TOP 3 Meme Coins to Buy Before May!!! With 100X POTENTIAL!!!

Three meme coins you need to buy now Welcome back to 99b YouTube channel I Your host Umar Khan and today we're Taking at three meme coins that have Great potential and you may want to load Up a bag of now while there are great Opportunities to earn a bag before we Start the video I want to ask if you Haven't already smash the Subscribe Button to reach your 2024 crypto goals And like always it's not Financial Advice as I am not a financial adviser Always your own research and due Diligence before investing any of the Projects we cover on this channel and I'm going to link the projects in the Description below with places you could Buy now let's take a look at what's Going on in the crypto market right now Guys overall we're starting to see Crypto re-enter the green volume is down By 40% but the overall Mark cap is up by 3.7% which is good to see gases are Pretty low which is great to see also we Have re-entered greed yesterday we were Back in the yellow zone and now we're Slowly retracing back into the green Green as people are starting to buy up Coins again the Bitcoin happing has Successfully passed which is great an a Very highly anticipated event what does This mean for the overall crypto market And what's next today we're going taking A look at three coins that you want to

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Buy now and we are taking a look Starting on the trending list as you can See pep training at trending at number Six and dog with hat trending at number Seven these coins are starting to get Back in the green upwards of 15% on the Day 12% on the day 36% on the week What's going on here the first project We're going to want to talk about is Pepe coin I'll give a top Bliss without Introducing Pepe as you can see guys Pepe has been making some solid gains Today and even this week after a pretty Bull bloody month uh very close to the Bitcoin happening we can see a lot of Downward selling potential a pressure a Lot of downward selling pressure going On and you can see down over 26% so even Though we're pumped 21 or 14% on the day The reason why this is on a top three Buy list is this coin is going to Continue to pump it's down 30% which is Definitely going to make a swift Recovery especially now that it's post Bitcoin happening and people are Starting to Reby crypto again this is a Great opportunity to get a literally 26% Off discount on a blue chip meme coin C Ranked at number 46 with a $2.4 billion Market cap it's been dancing around with A $3 billion Mark as we can see over Here 3.7 billion just a couple of weeks Ago this is a coin you're not going to Want to miss out on it has a lot of

Upside potential I think this bull Market pep Bay is going to the Moon a Lot of great news coverage as well guys You know pep price prediction ahead of The coinbase list a the coinbase Futures A bunch of really interesting things Parallel trading Pepe has a lot of Bullish things so you definitely want to Load up a bag of Pepe if you haven't Already obviously Financial advice next Qu on this list is Dog with a salon Based cryptocurrency that has took the Internet by storm it is literally Flipped Pepe currently ranking at 38 on Coin market cap with a $3.1 billion Market cap and again if we look on the Month guys we can see at one point it Was sitting close to 4.7 4.8 billion Worth of market cap which is absolutely Insane for a brand new crypto project Currently trading at $3 this could Easily be trading upwards of $10 in the Very near future on the month we are Still up at whopping 20 3% we can see um We are we yes we are up 23% but all These gains we made earlier are yet to Be made again so again this is a great Opportunity to buy in on the year Obviously this is up tremendously a 1700% and I think it's going to continue To go in the green Direction in the Upwards trajectory we're up 11% on the Day also with a lot of great coverage as Well do uh dog with hat price pumps 5%

Ahead of coinbase effect ahead of a Possible coinbase effect dog with hat Dog with hat is trending third largest Meme coin so much great news for dog With hat a lot of great coverage hence You know the more people knowing about The project the better it's going to be For us investors and the better it's Going to be for earning a bag on Dog With hat and other meme coins now Salon Theme coins are going crazy on the Internet right now and people are Looking like they're having a lot of Sense a lot of success buying the salana Projects and dog with hat being a leader On the salana space it would make sense To load up a bag if you haven't already Now talking about salana and talking About dog themed Tok and also it's Doge Day how can we not talk about Doge verse The world's first train traveling Doge Yes the Doge goes on the Multiverse and Guys at the time of filming this video There's 19 hours left before the price Hike you're going to want to load up a Bag they've already raised $8.6 million And it's currently on pre-sale right now I'm going Link in the description below Where you could buy now the cool thing About this coin is it's multi-chain you Can buy and claim Doge ver on any of the Following chains ethereum binance Polygon avax coinbase and coming very Soon to to salana which has been a very

Popular chain it's a chain hopping Doge This is pretty cool it's a multi-chain Again on six different Chains It's been Featured on ton of different places with A multi- bridge utility the Doge R token Will be launched on E B&B polygon salana Avalanche and base utilizing Superior Bridge technology dogee will seamlessly Be multi-chain in just a few clicks they Have a solid road map in place guys with The ending phases wanted to be listed on Centralized exchanges lots of marketing And community in incentives so a lot of Exciting things happening for Doge verse That you're not going to want to miss Out on uh also it has staking as well so You can be earning a bag on your coins With a 1 125% dynamic range staking So Currently it's at 125% and I seen this Upwards of 400% as well so you're Absolutely not going to want to miss out On a gem of a project like Doge verse I'm going to link it in the comment Section below and as well as a Description we can even see on Twitter 6.7 million followers $8.7 million Raised very active on Twitter as well You're not going to want to miss out on This puppy this could be that next 100x Gem and on Doge verse we had to mention A doge theme token that pretty much Wraps up with the list guys I want you To let me know what you think about the List in the comments section below are

You bullish on any of the projects I Mentioned are you going to be loading up A bag I want to hear all in the comment Section that WPS to the video like Always not Financial advice always to Your own research into diligence before Investing any money in the cryptos we Cover on this channel and that wraps up The video until next time it's your boy Umar peace peace [Music]

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