Peach Bitcoin: One-Year Milestone Unveils Version 0.3


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Peach Bitcoin has officially launched Peach 0.3, while coinciding with the one year anniversary of the company. This new version introduces new features, a comprehensive wallet that seamlessly integrates with the app, enabling users to manage their bitcoin holdings effortlessly. 

With this upgrade, users can send and receive bitcoin and fund a sell offer with just a few clicks. One standout feature of this wallet is its UTXO management accessibility, making coin control easier for everyone. It also integrates an address checker to verify if an address belongs to your wallet, ensuring added security. Peach emphasizes individual sovereignty and self-custody, and users retain full control of their private keys with a 12 seed word setup.

“Some people will join Peach because they align with our values,” said Peach Bitcoin’s co-founder, Steph. “But the mass who will use Peach will do so because it’s the best product at their disposal.”

In an effort towards democratizing bitcoin access, Peach is also expanding its reach to the Global South, including Latin America and Africa. Peach’s KYC-free solution for purchasing bitcoin aims to empower individuals in regions where traditional financial services may be limited. The app has integrated currencies and payment methods from countries including Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela in Latin America, and Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria in Africa. Peach is also keen to collaborate with local Bitcoin meetups and communities on the ground, facilitating cash purchases of bitcoin and sharing revenue from every trade completed via these meetup or community groups.

With Peach 0.3, the company is also releasing its verifiable source code, allowing developers and enthusiasts to delve into the inner workings of the app. This initiative aims to encourage innovation and collaboration within the Peach ecosystem. Peach app adopts the MIT-CC license to make the code verifiable while safeguarding its intellectual property and fully opensourcing tech integrations like batching transactions and Nostr integration under the MIT license.

Peach Bitcoin’s key features include the fastest peer-to-peer bitcoin trading in the market, averaging just 9 minutes to complete a contract. It employs a 2 out of 2 multi-signature escrow between Peach and the seller, becoming a single signature for Peach after 30 days in case of a dispute. User data is end-to-end encrypted and saved on the user’s device, not on the company’s server. The app also boasts an in-app chat and dispute management system with round-the-clock customer support and high buy liquidity, featuring over 600 buy offers available at all times.

As a special treat for the launch of Peach 0.3, the company is introducing the promo code “OPENSOURCE,” which grants users one free buy trade and sats back for selling Bitcoin.


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