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welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel uh if you're watching this live you're probably not seeing this because there's no viewers in here live but if you're watching this after the fact welcome back uh so I said I'm going to start doing a stream every Monday uh that's when I typically come into the computer shop I pack up orders that came in over the weekend well it is now the 26th and it's Tuesday um I did not come into the computer shop yesterday because yesterday was Christmas so Merry Christmas I hope everybody had had a good one um getting caught up we did a little sale yesterday so definitely sold quite a few things um yeah hope everybody's having a swell one so let me get the chat up on my phone here so I can keep up with that and then we're just going to be packing orders and hanging out Dustin singer yo bro Merry Christmas yeah Merry Christmas Dustin hopefully you had a good one let's see here connecting to wifi there we go Brandon coin says I'm not live what oh no there yeah packing orders AMA it says I'm live let me mute this and bring it up the chat there we go okay so I got a live chat now I know it's a little early in the morning for everybody but it's 11 here so it's not that early I guess um but first on the list is a uh we had a gentleman buy a 6600 XT oh that's a 6600 XT oh this is a 6600 let me grab him an XT real quick here we go he bought a sapphire pull 66 00 XT regular price on the shop is 170 bucks but yesterday we had 20% off so he scored that for $136 absolute steel Sapphire pulse these are good cards so I'll go ahead and take the little sticker off that bad boy not a bad deal Jack hi Brandon Merry Christmas what's up what's up Jack Merry Christmas buddy so I have just a generic GPU box these are great for packing and shipping and stuff see if that fits in there nice and nice and comfy oh yeah look at that look at that like it was made for it guess it technically wasn't jock oh my bad jock sorry the chat is really small on this um that's another thing I wanted to bring up so I'm working on my computer that's going to be in the shop it's the one I'm mounting on the wall and that's going to be my streaming computer that way I can switch from different camera angles cuz I have a top down camera angle right here I have a camera angle showing people walking in coming from that direction and then I'll probably have a camera angle like pointing straight on me like this angle um and I'll be able to keep up with chat and all that kind of stuff way better because I'll have I'll have actual monitors right now I'm just live streaming off of my phone so got to do what you got to do you know so let's tape this bad boy up we'll weigh it and then see what the shipping is going to cost me oh that sound that sound is lovely everybody get everything they wanted for Christmas so I have two young kids now and it's funny because Christmas used to be like oh yeah we oh hold on Paul B hey man Merry Christmas hope you're doing well do you plan on selling any mining rigs um I missed the the back half of that comment do you plan on selling any mining rigs maybe barebone rigs without gpus um probably not mining rigs but uh I am interested in selling like I have mining motherboards and then I just got linked back up with a company that has uh the the mining motherboards so if you're interested in like the the eight card riserless motherboards um with a CPU pre-installed I'm probably going to be offering those um but like mining rigs nah cuz they're going to be a pain in the butt to ship it's all about shipping you know shipping is tough not everybody's local um All I Want For Christmas is bitcoin price to get to 100K well we didn't hit that one this Christmas maybe next Christmas Dustin I couldn't complain I came across a heck of a deal on Christmas so it was all good nice Dustin Matthew need to get a hookup on some octo miners um Matthew these are I mean these are basically octo miners they're just offbrand um I've used quite a bit of them in the past I have quite a few of them still and I've never had an issue um I could probably reach out to octo Miner and and become a you know dealer or whatever for them but um I don't know man they're kind of expensive when you compare them to like their counterparts not talking any junk they're they are good quality parts and I actually have my octo Miner up in the corner it's the like gen one pre-order back when you had to pre-order with Litecoin before they even had a product the the Octo Miner B8 I think it was the B8 plus that was like their their first run I have one of those and I love it it was it was a great board it still works to this day but um their new stuff got expensive not going to lie got a little spendy for the market you like the idea of an X8 for gpus yeah it works really good it just doesn't work for like AI applications cuz uh it does split the lanes down but same way if you use any other mining motherboard just doesn't give the GPU enough lanes for uh for doing any AI workloads so that is the only con or drawback and also the CPU doesn't really make anything I mean they might make a couple hundred hash but it's not like they actually put down any serious amount of power they're just little like cerons little dual cores all right right there okay let me weigh this Brandon are you a crypto millionaire are you did you mean it say millionaire I'm not a millionaire and nothing I guess I got a million cha a million of random tokens but not not in uh us value no miller what you trying to say I'm not I'm not uh not up on that word all right 2 lb 2 oz so we'll create that shipping label measure this bad boy out we are oo 13 and 1 12 by 8 and 1/2 by four tall going to have to enter that one in don't have one of those so 14 or round up for 14 long nine wide and for tall add package um hope you're using pirate ship or something similar uh pirate ship is really really close price-wise to using the Shopify discounted shipping um and I really like how the Shopify discounted shipping is all like integrated and it just fills in everything so I'm using that um it's not far off it's definitely the Shopify discounted shipping is better than the eBay discounted shipping but it's not not quite as good as pirate ship on super big items unlike small stuff it's about the same all right so we're at two point let's go two point and let's go two 2 lb 3 o just to give us a little leeway and that comes out to yeah look at that six bucks USPS ground Advantage can't beat that that ain't bad at all not bad at all to ship a GPU watch you don't docks your screen luckily my camera is not good enough and the only thing that you guys can see is from what right here over and uh the addresses are are sorry on the other side so we I've doxed in the past but we ain't doxing no more just to make people feel better make me feel better we'll turn that T no risk now even though my camera wasn't that good anyway all right so let's see who's up next little time mining what's good dog just chilling man uh Deco Brandon Windows 11 plus motherboard CPU motherboard and CPU stable for sale um I'm not sure if uh these guys are good for Windows 11 I have not tried them yet they're zons I don't know if they have a secure boot in the Bios I know that was a big deal so I guess I'll test them out but other than that I have there's not much left on the website uh for CPUs and I have no other motherboards other than the um the Zeon motherboards Krypto Mel what's up welcome to the chat man toxico who's your favorite crypto YouTuber um I go in and out of watching different YouTubers but man I've been watching a lot of uh Hawk lately so um I like his style I also like uh red fox he always gets my attention of course red panda got to give him some love whenever uh he's dropping anything cuz he he comes off the wall and he's like oh I want to try this I'm going to buy you know 50 of these and I'm just like holy smokes so always always fun to watch those guys uh let's see here good morning arcs crypto and Mining good morning what's up bro uh hereby Service uh Windows 11 works on anything you just need to tamper with TPM and software a bit that that is true uh even if it doesn't say it's supported you can you can do it dang did y'all hear that it's a big old boom Sandy thank you for the uh the kind words yeah the Shop's doing great so another order packed another happy customer let's see what's coming up next for shipment here raid said hey Brandon how about you guys how about you guys available pre-cut thermop pad sets for specific think it might be something to make profit on um it'd be possible uh there's a lot of people that already offer it do you have any suggestions on stuff I could offer it for Big B boom that was loud yeah that was loud as all get out and it's crazy because I'm right by like a like a highway so I don't know what that was all right so next up we have somebody got a ryzen 55600 g so let me grab that right here Tada somebody got that bad boy ryzen 55600 G make sure all the pins look good yeah everything looks good I'm actually working with um my 3D print guy which I don't want to like say his name if he doesn't want his name out there but anyway um I'll ask him in the future so I have a big batch of uh AMD or am4 socket uh shipment boxes coming in and they're just little like little 3D printed boxes that you like pull it out I can drop the processor in and it it supports it by the edges so the pins don't touch anything and then I slide it back into like a little box and then I can you know bubble wrap that up because shipping am4 socket or shipping AMD non am5 socket CPUs always has me like a little like like worried cuz those pin are just so fragile little time I just bought a 5600 G on New Egg for 130 how much was that one um I had this one for uh originally priced for $88 and it looks like because I had a 20% off discount yesterday they got it for $70.40 so little bit cheaper somebody got a deal somebody got the hook up uh Nick said are you still happy with your CPU mining investment I thought about it long term I mean CPU mining has not broke even it's not even close to breaking even do I think it will maybe if it doesn't at least it was a shot in the dark and it it's made for you know some decent videos but would I go out and buy more specifically for CPU mining me not not personally but I'm not like a huge risk taker so you have to take that into account little time mining that was a great deal yeah it was a great deal he also got uh a set of 32 gigs of ddr4 Corsair Dominator regularly priced for 90 bucks let me grab that so yeah these he got these two two kits of Corsair Dominator they're 16 gig these are the platinums with the RGB um and those were 20% off so he got those for 72 bucks that's a good deal cuz this stuff is like 150 bucks they resell for like a 100 bucks um so we'll get that packaged up for him might be able to plop that into a uh a bubble mailer if I get it wrapped up really good have been searching for pre-cut thermal pads on Amazon I have a MSI 380 and 380 TI memory goes over 100° C when mining um ride or Raid um um I can't remember the the company there was a company that was shipping internationally that had pre-cut thermal pads yes Ron I I have not forgot about you I'm sorry I haven't got back to you I haven't sold your server power supplies they're still sitting over there um we still have some some nvmes uh I I need to get those those sent out um they're just one of those things always running behind always always little time yeah you need to check it out need to check it out every now then let's see here got a bubble mailer let's wrap up the CPU need a little bit of foam yeah oh hereby said his memory is 105 yes Ron you are still on the radar um all my mining gear is set over to the side just because it it's so heavy and I just haven't got around to getting the correct amount of shipping stuff for it I got to get me some more big boxes and all that kind of stuff in and and available and ready so we'll get there we will all right let's get this weighed up here so this Ram is not very heavy and this CPU is CPUs are not heavy at all cut us off some bubble wrap wrap up this Corsair dominator look at that happy and healthy send her home how could I hook up a video card up to a laptop um deal Hound the companies like Zotac and I think Asus they make like those uh like battle boxes or or whatever they're called they have um GPU enclosures that's another word for them uh but most of them need a a particular Port is it um can they run them through type-c I'm not sure I've never had one uh but you you definitely need a specific laptop oh yeah you could do a yeah you could do a PCI extender um like open up the back of the laptop and if it had like a m.2 slot you could run one of those time 16 yeah I didn't think about that that was a good good catch little Tom all right bam Ram is ready to go now we just got to wrap up this uh this am4 socket gosh man these pins use a razor core well you heard it here first use a razor core what's up John fris hopefully I said your name correctly all right we going to bubble wrap the heck how of this AMD GP or CPU got to be quiet so the pens don't bend you know oh yeah oh yeah there we go that's not that's not bending okay so I tape it with the bubble wrap and then what I've been doing is I'll take like a piece of cardboard and I like to wrap it around the bubble wrap and then I tape that around it for the am4 socket like uh setups but here soon I won't have to do that what's up good morning yeah here soon I won't have to do that because I'm going to be getting those little 3D printed boxes and I'll just ship them in those but I just feel like that just adds another layer of security for like side de side bending and stuff cuz we don't want no Bend sorry I haven't kept up with chat good DIY in the ghetto uh just chilling man enjoying the day I didn't get my live stream in yesterday because I told you guys I was going to be doing live streaming live streams on Monday uh so I figured you know we'll do it on Tuesday cuz nobody was doing nothing yesterday except Christmas time bro do you have any dual channel uh DDR3 need a total of 16 gigs I'll check here in a second I'm not sure if I do uh but we can look tape it up tape it up tape it up we got plenty of tape anybody that buys and sells and and has got like the free tape on eBay whenever you sign up for like an eBay store I love their tape it's probably one of the best tapes I've had in my opinion all right so we got the CPU where did the Ram oh there's the ram okay got the CPU got the ram we'll check on that DDR3 in a second let's um let's close this up and weigh it just make sure we're in the good I have a pretty good idea what they are individually but I always try to weigh everything in the package just to make sure we are at 9.6 oz so we'll go 10 o on that and we are in the money so create shipping label DIY and the ghetto I'm using the processor I got from you awesome which processor did you buy from me bubble mailer we'll go 10 oz that comes out to why is that so much oh that's 10B I was like wait a second that's expensive 10 oz bubble mailer that comes out to $481 buy shipping label that ain't bad not bad Brian love your mining Channel you ready for the Bull Run absolutely Brian I'm here I'm ready for it I am ready all right let's print out another one oh man we'll check on that DDR3 oh I think I got some some Corsair Vengeance DDR3 uhoh print around out of paper do I not have paper you're kidding me no way oh no I do have paper false alarm I was like I thought I just bought a thing of paper there we go t all right I5 582k oh yeah yeah yeah okay I know who you are now Mr Ghetto Mr DIY in the ghetto those are good CPUs dirt cheap too oh little mellow yellow in the morning never hurt nobody so whoever is wondering about the DDR3 I do have some DDR3 and it looks like it is a dual Channel kit we'll see if it's a 16 gig kit or not I'm not sure but it is Corsair Vengeance so it at least looks looks cool you know gaming with Smokey Dan what's up what is up Dan uh Smokey Dan all right another order packed always like to a little bit of extra tape on the back side of these bubble mailers just because right there bam all righty so um whoever was asking about a dual Channel kit sorry about that um oh no I have only have a dual Channel kit of 4 gig sticks of Corsair Vengeance I'm I only have a single stick of Corsair Vengeance 8 gig sorry about that I don't know who that was asking about that earlier um I have just miscellaneous uh DDR3 not like matching um on the website and it's all it's all fairly cheap so if you just need a a set of cheap memory there you go but if you're looking for something specific I'm sorry about that so little bit of DDR3 left we're actually getting kind of thin can use virtual memory with a SSD yeah absolutely little time the s37 are selling out on eBay that may be something that I should look into then Happy New Year don't dox me don't worry I'm not doxing nobody we're uh we're keeping addresses and names that's why I'm I'm showing only the back side of packages I've I've learned in the past I've doxed myself so so I mean technically behind me is I'm doxing myself right now um but yeah so anyway where are we at we're at 28 minutes we're going to we're going to run it up to 30 minutes so we got another 2 minutes uh because I do have to go run and do a thing here in a second but I wanted to thank you guys for coming out if you have any last questions or anything fire it down below and um yeah we'll uh we'll see you again live next Monday and I'm SHO shoting for Mondays at 10:30 a.m.

It is it is subject to change but I think 10:30 a.m. is the time I could stick to so after I get it steady for a couple of weeks then I'll lock it in but yeah Mondays at 10:30 look out for Brandon live um so let's see if I missed any any on here Brian said he's been spec mining Alf just shot up over a dollar you're holding 1400 coins heck yeah man absolutely keep on keeping on um waiting on your international shipping as May pick up some things gaming with Smoky Dan absolutely we are starting international shipping in January starting a fresh Fresh Step for the new year so we we'll be having lots of stuff coming in DIY I'll be be here absolutely happy New Year happy New Year guys might might do a new year live stream I don't know we'll see we'll see so anyway with that being said I want to thank everybody for coming out I really appreciate you guys I guess that's that's it's over you ain't got to go home you just got to get off my video so great stream thank you I appreciate that all right guys have a good one bye

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