trade sell stuff cuz a lot of people would always be like hey man I want to buy this desktop but I have this one you know will you take it in on trade and uh every now and then I would but not really having a place to like facilitate like retail sales or like use sales I just a lot of junk would just end up getting pushed to the side and I don't mess with it whereas if I have a spot and I can you know shelf it turn it around and maybe turn it into something that could be profitable I'm I'm pumped about that also cuz passing a little bit of savings on never hurts so anyway I'm going to get off here this video got way too long way too fast yall have a good night I'll see you on the next one [ __ ]

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