Virwox Buy Bitcoin with Paypal or a Credit Card

Hello guys welcome to another video of Mine and bitcoins and today I want to do A remake of the video a shot a year ago About how to buy bitcoins with paypal Credit cards and some things have Changed in the past year so in order to Buy bitcoins with a credit card or PayPal what you can do is you can use a Video box about reward exchange which is This website here and if you're not Registered you can just click this link Not register yet and you fill out your Information here now P where it says Average our name you don't need to fill This out just leave it as it is scroll Down and click on register once you Register you will get an email with your Password you can just log in on the top Left here to be your box which is what I'll do now so once you're logged in Into V Rox what you want to do is you Want to deposit fine with either your PayPal or your credit card so you go to The pilot and here you have two options You can see one is the credit card and Once the PayPal just fill out the amount You want to deposit Depending on how your account is you're Gonna have a max limit speed pod as you Can see mine are $390 those 300 euros The same goes through PayPal and if you Want to use your character just fill it Out the amount seriously on one of these Lower it doesn't matter which one if you

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Wanna lose PayPal just fill out the Amount here and click this paid file Upload so if you use the credit Corruption what will happen is you'll be Moved to a Skrill page which will Basically make the transactions you've Killed credit card you just fill out all The details here and click pay if you Want to do this PayPal you'll move to a PayPal page which will you will just Enter username password in the pilot fun With your paper Now once the deposit is done you can see It on the top left here where it says You see the money you've deposited now What you want to do is you go to the USD Or sll exchange or the Euro SL depending On what you deposited that's a need pass The dollar so go to do USD sll exchange And you want basically bikes SL which is Second defendants with the dollar that You deposited second opinion is virtual Currency and unlike Bitcoin paper Doesn't prohibit the purchasing of it With your services so you just buy this Sll and then what we'll do after you buy This a stylish or on the top left here On the sll you want to go to the To a select change an exchange at sll Into Bitcoin so go to the Bitcoin sll And then you insert here how many Bitcoins you want to buy and we'll show The exchange rates here and click Next And the transaction will go on its way

Now a few things that have changed in The past year first of all the Transaction fees stuff you need to be Aware of those Barack's takes around two Point nine percent I think for each step In the transaction fee due to can amount To high transaction fees to make sure That you are aware of each means and Each step of the way another thing is That if you're a new user and I think Maybe it's even relevant for all users It takes up to 48 hours for the bitcoins To show up here on the top left however The problem was it a 48 hours pass Inhabiting your bitcoins you can always Send an email to leave a support little Answer you but usually things around 48 Hours and it is something that kind of You know surprises user salmon so keep That in mind Once the bitcoins to show up in your Account you can just click on withdraw And then you go to really draw the Bitcoin in a few while the quests There's no place to enter it now because I don't have any difference in my friend Currently and you can just down with Drawings bit them into your private wall So hope this helped you and I wish you The best of luck and see you in the next Videos

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