Vitalik Copied My Inventions, Says Ethereum Insider


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An Ethereum insider has made startling allegations against Ethereum Founder, Vitalik Buterin, stating that the Russian inventor had copied his creations. 

Nerayoff Accuses Buterin Of Invention Replication

Former Ethereum Advisor, Steven Nerayoff has taken to X (formerly Twitter) to accuse Ethereum Founder, Vitalik Buterin of copying his inventions. Nerayoff criticized the intelligence of the current Ethereum leadership, making contentious remarks about Buterin and co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin.

“Vitalik slept on my couch & copied my inventions. He and SBF are images. They’re not smart because something seems off, something is off. The recording shows his and Joe’s stupidity and ignorance. Hear who understood Ethereum, me or them,” Nerayoff stated. 

The former ETH Advisor continued on his tirade of allegations, casting doubts on Buterin’s contributions to the network. He stated that Buterin had never invented anything substantial and that the ETH founder was the sole reason behind the network never scaling. 

The accusations also suggested that the only significant achievement in the Ethereum ecosystem was the issuance of utility tokens on ICOs, which Nerayoff claimed he had invented. 

Nerayoff also made startling revelations, accusing Buterin and Lubin of deliberately damaging the cryptocurrency by focusing on issuing fraudulent ICOs to unsuspecting investors and potentially harming them. 

“Did Vitalik invent anything? No, he did not. Ethereum never scaled bc of him. The only killer app was issuing Utility Tokens on ICOs, both of which I invented. Vitalik & Lubin sabotaged crypto. Their focus was merely to issue hundreds or thousands of fraudulent ICOs fleecing people,” Nerayoff stated. 

Ethereum Founder’s Scalability Competence Questioned

In an X post on Tuesday, Stephen Nerayoff presented thought-provoking questions to the crypto community about Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum scalability capabilities. 

Nerayoff released a video on X by a community member, Mr. Huber which featured Vitalik Buterin describing plans for the ETH Network. He told the crypto community to remember the video when he eventually released evidential recordings of his conversation with Buterin about his ideas for ETH 2.0. 

“Remember this video when I drop the recording and what I tell Vitalik about 2.0 and to fix misaligned incentive structures. Is Vitalik the savior they bill him as to make Ethereum scale or is he the reason it never scaled? Decide for yourselves,” Nerayoff stated. 

The question raised by the former ETH Advisor has sparked debates and differing opinions about the Ethereum Founders. Although no proper evidence has been presented regarding the accusations laid against Buterin, the crypto community continues to watch and analyze the situation as it unfolds. 

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