Phone Mining on a Candy Rack

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and I think I may have figured out a good temporary cooling solution for my my phones they're actually running so much better already I'm thinking about upping the core count amount of cords that they are running so let me show you all right so I had this uh it's like a one of the candy displays from like a a store and I was like wait a second I can like slide phones in the side so I slid them in there and um the A3 is running 29° C on all cores and it's do 3.4 mahash the Note 5 which is notoriously runs hot is doing 26° C on two cores and it's actually hashing higher than it ever has at 0.9 megahash almost a full megahash I think I'm going to up that to three cores see if it makes it through the the day and um maybe it didn't start working my way up now I do have this fan blowing this way normally I left this fan on like oscillating but for right now I'm just going to blow it that way and then at the very bottom we have the flip running on five cores at 25° C so I think I'm going to up that to six cores see if it makes it through the day and just go from there now looking at my actual luck pool my 24-hour average is now 6.61 megahash which if we go over to the Varys mining calculator 6 was it 61 6.61 calculate we are making a healthy 4.3 cents a day um now I have run this one a little bit this is the S9 um I'm probably going to take like the case off of it and maybe take the back cover off and then slot it somewhere in there just temporarily just to have it as like open as possible for the air flow to go across I do have the fan on low trying to conserve power I know I am definitely burning more than I am making but um every 24 hours I'm making almost 0.1 I'm making 099 Varys token so every 7 days we're making 7 and every 30 days 3.8 Varys coin not what I'd like to be at but I'd like to be at a little bit more than than that let's see if I can't get those numbers up I'm hoping I can get to adding the S9 another couple megahash I'm hoping I can get to 10 megahash with my four phones that would put me at .15 per day or 1.1 token a week that's that's a healthy bump at current prices that's 6.5 cents what is varis varis coin market cap currently right now Varys is 43 cents it's actually up 1.5% in the last day over the last 7 days it is down just so slightly but um yeah so how do you like the setup ladies and gentlemen wham bam thank you man see I'm I'm thinking I could just slot that one in there somewhere kind of you know hold on my chargers right there I did get a kilowatt meter and uh I'm going to have everything on this power strip all my phone at least for now uh and I'm going to plug the phone into that power strip too and then run my kilowatt meter off or put the power strip through the kilowatt meter that way I can see all the power that I'm burning cuz some people are like oh my God these phones burn 20 30 watts and I'm like no like they have like a 5 watt TDP I think like even maybe one of the worst ones like a note 5 hold on let's see what a note 5 is Note 5 TDP um I don't even know if [Music] they how many watts does Galax note five burn guess that's pra probably hard to like quantify because you know does your Galaxy know five overheat yes they all do H I don't know it doesn't say but um yeah so I'm thinking Note 5 is probably the worst somewhere around maybe I'd say we'll just round up to 10 watts I know this little guy up here um is like a 3 watt TDP so say with the screen maybe 5 watts and then the flip is a um we'll say maybe five so I'm I'm thinking all combined right here probably around 20 watts the fan definitely burning significantly more than that maybe upwards of 100 Watts so you know let's just [Music] say Obviously our math will be better once we have a kilowatt meter but we'll round it up to 125 watts time 24 hours divided by th000 gives us right at 3 Kow times my .12 12 cents per kilowatt it is burning 36 Cents a day but a majority of that is the fan but I need the fan so those won't overheat it's a vicious cycle vicious vicious cycle it will be nice though in the winter time cuz I don't think I'll need like active air um I did have some little USB fan things where are those at I was going to try to run one of those see if that is enough air flow or not I don't know anyway I'm not going to hold you guys up hopefully you guys like the uh the phone mining content I don't know why but I've I've really been enjoying it uh I do have some other stuff coming up here soon but I'm kind of keeping that Under Wraps until I know for sure if the location's going to work for the new store or not I don't want to like talk about it and then it not go through kind of like the last time I feel like that was very underwhelming but anyway signing off peace adios which one's your favorite Snickers M&M's or Skittles all right so I figured I'd go ahead and show you guys how to like see change your cores kind of thing it's it's super simple like everybody probably already knows but we'll go into settings go to CPU we're going to bump this bad boy up to three and we're going to hit save we're go back to Mining and start see now one two three the first CPU core is zero that's why it uh don't show it like that all right oh put that back up there sorry about that it's bugging out when I'm trying to put her in there oh sorry about that there we go then it'll fire up and we'll be good to go let's set this guy hold on so not an optimal setup for actually changing anything to six save we'll go back to mining start and hit okay all right so now I got three cores on that bad boy six cores on this bad boy should help quite a bit it takes some time for him to spool up so don't be worried if it says zero for a while but um yeah so looking forward to seeing that new phone come in and we can get this old bad boy into the mines but all right for real later guys

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