PONKE JUST HIT ATH!! Should you BUY Ponke Coin?!

Salana mcoin pong just breaks alltime Highs what's going on with this salana Memec coin welcome back to 99b YouTube Channel I am your host Umar Khan and Today we're taking a look at a meme coin Called punk pky we're going to take a Look at this meme coin and see what the Heck is going on and if it's worth Buying into however before we see the Video I want to ask if you haven't Already make sure you smash the Subscribe button down below as it helps Out the channel tremendously and will Help you reach your 2024 crypto goals Also guys remember this is not Financial Advice always do your own research and Due diligence before investing any money In the cryptos we cover on this channel Now let's go ahead and take a look at This project so we see from DJ news Earlier today so new salana mcoin Punk Um uh ponk on Soul hits a new all-time High uh the mark cap of $211 million What's going on here let's go ahead and Take a deep dive before we start guys Looking at the overall crypto Market We're having a bit of a reddish day Minus 1% not too shabby in terms of the Fear and greed index we are entering Greed or in the early stages of greed We've been dancing around with greed and Neutral past couple of days and Hope Will enter in the middle of greed and Maybe even enter extreme greed as people

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Are starting to invest in crypto again Bitcoin is $66,000 finding a strong Placement there hopefully signaling to a $72,000 Bitcoin in the upcoming weeks Which should be awesome eat at $3,000 Which is great but let's go ahead and Take a deep dive on this token and in Terms of meme coins guys again it's not That far off on the list it's still a Top trending meme coin in terms of coin Market cap it is ranked at 309 on the Month or on the week we're up a whopping 15 50% on the day we're down on the hour We're down about 1% but on the day we Are up 2.5% what's going on with this Token Mark cap currently sitting at $167 million we can see just earlier Today it was peaking at 177 million Based on coin Mark cap but based off Their the Tweet we saw earlier it was Peaking at 211 million so again I don't Know which one's more up to date but for The video sake we're going to stick with What we see on coin Mark cap but people Are very excited even the community we See excited to trade book of meme p uh Punk and when with 100x leverage which Is pretty cool how Punk is even being Mentioned in the same line as book a Which is absolutely phenomenal but let's Take a deep dive what even is this Project so Punk powered by salana Punk Is a degenerate Gambler with an with Anger issues on the salana network you

Can buy now the network uh and different Places available to buy so actually on Htx which is pretty a big gate.io okx Mech C and we can only imagine Crypto.com would come very next more Exchange list is on the way put on your Helmet uh join the punk Army by putting The helmet using our tool so looks like They have a helmet tool so put on your Helmet oh and you add your own image Here that's pretty cool that that that's Pretty nifty that's pretty cool and you Can have a profile picture with your Punk Helmet on now guys am I pronounce This wrong is it Punk pky or just going To call Punk for the continuation of This video so tokenomics Punk is made up Of 555 million tokens but he's a greedy Son of a bee uh and wants to keep them All to himself uh Punk at work the total Supply the contract address you can buy Again links to buy Punk trading POV we Can see this going crazy typ on his Keyboards looks like some downwards Trends hopefully we're get to see some Rising and then there socials a very Clean website very like crypto style Website okay let's go ahead and take a Look at their social metrics we see they All on Twitter with 70,000 followers not Too bad we see 25 minutes ago they Posted how they hit their new alltime High which is pretty great I'd imagine To see a pullback so if you don't own

Any this token I probably wouldn't buy The second probably wa for it to pull Back a little bit just half an hour ago New all-time highs job not finished Higher they want to go um too bullish They said Punk was finished and dead Okay while it's hitting alltime highs Again very very interesting not only do Hit all-time highs and has a great Following great website but also in Terms of like like um Market um research And in terms of technical analysis also Say at neutral how are moving average is Indicating strong buy as people are very Very bullish for this project currently Trading around 38 cents not too shabby With up 500% over the past 6 months this Token could really take off to the Moon Again I'm pretty bullish on this project I want to take a second I want to take a Second to highlight it and cover this Meme coin that's on the rise is trending And let me know what you guys think About Punk Punky in the comment section Below first of all is it Punk or Punky Someone really literally type it in the Comment section below as I'm having Trouble and I want to know how to say it Correctly like always though guys this Is not Financial advice always do your Own research and due diligence before Investing any money in the cryptos we Cover on this channel and that pretty Much wraps up the video until next time

It's your friend Umar peace PE [Music]

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