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[Music] [Music] e [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] he [Music] good morning everybody what is going on good or good afternoon for probably all my Eastern friends what's up what is up how is everybody Welcome to the live stream is a pirate you are B allet Miner overboard Tech Kaiser techman Patrick Murphy black cat crypto home brew crypto automatic beats Andrew Ferrero good morning afternoon for blockchain mining what's up man Tim I am crypto what's up everyone ready for Fluxx PA 10 on the 31st oo which one is that which is the next which is the next PA am I sick right Pena um a little bit a little bit okay all right Bros so you all have probably [Music] seen Bitcoin is now 29,5 I think it hit 30 at one point um but uh yeah oh Bitcoin SV 22% look at that um but if we go to the more my proof of work watch list let's see here so Varys coin has had an incredible pump over the past 7 Days 147 so does that mean CPU mining must be profitable yeah okay Zephyr okay looks like a lot of people must have moved over to uh well let's see if you had a okay 5700x CPU Zephyr and Monero okay Varys wait Varys is not even on here H 59 50x oh here we go okay so vars coin is not the most most uh in terms of profitability I've had I've had all my CPUs and and uh all my phones just mining vars just yeah so now that we've had this 170% 142% pump here over the past 7 days that means my bag has gone up 142% that's that's amazing that's the play right there that's the play right there that's pretty cool um what else what else over the past seven days mecoin a lithium radiant Bitcoin gold Bitcoin gold I don't understand why this coin is I I don't know I don't know naray okay nay going up Etho Caspa of course pigeon coin God forbid um okay I'm going to uh talk about some chat here uh let's see it's not announced yet but they've been able to leak a secret somehow oh yeah of course some some secret um sorry s about was second C dropped a ripple suit yes SEC dropped the Ripple suit yes that sounds like that was maybe the cause of this uh little pump here I don't know I'm not quite sure radiant is pumping yes radiant I believe this will spark the official draft of the Bill run boys oo Nicholas pits if if if this is the start of the of the Bull Run oh man I I I really don't think so in my opinion but man if it I don't know I I have no idea this is um if anything repeats with previous history we we we we we would need to mimic another downturn but if it doesn't which I I just in my in my brain just to what has happened in previous history it should technically go down maybe it's because the these next couple months November December it's always like maybe the whales are pumping it for like tax time or something um and then it's you know the new year comes about well well it doesn't doesn't crypto go up in the New Year normally uh no no it normally stays it normally goes down in the new year January yeah January February March yeah previous history 27 2014 went down last be Market 2019 also went down here we are today so yeah you know what uh it did have a pump here in November October I don't know I'm not a I'm not a Trader don't ask me crypto updates what's up xrp the goat you want to buy some 3060 TI 200 to pop uh xrp the goat no sorry man I'm not looking for 3060 TI January bull incoming election year getting ready to start influx mining yeah that could be that could be something cryp Timber Head and Shoulders Bears pattern forming ready for the drop to 20K Savage white zero Che straight out of the gate Savage white zero Head and Shoulders bearish pattern forming ready for the drop to 20K uh I'm 20K I'm I'm putting my whole I'm putting everything in everything the best way to mine on Nvidia now okay so for people that care about profits wise which I'm guessing most people do um gpus let's see I don't know hashr is a good website indicator for that or not but let's just roughly generally DX is breaking even on 6600 XTS at 1 cent 13 cent per kilowatt hour very interesting I put my cost at my other basement let's see 60600 XT that's going to be 6 cents man I really got to get my gpus on I really got to get them on this this number I would still be binding and huddling as long as I'm breaking even or more a little bit I'm happy with that just in terms of like income and like cost basis and crap like that where is retro mic the varus millionaire I I where where where is where is retro mic right yes where is retro mic retro mic should be seeing Varys coin at his bag must be so high right now what are you guys mining on your gpus right now what's everyone what's everyone doing April 1st is the new year that's right no February like I'm thinking Asia a lot of like a Chinese New Year yeah buying another Maserati inside joke a mining radiant uh for heating only oh very nice very nice you know what I'm curious I have not checked my hios for a while um my 8 6600 XTS oh no oh boy is one down oh boy oh my NEX a rig died no why oh no what happened oh God that's that's not 12 days ago wait what what oh oh crap oh that's going to screw up a lot of thing okay when did it go down when did it go down uh tuning stats stats oh God it's been down for oh my God it's been down for a long time wait has it been down for a long time 86 Watts over the past what 19 hours okay so it's been down for more than 24 oh my God are you kidding me oh my God wait seven days 7 day here we go but it's been down for that whole wait what no really what are you serious what the hell are you kid are you kidding me are you kidding me this has been down for like seven plus days what the f what the f oh my God oh my God oh my God I have a headache I got a headache now why just just why just why all right joined 11 days ago last scene one day ago hash rate payments payments okay let's see what my last payment was oh my last payment was yesterday wait what what wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait what's the date today what's the date today October 20th right stats workers okay my work it doesn't show the worker block rewards okay when's my last block reward one day ago wait so did I did I get paid yesterday wait was I mining yesterday or not wait I've been mining the past couple days but why doesn't wait why didn't hi West show the stats what am I getting scammed what okay I re I rebooted I re I upgraded it and now it's mining what's going on here why doesn't it show activity like huh I don't die next next somehow oh oh here we go here we go here we go here we go here we go okay I'm stupid I'm stupid no it's not all right I'm stupid I'm stupid I'm stupid I'm stupid hold on I had to go I had to wait activity seven days next a pal okay okay here we go Okay so wait what day is this 18th 18th I don't uh what's what what am I what am I missing over here what's the date over here this doesn't show this detailed view doesn't show the date okay okay Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday it was mining 18th it was mining and then it stopped on the 19th okay I see hi OS is trash Windows mining for the [Laughter] win oh mining King what's up man what's up what's up bro oh good morning Andrew you need to set up telegram notifications I do I really do I I really do dude I got paid a 100,000 Nexa on this rig dude 100,000 this 6600 XT rig is like that's that's that's CRA it's only like 30 granted it's only 40 cents is worth um sebs it looks like it's been off for about 36 hours yeah that makes sense yeah but like I got a full payment on the 19th maybe that's like pplns uh pplns pool cuz you get you get paid I don't know after a little bit after I'm not I'm not sure I'm really I'm really not sure I I just want to make sure this rig shows up but why did it stop mining I'm so confused he my okay so my troubled rigs have all been like Flock the DX rig keeps restarting my Ergo triple coin mining rig keeps starting Ergo alium zil keeps restarting the neoa rig like all my kapow rigs are completely stable how how like how funny is that my neoa narai clor kapow these rigs have just been so stable and then when it comes anexa Ergo flock DX these are these are the these are the rigs that have been restarting ah mining King I took it down it's not working properly oh okay interesting um schneid can we talk about the mining King's radiant pool here it's been down for several days now or he took it down oh oh I think I was talking about I thought he was talking about uh the Raven coin rig that we have going yeah he see he still has that going can we what else Bros looks like it's been off no it's up oh King's pool is up now okay great sebs maybe set up hash rate Watchdog in hi Seb I really should I I I don't have telegram that's the thing I don't have telegram but let's see let's see the Watchdog thing um I have actually never used it hat hash rate Watchdog is off okay enable hash rate monitor if it drops below minimal minimal then Miner will attempt to restart if the miner won't restart then the system reboot will be done Miner restart after 3 minutes rig reboot after 5 minutes okay so where do I set the uh hash rate miners Watchdog mod okay so here we go set values for used miners okay bz minor so this will be in what Mega hash so I don't want it to drop under I don't want it to drop under what what what's the what's the what's a good number so I don't want it to drop under two uh what's 6 what's like 20 * 6 uh uh 120 uh 120 Mega has like what's a good what should what's a good number I should put what's a good number I should put in so this is for if it drops below the minimal then the minor will re attempt to restart okay so what number so what what number should what number should I put here it should be a lower number than what I'm seeing here right so 150 megahash I should be putting what 140 megahash 140 Vias Sharma 135 will do is a pirate 135 140 Brian Hollywood 130 I trust Brian Hollywood with my life Subs 140 is good okay all right I'll just I'll do I'll do 130 I'm sure if it goes down I'm sure going go down let's do 130 let's do it apply okay all right perfect [Music] all right that's good Seb thank you thank you for the reminder that is great let's see if it works I'm sure it will I'm sure it will because it was still up but it just wasn't it just wasn't hashing just just wasn't hashing um DX DX SRB oh I I haven't changed my rigs ooh okay I got a rig okay look at that I got I got a Rigg down my 3070 TI rig is down what what's what's going on here GPU driver oh my God what is what is happening ravencoin kernel what uh SRB minor multi man why is why is everything breaking why is everything going down oh okay so yes okay so I heard I was reading x or Twitter and DX said to update there's a mandatory update to the latest version because um the previous 2.

What previous 2. 3.8 and 3.7 and 3.6 are not supported anymore yeah not supported anymore techman did you have a power flicker um I don't know I don't think so sebs I don't think the hash rate Watchdog is on yet the dog icon isn't oh let me go back let me go back x uh oh yeah oh you're oh what oh you're right oh I didn't oh I didn't I didn't uh I didn't click this button I didn't click this button there you go okay now it's there we go now it's on there we go isn't green yeah yeah you're right you're listen it's it's the morning I don't I didn't even have a coffee this morning I am I slept up I stayed up too late Hawk kept me up way too late that guy doesn't sleep until like 7:00 a.m.

so from this day forward I am sleeping at 10:00 a.m. and I am never going to stay up late ever again no more okay so my radon 7s are on the old version 2.3.7 okay you know what let's see if we're going to drop in hash rate on this rig oh man get 11 K aash on this on each of these rad let's just let's do upgrade 2.3.9 let's do it not even let's see what let's see what you know what I need to take a screenshot yeah take a screenshot a screenshot snipe sniping all right oh wait I want to see power consumption difference shoot oh no no no oh no no no no I don't want I don't want to lose this number right 3 18 1854 Watts okay okay okay 1854 Watts for the whole rig this is in an octom Miner so it's generally true um radon 7 will drop to about 9.5 oh really wow that drops a lot that drops a lot of hash rate that sucks power will be the same okay all right well we will well let's let's let's let's see what it is after reboots here oh we got to do my other rigs then I got uh 6700 XTS I got um 307s these are still on 2.3.7 okay we'll do that after well I want to see that I want to see the difference here this one's an octom Miner so this one takes about 787 Watts I'll just upgrade it I'll just upgrade it upgrade now 2.3.9 okay upgrade uh someone take a mental note someone take a mental picture of this 787 and 5.2 Kash on 370s okay okay let's see my radi on 7 I hope it doesn't die hope it doesn't crash Auto refresh every 30 seconds there you go okay Brian Hollywood after increased memory to 950 to minimize hash rate loss Brian Hollywood are you talking about 307s is is this 307s or are you talking about radon 7s R's 12 card radi 7 rig is is at 12 127.71 D 127 holy 127 kill aash damn okay I think it's ramping up rad on seven okay when Bull Run everybody will will forget about efficiency yeah yeah uh Ali alas uh 100% we're just you know that's why you know kind of like the strategy here is you know for people that are mining or buying gpus right now and just holding them not necessarily turning them on it's like when that time comes you don't want to be in that situation just like in um 2021 right in in January like literally no maybe even earlier I would say December November that's when gpus were starting to get harder to get harder to attain and so when the B and then January came around then it was like okay we cannot buy gpus anymore it's like you got to either know somebody or you know be in the know of where to get them and you're just they are unattainable unattainable I would say no I would say October was really when it started 2020 October 202 is when it gpus were like okay can't buy them anymore hard to get prices are going up you don't want to be on that you know you want to get gpus now man you want to hoard them and get them ready to turn on when profitability starts getting good then you turn all on and it's just like yeah yeah I beat everybody um when Bull Run everyone for so it said in the summer he was getting nice profits yep um yeah I was too if you've been following me I've been making videos and Mining all throughout the bare market and we've been covering this this info GPU pricing everything during this time dude it was an insane insane time 2021 it's just insane man just insane just great okay why is my radi on 7 rig not going uh King thank you for the five King what are you doing man AMD instinct is the same as the Ron 7 just saying and cheaper uh King I know I know I was about to buy like like 12 of them 24 of them but I said to myself nah you know what I'm good I'm good with my radon 7s uh they're going for like $110 on Ali Baba and now they're like $200 because China they heard wind of dyx mining on those cards are like amazing and uh now they're 200 plus $200 um it depends depends who you buy it from it's a pirate SRB takes a long time to load yeah I I figured that oh there we go 8.9 kilohash oo power consumption 1,700 Watts so we gone down yeah and it's going down down it's going down Brian Hollywood I love c i loved camping out at the Best Buy and freezing go for 3080 dude those are the best times man Best Times best times oo 9.3 9.3 Kash still going power consumption 1685 let that go wait let's go look at my 37 rig 370 rig oo look at that drop down 4.9 760 dropped a little bit in power too I was at 5.2 Kash maybe it's still ramping maybe it's still ramping up maybe it's still ring up I don't know my 370 rig is not doing good 370 TI rig oh this GPU is going to die 68 Celsius okay all right that one has a broken fan I think uh radon 7 okay 9.3 is this is this where it goes 9.3 is that is that it is this is this the max radon sevens can go 9.5 on HX Samsung's a little bit lower okay I see I'm getting 112 kill a hash Ryan Hollywood said to move the memory up to 950 I can do I can do that should I do that should I increase memory up to 950 to minimize hash rate loss okay let's try it let me try that let's try it let's let's do 950 let's do 9 50 950 rad on 7 okay save okay there we go let's see what we get now all should wait should I should I should I restart it do I have to restart it oh nine oh it just jumped to 9.7 oh wow yeah Brian Brian Hollywood you were right you're right man yeah hash R hash rate jumped John Wayne why you always put fans at 100 because the Radeon sevens they get hot I I even put I even put the octom miners at 100 I I just don't want these cards to die I don't I don't want these cards to die I I will I I have to replace all the Radeon 7 fans anyway I will I don't know if I can I don't I'll attempt that another I don't know I need to buy 12 fans and do all that I'm going to I'm going to make that into like a 24-hour stream it's going to probably take me the whole day to replace all these goddamn fans actually wait so pirate have you taken a part a radon 7 do I do I need to take off the heat sink or the thermal pad at the same time in order to take out the fans ah ah man 9.7 that's pretty good that's pretty good it's pretty good sure you don't want to blow out your card because of the fan reduction right I love to show my results from ultrasonic cleaning my 380 F work great Adam Janssen nice man as a pirate no need to remove cooler just fan shroud ah okay perfect do that okay so let's go back to the 370s 370s so we dropped yeah so we dropped um 300 hash 300 hashes but we dropped a little bit in power too we were at like 780 790 Watts or something yeah Ron Watkins did you get my DM yeah H yes Ron Watkins I did sorry I haven't replied bro uh these next five days I'm like uber busy I'm going to be I I have to do a a road trip uh I'm I'm going to be driving all my as6 out for hosting um I'll have a video about that later I haven't I haven't done it yet I haven't recorded it yet I got to leave in like 5 days oh that's going to be fun H so much to do so much to do so little time so little energy actually okay this NEX rig's going uh is Nexa rig showing up on hio on uh viore for next yes there there you go there you go there you go all right it's showing up Tower number five okay um okay well I should do this all to my other rigs then I need to update I need to update all these other rigs let's just I can do Mass up okay I wish okay I I like okay I don't know if you guys noticed this um so you know when you go to okay example when you go to update the latest version you can do Force upgrade and reboot after complete okay when you go into the specific worker right but when you go to your whole Farm you select all of them and you go to upgrade there is no option to do that reset it it'll only upgrade it without resetting I I personally like like resetting of course you can just do you can click confirm it'll it'll update everything and then you can go minor actions and restart uh restart the rig um power options power actions reboot but it I don't know when I don't know when any of these are going to be done updating that's the thing I don't want to restart the rig like mid update or something you know what you know what I mean I wish they had that option or am I stupid mining King I don't like that I like to reboot yeah see King and I King we're the exact same we're the exact same so if H is watching they need to implement this um this way oh wait I already updated all my rigs uh let's update this here like I like this like I like force upgrade reboot after complete I like doing this it just feels better it just it I guess best practice is you know after you update your you know Microsoft Windows Server back I know back in the when I when I used to do Network stuff or sist admin stuff best practice is you know to reboot it right um I guess Linux maybe Linux okay maybe granted okay maybe Linux is a different different monster maybe Linux is not so it's not like Microsoft where you have to reboot all the time maybe it's different with Linux but it just I don't know it just it's best practice in my opinion to reboot it so you know what I'm going to message hios and I'm going to see if they can add that if I go here and then if they had a option you know to upgrade if they can just add a restart like do you want to upgrade and then they have like a toggle for like also restart the rig like if they like another like a button here or something that that would be that would be that would be best yes that would be best okay oh crap oh boy oh One's On Fire oh holy smoke okay okay um let's uh let's stop let's stop this okay something's wrong I think something's terribly wrong with this rig no I think the fans are are dead on this 3070 Zotac oh God I hate Zotac so much oh man oh man okay I need to get that I need I need to go look at that rig you know what maybe I'll make a vlog I'll Vlog this stupid rig I hate these cards I hate Zotac so much don't buy Zotac cards oh man they're like the bane of my exist distance so many dead fans I I don't know what I don't they're just terrible just terrible freaking Zotac actually my white 3060 TI rig those fans have been great but my other Zotac I don't know I just don't like the Zotac I don't know I don't know I've had bad experience my my personal experience I've had bad experience with Zotac John English Tech failure Friday John English Tech you are banned you are banned so we took a big hit actually we took a pretty decent hit on the uh rad on 7s from 11 to 9.6 um power consumption was we're at 1830 what was the screenshot 18 1854 1854 so we dropped maybe a good 20 watts or something okay we're at 1748 okay well that fluctuates a lot uh Chile what's up man what's up chile um how are you Chile hello Chile octo is a dump Sur fire without you 100% uh Z pirate everyone taking a hit so in the end nothing changes zap pirate you are right you are very very right you you are very right that's true radi on summons can run at 11.5 Kil if we up the core uh the power right which I don't want to do I I don't I don't want run more power on these I want to run them as low as possible um Good Times man Good Good Times where is my watch list thing here watch list ah yeah Varys coin varis coin leading the way look at that their market cap uh$ 299 wow they're like a th000 plus 2,000 at one point like maybe a couple months ago now they're 299 in market cap somebody just pumped like millions of dollars in the VAR coin it's crazy Radiance meow coin last 7 Days up 51% aspa handshake expand swap Bitcoin 10% bitcoin's up 10% past past 7 Days that's that bitcoin's bringing up the market that's good that's good he a pirate take care P go to watch Dota 2 International thanks for stre the pirate you know what I want to watch The League of Legends when's the League of Legends Finals TV hold on uh when's did the League of Legends Final rerun uh worlds okay hold on am I going to get stream snip uh theato Cannon okay all right well well I'll watch it later I don't even know who's in is is Faker H anyone I don't know I don't anyone here watches leue of Legends Max voltage good morning Max Max voltage what what's up man good morning man how are you black hat crypto it's probably because of the eth bridge on Varys black hat crypto I've heard of that that could be amazing that that could be some yeah that could be it look at that look at that look at this just big boom look look the volume of Varys was like the volume was like 10,000 5,000 $2,000 averaging and then look at it it just went up like the volume 110,000 173,000 wow just wow um did s SPF make it to League of Legends finals uh that's crazy yeah that's crazy well you know what I'm curious about something so when the bow run was around what was the market cap for Veris okay well hold on we can go see historical data so market cap of Baris coin right now is 72 $73 million sorry guys I'm a little bit sick and I'm just so tired I'm never staying up King Max you tell Hawk stop staying up too late I'm I'm not staying up late anymore we can't we can't do it anymore more we can't we just can't okay 2021 2021 um market cap of Varys okay April let's see April 2021 that's that's Bitcoin was 65,000 the market cap of Varys was uh 1076 million 176 million so Varys coin right now if it's 73 million 77 million Varys would the next Bull Run well the previous bull run it went up to $342 per Varys coin so Varys then could see another what 200 million market cap maybe I don't know 100 million market cap back in March 2022 then it just it uberly dropped down to 25 mil million 3 million 30 million and here we are today 71 million oh dude it jumped yeah it jumped hardcore look at that that's pretty that's pretty good okay interesting to see uh what the market cap was previously so you can kind of gauge like the when the next rise up of Bitcoin the next Bull Run varis coin will definitely I mean every dude everything's going to go up C okay just let's just there cortex there boom went up in 2021 previous b b run let's see Beam Beam let's look at Beam Beam went up in 2021 look at that April and also the November December pump it went up there okay swap let's go look at Swap another GP minable coin boom went up in 2021 also went up again December pump I'm just picking random coins here Aon for God for for God forbid Aon even pumped in 2021 look at that look at that even pumped here even pumped in November it's the same thing every freaking GPU minable coin went up every single one look 2021 Veil exact same Veil exact same thing F another look at this F also went up 2021 look at that April same thing um Ergo let's look at Ergo another prominent GPU mod same thing boom 2021 May April look at that and then also went up in December November here September look at that look at this when the ball run comes around like everything is going to when liquidity comes back liquidity is like the hugest thing when money starts pumping into Bitcoin everything is going to outflow into all of these coins you know what I'm most really I you know what I can't I'm I'm not I'm not trying to be optimistic or pessimistic either way but Shia I guarantee you I I'm like I'm not okay this is not Financial advice I'm not going to say guaranteed but when the markets start going up okay when markets start going up you're you're you I'm I'm positive that there's going to be there's going to be a jump up in price here for Chia okay when liquidity comes back it's going to go up again is it going to go up to like what the, $0000 I don't think so that would be mind-blowing if it did I really don't think so but um very very what Mass boost just said there thank you Mass boost a high probability that it's going to go up again when the when when Bitcoin starts going up of course when liquidity comes back look at ravencoin look look at look at ravencoin same thing went up in uh 2021 massively ravencoin has a lot of liquidity has a sorry potential for a lot of uh volume it's on a lot of exchanges it has a lot of support binance big it's on it's on all of the biggest exchanges when you see Bitcoin start going up you'll see the volume the liquidity for ravencoin just start going up 100% massive it's it's going to be insane ravencoin you you will see it 2017 2017 2018 oh no ravencoin came out after 2017 but it had a little bit of pumps it had some Market making events during the last bear Market but the biggest takeaway here is previous Bull Run Okay previous bull like Raven coin went I can I can click on any freaking proof of work coin here and you will see a look flux okay flux also went up 2021 okay same thing same thing FX uh FX SE coin I don't even I don't even seia coin god look at this seia coin went up look at this look at this from 0.03 cents to 0.5 highest peak 5 cents around there probably more so what is the multiplier there what's the multiplier what's three what's 0.03 0.003 divid 0.05 what somebody do the math there I don't have the calculator up I I'm just I'm I feel like a broken I feel like a broken record I I feel like a broken record I I talked about like we' we've talked about this many times like when you see everything go up again when the markets start coming back and you know liquidity starts coming coming back in man you're just I think any coin that we are all mining right now it look that meow coin also went up massively in April 20 oh no wait no sorry meow coin came after actually oh meow coin was after the after the Bull Run okay all right so this maybe is a different story but same story same the probability of mecoin going up in the Bull Run is is very high as well man um sebs red pen M Yeah well yeah Raven is the goat coin yeah I I agree man I agree ravencoin has has a lot of lot of support I know a lot of people don't like some people don't like it some people do but you know people say there's no development on ravencoin it it Raven coins are it's you can say that about a lot of other proof of War coins as well but nothing changes the fact that when the Bull Run comes around when Bitcoin starts going up again the next cycle it's it's all going to happen again it's it's all going to play you know you guys got to stay positive you guys there's no point in being like Oh I'm selling everything I'm not I'm getting out of it I'm broke well you know okay okay if you're financially burdened then you're obviously not going to be getting into GP mining or something like that right now it's it's depending on your financial situation I understand okay I'm very empathetic I I always mention it because I get the messages all the time like hey red panda like I got an email the other day red panda I got to sell everything I'm getting a divorce I lost my job I got laid off uh I can't pay for anything anymore I got to sell all my gpus that's that's reality that's that's reality right now people's reality into mining it's it sucks because the economy is down uh people can't pay for their mortgages variable rated mortgages um interest rates are too high their debt is is getting too high they can't uh living paycheck to paycheck it's understandable it's understandable what's happening now um but in previous times I mean this this is what has happened this is what has happened and so um if you can get out of you know the whole Rat Race essentially um you're going to have to figure out a you're going to have to figure out a way to generate more income and and uh kind of pay for this investment essentially if you want to risk it that that is it's a big risk it it definitely is a big risk but it will it it can pay off for you not Financial advice if you if you commit to it and understand that longterm right this is not a get-rich quick scheme this is a very longterm long-term play okay I've been through these I I've been through the ups and downs 2017 I've been through the previous bare Market it was Dire man dude I would say the toxicity in the community in 2018 to 2020 was probably one of the worst now it's still it's still pretty bad it's bad but I'd have to say in my in my memory that 2018 2019 bare Market was really bad you got people just every you dude left right and Center people just so negative so down fire sales G huge GPU mining Farms sold off their gpus for next to nothing it was a such a Negative time we're we're we're we're we're hitting that time again we're we are at that time right now you're seeing people I get emails even you see people on Facebook Marketplace Craigslist people you know liquidating their Hardware not necessarily gpus but mining stuff mining Hardware it's it's it's it's that time again are you going to be able to take advantage of that okay I it kind of feels morally to me in my in my mind when I say stuff like that taking advantage of like low PR that sounds bad I have to word it differently it's more like if you want to understand that you want to be you want to change your life financially then you're going to change you're going to be mining you're going to be you're going to be implementing a different strategy I'm trying to Sugar like sugar like sugar cating I'm sugar coating the uh I'm sugar coating uh the other way I'm I'm trying to mention I don't I don't know um sa what did you what did sa say uh Mass burst I'm mostly trying to make RPM laugh sa what did you say hold on um I'm going up here uh did someone say get rich quick longterm is the only play yes it is car Seb where did where red P Money Raven needs no developments already perfect Seb 100% I 100% agree is that what you is that is that what you said to me sebs message retracted Seb what did you you retract how do I see that why is Seb not a mod I don't understand save there you go SS I don't know why you're not blue there you go um max voltage are you going to benefit from the opportunity Max thank you Max is there Max perfect perfect are you going it's not it's not are you going to take advantage I like that it's it's going to be are you going to benefit from the [Laughter] opportunity that's so funny that's so funny I love it um drink the Kool-Aid no don't drink Kool-Aid what do you think of the BC 160 cards they are cheap to buy right now team JFK I believe they're like what 5700s or 5700 XTS SS look I'm blue I'm blue home brew crypto 2020 = 20 uh 2012 = 2020 2013 = 2021 2014 = 2022 2015 = 2023 2016 = 2024 I wholeheartedly agree 2016 2016 equals 2024 okay yeah so yeah you you're saying it the next 2025 is going to be the next rise up the next the next boom essentially so I mean I'm I'm I'm I'm more yeah I'm pretty much on that end too um I think the next year I mean who knows honestly who the hell knows but in in theory just looking in previous history we should be having a next downturn we we we we should be going down like and then the next accumulation is going to be this low Point here and then this is the next 2025 is going to be hopefully the next rise up assuming a lot of big things are at play the Bitcoin having elections uh possibly the FED turn the FED interest rates will go back down who knows who knows who knows Kaiser making most of an opportunity yes I like that I like that I have to have to be I have to yeah definitely have to not say it in a way that's like it sounds bad you know it's true though right it's true it's so true um 5700 with hbm memory right yes binance Visa card ending in Europe 20th of December oh that's not cool Kiser maximizing the potential of the market to grow wealth boom that's the there you go that's a good one that is a great one leveraging the situation to achieve a goal not just taking advantage and ripping other people off uh taking advantage at the expense of [Music] another uh techman thank you for the donation bro when DX coin merch giveaway hold hdle till you waddle uh techman Sunday Sunday will be the next $200 DX giveaway from uh deep miners ooh let's check out deep miners right now if you're mining to deep miners pool you'll be drawn in automatically for the $200 hash rate $200 in dyx hash rate their pool fee is only 0.5 right now compared to the 0 point or one on miner Dow and yeah join on on their pool Bros next $200 giveaways this Sunday as well as uh uh the last week of this month is going to be a $400 in DX so we're going to choose a random DX Miner on deep miners I will do that live I do that live every Sunday yes um the high inflation has brought capital gain profits to to slow it down and even worse than you thought risky loans cost High to Ure yes like okay Michael Hughes great one great example I just I heard from a friend so he got in an accident he bought his car pretty high he got financing on it the the insurer would not pay out the um would not pay out like the B the the worth of the car or the balance of the financing because the value of the car has dropped so much that it did didn't make sense for the insurer so it or the bank or whatever is so it it's terrible yeah it's it's things are really falling apart right now for anyone that has you know massive loans or mortgages right now it's it's it's crazy uh some like I I know people in real life in real life I guess close to me that you know they have to sell their place they can't afford the extra uh the variable rated mortgages mortgage payments because it's it's brutal it's brutal right now it really is it's it's really horrible and it makes sense to why a lot of people got out of mining um it just makes sense everything is revolving around money so you know um if you can't keep going it's it's hard right it's hard if you don't have that extra money um I mean both parties are consenting you aren't forcing the sale Duke Nukem you you you are right you're right I'm just I'm just trolling um I've been saying get liquid for years hope you peeps listen uh rest in peace SAS Sasquatch crap what's up man I got 12 cards 12 card mining cases off Alibaba the motherboards are only booting with 10 cards I watch your octom Miner videos would you would I be a fool to try a different bios upgrade um Sasquatch crap uh what motherboard what motherboard is it the B250 chipset it might work but don't you I would be very wary you have to see uh what What's the chipset of that board uh what do you think about a lithium lithium is awesome lithium is great um economy has been really bad hob hobbyist minor it really has it really has it's really sad custom Computing bro thanks for the donation here's a free Cofe to use the recession thanks man thank you B250 OEM e Sasquatch H we need to we need to see pictures like to see if it's if it's the same as like octom Miner boards I'm sure it's fine wait Sasquatch maybe uh did you look up the part number on Google like see if there's a firmware upgrade uh bios update for that for that motherboard New England crypto have hope you're having a great day New England crypto I'm doing good my friend I'm a little I'm feeling a little bit sick but I'm okay uh Jean fris I'm still mining I need to heat in order I need the heat just ordered 2 s19 trying to replace the natural gas furnace with mining Hardware nice man yeah I got I got rid of my gas furnace at my house yeah it's gone all heat now from my miners um yeah I can't find anything okay uh we have to research um have to research that holy crap we I just looked we have 246 people watching 71 likes hit that like button Bros is there any questions let's end off the stream with AMA let's let's do some just let me just I'll just whatever you guys want to talk about what do you guys want to talk about ask me anything Yeti did you open your flag parcel yet uh Yeti we'll do it Sunday I'll do it Sunday I don't have a camera I don't have a camera here uh on on this computer I have to do it downstairs in the basement with my potato microphone Ron Wilson what would you consider the best bang for buck with someone having to start all over in mining whether it is in gpus or would would a Asic minor be better honestly my gut feeling right now is you can build build a pretty cheap mining rig um right now like a GPU mining rig for one for someone for someone having to start all over in mining okay Ron yeah you know I would honestly I'd start getting I'd start finding if you could find liquidation GPU liquidation deals somewhere um like if some if you can find those deals right now don't like I'm not talking about eBay pricing okay eBay pricing is still in my opinion really bad plus shipping like they add on the like tack on the $ 303 $50 shipping for one freaking GPU like horrible it just it all adds up right like if you if you can really find deals out there I'm yeah just just not eBay um A6 you you can get into as six if you can if you have the infrastructure yeah I would too A6 are a great play too A6 are cheap are getting cheaper granted if we do have another downturn it'll probably be cheaper uh but we had a little up we have a little uptrend here so I I don't know I don't know I really don't know but as6 are also a good Buy in my opinion power mines crypto 20 GP money God damn it power Min home brew crypto with with this bridge thing now open on vars does that mean def is available on Varys now uh home BR crypto I am not sure I I don't keep up with the developments of coins I am strictly Hardware mining Hardware Centric Channel as much as I would love to do more you know fundamental stuff of coins I I just I just I don't have the mental capacity I I'm just I'm I'm too embedded I'm just already embedded in Hardware like I think I'm just GNA stick to that like I I think I vlogged I talked about like I was going to get into like servers I was going to get into Like Doing Network stuff you know crypto mining involving that with crypto mining like you know getting into like you know just different forms of mining you know I'm I'm I decided you know I'm just going to focus on gpus and like as6 right now like I think that's that's like my bread and butter I I I spread out too much that cuz I'm a oneman show there's really so much I can get involved in it's just it's too much it's it's just it's too much I I I cannot spread myself out too thin now if that makes sense I am wholeheartedly invested in just everything GPU Mining and A6 right now okay I'm those are the two big plays like I know there's a lot of people into like smaller stuff um granted I am into those smaller stuff too I still have like 15 phones I need to no I have like 19 phones 20 phones I need to set up they're just sitting sitting there under the Shelf I just haven't had the energy and and the time to set those up it just I I would say not the like mental capacity to set them up same with the 20 GPU rig I just I got so much going on and I got to take a I'm going on a road trip next week for my A6 so I'm I'm running out of time here it's just a lot of stuff lot of stuff to lot of stuff to do okay next questions next I'm missing I I had that PS crypto you are banned Max voltage have a great day everyone have to get back to work Max see you buddy over VTech don't talk to me over always uh uh let's see uh let's see home BR crypto well very well said Renda I also decide I won't go into AI it feels like the nfts of 2021 Bull Run look at look at this boor ape nft now it's like look how I generated this board ape NF uh home brew crypto um the whole I okay I when I the whole AI narrative and I I when I say AI narrative that also sounds pretty pessimistic in a sense AI narrative because you know those kind of things when there's a lot of hype for it okay um when you see when you see big entities you know J JP Morgan buying hundreds of millions of dollars of gpus or not JP uh yeah is it JP Morgan or whatever subsidiaries of JP Morgan Nvidia you know a lot of data center companies are buying you know massive amounts of you know Google Amazon you know all these Microsoft they're all buying massive amounts of the h100 p100 whatever the model of uh Nvidia uh Data Center cards you know those are in Mass you know Nvidia makes billions upon billions of dollars uh selling those cards right now um my biggest worry is okay so we have a lot of these smaller rentable GPU hosting um vast.

A all these smaller uh websites now um marketplaces essentially uh we are are a lot of miners have been transitioning their rigs to something like vast um there are many other ones out there as a run pod but a lot of them you have to sign up you have to get vetted but I think the most popular is vast and I I don't think vast um there right now and I don't think there's a lot there there's not a lot of people on vast like in retrospect where where where was it that shows how many gpus are are hosting vast pricing okay loading okay so there's okay 49s there's 936 listings okay this this uh anyone that's on I don't do yeah vast yet I have a 390 rig I need to get up but how does this include the rented rigs or this is total is this 490s 9936 listings is this total can somebody let me know is this total amount of 490s that are on fast so in retrospect that's not a lot that's really not a lot that's this is this is not a lot at all RTX 390 800 listings 85,000 only 200 listings that's not a lot um Dean please don't turn in don't turn into Panda AI Channel I won't I won't thean I I already I already said that I'm already focusing I'm only focusing on GPU and Asic content okay maybe I'll have a vast video I still have my vast rig I need to get up I need to talk to King I'm just I'm just so I'm just so it's a mental hurdle for me because I don't want to I don't want to I don't want to divert my I don't I'm trying not to divert my my content if that makes any sense I think uh that makes a lot of sense um all track it says listings not rented okay okay so this doesn't include rented okay okay I see amplifier gaming last night was amplifier gaming don't don't even don't even talk about it um all track is a okay uh okay anyways my worry okay is I know for like big businesses out there the money is probably going to be a lot of those guys are probably going to be be hosting with Microsoft Amazon Google like the big players but then there's going to be small companies that are maybe going to you know use vast or you know the smaller marketplaces who who knows I I we don't know the future we don't know the future the I think the biggest thing is looking at you know um the Demand right if the demand is going to be great for for this kind of stuff in the future um I don't know I don't know I don't keep up with it like I said my focus is I'm trying to just focus on GPU Mining and Asic Mining and whatever other types of mining that are coming out but uh every now and then but I'm I'm trying to stay in my Lane I hope I hope that makes sense to all of you if it doesn't then you let me know what you what kind of content you want to see I'm trying to do my best here I'm trying I'm trying um Jim uh jimy uh have you had an issue upgrading your Radeon 7 to SRB minor that my octob big is super unstable now um jibc oh let's see let's look at my radon 7 is it still up I I just I just updated it like 44 minutes ago um seems to be fine seems to mine seems to be okay here are my settings if you want to look I also have the uh mem tweak U make sure depending on Samsung or highx you have to uh you have to reference you got to reference each each GPU um I I I'm on 2.3 .9 now I think hiest just hi just enabled that SRB just allowed that SRB minor SRB minor just had an update yesterday literally yesterday literally yesterday SB minor multi 2.3.9 fixed in valid shares um performance Improvement DX and some ggs reduced that fee next to 2 holy crap there was a bigger Dev fee oh my God now it's 2% that still seems like a lot added accepted compute algorithm minor bug fixes okay uh you know what when you account the fee on you know the dev fee for SRB and minor and then you count the hios you know uh host fee the the the single rig fee oh my God it all adds up I had a thought the other day I was like should I just should I just go back to Windows should I just m should I just put all my rigs to Windows and then I said to myself P don't you remember before like like when you had like five or 10 rigs or more managing Windows rigs was just such a pain in the a it it was a pain in the a man I I oh man I just highest just makes things so much easier when when granted when you're at scale if you have like two or three rigs yeah do windows use Windows for mining like if you have couple rigs that's I would highly recommend doing that but once you guys start doing like 10 20 30 rigs like you you look I'm okay I don't know I don't know if I'll be able to get to it I need to take my okay you know what I'm putting my foot down tomorrow I'm taking down my A6 then I need to start I need to get the serial numbers I need to I need to inventory them and then I need to uh get my gpus up I have so many rigs I need to get look at this lot of my octom miners have been down I need to get all these up 399 days dude that was uh since the ethereum merge September 15th look at that look at that crazy uh jimc okay I will check it can you pause on your setting for a second uh sure you mean which one which settings this one or this one I'll keep it here what minor are you using for a lithium are you on my AMD rig I jimy did you get this uh I need to uh uh uh uh lithium oh I'm dual oh I'm triple mining um I'm using yeah I'm using SRB Miner on AMD Ergo alium zil oh I should update should I update to the latest for this one uh jimy got it thanks okay nice nice um 5% due to ads k God damn it um I have most on auntu and high West a few on Windows gym seat nice nice the Simplicity and ease even with two rigs hios all day Baby Jason Json Min you're right it's it's it's pretty nice it hios is pretty nice pretty nice um but if you have a lot if you have you know decent amount you know decent amount of time your rigs are stable Windows is Great Windows is free you know those poor rigs gaining more and more dust if you don't turn them on and run them there's going to be rust Smokey Dan those poor rigs gaining more and more dust if you don't run if you don't turn them on if you don't turn them on and run them there is going to be rust dude this is is that what do you call that what do you call that type of poem what's the what's the poem uh po home type Hau freee SE Sonet is that a Sonet Haiku that's a haiku okay amazing amazing Smokey Den this this needs to be put on a shirt those poor rigs gaining more and more dust if you don't turn them on and run them there's going to be rust rest in peace [Music] the Smokey Dan Smokey Dan [Music] poem uh those poor those poorly run multiple rigs on high for free just by having one card mine through their pool yeah jimc I had 20 rigs running in Windows using team Vier it was crazy hi is much easier yeah jimc I also did that I was using team viewer like back in 2017 2018 do hi Quest allow you to lower the core voltage below Factory Min on card like more power tool does on Windows for AMD gpus Savage right uh Savage white zero I have not tested that for ages I have not tested that I I there's a certain point where you you there's only a low point you can go on those on those on AMD gpus like it'll it'll just conch out like it'll just stop working on hios [Music] oh Mohammad Raga most thank you RPM I am the man win DX 501 number 501 dude nice Mohammed Raga dude congrats did you get that $200 $200 in DX awesome awesome man awesome okay Bros I think that's it for the live stream is there anything else you guys would like to talk talk about anything else I need to head out here need to start doing some work now I need to eat I haven't had breakfast or lunch yet so I'm dying literally dying um okay that's it then Haiku is 5 seven syllables that's awesome all right Bros you guys have a great day you guys have a good one uh I took a line from Highlander and a made a GP rig sword the L was ashes the ashes dust to dust if you don't take it out and use it it's going to rust nice Mory Dan that's awesome over attack it's fine just leave us okay I will leave you mean you want me to keep the stream on I'm not going to do that all right see you guys later Ron see you buddy random minor see it subs you too buddy love you man Subs oh man dude the uh did you see um uh all those YouTube some of the YouTubers crypto YouTubers got banned just for commenting on other people's YouTubes you remember when rabid mining that happened to rabid mining like last year or two years ago that ever since then I've been so like so hesitant to comment on people's videos I mean I think we all knew that everyone knew that like dude it's crazy kryptos R Us got his channel banned um couple other people crypto in the crypto Community it's just crazy just just by commenting that's nuts all right see you bros oh BR Tech see you Financial failure save me some nugs I need to eat healthy I'm going to eat healthy all right I'll see you all later peace out peace out peace out peace out love it have a great [Music] day [Music] [Music] he [Music] [Music] hey Patrick Murphy no God damn it [Music] bye [Music] [Music] a [Music] he [Music] [Music] he [Music] [Music] a

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