Parts & How to 5700 XT Mining Rig

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hey welcome back to tech shinji 
in this video we're going to go   over the parts breakdown of this rig 
and go over some little nuances and   what i found in my experience building 
it and just why did you water cool it   the first part we're going to go over is the cpu 
i get so many questions about the cpu is a core i3   enough shouldn't you use a core i7 shouldn't you use a
core i9 when it comes to mining you really don't   you really dont need like any cpu like, like at all you could use 
like a 10 year old cpu and they work totally fine   the secret why well guess what so in a mining 
rig the cpu is more like a traffic light all it   does is direct traffic and information coming out 
of the pci lanes of the gpu that's all it really   does it gets more technical than that and does a 
whole bunch of other things but in reality the cpu   really doesn't do much a core i3 9100 is probably 
an overkill for this rig you really don't need it   you could probably gone with like a dual core 5400 
g or something similar to that the cpu on this rig   is also air cooled with a stock cooler another 
major component is the motherboard msi h310 a pro   atx style motherboard the reason why i went with 
that motherboard is it has seven pcie slots in   it one full 16x and six 1x slots that allows me to 
put seven gpus in it why did i only pick that many   well this is what we call a residential miner i 
wanted higher power density if i'm using powerful   cards i'm not going to put seven you know RTX 3090s 
in here i wouldn't be able to run it off this one   1600 watt power supply and that's a good Segway
into our power supply evga t2 1600 watt titanium   rated power supply the reason why i went with 
such a high rating power supply is i wanted   the best efficiency possible so power supplies 
tend to be most efficient when they're loaded   50% to 75% of their rated capacity this machine 
here pulls anywhere between 1100 to 1200 watts the   reason why i only went with that number is because 
this is what we call residential miner it's going   to be in a residential setting like in a house 
in the united states we have 15 amp 110 volt   outlets with a maximum 1500 watt draw now you can 
do that temporarily for like a spike or starting   up but you generally don't want to load the power 
100 full time you want to do what we call the 80   rule for safety this is only taking 80 percent of 
15 amps which is around 12 amps it does not take   more than 1200 watts full time that's the reason 
why i went with the evga t2 1600 watt power supply   another part that i get a lot of questions about 
are the gpus themselves what are they does that   void the warranty why did you choose it why did 
you water cool it why did i water cool it i'm not   sure probably because i wanted to waste my money 
i have no idea these are actually power color   liquid Devil 5700 XT's as you can see i got 
the boxes right here yep that's right these are   seven power color liquid devil 5700 XT's these 
gpus come from power color with the ek water block   already pre-applied you don't have to put it 
on yourself it's literally done for you from   the factory if i were to get a different type of 
gpu i could always put the water block on myself   as long as it's compatible and that does not void 
your warranty at least with most gpu manufacturers   what actually does void your warranty is if you 
apply it improperly or you do something wrong or   you dunk the thing underwater you know obvious 
things it is harder to honor a warranty with   something like that because you got to keep the 
air cooler you got to put the air cooler back on   when you send it in warranty generally it's pretty 
okay as long as you know what you're doing the way   i have things set up in this rig the gpus have 
anywhere between 35 to 48 degrees celsius range   of operation and temperature why the big range 
well it really depends on the ambient temperature   if the ambient temperature is right around 60 
degrees fahrenheit or 70 degrees fahrenheit   gpus run at around 45 degrees which is pretty good 
this thing's been running at 100 the whole time   you can hear it you can hear how loud my 
voice is i'm talking kind of loudly right now   but you can clearly hear the rig it's not that 
loud you can still hear it yes it's not dead   silent but yeah it's pretty quiet now we're 
going to talk about the liquid cooling   system the liquid cooling system comprises of 
coolant's quick disconnect fittings are up here   these quick disconnect fittings are double shut 
off fittings which means when you disconnect them   flow stops on both ends so they're double 
shut off dry brake fittings you don't have to   drain the entire rig in order to remove one gpu 
say one of the gpus has a problem you can simply   power down the rig disconnect the gpu turn the 
rig back on have it continue to mine while you   try to troubleshoot the problem with that one gpu 
this is an ek distribution block right here all   it really is is delrin block with a bunch of g1/4
threads machined into it i'm using dual   ek d5 pumps which are water lubricated they're 
pretty quiet and they're very reliable i mean i   think the meantime between failures is like 1500 
hours or something it's quite a bit they're pretty   good the radiator is a 480 millimeter alpha cool 
full copper radiator in the back 480 millimeters   by 30 millimeters thick and that is being cooled 
off by four noctua 120 millimeter fans i have one   more radiator on the bottom here alpha cool 
280 millimeter 45 millimeters thick radiator   full copper of course and there's two noctua 140 
millimeter fans on the bottom blowing up the air   blows this way across the 480 millimeter radiator 
going through the gpus and exhausting this way   we got exhaust going this way and exhaust 
going this way as for the tubing this is 7/8" by 1/2" diameter tubing all the pcie cables 
are cable mod and they're custom lengths so each   cable is custom length for every gpu going 
right to the power supply there's no slack   everything is in perfect length now the part that 
everyone asks me about how much did it cost how   much money does it make why did you water cool it 
i did this for fun this was a passion project i   took roi return on investment put a little box and 
tossed it out the window obviously if i wanted the   lowest roi time i wouldn't have done it this way i 
wanted high hash rate i wanted to be quiet i also   wanted to be cool and this achieves all every one 
of those things now is it worth the premium well   that depends a lot of people ask how much this 
rig costs prices change on everything all the time   especially at the time of filming we have human 
malware going on right now that's causing computer   hardware prices to go through the roof i have 
attached in the description below the pc part   picker list with every single part that was used 
on this rig there's over a hundred individual   components so i'm not gonna go over every single 
one gpus themselves they're all the same gpu you   can use that list and calculate the total price 
how much you would cost for your situation another   question i get is how much does this rig make how 
much crypto are you getting well that's another   one of those things that changes literally from 
day to day you can actually calculate that number   yourself between 380 mega hash and 400 mega hash 
take that number and use your own electrical rate   go use any ethereum mining calculator type those 
numbers in and then you can see for yourself what   kind of earnings you'll be getting with this rig 
if you have any further questions about this rig   or kind of how i built it if you have questions 
about mining questions about water cooling feel   free to leave a comment down in the comments below 
and i'll try to answer you as soon as i can you   can contact me on discord you can join our discord 
server right now it's called mining misfits i'm   actually in the server with chump change he's 
the one in charge of the server i happen to be   part of the server i'm a mod on that server so 
if you want to talk to me directly that's the   best way to talk to me or contact me if you have 
any questions you can ask me there directly and i   respond pretty quick at least in that server if 
you like what you see here don't forget to get   subscribed and let us know what you thought 
about this video we'll see in the next video hey so you

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